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Warspite Page 246 Table of Contents Warspite
Key to Table
Status Key
G Name confirmed at the battle
B Not a known survivor or casualty. Or difficult
to determine the ship (two possible destroyers)
O Included as a note. Not on ship at battle
Note Please note that the 'Rank/Rate' and 'From and To'
dates only reflect those held actually at the Battle of Jutland.

The individual could have joined or left the ship
before or after these dates, with differing 'Rank/Rates'.

HMS Warspite Crew List
Name Birth Death Rank/Rate
at Jutland
From To ON Additional
Abbott, Albert Edward 23/05/1896 Officer's Steward 2nd Class L6231 G
Abbott, Charles 15/08/1898 Boy Steward L7832 G
Ackerman, Reginald 09/08/1895 Able Seaman J12973 G
Adkins, John Henry David 28/06/1896 Gunner 14180 G
Aggett, Charles John 16/08/1897 Stoker 2nd Class K28245 G
Aggitt, George Oliver 08/05/1897 Gunner 14071 G
Allen, Conway Benning 25/09/1896 Midshipman 23/03/1915 Navy List G
Allen, Francis James 31/08/1898 Boy 1st Class J33206 G
Allen, Thomas John 15/03/1884 Petty Officer 205875 G
Allison, George 06/03/1899 Boy 1st Class J32164 G
Allnutt, Henry Edward 25/01/1899 Musician 2258 G
Alston, Aubrey Rowland 23/05/1896 Midshipman 23/03/1915 Navy List G
Anderson, Albert Edward 19/12/1898 Boy 1st Class J31771 G
Anderson, John Thomas 05/02/1890 Corporal 14190 G
Anderson, Percy George 28/07/1885 Able Seaman 213725 G
Andrew, William 30/05/1893 Carpenter's Crew M10285 G
Andrews, Ernest 05/08/1897 27/06/1921 Able Seaman RNR 11/01/1916 01/06/1916 Z/4340 Register G
Ansell, Edwin Harry 19/01/1898 Able Seaman J33249 G
Antell, Frederick 13/12/1880 Able Seaman 01/04/1915 07/07/1918 201585 G
Armstrong, Philip Furlong 04/04/1897 14/01/1918 Midshipman 23/03/1915 Navy List G
Arnold, Henry George 29/04/1895 Able Seaman J15325 G
Ashby, James George 01/03/1885 Yeoman of Signals 211785 G
Ashton, Andrew 17/12/1895 Able Seaman SS5252 G
Ashworth, Arthur Howard 17/01/1897 Midshipman 23/03/1915 Navy List G
Ashworth, Thomas 21/04/1887 Stoker 1st Class 222977 G
Atkinson, James 18/03/1895 Ordinary Seaman J42630 G
Attwood, Frederick Walter 01/05/1891 Stoker 1st Class K3854 G
Avery, Arthur Bramwell 02/03/1899 Boy 1st Class J31786 G
Avery, Sidney James 21/10/1894 01/06/1916 Able Seaman J18396 Register G
Avery, William 05/05/1878 Able Seaman 01/04/1915 01/05/1917 176090 G
Baglin, Francis William 28/07/1872 Stoker Petty Officer 05/04/1915 15/02/1919 170880 G
Baker, John Richard 21/11/1894 Able Seaman Sussex Z/393 G
Baker, Walter Freman Williams 26/06/1892 Stoker 1st Class K8784 G
Ballinger, Henry Arthur 09/04/1895 Signalman Z/1319 G
Bambury, Thomas James 26/09/1894 Gunner 14189 G
Banks, Arthur 24/01/1884 Stoker Petty Officer 05/04/1915 29/1/1918 300643 G
Banks, Creese James 07/09/1895 Blacksmith's Mate M11486 G
Barber, Cecil 25/05/1891 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M10896 G
Barnard, Frank 15/06/1884 Leading Seaman 01/04/1915 10/07/1917 208614 G
Barnes, William Albert Clarence 09/04/1897 Royal Marine Artillery 14219 G
Barnett, William Henry 10/10/1892 Royal Marine Light Infantry 13826 G
Barrington, George Edwin 12/11/1894 Able Seaman J19399 G
Barry, Bartholomew 16/04/1899 Boy 1st Class 25/01/1916 15/04/1917 J42175 G
Bartlett, Edgar Howard 30/11/1898 Bugler 05/04/1915 09/04/1917 16151 G
