From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
Second Supplement To The London Gazette Of Friday, the 15th of September, 1916
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The following Petty Officers and men are commended for good services in action on the occasion above referred to: —
Name Official Number Ship
Shipwright, First Glass, George Harold Brown, O.N. 343438. 343438 MARLBOROUGH
Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, Sidney Harcourt Burchell, O.N. 347118. 347118 AGINCOURT
Chief Petty Officer Charles Frederick Samuel Billing, O.N. 171648. 171648 CENTURION
Stoker Petty Officer Charles Broadbridge, O.N. 302139. 302139 CANADA
Stoker Petty Officer Francis William Baglin, O.N. 170880. 170880 WARSPITE
Chief Yeoman of Signals Samuel Alfred Brooks, O.N. 202192. 202192 VALIANT
Chief Stoker John Dormer Brunsdon, O.N. 282475. 282475 VALIANT
Petty Officer George Brummage, O.N. 189177. 189177 MORESBY
Chief • Engine Boom Artificer, First Class, Thomas Abraham Bacon, O.N. 268208. 268208 SHANNON
Able Seaman Frederick Barnett, O.N. J.22583. J22583 LION
Boy Telegraphist William Barrett, O.N. J.32800. J32800 LION
Acting Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Sydney Bentley, O.N. 271441. 271441 TIGER
Petty Officer, First Class, Albert Richard Brotherton, O.N. 184902. 184902 PRINCESS ROYAL
Leading Stoker Thomas Blythin, O.N. 311671. 311671 PRINCESS ROYAL
Acting Leading Stoker Albert Bignell, O.N. K.10416. K10416 PRINCESS ROYAL
Stoker, First Class, James Henry Bignell, O.N. K.16875. K16875 PRINCESS ROYAL
Able Seaman Hubert Samuel Bevis, O.N. 214513. 214513 PRINCESS ROYAL
Able Seaman Alfred Godbee Butt, O.N. J.22698. J22698 PRINCESS ROYAL
Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Harry Bickerton, O.N. 271534. 271534 NEW ZEALAND
Sergeant Harry Clement Barlow, O.N. R.M.A./5729. R.M.A./5729 NEW ZEALAND
Petty Officer Fred Barber, O.N. 234028. 234028 ONSLOW
Able Seaman Cyril Bernard Brown, O.N. J.13135. J13135 NICATOR
Ordinary Seaman Frederick Baker, O.N. J.43073. J43073 PETARD
Chief Petty Officer Henry Bolton, O.N. 169563. 169563 MOORSOM
Leading Seaman Percy Thomas Belsey, O.N. 207845. 207845 BROKE
Chief Stoker James Breen, O.N. 285044. 285044 OBEDIENT
Acting Chief Petty Officer Samuel Lucas Baily, O.N. 179142. 179142 ABDIEL
Sergeant John Clerk, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ply./ 12415. Ply/12415 CONQUERER
Mechanician John Cutlan, O.N. 277102. 277102 THUNDERER
Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, Alfred Charles Cornhill, O.N. 346923. 346923 VALIANT
Chief Yeoman of Signals Edgar Crompton, O.N. 167762. 167762 BARHAM
Ship's Corporal, First Class, Godfrey Maxwell Cunningham, O.N. 230562. 230562 DUKE OF EDINBURGH
Yeoman of Signals William Henry John Campin, O.N. 188438. 188438 COMUS
Petty Officer, First Class, Alfred Ernest Coulson, O.N. 169119. 169119 COMUS
Chief Petty Officer Alexander George Clarke, O.N. 187324. 187324 ROYALIST
Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, George William Coy, O.N. M.5765. M5765 LION
Chief Sick Berth Steward Arthur George Camm, O.N. 350316. 350316 TIGER
Gunner Edward Andrew Crawley, O.N. R.M.A./11620 (R.F.R.). R.M.A./11620 PRINCESS ROYAL
