From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
Supplement To The London Gazette Of Friday, the 15th of September, 1916
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Name Text Ship
Edwin Anderson Homan This officer handled his ship with great skill throughout the action under difficult circumstances. MARY ROSE


Name Text Ship
Ralph Frederick Seymour (Flag Lieutenant Commander). Sir David Beatty reports: —
Carried out his duties with great coolness on the manoeuvring platform, and maintained efficient communications under the most difficult circumstances despite the fact that his signalling appliances were continually shot away.
Stephen St. Leger Moore. Commodore Le Mesurier reports: —
This very promising officer has served as 1st and (G) of "Calliope" since the ship commissioned, and has been of the very greatest assistance to me in every way, while a large portion of the credit due for the gunnery efficiency of the ship is his.

Sub-Lieutenants to Lieutenant.

Name Text Ship
Charles Saumarez Daniel. Performed very good service as officer in charge of a turret. -
John Catterall Leach Performed very good service as officer in charge of a turret. -
Douglas Stanley Swanston Controlled the 6-inch guns with marked ability, hitting the enemy destroyers, and is believed to have sunk one. -
Harry William Algernon Kemmis For taking command and bringing the ship back to harbour after the commanding officer and first lieutenant had been killed. ONSLAUGHT
Eric Vernon Lees. Rendered invaluable service in attending the wounded for five hours after a shell had struck the ship and killed two officers (one of whom was the surgeon) and five men, and wounded seven. NESSUS
Leicester Charles Assheton St. John Curzon Howe In charge of fore transmitting station and carried out his duties in a manner specially to be commended. Was mentioned in despatches after the action of the Falkland Islands. -
Roderick Larken Moore. Is reported by his commanding officer to have been of invaluable assistance, taking charge of the torpedo armament with excellent results. -
Roger Prideaux Selby. In charge of the transmitting room, the working of which was in every way admirable. Showed coolness in dangerous situations. -
Robert Reginald Gibbons. For good service in action. He has only recently recovered from wounds received in action of 24th January, 1915. -
Francis Adrian Blaydes Haworth-Booth. Recommended for good service in action. -
Herbert Annesley Packer Was in charge of " A " turret during the action, and is an extremely able officer. -
Eric Sydney Brand He was of the very greatest assistance to the gunnery officer throughout the action -


Name Text Ship
John Gerald Yerburgh Loveband Performed very good service as control officer of secondary armament. -
George Sidney Godolphin Cavendish Performed very good service as control officer of secondary armament. -
Humphrey Ranulph Brand. Strongly recommended for excellent service. -
Newton James Wallop William-Powlett Very strongly recommended. This officer showed wonderful coolness under most trying circumstances, and his pluck and cheerfulness after the ship sank was certainly the means of saving the lives of several who would have otherwise given in and succumbed.
Captain (D), 4th Flotilla, reports: "I cannot speak too highly of this young officer's conduct throughout."
Herbert Claude Millett. Strongly recommended for good service in action. -
George Evelyn Paget How Recommended for good service in action. -
Cecil Spurstow Miller. In command of the 4-inch guns' crews, most of whom were killed or wounded. SubLieutenant Miller, himself very badly injured and burnt by shell-fire, stuck to his work, reorganised what was left, and set a fine example. PRINCESS ROYAL


Name Text Ship
Alfred Bowman. Second officer of " Y " turret. Highly commended by his officer of the turret for good work during the action. BARHAM
Matthew McClure. In charge of forecastle group of 4-inch guns. Wounded by a shell splinter, but continued to carry on. CALLIOPE

Engineer Lieutenant-Commander to Engineer Commander.

Name Text Ship
Arthur Lee Picton. Recommended for good service in action. BROKE

Engineer Lieutenant to Engineer Lieutenant Commander.

Name Text Ship
Geoffrey Morgan. Captain Molteno, late of "Warrior," reports : — Utmost gallantry and conspicuous devotion to duty in remaining in the engine rooms after the explosion and endeavouring WARRIOR