Hargreaves, Frank

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When the destroyer Sparrowhawk was
anounced as lost, amongst those who
mourned the fate of relatives was Mrs.
Guest, confectioner, Aire-street, Knotting-
ley, whose son, Frank Hargreaves, was a
leading stoker on the gallant, but ill-fated

On Saturday morning, however, he un-
expectedly turned up on leave, and,
naturally, his relatives were overjoyed at
his safe return; and he had the pleasure
not only of reading in the local papers the
"exaggerated" report of his death, but of
converting the evening service at the Parish
Church on the following day, from one of
memoriam into one of thanksgiving for his
safe return.

Of the great battle the valiant seaman
had a stirring story to tell; for, though his
duties normally kept him below, he was on
this occasion on deck throughout the
action. He emphasises the disadvantage
under which the British ships laboured
owing to the fact that they were silhouetted
against the sun, whilst the Germans were
in the haze on the eastern water-line.

Although the Sparrowhawk was following
some big cruisers, who were blazing away
at their distant targets, it was not until a
fellow-destroyer signalled that she was hit
and sinking that they realised they were in
for the real thing, and gave a hearty cheer>

At ten o'clock, in the gathering darkness,
the destroyers rushed into a hail of shells.
In a few minutes the leading destroyer was
sunk, and the second quickly followed, and
the Sparrowhawk, which was the third on
the line, went ahead.

Then the Sparrowhawk was fatally hit,
but most of the men were taken off by
another destroyer before she finally went
Leeds Mercury
15 June 1916
via Niall Stoddart