Hough, Ernest

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Chief Stoker E. Hough.
Chief Stoker Ernest Hough of 53, Rowms lane, Swinton, has been home on leave. He belongs to the H.M.S. Phaeton, a light cruiser, which recently destroyed a Zeppelin, and more recently was engaged in the naval battle. He formed part of Sir David Beatty's battle cruiser squadron, and was one of the first ships to engage the enemy, the vessel coming through the battle almost scatheless. After the action, he says, the sea was littered with dead bodies and fish. Petty-officer Hough has served 23 years with the Navy, and is a married man, his wife residing at Jarrow. His mother lives at 35, Rowms' lane, Swinton. He is an enthusiastic photographer, and has taken a wonderful collection of photographs taken in all parts of the world.
South Yorkshire Times Saturday 17 June 1916