Baskerville, William 10/05/1883 Z/435 G
Batson, William Stewart 23/01/1897 21/10/1917 Midshipman 23/03/1915 11/09/1916 Navy List G
Batterbee, James Mowell 25/12/1898 G
Battle, Henry 09/07/1885 Acting Mate (E) 19/05/1916 18/9/1916* Navy List G
Beagle, David 20/06/1885 215936 Register G
Beamont, William Albert Edward 01/03/1898 14233 G
Beardall, William 24/07/1883 205809 G
Beaton, John 07/02/1891 Shipwright 2c M8425 G
Beaumont, Hilton 07/07/1894 Ordinary Seaman J49932 G
Beavis, William 18/05/1882 07/12/1929 Warrant Electrician 13/02/1915 1/9/1918 Navy List G
Bedford, Edward James 04/03/1898 Musician RMB 05/04/1915 09/06/1917 2223 G
Bedford, Frederick John Able Seaman J25065 G
Belfall, William Davis 21/08/1896 J32099 G
Bell, Alexander 18/05/1883 Stoker RNR 05/04/1915 25/1/1918 S 6460 G
Bell, Walter 30/03/1892 J5427 G
Benn, John Daniel 21/07/1899 213616 G
Bennett, Frank William 23/05/1886 219637 G
Bennett, Harold Percy 28/07/1880 Chief Shipwright 31/05/1916 30/06/1921 344929 G
Bennett, James William 25/03/1891 Stoker 1st Class K2575 G
Bennett, Sydney 12/11/1896 J20407 G
Benson, John 03/10/1894 SS114638 G
Berghe, Charles 10/01/1895 02/06/1916 Wireman 2nd Class M13338 Register G
Best, Charles 11/07/1894 J9018 G
Best, John 01/01/1877 Stoker RNR 05/04/1915 16/7/1916 S 6267 G
Bibby, Willie 16/01/1897 J32091 G
Bickmore, Gilbert Hugh 13/04/1898 Assistant Clerk 24/07/1915 Navy List G
Billing, Percy 18/09/1894 Ship's Steward's Assistant M11257 G
Billyard-Leake, Edward Whaley 13/11/1895 10/05/1956 Sub-Lieutenant 15/12/1915 15/6/1917 Navy List G
Binning, Robert James 01/09/1895 Officer's Steward 2nd Class L3158 G
Birch, Thomas Stoker RNR 05/04/1915 20/04/1919 S 6414 G
Bird, Enos Joseph 01/03/1898 J33064 G
Blackmore, Arthur 24/01/1881 Petty Officer 1st Class 01/04/1915 31/8/1918 201578 G
Blake, Aaron 14/07/1870 Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 05/04/1915 11/09/1916 268870 G
Blake, Leonard 02/11/1895 Able Seaman J16052 G
Blake, Marcus 04/05/1888 07/07/1933 Paymaster 08/03/1915 10/01/1917 Navy List G
Bleaken, George 05/09/1895 16/06/1915 19/05/1919 Wales Z/10 G
Bond, Arthur William 26/07/1894 04/06/1916 Able Seaman J9105 Register G
Booker, John Marshall 17/07/18892 13798 G
Boother, George 07/12/1896 Gunner RMA 14537 G
Bostock, John 24/04/1897 Midshipman 23/03/1915 Navy List G
Boulter, George Reginald Seaton 09/04/1897 Private RMLI 18243 G
Bowden, Frederick Arthur 17/07/1887 Leading Stoker 362907 G
Bowie, George 01/05/1895 Ordinary Seaman J43190 G
Bowker, William 07/10/1886 Petty Officer 01/04/1915 29/12/1920 229859 G
Bowmer, Anthony 20/02/1895 c1978 Able Seaman 01/04/1915 29/01/1917 J17744 G
Boyle, Patrick 06/02/1890 Able Seaman 26/04/1916 20/04/1918 Clyde Z/7664 AKA: Holland, Robert
Bradley, Abraham 20/04/1899 Boy 1st Class J33224 G
Bradley, Frederick George 21/08/1891 Private RMLI 15034 G
Branagan, Thomas 01/08/1895 J20071 G
Breese, Henry James 05/08/1893 Officer's Steward 2nd Class L4237 G
Brennan, James 23/03/1889 Stoker 1st Class 311890 Register G
Brennan, Kicran 13/12/1898 Boy 1st Class J43387 G
Bridge, Charles William 13/06/1894 J9216 G
Brookes, Archibald Harry 03/02/1890 Petty Officer 01/04/1915 15/01/1920 235257 G
Brooks, George 14/02/1885 305815 G
Brooks, Harry 23/01/1884 Private RMLI 17714 G
Brown, Alexander Falconer 17/12/1889 Able Seaman SS2340 G
