From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
Supplement To The London Gazette Of Friday, the 15th of September, 1916
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Name Ship (not on original document)
Lieutenant Gerald Harman Warner, R.N. -
Lieutenant Maurice Arthur Blind, R.N. -
Lieutenant Alexander Stuart Mackay, R.N.R. -
Sub-Lieutenant (tempy. Lieutenant) Hew Cockburn Hedderwick, R.N.V.R. -
Sub-Lieutenant His Royal Highness Prince Albert Frederick Arthur George, R.N. -
Midshipman Alec Edward Dodington, R.N. -
Midshipman Nevill Glennie Garnons-Williams, R.N. -
Engineer Commander Herbert Brooks Moorshead, R.N. -
Engineer Commander Cecil Henry Alec Bermingham, R.N. -
Engineer Commander Mark Rundle, R.N. -
Engineer Commander David Edward Duke, R.N. -
Engineer Commander William Reginald Crawford, R.N. -
Engineer Commander William Pascho Cunday Spriddle, R.N. -
Engineer Commander George Herbert Fletcher, R.N. -
Engineer Commander Charles de Faye Messervy, R.N. -
Engineer Lieutenant-Commander James Bell Nicholson, R.N. -
Engineer Lieutenant-Commander William Smith, R.N. -
Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Thomas Johnston Foulkes, R.N. -
Engineer Lieutenant - Commander David Duncan Cuninghame, R.N. -
Engineer Lieutenant - Commander Sidney Gordon Wheeler, R.N. -
Major Arthur Phayre Grattan, R.M.L.I. -
Captain Alexander George William Grierson, R.M.L.I. -
The Rev. Percy Herbert Jones, M.A., Chaplain, R.NNaval Instructor George Herbert Andrew, M.A., R.N. -
Fleet Surgeon John Hunter Pead, M.B., M.A., R.N. -
Fleet Surgeon Harold Paget Jones, R.N. -
Fleet Surgeon Arthur Richard Harrie Skey, M.B.,R.N. -
Fleet Surgeon John Reid Muir, M.B., R.N. -
Surgeon Horace Elliot Rose Stephens, M.B., R.N. -
Surgeon (tempy.) Horace Palmer Margetts, R.N. -
Fleet Paymaster John Anthony Keys, R.N. -
Fleet Paymaster Charles Scrivener Wonham, R.N. -
Fleet Paymaster William Davenport Sarratt, R.N. -
Surgeon Probationer (tempy.) Gilbert Blurton, R.N.V.R. -
Surgeon Probationer (tempy.) Neil Macleod,R.N.V.R. -
Surgeon Probationer (tempy.) Carl Knight Cullen, R.N.V.R. -
Chief Gunner Jesse Hannat Mack, R.N. -
Chief Gunner Michael Hall, R.N. -
Chief Gunner Leonard Slight, R.N. -
Chief Boatswain Henry Valentine Roberts, R.N. -
Chief Artificer Engineer William Alfred Hook, R.N. -
Gunner Richard Gould, R.N. -
Gunner Thomas McConnell, R.N. -
Gunner Frederick Joseph Coulton, R.N. -
Gunner Henry Jackson Epworth, R.N. -
Gunner Charles Henry Young, R.N. -
Gunner Richard Francis MacDermott, R.N. -
Artificer Engineer Ernest Thaxter, R.N. -

Staff of Commander-in-Chief

Name Ship (not on original document)
Commander Roger Mowbray Bellairs, R.N. -
Lieutenant-Commander Herbert Fitzherbert, R.N. -
Paymaster Cunningham Prior, R.N. -

Admiralty, S.W.,
15th September, 1916
The following despatch has also been received from Admiral Sir John R. Jellicoe, G.C.B., G.C.V.O., Commander - in - Chief, Grand Fleet: —
Iron Duke,
15th July, 1916.

SIR,—With reference to my despatch of 24th June, 1916, after full and careful consideration of the recommendations for promotion received from Flag Officers commanding Squadrons and Officers in command of Flotillas, the following lists are submitted for the favourable consideration of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty.
I am, Sir,
Your obedient Servant,
(Signed) J. R. JELLICOE,

The Secretary of the Admiralty.

Commanders to Captain.

Name Text Ship
Walter Lingen Allen. H.M.S. "Broke" was very badly damaged and casualties very great, but the morale seems to have been unshaken and the ship was successfully steamed back to port. BROKE
The Hon. Arthur Lionel Ochoncar Forbes Sempill. A very able executive officer, who had the arrangements for fire, repair and other parties extremely well organised, and who was of great help throughout the action. VALIANT
Joseph Charles Walrond Henley Admiral Sir Cecil Burney reports: —
Commander Henley rendered me very valuable assistance as my Flag-Commander during the action, and has done very valuable work in the gunnery training of the squadron. He is a most excellent and capable officer. He has served as my Flag Commander and Second in Command of my Flagship during the past five years, and was of the greatest assistance to me in the occupation and administration of Scutari in 1913. He has been previously recommended for promotion by me.
Edward Astley Rushton Displayed great promptitude and powers of leadership, especially during and after the night action of 31 May, in which SOUTHAMPTON suffered considerably in casualties and damage. Was skilful and resourceful in effecting temporary repairs in a rising sea. Strongly recommended. SOUTHAMPTON
Berwick Curtis Carried out an operation on the night of 31st May—1 June with conspicuous skill, gallantry and success. ABDIEL