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Coventry Sailor's Death.
Family's Fine Record.
By the sinking of H.M.S. Indefatigable in the great naval battle off Jutland another Coventry family has suffered great bereavement. Mr. and Mrs. Jenkinson, of 52, Castle Street, having just received notification of the death of their son, First Class Petty Officer Ernest Jenkinson. The sailor, who was 28 years of age, had had eleven year' experience in the Navy, and had seen considerable service, and possessed a medal and also a bar for operations at Somaliland, and another medal and bar gained in the Persian Gulf. He was placed on reserve prior to 1914, but rejoined on the outbreak of, war, and it was quite recently that the deceased was home on leave. Previous to joining the Navy Petty Officer Jenkinson was employed at the Triumph as polisher. A review the family's fighting strength brings to notice a really fine record. There are four sons serving, in addition to the late sailor.

Henry Arthur Jenkinson, a private in the 10th Royal Warwickshire Regiment, has seen a lot of fighting and is still on active service. Oliver Jenkinson is attached to the 3rd Royal Worcester Regiment.He served several years previous to the war, and immediately re-enlisted when war was declared. He was wounded in the memorable Retreat from Mons. Tom Jenkinson, before the war, served in the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, and this soldier responded to the country's call on the outbreak of war. Joining the 2nd Warwickshire Regiment he has also been on service abroad. The other son, Gunner James Jenkinson, has completed 13 years service in the R.F.A. He was first in action inFrance, and was afterwards transferred to Salonika where he got his discharge. He was subsequently recalled and is now home service. It is interesting to record that the father of these fighting men has also done his bit, having been in the Army six years.

Coventry Evening Telegraph 22 June 1916 via Spike Sheldon