Brown, John Frederick 24/07/1898 Boy 1st Class J33295 G
Brown, Joseph Henry 31/08/1896 Private RMLI 17062 G
Bruntnell, Arthur John Stoker 1st Class K13249 G
Buchanan, Robert John 04/03/1884 Petty Officer 207495 G
Buckingham, Charles Henry 23/02/1886 Able Seaman 216438 G
Buckle, Thomas Herbert 03/04/1882 Gunner RMA 10128 G
Budd, Frederick Arthur Carpenter's Crew M16606 G
Budge, Gordon Lindsey 17/07/1898 Boy 1st Class J32979 G
Bugo, Frederick 17/01/1893 07/06/1905 Acting Electrical Artificer 4c M8033 G
Bunting, Jeremiah Aylmer Sub-Lieutenant RNR 22/01/1916 Navy List G
Burchett, Edward Alfred 30/06/1898 Boy 1st Class J38200 G
Burden, Walter Boy 1st Class J31791 G
Burrows, Joseph 01/04/1889 Leading Seaman 01/04/1915 30/06/1916 233321 G
Burrows, Joseph Armourer's Crew M17092 G
Burrows, Thomas William Ordinary Seaman J31390 G
Burt, Henry William 05/02/1894 Able Seaman J12676 G
Burton, Hugh Montgomery Ordinary Seaman J33282 G
Bush, Thomas Frank Leading Stoker K10281 G
Bushby, Christopher 03/08/1892 J1153 G
Butcher, William Edward Ordinary Seaman J40202 G
Cain, Robert Officer's Cook 1st Class L6072 G
Campbell, Colin Ordinary Seaman J33395 G
Campbell, Thomas Frame Private RMLI 17716 G
Cannon, Reginald Arthur Musician RMB 2124 G
Carey, Walter Julius Chaplain 17/03/1915 Navy List
Carey, William 20/05/1875 Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 26/05/1916 24/07/1916 268836 G
Cargill, William George 29/07/1893 31/05/1916 Able Seaman J6398 Register G
Carness, Arthur John Prestwick Gunner RMA 14098 G
Carson, James Able Seaman Z/6477 G
Carter, James Albert 21/04/1886 Officer's Steward 3rd Class L8122 G
Carter, Richard Fenner Midshipman 23/03/1915 Navy List G
Carter, William George 27/09/1881 Sick Berth Steward 350854 G
Cartwright, Leslie Vernon 01/12/1894 Able Seaman J10108 G
Case, Thomas 03/03/1882 Officer's Steward 1st Class 365044 G
Cashman, Patrick 16/09/1884 Leading Stoker 05/04/1915 28/02/1918 311258 G
Cater, Alfred Able Seaman SS3069 G
Caunter, Richard Henry 02/03/1894 Able Seaman J12091 G
Chambers, William Henry ? 14105 G
Chandler, John Henry Private RMLI 17071 G
Chapman, James Thomas 10/11/1895 Able Seaman 01/04/1915 31/08/1916 J13565 G
Chedzoy, Oliver 03/03/1892 Z/36 G
Cherrill, Roy Brackley 02/05/1899 J33469 G
Chessman, John Signal Boy J30541 G
Childs, Edward George Boy 1st Class J34533 G
Chitty, Arthur Officer's Steward 2nd Class L6348 G
Christian, Arthur Patrick Able Seaman SS5215 G
Churd, Percy John 18/04/1887 Able Seaman 01/04/1915 08/09/1916 London 4/3240 G
Clapp, George Private RMLI 14850 G
Clark, Francis William Gunner RMA 14076 G
Clarke, Frank Raymond Boy 1st Class J33049 G
Clayton, George Able Seaman SS2772 G
Cole, Ernest Leslie Able Seaman J32082 G
Cole, George Frederick Boy 1st Class J33048 G
Collacott, William John 24/06/1883 Petty Officer 01/04/1915 05/06/1918 201200 G
Collejnery, Frank Tous 06/11/1880 9387 G
Collier, Charles Edward Able Seaman 215315 G
Collins, Henry 24/10/1892 J6942 G
Collins, Jack Herbert 21/10/1880 292082 G
Collins, James Patrick Able Seaman SS2283 G
Collins, John Able Seaman 224079 G
Collins, Joseph 10/06/1882 Able Seaman 05/10/1915 03/06/1916 Z/5457 G
Collins, Patrick Stoker 2nd Class K28513 G
Collins, Thomas Robertson 14/11/1894 Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 4/2262 G
Comstock, John Henry 14/03/1880 Mechanician 05/04/1915 31/7/1918 289846 G
