From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project

Third Supplement To The London Gazette of Friday, the 29th of December 1916
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Name Official Number Ship
The following Officers and Men are Commended for their services in the Battle of Jutland : —
Eng. Capt. Archie Russell Emdin, R.N. BARHAM
Cdr. Guy Plantagenet Bigg-Wither, R.N. BENBOW
Cdr. Wilfred Frankland French, R.N. CENTURION
Fit. Payr. Harold Rodham, R.N. PRINCESS ROYAL
Fit. Lieut.-Cdr. Sydney Hopkins, R.N. SPARROWHAWK
Payr. John Duncan Macaulay Cavanagh, R.N. SUPERB
Lieut, the Hon. Charles Alexander Colville, R.N. BARHAM
Asst. Payr. Harold Charles Frederick Foot, R.N. COLOSSUS
C.P.O. John Coleman, O.N. 181335 (Dev.). 181335 BENBOW
Ch. Shipwt. Arthur Edward Foster, O.N. 340426 (Po.). 340426 KING GEORGE V
Ch. Yeo. Sigs. Oscar Charlton Cox, O.N. 169907 (Ch.). 169907 VANGUARD
Fit. C.E.R.A., 1 d., Frederick Charles Selway, O.N. 268407 (Ch.). 268407 CANTERBURY
Act. C.E.R.A., 2 Cl., Archibald Frank Tammadge, O.N. 271180. 271180 SOUTHAMPTON
P.O. Ernest Southcott, O.N. 190561 (Dev.). 190561 LION
P.O. William Henry Winsor, O.N. 193243 (Dev.). 193243 AJAX
Sto. P.O. Henry Ernest Woodland, O.N. 297947 (Po.). 297947 ONSLOW
Sto. P.O. George French, O.N. 307175 (Po.)- 307175 ONSLOW
P.O. Teleg. Neil MacLeod, O.N. J3157 (Dev.). J3157 AJAX
E.R.A., 2 Cl., John Friend Kellaway, O.N. 272299 (Po.). 272299 IRON DUKE
E.R.A., 2 Cl., George Henry Langmead, O.N. 272045 (Dev.). 272045 VALIANT
E.R.A., 3 Cl., Henry Cameron Booth, O.N. 271921 (Ch.). 271921 SHANNON
Ship's Corpl., 1 Cl., Samuel Edwin Wills, O.N. 165530 (Dev.). 165530 DUBLIN
S.B.S. Lyonel Ivo Percy Sabin, O.N. 357196 (Po.). 351196 PRINCESS ROYAL
Sig. Montague Charles Chandor, O.N. J20420 (Po.). J20420 COLOSSUS
Corpl. Alfred Phipps, R.M.L.I., No. Po./9469. 9469 MALAYA
Ldg. Cook's Mate George Edwin Sparks, O.N. 365614 (Po.). 365614 BROKE
Gnr. Charles Beard, R.M.A., No. R.M.A./11678. 11678 LION
Off. Std., 1 Cl., John Spiteri, O.N. 165276. 165276 WARRIOR
Off. Std., 3 Cl., Albert Batty, O.N. L7183 (Dev.) L7183 COLOSSUS

The name of Leading Stoker Ellis James Hignett, O.N. K8919, which appeared in the list of men awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for services in the Battle of Jutland, on page 9087 of the Second Supplement to the London Gazette of the 15th September, 1916, should read: —
Stoker Thomas Henry Hignett, R.N.R., O.N. 1255. S.