From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
Supplement To The London Gazette Of Friday, the 15th of September, 1916
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Chancery of the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George,
Downing Street,
15th September, 1916

The KING has been graciously pleased to give directions for the following promotions in, and appointments to, the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, in recognition of the services mentioned in the foregoing despatch; the appointments to date from the 31st May, 1916: —

To be an Additional Member of the First Class, or Knights Grand Cross, of the said Most Distinguished Order

Admiral Sir Cecil Burney, K.C.B., K.C.M.G.

To be Additional Members of the Second Class, or, Knights Commanders, of the said Most Distinguished Order.

Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Henry Martyn Jerram, K.C.B.
Vice-Admiral Sir Frederick Charles Doveton Sturdee, Bt., K.C.B., C.V.O., C.M.G.
Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Edward Madden, K.C.B., C.V.O.

To be Additional Members of the Third Class, or Companions, of the said Most Distinguished Order.

Rear-Admiral Osmond De Beauvoir Brock, C.B.
Captain Alfred Ernle Montacute Chatfield, C.V.O., C.B.

Admiralty, 15th September, 1916.
The KING has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following appointments to the Distinguished Service Order and for the award of the Distinguished Service Cross to the undermentioned Officers in recognition of their services as mentioned in the foregoing despatch: —

To be Companions of the Distinguished Service Order

Name Ship (not on original document)
Commander Harold Ernest Sulivan, R.N. -
Commander Hugh Schomberg Currey, E.N. -
Commander Richard Home, R.N. -
Commander the Hon. Matthew Robert Best, M.V.O., R.N. -
Commander Humphrey Thomas Walwyn, R.N. -
Commander Alexander Riall Wadham Woods, R.N. -
Commander John Walsh Carrington, R.N. -
Commander Charles Morton Forbes, R.N. -
Commander Henry John Studholme Brownrigg, R.N. • -
Commander Malcolm Henry Somerled MacDonald, R.N. -
Commander James Geoffry Penrose .Ingham, R.N. -
Commander Geoffrey Blake, R.N. -
Commander Hubert Edward Dannreuther, R.N. -
Commander John Pelham Champion, R.N. -
Commander Richard Lindsay Nicholson, R.N. -
Commander Gerald Fortescue Longhurst, R.N. -
Lieutenant-Commander Gordon Alston Coles, R.N. -
Lieutenant-Commander James Buller Kitson, R.N. -
Lieutenant-Commander Montague George Bentinck Legge, R.N. -
Lieutenant-Commander Roger Vincent Alison, R.N. -
Lieutenant-Commander Ralph Frederick Seymour, R.N. -
Lieutenant-Commander Cuthbert Patrick Blake, R.N. -
Lieutenant-Commander Laurence Reynolds Palmer, R.N. -
Lieutenant-Commander Henry Ruthven Moore, R.N. -
Lieutenant-Commander Cecil Charles Brittain Vacher, R.N. -
Lieutenant Jack Ernest Albert Mocatta, R.N. -
Engineer Commander William Cory Sanders, R.N. -
Engineer Commander Robert Spence, R.N. -
Engineer Commander Reginald William Skelton, R.N. -
Engineer Commander Henry Walton Kitching, R.N. -
Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Harold Bertram Tostevin, R.N. -
Engineer Lieutenant-Commander John Kirk Corsar, R.N. -
Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Albert Arthur Green Martell, R.N. -
Fleet .Surgeon Joseph Agnew Moon, R.N. -
Fleet Surgeon Alexander Maclean, M.B., R.N. -
Fleet Surgeon Henry William Finlayson, M.B., R.N. -
Staff Surgeon Bertram Raleigh Bickford, R.N. -
Staff Surgeon James McAlister Holmes, M.B., R.N. -
Staff Paymaster Herbert Patrick William George Murray, R.N. . -
Paymaster Cyril Sheldon Johnson, R.N. -
Assistant Paymaster (Acting Paymaster) Frank Todd Spickernell, R.N. -
Captain Edward Bamford, R.M.L.I. -

To receive the Distinguished Service Cross.

Name Ship (not on original document)
Lieutenant Arthur Malcolm Peters, R.N. -
Lieutenant Cuthbert Coppinger, R.N. -
Lieutenant John Hinton Carrow, R.N. -
Lieutenant .Stewart Magee Walker, R.N. -
Flight Lieutenant Frederick Joseph Rutland, R.N. (Lieutenant, R.N.). -
Lieutenant John Gordon Cliff-McCulloch, R.N.R. -
Lieutenant Percy Harrison, R.N.V.R. -
Carpenter Lieutenant John Norman Matheson, R.N. -
The Rev. Anthony Pollen (Roman Catholic Chaplain). -
Sub-Lieutenant Newton James Wallop William-Powlett, R.N. -
Surgeon Probationer Douglas George Patrick Bell, R.N.V.R. -
Chief Artificer Engineer Alexander Noble, R.N. -
Artificer Engineer Joseph House, R.N. -

The following Officers are commended for their services in the Battle of Jutland: —


Name Ship (not on original document)
Captain the Hon. Victor Albert Stanley, M.V.O., A.-d.-C., R.N. -
Captain James Andrew Fergusson, A.-d.-C., R.N. -
Captain Vivian Henry Gerald Bernard, R.N. -
Captain Edward Francis Bruen, R.N. -
Captain James Clement Ley, R.N. -
Captain Edmond Hyde Parker, R.N. -