From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
Supplement To The London Gazette Of Friday, the 15th of September, 1916
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Name Text Ship
George William McOran Campbell Throughout the various actions handled his division with great ability, sinking an enemy destroyer with his division. Attacked enemy battle squadron in company with flotilla, and undoubtedly assisted in blowing up one enemy battleship. OBEDIENT
Arthur Goodenough Craufurd The captain of the " Tiger " reports that he cannot speak too highly of the valuable and untiring work of this officer between decks under the most painful and trying conditions. TIGER
The Hon. Reginald Aylmer Ranfurley Vice-Admiral Sir David Beatty reports:
" Was most valuable in observing the effect of our fire, thereby enabling me to take advantage of the enemy's discomfiture."
Francis Arthur Marten. Vice-Admiral Sir David Beatty reports:
" Was of great assistance to the Commodore throughout the action. The work of the light cruisers was very much to be commended."

Lieutenant-Commanders to Commander

Name Text Ship
Guy Charles Cecil Royle Admiral Sir Cecil Burney reports:
"It was entirely owing to his organisation and work that the ship fired so extremely well, quickly and accurately, during the action, especially so after she had been struck by a torpedo and took up a considerable list. He is a very efficient and capable officer."
Geoffrey Charles Candy Strongly recommended by Vice-Admiral Sir Martyn Jerram for his work in connection with the wireless telegraphy of the squadron. KING GEORGE V
Henry Purdon Boyd Recommended by Vice-Admiral Sir Doveton Sturdee for valuable work. TEMERAIRE
Richard Wyville Bromley. Remained exposed outside the conning tower, and, in spite of being wounded in leg, arm and neck, took his captain personal reports of the various damages suffered and got the ship in tow afterwards. WARRIOR
Paul Whitfield (now prisoner of war in Germany). In command of " Nomad," made a most gallant attack on the enemy battle-cruisers, after having assisted to drive off an enemy flotilla which was endeavouring to attack our battle-cruisers. "Nomad" was disabled by shell fire from the enemy battlecruisers, and subsequently sank. NOMAD
Gerald Fortescue Longhurst Gunnery officer of "Lion." This officer controlled the fire of "Lion" with the greatest coolness, courage and skill, and inflicted immense damage on the enemy. LION
Cecil Burnaby Prickett Gunnery officer of " Princess Royal." Controlled the fire of "Princess Royal" under very difficult conditions with conspicuous success. This is the third time he has controlled the fire of a battle-cruiser in action. A most efficient and resourceful officer. Strongly recommended. PRINCESS ROYAL
Lachlan Donald Ian MacKinnon First Lieutenant and gunnery officer. By his zeal and skill obtained excellent results. Under his control the firing of the ship was accurate and rapid INDOMITABLE
Charles Gwillim Robinson In command of " Engadine." Was prompt in sending up a seaplane to scout. Handled his ship in a skilful and seamanlike manner, and towed " Warrior " for 75 miles, subsequently succeeding in taking off her crew, thus saving their lives. ENGADINE
Geoffrey Corlett. Led his division into action in a most gallant manner and fought a successful action with enemy destroyers, in which they were forced to retire. NARBOROUGH
John Cronyn Tovey For the persistent and determined manner in which he attacked enemy ships as occasion offered, even though his destroyer was disabled by shell fire and unable to proceed at more than 10 knots ONSLOW
Robert Stedman MacFarlan This officer's coolness, ability and resource, especially after he had had a miraculous escape in the torpedo control tower, was most praiseworthy, and the fact that very few communications and lighting failed is entirely due to this officer WARSPITE
Stephen Dowell Tillard. Recommended for good service in action. -
Errol Manners Executive officer of " Comus" and gunnery officer of the Squadron. An excellent officer, already strongly recommended for promotion, who has contributed very materialty to the good gunnery work of the squadron. -
Reginald Stannus Goff This officer reported immediately presence of enemy. Subsequently he exhibited initiative with success, and eventually escorted "Porpoise" back to harbour and berthed her alongside in a most seamanlike manner. -
Clarence Walter Eyre Trelawny This officer, by skilful handling of his ship, managed to ram an enemy cruiser instead of being rammed by her, thereby saving his ship. He showed great coolness and afterwards successfully returned to harbour with his ship in a very damaged condition. -
John Ouchterlony Barren. This officer stood by the " Shark " under a very heavy fire, and although engine-room was wrecked and steering gear broken down and the ship a practical wreck, he successfully, by the aid of " Nonsuch," returned into harbour. -
Gerald Charles Wynter Seeing " Castor " being engaged with two enemy ships, closed them and fired a torpedo at the second enemy ship. This was followed by an explosion. It may be taken for certain that it was " Magic's " torpedo that struck the second ship in the enemy's line. -
Eric Quintin Carter Handled his ship with skill and judgment, as is usual with this officer. -