Condon, William John Ordinary Signalman J28724 G
Connolly, Daniel 13/02/1875 Stoker 1st Class 05/04/1915 16/05/1919 276323 G
Cook, Daniel 03/09/1895 SS5254 G
Cook, George 20/02/1876 Stoker RNR 05/04/1915 16/2/1919 S 5751 G
Cook, Henry William Boy 1st Class J45984 G
Cook, Leonard James Private RMLI 15880 G
Cooke, Robert Thomas Able Seaman 237037 G
Coombs, Alfred John 05/04/1891 Stoker 1st Class K4547 G
Cooper, Bernard Harold Able Seaman J28394 G
Cooper, Clifford 11/02/1896 Armourer's Mate M9351 G
Cooper, Herbert George Mcdonald Able Seaman J32273 G
Cooper, Joseph 13/08/1887 Stoker 1st Class K9230 G
Cordy, Walter William 15/10/1889 31/05/1916 Carpenters Crew M8940 Register G
Cossins, Albert 18/05/1892 J5400 G
Costello, Richard 06/04/1895 Able Seaman SS5220 G
Cotter, Patrick 14/03/1877 Leading Stoker 05/04/1915 19/07/1918 282723 G
Coulson, Jesse Lawrence 22/07/1897 Telegraphist J35972 G
Coulson, Walter Boy 1st Class J33294 G
Coulton, William Henry 13/02/1894 Able Seaman J10520 G
Courtney, Herbert Henry 04/09/1882 Gunner 11/02/1915 Navy List G
Cowper, Thomas Boy 1st Class J33377 G
Cox, Percival Fredrick Edgar 07/09/1890 SS2828 G
Cox, William Henry Wireman 2nd Class M16679 G
Crabb, Frederick Stoker 1st Class K21604 G
Cracknell, Henry Thomas Stoker 2nd Class K29946 G
Craddock, William Henry 24/04/1881 23/06/1930 Artificer Engineer 08/03/1915 23/05/1917 Navy List G
Crane, Arthur 20/01/1894 Stoker 1st Class 25/05/1916 24/04/1918 SS112149 G
Cranston, Thomas Able Seaman Z/6518 G
Cressell, Reginald Frederick not yet known 31/05/1916 Canteen Assistant Register G
Cribbett, Albert George Able Seaman 205740 G
Crocker, Ernest Samuel 20/06/1880 31/05/1916 Plumber 344142 Register G
Crocker, Sydney Ball Chief Writer 345835 G
Croft, Frederick George 14/10/1896 Able Seaman J17263 G
Cross, Frederick John Boy 1st Class J35201 G
Cross, Thomas Gunner RMA 14065 G
Cross, William Louis Able Seaman J33399 G
Crossen, John Reid Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M17941 G
Cundy, Thomas Edward 25/04/1875 Mechanician 05/04/1915 15/01/1920 277398 G
Cunliffe, Tom Boy 1st Class J35522 G
Cunningham, John Joseph 30/01/1885 Petty Officer 20/04/1916 30/06/1921 212432 G
Curbishley, William Private RMLI 17943 G
Curteis, Gerald 16/10/1892 Lieutenant 12/10/1915 Navy List G
Curtis, William Joseph 03/07/1892 J1233 Register G
Dale, Robert David 30/04/1888 Petty Officer 228963 G
Dancaster, Frank Gilbert 19/10/1893 J8864 G
Daniels, John 04/10/1894 J8676 G
Davies, Albert Ernest 03/08/1896 Able Seaman 16/06/1915 20/02/1919 Z/228 G
Davies, Amos Private RMLI 17111 G
Davies, David Richard Able Seaman Z/1208 G
Davies, Horace William Stoker 2nd Class K26447 G
Davies, Richard 10/07/1879 Able Seaman 01/04/1915 15/02/1919 188004 G
Davies, Sydney 18/09/1887 Able Seaman 229757 G
Davis, Reginald Able Seaman 214063 G
Day, Frederick John Ordinary Seaman J32171 G
De-Long, George William 15/07/1896 J32073 G
Dee, George 03/05/1878 Petty Officer 01/04/1915 27/10/1918 177209 G
Deenihan, John 17/01/1885 Able Seaman 01/04/1915 11/02/1919 214167 G
Dennett, Sidney Ernest 13/07/1894 Able Seaman J12131 G
Devereux, George 02/05/1881 Bandmaster 2nd Class RMB 390 G
Dewars, Joseph 03/02/1890 Able Seaman 235489 G
Dickens, Walter Able Seaman J32170 G
Dickson, James Mcdonald 04/09/1884 Able Seaman 211002 G
