From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
Second Supplement To The London Gazette Of Friday, the 15th of September, 1916
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Distinguished Service Medal
Name Official Number Ship
Stoker Petty Officer Maurice Connell, O.N. 290110. 290110 MAENAD
Shipwright, First Class, Edward James Dunn, O.N. 345577. 345577 MARLBOROUGH
Petty Officer Robert George Dycer, O.N. 175501. 175501 ST.VINCENT
Chief Petty Officer William Demellweek, O.N. 171809. 171809 TEMERAIRE
Chief Yeoman of Signals Thomas John Dalton, O.N. 177318. 177318 TEMERAIRE
Petty Officer, First Class, Harry Willie Dudman, O.N. 160453. 160453 BARHAM
Stoker, First Class, Alfred Thomas Dunn, O.N. SS.114406. SS114406 BARHAM
Able Seaman, R.N.V.R., Ernest William Dicker, O.N. Sussex Z/272. Sussex Z/272 TIGER
Chief Stoker Percy William Dennis, O.N. 285011. 285011 MORNING STAR
Petty Officer Arthur Mark Eagland, O.N. 215990. 215990 MALAYA
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Ernest Francis Edge, O.N. 268684. 268684 COCHRANE
Wireman, Second Class, George John Ellisdon, O.N. M.13438. M13438 TIGER
Stoker William Frederick Elvins, O.N. K.6281. K6281 SPITFIRE
Stoker, First Class, Jeremiah Flynn, O.N. 303126. 303126 MARLBOROUGH
Sergeant Walter Henry Fairs, O.N. R.M.A. 6281. 6281 MARLBOROUGH
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Fredrick Thomas Farmer, O.N. 269442. 269442 CENTURION
Yeoman of Signals Frank William Foster, O.N. 226416 (now Acting Signal Boatswain). 226416 SUPERB
Stoker, First Class, Alfred James Fane, O.N. SS.110817. SS110817 LION
Chief Petty Officer Edward Fitzgerald, O.N. 171331. 171331 NEW ZEALAND
Petty Officer Michael Fitepatrick, O.N. 233771. 233771 TIGER
Able Seaman George Frank French, O.N. J.7216. J7216 TIGER
Yeoman of Signals Henry James Fisher, O.N. 221677. 221677 DUBLIN
Chief Petty Officer Harry Ernest Fox, O.N. 165514. 165514 FALMOUTH
Chief Petty Officer Ernest George Fry, O.N. 163313. 163313 MOON
Chief Petty Officer Hugh Latimer Greenhill, O.N. 139532. 139532 IRON DUKE
Chief Electrical Artificer, Second Class, Edmund Ernest Grace, O.N. 345257. 345257 IRON DUKE
Chief Sick Berth Steward Albert Ernest Gregson, O.N. 350371. 350371 MARLBOROUGH
Petty Officer Bertie Walter Richardson Gardiner, O.N. 211325. 211325 MALAYA
Chief Petty Officer James John Greenland, O.N. 161574. 161574 BARHAM
Petty Officer Malcolm Durrant Gooding, O.N. 191486. 191486 VANGUARD
Chief Petty Officer William Henry Graves, O.N. 181281. 181281 MORESBY
Chief Petty Officer George Gates, O.N. 156638. 156638 NICATOR
Petty Officer William Charles Richard Griffin, O.N. 201404. 201404 SHARK
Leading Seaman John Hiram, O.N. 237985. 237985 COLLINGWOOD
Chief Yeoman of Signals Alfred William Hogger, O.N. 179580. 179580 KING GEORGE V
Chief Petty Officer William Worden Higman, O.N. 173132. 173132 AJAX
Mechanician John George Hicks, O.N. 300582. 300582 AJAX
Chief Petty Officer William Harris, O.N. 158446. 158446 MONARCH
Chief Petty Officer John Daniel Hatherley, O.N. 155178. 155178 BELLEROPHON
