From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
Supplement To The London Gazette Of Friday, the 15th of September, 1916
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Admiralty, S.W.,
15th September, 1916
The following despatch has been received from Admiral Sir John R. Jellicoe, G.C.B., G.C.V.O., Commander - in - Chief, Grand
Fleet: —
Iron Duke,
23rd August, 1916.
With reference to my despatch of 24th June, 1916, I have the honour to bring to the notice of the Lords Commissioners of the
Admiralty the names of the following officers who are recommended for honours and special commendation.

Where all carried out their duties so well it is somewhat invidious and difficult to select officers for special recognition.
As regards the Flag Officers, I would again draw the attention of their Lordships to the remarks made in that despatch
on the subject of their services, and I would recommend for honours: —

Name Ship
Admiral Sir Cecil Burney, K.C.B., K.C.M.G. MARLBOROUGH
Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Henry Martyn Jerram, K.C.B. KING GEORGE V
Vice-Admiral Sir Frederick Charles Doveton Sturdee, Bart., K.C.B., C.V.O., C.M.G. BENBOW
Vice-Admiral Sir David Beatty], K.C.B., K.C.V.O., D.S.O. (Commanding the Battle Cruiser Fleet). LION
Rear-Admiral Hugh Evan-Thomas, C.B., M.V.O. BARHAM
Rear-Admiral Alexander Ludovic Duff, C.B.(Civil). SUPERB
Rear-Admiral William Christopher Pakenham, C.B., M.V.O. NEW ZEALAND
Rear-Admiral Arthur Cavenagh Leveson, C.B. (Civil). ORION
Rear-Admiral Ernest Frederic Augustus Gaunt, C.M.G. COLOSSUS
Rear-Admiral Osmond De Beauvoir Brock, C.B. PRINCESS ROYAL
Name Ship
Although Rear-Admiral Evan-Thomas has but recently received the C.B., I would draw attention to the fact that he commands
a Battle Squadron which was closely engaged, and that he is, with the exception of Rear-Admiral Heath, the senior
Rear-Admiral in the Grand Fleet.
Rear-Admiral Herbert Leopold Heath, C.B., M.V.O., would have been recommended for an honour had he not so recently
received the C.B.
Commodore Charles Edward Le Mesurier whose squadron was handled with great ability. CALLIOPE
Rear-Admiral Trevylyan Dacres Willes Napier, C.B., M.V.O., would have been recommended for an honour had he not so
recently received the C.B.