Supplement To The London Gazette Of Friday, the 15th of September, 1916
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Name Text Ship
in the Squadron. He has served in H.M.S. ' Canada' since commissioning in June, 1915, and prior to that, whilst serving in H.M.S. 'Chatham,' was wounded in action at the Rufigi River, where he lost the use of his right arm."
Bertram Elliott Recommended for good service in action -
Reginald John Finlow. Recommended for good service in action -
Charles Leonard Dettmar Ably carried out his duties as a turret officer during the action. He is an exceptionally able officer, strongly recommended for promotion by his commanding officer. -
John Alexander Macdonald (Acting). Recommended for good service in action. -
Wilfrid Charters (Acting). Ably performed his duty in charge of 6-inch guns during-the action. -
William Groggan Lalor (Acting). Ably performed his duties as a turret officer during the action -
Sub-Lieutenant, R.N.R
Jeremiah Aylmer Bunting. This officer carried out his duties as officer of quarters in the 6-inch battery in a most praiseworthy manner while the ship was under heavy fire. -
Temporary Midshipman, R.N.R
Charles Gordon Denning For the cool and skilful way in which he, as officer of the quarters, while continuously under heavy fire, controlled the foremost 4-inch gun, the primary control having broken down. -
Assistant Paymaster, R.N.R.
Thomas Emrys Daniel. Recommended for good service in action. -
Warrant Engineers, R.N.R
Stanley Perigrine Oxnard. For efficient work and good leadership in repairing damage to the ship. -
John Cameron Allen. For exceptionally good work in charge of the stokeholds. -
Lieutenants, R.N.V.R.
Leonard Bampfylde Cogan Recommended by Commodore commanding for good service during the action. -
Alexander Percy McMullen Ably carried out his duties in charge of 12-inch transmitting station. -
William Cleveland Stevens. For good organisation of W./T. department. -
Surgeon, R.N.V.R
William James Aitken Quine, M.B. For his assiduous care of and attention to the wounded, of whom he was in sole charge for over 40 hours, the Staff Surgeon having been severely wounded. -

15th September, 1916
The following promotions, etc., have been made in recognition of the services mentioned in the foregoing despatch:—

Name Ship
Commanders already promoted to Captain to date 30th June: — -
Walter Lingen Allen. -
The Hon. Arthur Lionel Ochoncar Forbes-Sempill. -
Joseph Charles Walrond Henley. -
Edward Astley Rushton. -
Berwick Curtis. -
Francis Arthur Marten. -
George William McOran Campbell. -
Arthur Goodenough Craufurd. -
The Hon. Reginald Aylmer Ranfurly Plunkett. -
Lieutenant-Commanders already promoted to Commander, 30th June: — -
Paul Whitfield. -
Richard Wyville Bromley. -
Clarence Walter Eyre Trelawny. -
Henry Purdon Boyd. -
Charles Gwillim Robinson. -
Reginald Stannus Goff. -
Robert Stedman MacFarlan. -
Geoffrey Corlett. -
John Ouchterlony Barren. -
Gerald Charles Wynter. -
Lachlan Donald Ian Mackinnon. -
Edwin Anderson Homan. -
Stephen Dowell Tillard. -
Gerald Fortescue Longhurst. -
Cecil Burnaby Prickett. -
Geoffrey Charles Candy. -
Errol Manners. -
Eric Quintin Carter. -
Guy Charles Cecil Royle. -
John Cronyn Tovey. -
Engineer Commander William Toop to be Engineer Captain. -
Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Arthur Lee Picton to be Engineer Commander. -
Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Bertram Harvey to be Engineer Commander. -
Engineer Lieutenant Geoffrey Morgan to be Engineer Lieutenant-Commander. -
Major Arthur George Troup, R.M.A., to be Brevet Lieutenant-Colonel. -
Captain Robert Edgar Kilvert, R.M.A., to be Major. -
Captain Richmond Campbell Shakespear Waller, R.M.L.I., to be Brevet Major. -
Lieutenant Harold Marsland Franks, R.M.A., to be Captain and Brevet Major. -
Fleet Surgeon Robert Hill, C.V.O., to be Deputy Surgeon-General. -
Paymaster James Meade Loughnan Cusack to be Staff Paymaster. -
Sub-Lieutenant (Acting Lieutenant) Douglas Stanley Swanston to be Lieutenant. -
Sub-Lieutenant (Acting Lieutenant) Robert Reginald Gibbons to be Lieutenant. -
All the above to date 30th June 1916. -
The Seniority as Acting Lieutenant of the following to be antedated to 30th June 1916: — -
Charles Saumarez Daniel.* -
John Catterall Leach.* -
The following Sub-Lieutenants to be promoted to Acting Lieutenant, to date 30th June 1916:— -
Leicester Charles Assheton St. John Curzon-Howe.* -
Francis Adrian Blaydes Haworth-Booth.* -
Herbert Annesley Packer.* -
Eric Vernon Lees.* -