Dingle, Thomas 14/03/1887 Leading Seaman 232441 G
Dixon, Albert Ordinary Seaman J33286 G
Dobbie, James Able Seaman J33162 G
Dobson, Samuel 04/10/1888 Able Seaman 236163 G
Doherty, Albert Boy 1st Class J35446 G
Doidge, Albert 20/04/1886 Leading Seaman 224688 G
Dolman, George Frederick Private RMLI 17057 G
Donald, Eric George Mackay 16/01/1896 Midshipman 23/03/1915 27/02/1917 Navy List G
Donald, Thomas Earl 05/05/1894 Able Seaman J12097 G
Donald, Thomas Henry 15/06/1880 Officer's Steward 2nd Class 18/01/1916 23/08/1916 356650 G
Donaldson, Robert Mcdougall Ordinary Seaman SS6810 G
Donaldson, William 18/08/1892 Stoker 1st Class K8495 G
Donaldson, William John Able Seaman Z/6882 G
Doney, James Albert Private RMLI 17064 G
Donohoe, Benjamin William Stoker Petty Officer 300036 G
Donovan, John Able Seaman Z/3273 G
Donovan, Patrick Leading Stoker 303122 G
Donovan, William George Able Seaman J31600 G
Douglas , Philip William 27/06/1883 Commander 22/11/1914 14/09/1918 Navy List G
Downey, Hugh 29/12/1888 Able Seaman 232783 G
Doyle, Patrick Stoker 1st Class 302329 G
Duffy, Frederick William 02/02/1895 Leading Seaman J12736 G
Dumble, Edward George Armourer 346428 G
Dunn, Charles Frederick Engineer Commander 26/08/1913 Navy List G
Dunne, Patrick 06/01/1889 Stoker Petty Officer K180 G
Dutton, Ralph 02/08/1894 M5802 G
Dyball, Edward Gunner RMA 12824 G
Dyer, Harry William Castilo Able Seaman J12649 G
Eccles, William Stoker 1st Class 297873 G
Eckersley, Thomas Private RMLI 17942 G
Edwards, Arthur Alexander Able Seaman J15874 G
Edwards, Henry John Boy 1st Class J33067 G
Edwards, John Private RMLI 15225 G
Edworthy, Frederick William Stabback 10/07/1897 01/05/1917 Ordinary Seaman J47908 G
Eedle, Albert Ordinary Seaman J31792 G
Egerton, Frank 09/01/1893 M7531 G
Ellacott, James Stoker Petty Officer 358391 G
Elliott, William 29/04/1881 Chief Ship's Cook 01/04/1915 16/05/1919 Chief Ship's Cook G
Ellis, Gordon Ernest Dormer 28/04/1886 25/05/1905 Surgeon 24/02/1915 Navy List G
Endacott, William 19/04/1872 Stoker Petty Officer 05/04/1915 27/3/1917 176591 G
Ennis, Andrew Stoker 1st Class 302405 G
Evans, James Harold Carpenter's Crew M16507 G
Everley, Ernest Arthur Private RMLI 10814 G
Ewens, John Painter 2nd Class M14715 G
Fairthorne, Richard Berkeley 13/08/1898 Midshipman 17/05/1916 Navy List G
Faraway, George William 18/12/1898 Boy 1st Class J30166 G
Farley, William 05/10/1887 K5760 G
Farthing, Frederick Boy 1st Class J33071 G
Fedrick, George Thomas Stoker Petty Officer 312342 G
Fell, William Richmond 31/01/1897 Midshipman 21/04/1916 Navy List G
Fenner, Herbert 18/04/1893 M7752 G
Fensome, Thomas Ordinary Seaman J33205 G
Ferguson, John Able Seaman Z/6539 Register G
Ferguson, Thomas Able Seaman Z/1670 G
Ferris, Stanley 15/05/1890 Stoker Petty Officer K872 G
Fiddler, Charley Leading Telegraphist 239655 G
Filmer, Arthur Albert Able Seaman J12038 G
Finch, Richard Arthur 03/02/1894 J7071 G
Finlay, Samuel 05/01/1891 Stoker 1st Class K4520 G
Finney, David 09/08/1881 296786 G
Fisher, Fred Gunner RMA 14330 G
Fitzgerald, Joseph 10/07/1888 Leading Seaman 231970 G
Fitzpatrick, Henry Thomas 29/09/1895 Able Seaman J14716 G
Fletcher, Samuel Able Seaman Z/1142 G
Fogg, William Gunner 11/02/1915 Navy List G
Folan, John Able Seaman Z/6640 G
Foran, James 17/11/1880 Stoker 1st Class 303728 G
Ford, Charles Stoker 1st Class SS110073 G
