From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
Supplement To The London Gazette Of Tuesday, the 24th of October, 1916
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Name Official Number Ship
Leading Seaman Alfred Edward Jordan, O.N. 211642. 211642 CHESTER
Second Sick Berth Steward Vincent Lloyd, O.N. 351515. 351515 CASTOR
Second Sick Berth Steward George William Light, O.N. 351480. 351480 BARHAM
Leading Telegraphist Harold Edward George Newman, O.N. J8459. J8459 MARKSMAN
Petty Officer Thomas Henry Olding, O.N. 176958. 176958 IRON DUKE
Petty Officer William George Pearce, O.N. 202973. 202973 WARRIOR
Stoker, 1st Class, Robert Henry Regan, O.N. K7416. K7416 PETARD
Yeoman of Signals Frank Rockett, O.N. 202040. 202040 UNKNOWN SHIP
Able Seaman Arthur James Rudge, O.N. J6982. J6982 LION
Petty Officer William John Albert Shaw, O.N. 183132. 183132 FAULKNOR
Leading Signalman William Stewart, O.N, 225199. 225199 MARY ROSE
Petty Officer William Arthur Wakeling, O.N, 182241 (now Acting Gunner (T.) ). 182241 AMBUSCADE
Boy, 1st Class, Robert Walker, O.N. J35521. J35521 WARSPITE
Able Seaman Frank Robert Watte, O.N, J25427. J25427 BARHAM
Stoker Petty Officer Alfred James Webb, O.N. 292141. 292141 LION
Stoker Petty Officer George David Wyethr O.N. 308925. 308925 PETARD
Stoker, 1st Class, William Yeo, O.N. K12465. K12465 LION