From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
Supplement To The London Gazette Of Friday, the 15th of September, 1916
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Name Ship
Roger Prideaux Selby.* LION
Harry William Algernon Kemmis.* -
Roderick Larken Moore.* -
* All these Officers to be confirmed in their Acting Seniority subject to completion of their courses; any time gained for meritorious examinations to be in addition, subject to a minimum of six months service as Sub-Lieutenant. -
The following temporary Engineer Sub-Lieutenants to be Engineer Lieutenants, to date 30th June 1916, and to be noted for early promotion to Engineer Lieutenant-Commander should they be transferred to the permanent List: — -
Harry Hunter. -
Mackenzie Dallas MALAYA
Assistant Paymaster (Acting Paymaster) Clarence Teasdale-Buekell to be Paymaster. -
Chief Gunner Alexander Grant to be Lieutenant, under the provisions of Art. 299, clause 4, of the King's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions -
Chief Artificer Engineer James Henry Fenton to be Engineer Lieutenant. -
Carpenter John William Sparks to be Chief Carpenter. -
Carpenter Henry Ham to be Chief Carpenter. -
Royal Marine Gunner George Allan to be Lieutenant, Royal Marines. -
Royal Marine Gunner John Edward Flower to be Lieutenant, Royal Marines. -
All the above to date 30th June 1916.
The following Officers have been noted for early promotion: —
Commander the Hon. Arthur Charles Strutt. -
Lieutenant-Commander Stephen St. Leger Moore -
Lieutenant-Commander Ralph Frederick Seymour -
Engineer Commander Herbert Brooks Moorshead. -
Engineer Commander Charles Frederick Dunn. -
Engineer Commander John Downie Wilson. -
Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Arthur Ellis Lester, D.S.O. -
Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Harold Edwin Brook. -
Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Harold Benjamin Main. -
Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Albert Knothe. -
Engineer Lieutenant William David Smith. -
Fleet Surgeon Alexander Maclean, M.B. -
Fleet Surgeon Ernest Alfred Penfold, M.B. -
Fleet Surgeon Arthur Reginald Bankart, C.V.O., M.B., K.H.P. -
Fleet Surgeon Christopher Louis White Bunton. -
Staff Surgeon Arthur Reginald Schofield, M.B. -
Temporary Surgeon Richard Stocker Carey, should he be transferred to the permanent list. -
Fleet Paymaster Charles Henry Rowe. -
Staff Paymaster (Secretary) Herbert Patrick William George Murray. -
Paymaster Harry Sampson Orchard. -
Sub-Lieutenant George Evelyn Paget How. -
Sub-Lieutenant John Gerald Yerburgh Loveband. -
Sub-Lieutenant Humphrey Ranulph Brand. -
Sub-Lieutenant Cecil Spurstow Miller. -
Sub-Lieutenant Eric Sydney Brand. -
Sub-Lieutenant George Sidney Godolphin Cavendish. -
Acting Sub-Lieutenant (now Sub-Lieutenant) -
Newton James Wallop William-Powlett. -
Acting Sub-Lieutenant Herbert Claude Millett. -
Mate Matthew Mcdure. -
Mate Alfred Bowman. -
Assistant Paymaster (Acting Paymaster and Secretary) Geoffrey Thomas Smyth. -
Chief Gunner Edwin Stanley Norman. -
Chief Gunner John Dick Jamieson. -
Chief Gunner Edward Fox (previously noted for early promotion). -
Chief Gunner William James Cann. -
Chief Gunner Charles Richard Ponton. -
Chief Gunner Harry Hoggett. -
Chief Gunner Joshua Ernest George Chubb. -
Commissioned Mechanician Clayton Hartnup. -
Chief Carpenter George Campbell Grant. -
Chief Carpenter Albert Edward Scarlett. -
Chief Carpenter Alfred Edward Lamb. -
Gunner William James Newton. -
Gunner John Williams. -
Gunner Herbert Daniel Jehan. -
Gunner George Ernest Freeme. -
Gunner William Johnston. -
Boatswain William Henry Fenn. -
Signal Boatswain Harry Albert Pitt. -
Signal Boatswain Ernest Albert Dunk Collins. -
Signal Boatswain John Joseph Gowen. -
Warrant Telegraphist Samuel Lewington. -
Artificer Engineer Joseph Fegan. -
Artificer Engineer William Perry Hill. -
Artificer Engineer Frederick Samuel Heath. -
Artificer Engineer Gilbert Mager McWhirter. -
Artificer Engineer Thomas John Gard. -
Artificer Engineer Charles Keeling. -
Acting Artificer Engineer Francis William John Patterson. -
Carpenter William Ernest Mutton. -
Carpenter Charles Alfred Morley Brown. -
Carpenter George Emmerson. -
Carpenter William Morrissey -
In accordance with the foregoing, Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Arthur Ellis Lester, D.S.O., has been promoted to the rank of Engineer Commander in His Majesty's Fleet, to date the 25th July, 1916. -
The following Officer is noted for Brevet Major on attaining the rank of Captain, Royal Marines: — -
Lieutenant Henry Loftus Mitchell McCausland, R.M.L.I. CONQUEROR
The services of the following Officers have been specially noted : — -
Engineer Commander John Benjamin Hewitt. -
Fleet Paymaster Harold Boxer Pearson. -
Acting Assistant Paymaster Harry Ewart Flint. -
Chief Boatswain George Enock Turner. -
Royal Naval Reserve. -
Lieutenant Robert Milne Porter to be Commander. -
Sub-Lieutenant (Acting Lieutenant) John Alexander Macdonald to be Lieutenant. -
Temporary Sub-Lieutenant (Acting Lieutenant) Wilfrid Charters to be Lieutenant on the permanent list of the Royal Naval Reserve. -
Sub-Lieutenant (Acting Lieutenant) William Goggan Lalor to be Lieutenant. -
Temporary Sub-Lieutenant (Acting Lieutenant) Jeremiah Aylmer Bunting to be Lieutenant on the permanent list of the Royal Naval Reserve. -