Ford, George Private RMLI 17954 G
Ford, Horace Stanley Able Seaman J17166 G
Forde, John 16/10/1891 Stoker RNR 05/04/1915 11/05/1919 S 6407 G
Foster, John Henry Private RMLI 17070 G
Foster, John Thomson 01/07/1896 Able Seaman 11/01/1916 19/05/1919 Z/6537 G
Fowler, Robert 29/09/1886 Stoker RNR 05/01/1916 10/08/1916 S 7966 G
Fowles, Edward Boy 1st Class J43042 G
Francis, John David Gunner RMA 13943 G
Franklin, Robert Henry Gilbert 19/12/1896 Clerk 12/02/1915 Navy List G
Fraser, Duncan Telegraphist J29465 G
Fraser, John 07/06/1890 235929 G
French, Patrick William Horace Boy 1st Class J33288 G
Friend, James Taddy Musician RMB 2099 G
Futcher, William 27/04/1899 10/01/1919 Boy 1st Class J32378 G
Fyfe, Robert Joss 02/05/1896 J21012 G
Gadd, Richard 15/05/1878 03/03/1955 Acting Artificer Engineer 270071 G
Gallop, Thomas Gladstone Able Seaman SS2852 G
Gamblen, George Frederick 07/08/1889 1970Q2 Mate (E) 04/05/1915 18/9/1916* Navy List G
Garden, Archibald 07/12/1894 05/06/1905 Able Seaman 01/04/1915 30/06/1916 J11838 G
Gardener, John William 23/10/1898 Boy 1st Class J33262 G
Gardner, Lycett 02/04/1897 Midshipman 23/03/1915 Navy List G
Garvey, William James 19/02/1888 Able Seaman SS1678 G
Gaunt, Rann Dolphin Ernest 06/10/1887 01/08/1969 Leading Stoker 04/12/1915 29/01/1918 K2895 G
George, William Henry 21/09/1897 Able Seaman 11/01/1916 21/01/1917 Z/7613 G
Georgeson, Vincent Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M18843 G
Gerry, Fred 16/04/1890 Leading Stoker K6190 G
Gibbon, John Knight 26/04/1890 Engineer Sub-Lieutenant 12/01/1916 Navy List G
Gibbs, Harry Hartley 16/03/1883 Petty Officer 01/04/1915 8/12/1919 201548 G
Giles, Harry 16/12/1890 Stoker 1st Class K2739 G
Gillan, James 2nd Cooper M16406 G
Gillard, Reginald Stockey Private RMLI 16664 G
Gillett, Frank Able Seaman J33953 G
Gillmore, Cecil Rodney Leading Telegraphist J12285 G
Gleave, Frederick Gunner RMA 13804 G
Gleed, George William Private RMLI 17734 G
Gliddon, Frederick Henry Vincent 22/11/1893 J9464 G
Glover, Charles Henry 18/07/1884 M254 G
Goble, Alfred Thomas Boy Telegraphist J33146 G
Goddard, Victor Harold Able Seaman J34747 G
Godel, Albert Gard Able Seaman 239027 G
Godfrey, Charles George Private RMLI 15106 G
Godfrey, Walter Randolph Able Seaman 211716 G
Goldsmith, George Henry Gunner RMA 14109 G
Gollop, George Able Seaman J15134 G
Goobey, Joseph Boy 1st Class J33296 G
Goodson, Arthur Edward Gunner RMA 14176 G
Goslin, Henry James Able Seaman SS1054 G
Gosling, Ernest George Able Seaman 221086 G
Gosling, George Albert Stoker 2nd Class K28504 G
Goss, Thomas Reginald James Stoker 2nd Class K28246 G
Gould, Harry Frank Ernest Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M16486 G
Gower, George Ernest Boy 1st Class J33258 G
Grandison, David Honeyman Able Seaman J12473 G
Gray, Sydney Boy 1st Class J33300 G
Green, Arthur William 27/08/1896 17/05/1918 Gunner RMA 05/04/1915 14/02/1918 RMA/14077 G
Green, Fred Stoker 1st Class SS112540 G
Gregory, Alfred George Able Seaman J13440 G
Grenfell, Geoffrey Seymour 02/06/1898 08/06/1940 Midshipman 23/03/1915 14/01/1917 Navy List G
Griffiths, George 15/09/1884 Lieutenant 12/02/1915 11/11/1918 Navy List
Griffiths, John Henry Able Seaman Z/354 G
Griffiths, Noel Stewart Midshipman 23/03/1915 Navy List G
Gripe, Arthur Pelham 14/06/1889 Electrical Artificer 4th Class M10027 G
