From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
Supplement To The London Gazette Of Friday, the 15th of September, 1916
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Name Text Ship
Herbert Daniel Jehan Is stationed in " Iron Duke's " lower top as principal control officer' of the 6-inch guns. These guns were employed during the action in repelling two attacks of German t.b.d.'s on our battle fleet, and were controlled with coolness and good judgment, as a result of which one German t.b.d. was seen to sink IRON DUKE
George Ernest Freeme Recommended for good service in action. INDOMITABLE
William Johnston The rapid rate of fire maintained by " Marlborough" was largely due to this officer's able performance of his duties as director layer. MARLBOROUGH
Chief Boatswain
George Enock Turner The senior chief boatswain in the 2nd Battle Squadron and 3rd on list of chief boatswains. A very conscientious and capable officer. KING GEORGE V
William Henry Fenn Specially recommended. Was in charge of the after repair party and worked in fumes until he was overcome and removed. He returned again to the same work as soon as he had regained consciousness, and rendered invaluable services. Mr. Fenn had only returned from hospital the day before the action and was on light duty. BARHAM
Signal Boatswains
Ernest Albert Dunk Collins Admiral Sir Cecil Burney reports: — Rendered excellent service during the action in charge of the signal staff, and also, after the transfer of my flag, reorganised the signal staff very quickly into one suitable for a flagship. MARLBOROUGH
John Joseph Gowen Recommended for good service in action. INDOMITABLE
Harry Albert Pitt. Mr. Pitt was on deck throughout the action and did excellent work. BARHAM
Chief Carpenters.
George Campbell Grant The captain of " Superb " speaks most highly of this officer's suitability for carpenter lieutenant. He has served in " Superb " for the whole war. SUPERB
Albert Edward Scarlett. The senior chief carpenter in 2nd Cruiser Squadron. Recommended for good service in action. -
Alfred Edward Lamb. The senior chief carpenter in 2nd Battle Squadron. A very capable and thoroughly efficient officer. -
William Ernest Mutton Recommended for good service in action. -
Charles Alfred Morley Brown Recommended for good service in action. -
George Emmerson. Recommended for good service in action. -
William Morrissey Rendered excellent services after the ship was torpedoed and on passage to port. -
Chief Artificer Engineer
James Henry Fenton Performed good service in stopping gaps caused by carrying away of foremost funnel and damage to second funnel, thus preserving considerably the steaming capabilities of the ship. -
Commissioned Mechanician
Clayton Hartnup. Recommended for good service in action. SHANNON
Artificer Engineers
Joseph Fegan Rendered valuable service during the action and after the ship had been struck by a torpedo MARLBOROUGH
William Perry Hill For efficient work and good leadership in repairing damage to the ship. -
Frederick Samuel Heath. A very capable officer -
Gilbert Mager McWhirter Recommended for good service in action -
Thomas John Gard. Recommended for good service in action. -
Charles Keeling Displayed conspicuous resource and initiative at a critical period. -
Francis William John Patterson For exceptionally good work in charge of the stokeholds -
Royal Marine Gunners.
George Allan. Vice-Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee reports: "This officer has served afloat for the whole of the war and is the Senior Warrant Officer, R.M., in the Squadron. He was recommended for commissioned rank by the Squadron selection committee on 14th January, 1916. Is fully worthy of promotion." -
John Edward Flower. Recommended for good service in action. -
Warrant Telegraphist
Samuel Lewington. Was in charge of the auxiliary W./T. cabinet during the whole, operations, and carried out his work with conspicuous coolness and ability. -


Name Text Ship
Lieutenant, R.N.R., to Commander, R.N.R.
Robert Milne Porter After having been severely burned in the cordite explosion at No. 2 starboard 6-inch gun, Lieutenant Porter personally superintended the extinction of the fire and removal of wounded, and remained at his post for two hours after, when swelling from burns had closed his eyes and rendered his hands useless. His condition when he reached the medical party was critical. BARHAM


Name Text Ship
Lieutenants, R.N.R,
Robert Beaufin Irving. Recommended for good service in action YARMOUTH
Reginald Slaughter Triggs. Vice-Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee reports: "Is the Senior R.N.R. Lieutenant CANADA