Chief Stoker James David Cousins, O.N. 55819. 355819 PRINCESS ROYAL
Petty Officer Telegraphist Ernest Henry Cox, O.N. 204575. 204575 PRINCESS ROYAL
Able Seaman Andrew Anderson Campbell, O.N. J.4337. J4337 NEW ZEALAND
Sergeant Frederick Cox, O.N. R.M.A./6668. R.M.A./6668 INDOMITABLE
Leading Signalman William Cassin, O.N. 230273. 230273 ONSLOW
Leading Telegraphist Frederick Castell, O.N. 239676. 239676 ONSLOW
Acting Chief Petty Officer Robert George Carson, O.N. 188419. 188419 CANTERBURY
Stoker, First Class, William Curling Cox, O.N. K.20131. K20131 MANNERS
Ship's Steward Albert Edward Dannan, O.N. 341777. 341777 ST. VINCENT
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Frank Dymond, O.N. 268895. 268895 TEMERAIRE
Stoker, First Class, Edward Dolphin, O.N. S3.102049 (R.F.R., Po./B.3976). SS102049 MALAYA
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, William Alexander Dobbie, O.N. 269503. 269503 BARHAM
Carpenter's Crew Edward Dexter, O.N. M.4280. M4280 LION
Petty Officer John Deacon, O.N. 188544. 188544 TIGER
Leading Stoker William Dane, O.N. 302668. 302668 TIGER
Chief Petty Officer John Edward Dudley, O.N. 155360. 155360 NEW ZEALAND
Chief Petty Officer Amos George Dixey, O.N. 157189. 157189 NERISSA
Able Seaman Patrick Driscoll, O.N. 187409.
(Service record shows as Blake(Nereide))
Able Seaman Sidney Thomas Ellis, O.N. J. 19903 (died 3rd June, 1916). J19903 CALLIOPE
Chief Yeoman of Signals Sydney Frank England, O.N. 166534. 166534 COLLINGWOOD
Acting Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Edwin Cecil Evans, O.N. 271169. 271169 CAROLINE
Chief Stoker William John Emery, O.N. 276411. 276411 ROYALIST
Ordinary Telegraphist Alfred Herbert Gordon English, O.N. J. 29219. J29219 LION
Chief Petty Officer William Ewart, O.N. 158259. 158259 TIGER
Chief Petty Officer Grigg William Epsly, O.N. 158931. 158931 INDOMITABLE
Musician Arthur George Sylvester Flippence, O.N. R.M.B./1240. R.M.B./1240 KING GEORGE V
Mechanician David Finney, O.N. 296786. 296786 WARSPITE
Officer's Steward, First Class, Herbert Foley, O.N. L12. L12 TIGER
Leading Telegraphist Edwin Vaughan Fossick, O.N. J.6580. J6580 NEW ZEALAND
Stoker Petty Officer Edward John Farley, O.N. 311433. 311433 INDOMITABLE
Acting Chief Ship's Cook Stephen George Frampton, O.N. 346935. 346935 INDOMITABLE
Able Seaman Richard Fitzgerald, O.N, J.14910. J14910 CHESTER
Stoker, Second Class, James Flynn, O.N, K.30357. K30357 CHESTER
Colour Serjeant William Walter Finnigati, R.M.L.I., O.N. Po./9428. Po./9428 UNKNOWN SHIP
Officer's Steward, First Class, Charles Alfred Gravatt, O.N. L.7991. L7991 MARLBOROUGH
Petty Officer George Grace, O.N. 183231. 183231 HERCULES
Chief Yeoman of Signals William Henry Gorman, O.N. 155156. 155156 THUNDERER
Mechanician William Henry Getheridge, O.N. 283060. 283060 BELLEROPHON
Petty Officer, First Class, Michael Gardiner, O.N. 157529. 157529 BELLEROPHON
Able Seaman Archibald Garden, O.N. J.11838. J11838 WARSPITE
Sick Berth Steward William Gardner, O.N. 350833. 350833 PRINCESS ROYAL
Chief Shipwright Frederick Ernest Glew, O.N. 343870. 343870 SOUTHAMPTON
Private George William Green, R.M.L.I., O.N. Ch./17270. Ch./17270 CHESTER
Second Sick Berth Steward Lewis Henry Ger-.bert, O.N. M.656. M656 ENGADINE