Keen, William Edgar

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In common with most if not every town in the country, Frome has lost several of Its sons in the great Naval battle. S.G. W. E. KEEN DROWNED ON THE QUEEN MARY. The heaviest loss in the great battle was that of the Queen Mary, on which the crew numbered 983, and among the brave lads who perished was Seaman Gunner William Edgar Keen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Keen, of Cheapstreet, Frome, with whom the greatest sympathy is felt in their bereavement. Gunner Keen, who would have been 21 years next October, has been in the Navy for six years, and has had a progressive career. He joined tbo Navy in January, 1910, and first served on the Imp, next the Vanguard Illustrious, and was from there drafted on to the Superb and then on to the Queen Mary. Mr. Keen was officially informed of the sad news on Wednesday morning of the death of his son, who was home on leave a short time ago.
The Somerset Standard 9 June 1916 via Spike Sheldon"