From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
Supplement To The London Gazette Of Friday, the 15th of September, 1916
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Name Text Ship
- kept the boiler water going in spite of evaporator being semi-disabled most of the time and out of action entirely for some period. -
- Remarks of Captain Berwick Curtis. -
Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Harold Bertram Tostevin, R.N. This officer's organisation of the engine room department and general energy at all times, keeping the machinery of the ship in a thoroughly efficient state, contributed largely to the success of ABDIEL's operations on the night of 31st May, observing that the ship proceeded at full speed for over six hours. -
- Staff of the Gommander-in-Chief (with remarks of Admiral Sir John Jellicoe). -
Vice-Admiral Sir Charles Edward Madden, K.C.B., C.V.O. (Chief of the Staff). - -
Commodore Lionel Halsey, C.B., C.M.G., A.-d.-C. (Captain of the Fleet). - -
- The very valuable services of these officers are mentioned in my despatch of the 24th June, 1916. Commodore Halsey would have been recommended for an honour had he not so recently received the C.B. -
Commander The Hon. Matthew Robert Best, M.V.O., R.N. Has performed valuable staff work during the war and services during the action. -
Commander Charles Morton Forbes, R.N. My Flag Commander, who has always afforded me great assistance. This officer was Executive Officer of H.M.S. " Queen Elizabeth " during the whole period that ship was employed at the Dardanelles. -
Commander Alexander Riall Wadham Woods, R.N. Controlled the visual signal work with great coolness and accuracy. -
Commander Richard Lindsay Nicholson, R.N. Controlled the wireless telegraph work with great coolness and most marked efficiency, and reaped the reward of the excellent organization for which he is responsible. -
Fleet Paymaster Hamnet Holditch Share, C.B., R.N. (Secretary). I should have recommended my Secretary, Fleet Paymaster Share, for an honour for his invaluable work during the war and his assistance during the action had he not recently been awarded a C.B. -
Fleet Paymaster Victor Herbert Thomas Weekes, R.N. (Additional Secretary). Has been of great assistance to me during the war and took valuable records throughout the action. -


Name Ship (not on original document)
Captain Vivian Henry Gerald Bernard, R.N. -
Captain James Clement Ley, R.N. -
Captain Edward Buxton Kiddle, R.N. -
Captain Henry Montagu Doughty, R.N. -
Captain Crawford Maclachlan, R.N. -
Captain William Wordsworth Fisher. M.V.O., R.N. -
Captain (Flag Captain) Alfred Dudley Pickman Rogers Pound, R.N. -
Captain Arthur Brandreth Scott Dutton, R.N. -
Captain The Hon. Victor Albert Stanley, M.V.O., A.d.C., R.N. -
Captain James Andrew Fergusson, A.d.C., R.N. -
Captain George Holmes Borrett, R.N. -
Captain George Henry Baird, R.N. -
Captain Louis Charles Stirling Woolloombe, M.V.O., R.N. -
Captain (Flag Captain) Oliver Backhouse, C.B., R.N. -
Captain Edward Francis Bruen, R.N. -
Captain, (Acting as Flag Captain) Edmond Hyde Parker, R.N. -
Captain Edwin Veale Underbill, R.N. -
Captain James Douglas Dick, R.N. -
Captain John Moore Casement, R.N. -
Captain The Hon. Algernon Douglas Edward Harry Boyle, C.B., M.V.O., R.N. -
Captain Henry Blackett, R.N. -
Captain Vincent Barkly Molteno, R.N. -
Captain Herbert John Savill, R.N. -
Captain Henry Ralph'Crooke, R.N. -
Captain Alan Geoffrey Hotham, R.N. -
Captain Cyril Samuel Townsend, R.N. -
Captain The Hon. Herbert Meade, D.S.O., R.N. -
Captain Percy Molyneux Rawson Royds, R.N. -
Captain Albert Charles Scott, R.N. -
Captain Robert Neale Lawson, R.N. -
Captain Arthur Allan Morison Duff, R.N. -
Captain Edward Reeves, R.N. -
Captain William Frederick Blunt, D.S.O., R.N. -
Captain Thomas Drummond Pratt, R.N. -
Captain John Ewen Cameron, M.V.O., R.N. -
Captain Tufton Percy Hamilton Beamish, R.N -
Captain James Uchtred Farie, R.N. -
Captain Charles Donnison Roper, R.N. -
Lieutenant-Commander Cecil Henry Hulton Sams, R.N. -
Lieutenant-Commander Evelyn Claude Ogilvie Thomson, R.N. -
Lieutenant-Commander Kenneth Adair Beattie, R.N. -
Commander Charles Gordon Ramsey, R.N. -
Lieutenant-Commander Arthur Grendon Tippet, R.N. -
Lieutenant-Commander Charles Herbert Neill James, R.N. -
Lieutenant Francis George Glossop, R.N. -
Commander Charles Albert Fremantle, R.N. -
Commander Dashwood Fowler Moir, R.N. -
Lieutenant-Commander Edward Brooke, R.N. -
Lieutenant-Commander Alexander Hugh Gye, R.N. -
Commander Malcolm Lennon Goldsmith, R.N. -
Lieutenant-Commander Philip Wilfred Sidney King, R.N. -
Lieutenant - Commander Francis Edward Henry Graham Hobart, R.N. -
Lieutenant Henry Dawson Crawford Stanistreet, R.N. -
Commander John Coombe Hodgson, R.N. -
Lieutenant Commander Edward Sidney Graham, R.N. -
Commodore James Rose Price Hawkesley, M.V.O., R.N. -
Captain Percy Withers, R.N. -
Commander Lewis Gonne Eyre Crabbe, R.N. -
Commander Walter Lingen Allen (now Captain), R.N. -
Lieutenant-Commander Arthur Marsden, R.N. -