Chief Stoker Arthur Harbour, O.N. 280561. 280561 SUPERB
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Augustus Frederick William Hughes, O.N. 268737. 268737 DUKE OF EDINBURGH
Able Seaman James Edwin Hines, O.N. J.38370. J38370 CALLIOPE
Leading Stoker Ellis James Hignett, O.N. K.8919. K8919 LION
Leading Signalman George Headley, O.N. J.9237. J9237 LION
Stoker Petty Officer Thomas Heard, O.N. 311330. 311330 TIGER
Stoker Petty Officer Charles Gerard Hawkins, O.N. 295754 (R.F.R., Po./B.5423). 295754 PRINCESS ROYAL
Petty Officer William John Harvey, O.N 189340. 189340 NEW ZEALAND
Able Seaman George Hanson, O.N. J. 19999. J19999 CHESTER
Petty Officer Walter Halliwell, O.N. 215287. 215287 GARLAND
Petty Officer, First Class, Walter Hooper, O.N. 173080. 173080 OBEDIENT
Petty Officer Ernest Irving, O.N. 235267. 235267 WARRIOR
Chief Stoker William Johns, O.N. 281415. 281415 MARLBOROUGH
Stoker, First Class, Sidney Jackson, O.N. SS.114967. SS114967 MARLBOROUGH
Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Ronald Glinu Jefferson, O.N. 271692. 271692 BENBOW
Petty Officer Arthur Edward James, O.N. 197468. 197468 NICATOR
Boy, First Class, Samuel James Keen, O.N. J.38215. J38215 VALIANT
Able Seaman Percy Frederick Knapman, O.N. J.17156. J17156 CASTOR
Chief Petty Officer William Ernest Kent, O.N. 163354. 163354 HERCULES
Petty Officer Edward Kerry, O.N. 187385. 187385 FAULKNOR
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Herbert Henry Lake, O.N. 268421. 268421 AGINCOURT
Chief Petty Officer Charles Lovell, O.N. 165127. 165127 COLLINGWOOD
Petty Officer, First Class, Edmund Luckham, O.N. 125741 (R.F.R., Po./A.2027). 125741 MALAYA
Stoker Petty Officer Walter Long, O.N. 177396. 177396 MINOTAUR
Chief Stoker John Lyons, O.N. 297747. 297747 NESSUS
Able Seaman John Cripps Leathers, O.N. 196529.
196529 NARWHAL
Chief Petty Officer John Matthews, O.N. 162478 162478 IRON DUKE
Chief Armourer William Henry Martin, O.N. 342428. 342428 HERCULES
Stoker Petty Officer George Henry Manning, O.N. K.2849. K2849 COLOSSUS
Petty Officer Samuel Christopher Ash Medway, O.N. 186757. 186757 TIGER
Acting Bombardier John Mulraney, O.K. R.M.A./13725. 13725 ORION
Armourer Ivon Mitchell, O.N. 346563. 346563 BOADICEA
Chief Petty Officer Horace Minns, O.N. 172441. 172441 CANADA
Yeoman of Signals Horace Richard Mason O.N. 220511 (now Acting Signal Boatswain). 220511 BLANCHE
Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, James Monro, O.N. M.1666.- M1666 VANGUARD
Stoker, R.N.R., George McConnell, O.N. 777V. 777V LION
Stoker Petty Officer John McCoy, O.N. 277696. 227696 LION
Engine Room Artificer, First Class, James Souter Marr, O.N. 268169. 268169 PRINCESS ROYAL
Engine Room Artificer, Third Class, Murdo Macleod, O.N. M.4219. M4219 PRINCESS ROYAL
Able Seaman Charles Mitchell, O.N. SS.3361. SS3361 SPITFIRE
Chief Engine Room Artificer, Second Class, Frederick Moore, O.N. 345488. 345488 MYSTIC
Chief Petty Officer Herbert George Newman, O.N. 152148 152148 AGINCOURT