Groves, Charles William Ordinary Seaman J33085 G
Gunning, William James Private RMLI 18003 G
Gutteridge, Sydney William George Boy 1st Class J32179 G
Gwyer, Charles 14/05/1876 Chief Stoker 16/11/1915 27/09/1916 280390 G
Hadley, Walter Charles Gunner 05/03/1915 Navy List G
Haggar, Thomas William 11/11/1898 Boy 1st Class 05/04/1915 01/06/1916 J33077 Register G
Haldenby, John Darton Ordinary Seaman J30271 G
Haley, Nicholas 26/07/1893 J5481 G
Halfyard, Reginald Gill 3/3619 G
Hall, George Able Seaman J42192 G
Hallett, Albert George Boy 1st Class J42341 G
Halligan, Patrick 27/04/1893 J6188 G
Ham, Francis Stephen Able Seaman 214652 G
Ham, Henry 18/09/1875 Carpenter 26/11/1913 Navy List
Ham, William Herbert Stoker Petty Officer 304849 G
Hambleton, Robert Stephen Gunner RMA 14113 G
Hamblin, Arthur William 30/07/1877 Able Seaman 06/04/1915 05/12/1918 174825 G
Hamblin, Caleb Private RMLI 14481 G
Hambly, Claude Officer's Steward 3rd Class L7052 G
Hambly, Frederick James Corporal 12693 G
Hammett, John Stoker Petty Officer 303629 G
Hamon, Philip 09/01/1890 M3093 G
Hampton, George Gerald Gunner RMA 13910 G
Hannaford, Sydney 05/05/1876 Chief Stoker 05/04/1915 20/07/1916 279823 G
Hardy, Victor Walter Signal Boy J39481 G
Hare, Samuel Walter Gunner RMA 13787 G
Harlow, Charles Boy 1st Class J33207 G
Harnett, Albert Frank Petty Officer Telegraphist 238668 G
Harrhy, William John 06/08/1892 J1625 G
Harris, Alfred Ernest Acting Stoker Petty Officer 310170 G
Harris, Edward 21/08/1893 J5149 G
Harris, Frank Alfred Cummings 10/05/1896 Able Seaman SS5251 G
Harris, James Able Seaman 2/1915 G
Harris, Reginald George Gunner (Officer) G
Harris, William Henry Stoker 2nd Class K28248 G
Harrison, Henry Able Seaman SS1684 G
Hart, John Amos Harry Ordinary Seaman J33039 G
Harte, John 16/01/1883 Mechanician 296820 G
Harter, Abraham John 31/05/1895 M3308 G
Hatcher, Henry Vernon Ordinary Seaman J33210 G
Hathway, Alfred Private RMLI 17067 G
Hawthorne, Frank Ernest Corporal RMLI 13602 G
Hay, George Able Seaman 5/2432 G
Hayden, Albert Edward Boy 1st Class J33070 G
Hayes, Richard 09/10/1878 293358 G
Hayler, Harry 28/03/1897 J34907 G
Haynes, Fredrick Henry Able Seaman J18869 G
Haywood, William Herbert 28/09/1893 J8489 G
Hazell, Charles Edwin Able Seaman J32084 G
Hazelwood, John James 14/05/1896 Able Seaman 01/04/1915 22/03/1917 J16475 Audio G
Hazelwood, Roger Tyrell 15/02/1895 J16887 G
Head, Arthur Mark Francis 07/01/1890 Able Seaman 235459 G
Head, David John Able Seaman J16641 G
Headon, Herbert Able Seaman J16888 G
Heald, George Boy 1st Class J31808 G
Heaney, William Charles Alfred Boy 1st Class J33227 G
Heard, Alan Curtis 28/01/1896 13930 G
Heard, Francis Guy 05/03/1897 08/05/1905 J29765 G
Heath, Alfred Able Seaman J13318 G
Heath, Fredrick Charles 20/10/1895 Acting Armourer's Mate 23/04/1916 11/07/1917 M9983 Photo G
Heathcock, William Thomas 07/02/1874 Chief Stoker 05/04/1915 17/07/1917 150807 G
Hemmingfield, Gilbert 30/06/1889 24/05/1905 Acting Electrical Artificer 4c M7814 G
Heron, Michael Peter 18/03/1892 Shipwright 21/04/1915 30/09/1918 5/2433 Register G
Hewitt, William Stoker Petty Officer 299473 G
Hey, Henry 25/10/1892 M7748 G
Hick, Adolphus Claude Victor 05/03/1880 Blacksmith's Mate 05/04/1915 30/07/1918 342045 G
Hickman, Joseph John Gunner RMA 9859 G
Hicks, Edward Boy 1st Class J31777 G
Hingston, Samuel Henry 10/08/1891 Officer's Steward 3rd Class L3234 G
