From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
Second Supplement To The London Gazette Of Friday, the 15th of September, 1916
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Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
Name Narrative Ship
Stoker Petty Officer Patrick James Hogan, O.N.306261 Stoker Petty Officer Hogan remained for over eighteen hours continuously at his station, where, during the action, the fans were broken down and the temperature became almost unbearable; in order to stop leaks in cover joints: he had to take off his clothes. He showed great judgment in hurrying on salt water supply at a critical time. BARHAM
Shipwright, First Class, William Holigan, O.N.343159. Shipwright, First Class, Holigan acted with great courage when a shell burst in the canteen flat of the ship in which he was serving, killing and wounding about twenty men. He was knocked down and scorched about the head, but immediately plugged leaking pipes which had been shot away. LION
Stoker, First Class, Joseph Henry Hughes, O.N.302261 Stoker, First Class, Hughes was one of the ratings on duty in a compartment immediately above that struck by a torpedo. The deck of this compartment was distorted, and all lights save one were extinguished, and water was coming into it. Stoker Hughes at once closed a valve, and the last light going out, he proceeded on deck to obtain another, with which he returned, closing steam and exhaust valves, although there was then 5 feet of water in the compartment. The action taken by this stoker, who remained alone at his place of duty in spite of the shock and noise of the explosion, and took effective steps to ensure the continued operation of the machinery in it, exhibited great presence of mind and bravery. MARLBOROUGH
Sick Berth Steward Alfred Edward Jones, O.N.350868 Sick Berth Steward Jones showed conspicuous gallantry in bringing hoses to bear on a cordite fire in the vicinity of the midship ammunition lobby, when the supply parties had been driven away by the fumes. He performed his duties in an exemplary manner in very trying circumstances. SOUTHAMPTON
Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist Patrick McEvoy, O.N. 173198 Chief Petty Officer Telegraphist McEvoy was working on deck almost continuously throughout the action. Four times he repaired or cleared the Main Aerial under fire in a cool and efficient manner. The smoke on the Mess Deck was so intense that he had to feel his way up on deck. LION
Chief Stoker William George Pring, O.N. 161176. Although severely wounded early in the action, Chief Stoker Pring continued to carry out important duties with repair parties until the action was finished. WARSPITE
Petty Officer George Arthur Sayer, O.N. 170698. Petty Officer Sayer's leg was shot away when the turret in which he was stationed was disabled, and he thereafter set a fine example by remaining at his post and trying to get his gun into action again, PRINCESS ROYAL
Acting Stoker Petty Officer Frederick John Henry Wherry, O.N. K.5157 Acting Stoker Petty Officer Wherry, at great risk, flooded the 6-inch magazine of the ship in which he was serving, and then, until gassed, assisted to extinguish a fire in close proximity to the magazine. Subsequently, while still suffering from the effect of the fumes, he left the dressing station to unlock the secondary position for 13.5-inch flooding valves, showing great devotion to duty. TIGER
Petty Officer William John Adlam Willis, O.N. J.11010. Petty Officer Willis brought his gun into action after he himself and the whole of his gun's crew had been wounded. CALLIOPE
Distinguished Service Medal
Name Official Number Ship
To Receive the Distinguished Service Medal
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, John George Ashton, O.N. 268623. 268623 ERIN
Stoker, First Class, Ernest Richard Allcock, O.N. SS.110097. SS110097 MALAYA
Stoker, First Class, Charles Oscar Anderson, O.N. K.9832. K9832 LION
Chief Stoker Oliver William Barratt, O.N. 283930. 283930 IRON DUKE
Mechanician William Beecroft, O.N. 288934. 288934 NEPTUNE
Petty Officer James Clapp Bragg, O.N. 193246. 193246 ORION
Able Seaman Albert Bright, O.N. 202825. 202825 MALAYA
Chief Stoker Ronald Frank Burley, O.N. 283927. 283927 BARHAM
Chief Petty Officer Frederick Walter Bird, O.N. 161259. 161259 SHANNON
Shipwright, First Class, Martin Bray, O.N. 343524. 343524 WARRIOR
Able Seaman Herbert James Boutell, O.N. J. 14121. J14121 CALLIOPE
Leading Stoker Charles Edgar Blagdon, O.N. K.1227. K1227 LION
Able Seaman George Charles Bowers, O.N. 215063. 215063 PRINCESS ROYAL
Engine Room Artificer, First Class, John Robert Barss, O.N. 270499. 270499 INDOMITABLE
Leading Seaman William John Barrow, O.N. 217137. 217137 SOUTHAMPTON
Chief Yeoman of Signals Sydney Charles Burgess, O.N. 192892. 192892 BENBOW
Chief Stoker Joseph Brudnell, O.N. 277829. 277829 ONSLOW
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Joseph Bentley, O.N. 269229. 269229 PETARD
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Alfred Leonard Burgess, O.N. 269498. 269498 ACASTA
Stoker Petty Officer Walter Henry Carne, O.N. 302549. 302549 MARLBOROUGH
Chief Petty Officer James Coughlan, O.N. 138894. 138894 KING GEORGE V
Chief Engine Room Artificer, First Class, Nicholas Cawrse, O.N. 268673. 268673 CONQUEROR
Chief Armourer Thomas Chivers, O.N. 175631. 175631 BELLEROPHON
Leading Seaman Malcolm John Cooper, O.N. 238690. 238690 CALLIOPE
Leading Signalman Frederick George Chesters, O.N. 228254. 228254 LION
Officer's Cook, First Class, Henry Francis Carter, O.N. L.3366. L3366 SOUTHAMPTON
Chief Petty Officer Albert Edwaid Cleife, O.N. 160883. 160883 ONSLOW
Stoker Petty Officer Timothy Crowley, O.N. 286289. 286289 MOORSOM
Leading Seaman Maurice Howard Cox, O.N. J.9747. J9747 GARLAND
Leading Seaman Percy Curtis, O.N. 218912. 218912 SPITFIRE
Yeoman of Signals Arthur John Colyer, O.N.. 186278 186278 KEMPENFELT