From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
Supplement To The London Gazette Of Friday, the 15th of September, 1916
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Name Text Ship
Lieut.-Commander Ralph Frederick Seymour, R.N. (Flag Lieut.-Commander to Vice Admiral Commanding Battle Cruiser Fleet). For very valuable services in the action and throughout the war. LION
Captain Alfred Ernie Montacute Chatfield, C.V.O., C.B., R.N. (Flag Captain to Vice Admiral Commanding Battle Cruiser Fleet). Commanded and fought my Flagship with great skill and gallantry. LION
Lieutenant-Commander Gerald Fortescue Longhurst, R.N. (now Commander). Gunnery Officer of my Flagship. Controlled the fire of "Lion" with greatest coolness, courage and skill, and inflicted immense damage on the enemy. This is the third time he has controlled the fire of " Lion " in action. -
Fleet Surgeon Alexander Maclean, M.B., R.N. Performed his exhausting duties with the greatest zeal and courage. The medical staff was seriously depleted by casualties; the wounded and dying had to be dressed under very difficult conditions on the mess deck, which was flooded with a foot of water from damaged fire mains. Fleet Surgeon Maclean has suffered considerably since the action from his devotion to duty. -
Lieutenant (E.) Stewart Magee Walker, R.N. The command of the mess deck devolved on Lieutenant Walker in the absence on duty of the commander of the ship. He grappled successfully with very difficult and trying situations, putting out extensive fires in a blinding and suffocating atmosphere, saving life from asphyxiation, clearing compartments of water, and flooding magazines. -
Captain Walter Henry Cowan, M.V.O., D.S.O., R.N. Commanded and fought the " Princess Royal " with great skill and gallantry. -
Engineer Lieutenant-Commander Albert Arthur Green Martell, R.N. In charge of all fire and salvage parties, and directed and led them with complete success, setting an example of coolness and vigour of action which unquestionably prevented far more serious damage. -
Artificer Engineer Joseph House, R.N. When the ship was hit and badly damaged, effected repairs to pipes under very difficult circumstances of smoke and darkness, whereby fires were got under which otherwise must have been a very grave danger. -
Captain Henry Bertram Pelly, M.V.O., R.N. Commanded and fought " Tiger" with great skill and gallantry. -
Lieutenant Percy Harrison, R.N.V.R. His work with the fire brigade was beyond praise. He was gassed badly, but continued work until noon the next day, clearing debris, etc., and only gave up when his lungs would stand no more, and he was placed on the sick list. -
Carpenter Lieutenant John Norman Matheson, R.N. Did splendid work below. Although taken to the dressing-station twice, once gassed and once nearly drowned, he insisted on going back to his work, and only rested when ordered by the Commander to do so on the following morning. -
Captain John Frederick Ernest Green, R.N. Commanded and fought " New Zealand " with great skill and gallantry. NEW ZEALAND
Captain Francis William Kennedy, R.N. (now Rear-Admiral). Commanded the Third Battle Cruiser Squadron after the loss of Rear-Admiral Hood, and fought his ship with great skill and gallantry. -
Captain Edward Henry Fitzhardinge Heaton-Ellis, M.V.O., R.N. Commanded and fought "Inflexible" with great skill and gallantry. -
Commander Hubert Edward Dannreuther, R.N. The senior of the two surviving officers of the "Invincible." Up till the moment when the ship blew up Commander Dannreuther controlled the fire of " Invincible " in a manner which produced visible and overwhelming results on the enemy. INVINCIBLE
Captain Bertram Sackville Thesiger, C.M.G., R.N. Assumed command of a Light Cruiser Squadron when " Galatea " was temporarily disabled by shell fire, and fought his ship with great skill and gallantry. -
Captain Charles Blois Miller, R.N. Commanded and fought NOTTINGHAM with great skill and gallantry. -
Lieutenant Arthur Malcolm Peters, R.N. His coolness and clearness on this occasion, and his constant care and attention in regard to the signals and communications of the squadron during the past three years, enabled the fullest advantage to be taken when reporting the enemy's battle fleet. SOUTHAMPTON
Commander Malcolm Henry Somerled Macdonald, R.N. For his coolness in the night action, when he extinguished the fires on mess deck, and his prompt action in preventing the fore magazine from being flooded. DUBLIN
Captain John Douglas Edwards, R.N. Commanded and fought the FALMOUTH with great skill and gallantry. FALMOUTH
Captain Edward Bamford, R.M.L.I. In after control when it was blown to pieces by a shell burst. Slightly burnt in face and slightly wounded in leg. Then assisted to work one gun with a much reduced crew, and controlled another gun. Assisted in extinguishing a fire, and in general showed great coolness, power of command, judgment and courage, when exposed to a very heavy fire. CHESTER
Lieutenant Frederick Joseph Rutland, R.N., (Flight Lieut., R.N.A.S.). For his gallantry and persistence in flying within close range of four enemy light cruisers, in order to enable accurate information to be obtained and transmitted concerning them. Conditions at the time made low flying necessary. ENGADINE