From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
Supplement To The London Gazette Of Friday, the 15th of September, 1916
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- in H.M.S. " Benbow," which were very efficient -
Captain Henry Wise Parker, R.N. Was of great assistance to nie as my Flag Captain. He showed great coolness and judgment in his handling of the ship and its fighting power. Captain Parker was Commander of the "Lion" in the Heligoland action of 28th August, 1914. BENBOW
Paymaster Cyril Sheldon Johnson, R.N. Rendered valuable services as my Secretary in keeping records and generally assisting me during the action. His name was mentioned in despatches after the Falkland Islands action. BENBOW
Engineer Commander Robert Spence, R.N. By his general management of the machinery and stokers under his orders in H.M.S. " Vanguard " enabled the ship to be taken into and maintained in action in a most effective manner. VANGUARD
- Remarks of Rear-Admiral Evan-Thomas. -
Captain Edward Montgomery Phillpotts, R.N. At a critical time, when the Fifth Battle Squadron was turning to form astern of the battle-fleet, under a heavy fire, " Warspite," owing to a breakdown in her steering gear, turned towards the enemy, and got into a very dangerous position. She was splendidly handled, however, and got away to the northward clear of the enemy's fire. Also when nearing the Firth of Forth, much damaged, she was attacked by three submarines and was handled in such a manner as to get her safely into port. Captain Phillpotts is the senior captain in the ships of the Fifth Battle Squadron which were engaged, and I strongly recommend him for an honour worthy of his great services. -
Captain Maurice Woollcombe, R.N - -
Captain Arthur William Craig, R.N. The Rear-Admiral Commanding reports that the ships under his orders were handled and fought by their Captains in the manner one would expect from those officers and in accordance with the best traditions of the British Navy. -
Commander Humphrey Thomas Walwyn, R.N. Commander Walwyn, from the moment the first shell struck the ship, managed to be everywhere where attention was necessary in putting out fires, plugging holes, shoring, etc., with the fire brigade and repair parties. Considering the size of the ship and the damage sustained, and also the fact that he was keeping the Captain fully informed of her condition, the work effected by Commander Walwyn in the short space of time was marvellous, and the Captain considers it greatly due to his prompt action that much water was prevented from access into the port wing and main engine rooms. -
Rev. Anthony Pollen (Roman Catholic Chaplain). The Reverend Anthony Pollen carried men injured by severe burns from the battery deck to the distributing station, he himself being severely burned at the time. Aged 56. -
Lieutenant. John Gordon Cliff-McCulloch, R.N.R. Lieutenant Cliff-McCulloch was in charge of the port battery, and immediately went across and in a short space of time the fire had been got under and the situation was in hand, and Nos. 1 and 6 6-inch starboard were ready to open fire in ten minutes from the explosion. This is due to the prompt action taken by Lieutenant McCulloch, and his example had undoubtedly a good effect on the large number of very young men stationed there. -
Commander Henry John Studholme Brownrigg, R.N. Commander Brownrigg took charge of and conducted the operations in connection with dealing with fires and repairs to damage by shell. He was continually in positions of greatest danger, and where the conditions were most trying to the nerves. His example inspired all those under him, and he was largely instrumental in keeping the ship in effective fighting condition to the end of the action, notwithstanding the severe damage from shell fire. -
- Remarks of Rear-Admiral Herbert L. Heath. -
Captain Eustace La Trobe Leatham, R.N. For the very able and efficient manner in which he handled his ship throughout the action. -
Captain John Saumarez Dumaresq, M.V.O., R.N. For the very able and efficient manner in which he handled his ship throughout the action. -
Captain Arthur Cloudesley Shovel Hughes D'Aeth, R.N. For the untiring zeal and energy displayed throughout the action, and during the events preceding and subsequent thereto, when he handled my flagship with marked ability and was of the greatest assistance to me. -
Engineer Captain Arthur Frederick Kingsnorth, R.N. Engineer Captain of the First Cruiser Squadron—recommended by the RearAdmiral Commanding, Second Cruiser Squadron. -
Commander James Geoffry Penrose Ingham, R.N. - -
Engineer Commander Henry Walton Kitching, R.N. - -
- Remarks of Commodore Charles E. Le Mesurier. -
Staff Surgeon Bertram Raleigh Bickford, R.N. For great gallantry and devotion to duty in action. This officer, though severely wounded by a shell splinter, persisted in attending to the wounded, only yielding to a direct order from myself to place himself on the sick list. -
- Remarks of Vice-Admiral Sir David Beatty. -
Captain Rudolf Walter Bentinck, R.N. (Chief of Staff to Vice-Admiral Commanding Battle Cruiser Fleet). For very valuable services in the action and throughout the war. -
Acting Paymaster Frank Todd Spickernell, R.N. (Secretary to the Vice-Admiral Commanding Battle Cruiser Fleet). For very valuable services in the action and throughout the war. -