Jutland Battle Honours

From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
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The undermentioned petty officers have been
promoted to warrant rank in recognition of
their services in the Battle of Jutland:-

Act. P.O. J. Webster, O.N.181723 (Valiant), to be act, boatswain.
Dated 30th June 1916.
Shipwright, 1st Class, M. Bray, O.N. 343524 (Warrior), to be act. carpenter.
Dated 30th June, 1916.
Chief Engine Room Artificer, 1st Class, E.F. Edge, O.N. 268684 (Cochrane), to be ac. artificer engineer.
Dated 30th June, 1916.
Chief Sick Berth Steward J.G. Beal, O.N. 350310 (Lion), to be warrant wardmaster,
Dated 25th September 1916.

The following petty officers and men of the
Grand Fleet are commended for service in
action in the Battle of Jutland:-

Leading Seaman S. Alexander, O.N. 218200 (Tiger)
Leading Seaman W. Bamsey, O.N. 179421 (Tiger)
Chief Sick Berth Steward J.G. Beal,O.N. 350310 (Lion)
Armourer J. Bellamy, O.N. 342546 (Abdiel)
Shipwright First Class H.P. Bennett, O.N.344929 (Warspite)
Leading Seaman F. Butterfield, O.N. 233629 (Barham)
Ship's Steward's Assistant J. Connor, O.N.101741 (Barham)
Leading Seaman J.W. Dunn, O.N. 219279 (Lion)
Yeo. of Signals A. Friche, O.N. 201690 (Barham)
Leading Seaman W.H. Fryer, O.N. J11138 (Barham)
P.O. Telegraphist M.J. Gates, O.N. 356819 (Iron Duke)
Ship's Steward W.J. Gunn, O.N. 344206]] (Warrior)
Leading Telegraphist S. Hodkinson, O.N. J8408 (Marvel)
Leading Seaman G.J. Hulin, O.N. 210386 (Lion)
Leading Seaman A.E. Jordan, O.N. 211642 (Chester)
Second Sick Berth Steward G.W. Light, O.N. 351480 (Barham)
Leading Telegraphist H.E.G. Newman O.N. J8459 (Marksman)
P.O. T.H. Olding, O.N. 176958 (Iron Duke)
P.O. W.G. Pearce, O.N. 202973 (Warrior)
Stoker, 1st Class R.H. Regan O.N. K7416 (Petard)
Yeo. of Signals F. Rockett, O.N. 202040 (Mischief)
A.B. A.J. Rudge, O.N. J6982 (Lion)
P.O. W.J.A. Shaw, O.N.183132 (Faulknor)
Leading Signalman W. Stewart O.N. 225199 (Mary Rose)
P.O. W.A. Wakeling, O.N. 182241 (now act. gunner (T)) (Ambuscade)
Boy, 1st Class, R. Walker, O.N. J35521 (Warspite)
A.B. F.R. Watts, O.N. J25427 (Barham)
Stoker P.O. A.J. Webb, O.N. 292141 (Lion)
Stoker P.O. G.D. Wyeth, O.N. 306925 (Petard)
Stoker, 1st Class, W. Yeo, O.N. K12465 (Lion)
Aberdeen Press and Journal
26 October 1916
via British Newspaper Archives