Hire, Thomas James 02/04/1878 292159 G
Hiscock, Albert William Carpenter's Crew M16451 G
Hissett, Frederick 07/11/1876 Officer's Steward 1st Class 02/09/1915 28/05/1920 353225 G
Hoare, George Frederick Boy 1st Class J31784 G
Hodgson, Francis Mary 28/10/1879 16/01/1965 Commander 04/02/1915 06/11/1916 Navy List G
Hogan, Michael 11/06/1875 Mechanician 05/04/1915 12/4/1919 283116 G
Holland, Robert Stanley 24/01/1897 Able Seaman J32138 G
Hollingsworth, Alfred Able Seaman J32136 G
Hollingsworth, Harold Boy 1st Class J33382 G
Holmes, Lewis 19/05/1892 M3874 G
Holt, Frank 20/11/1878 270202 G
Holton, Thomas Henry Gunner RMA 8988 G
Hood, Alfred Stoker 1st Class K14476 G
Hook, Charles Albert Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M12694 G
Hooper, Charles Wilfred Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class 271858 G
Hooper, William Harry Musician RMB 2184 G
Hopkins, David John 27/11/1896 Signalman RNVR 06/05/1916 8/2/1917 Z/2455 G
Hopkins, Thomas Idris Stoker 2nd Class K27955 G
Horler, Ernest Edward Able Seaman J10810 G
Horn, Arthur Henry Gunner RMA 14106 G
Horn, George 28/02/1894 K18858 G
Hornsby, Thomas Charles Henry 28/01/1892 Stoker 1st Class SS109653 G
Hosier, Frank 14/09/1894 J9176 G
Hoskin, William Reginald Able Seaman J10835 G
Hoskins, Charlie Private RMLI 17056 G
House, Samuel Arthur Band Corporal RMB 1249 G
Howard, Richard Harold Boy 1st Class J32174 G
Howson, Albert Alexandria Private RMLI 10014 G
Hughes, Alfred Stanley 20/04/1893 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M12699 G
Hughes, Dick Alfred Able Seaman J11582 G
Hughes, Harold Able Seaman J18953 G
Humphreys, Frederick Stoker 1st Class K24065 G
Hunt, Ernest Ship's Corporal 1st Class 222006 G
Hunt, William Archibald Albert Stoker 2nd Class K28220 G
Hunter, Reginald Ernest John 03/08/1889 Leading Seaman 234625 G
Huntington-Whiteley, Herbert Maurice 25/07/1896 Midshipman 23/03/1915 Navy List
Hurrell, James Robert 07/09/1875 Stoker Petty Officer 05/04/1915 16/05/1919 283674 G
Hurst, Harold Victor Able Seaman 231026 G
Husband-Clutton, Frank Clutton 06/08/1897 Midshipman 21/04/1916 Navy List G
Hussey, John 01/12/1896 Cook's Mate M11106 G
Hutchinson, George Wood Able Seaman Z/5448 G
Hutton, Charles George Boy 1st Class J43385 G
Huxtable, William Stoker Petty Officer 217062 G
Hyde, Charles Henry Able Seaman 205807 G
Hyslop, James Murray 28/05/1877 Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 31/07/1915 30/09/1917 269390 G
Iles, Ernest George 18/03/1897 Cook's Mate M12507 G
Iles, Frank Herbert Stoker 1st Class SS109109 G
Illingworth, James Shackleton 11/03/1899 Boy Telegraphist 24/07/1915 31/05/1916 J34128 G
Ingle, Jack Alexander 14/01/1894 16/07/1918 Assistant Paymaster RNR 01/03/1915 01/12/1916 Navy List G
Jack, Robert Leading Stoker 301974 G
Jago, James 09/11/1875 Chief Ship's Cook 01/04/1915 29/11/1917 354596 G
James, John Charles Able Seaman J14964 G
Jarvis, Charles 08/06/1874 08/01/1958 Private 7159 G
Jeffery, Alfred Wakeham Leading Seaman 239837 G
Jenkin, Conrad 24/12/1916 24/12/1916 Lieutenant 15/04/1915 Navy List G
Jenkins, David Stanley Wireman 2nd Class M20228 G
Jenkins, Herbert 27/10/1891 24/08/1919 Private RMLI 14914 G
Jennings, Marshall 27/10/1881 Petty Officer 203631 G
Jewell, Harold Charles 14/12/1895 M3286 G
Johns, Arthur James Stoker Petty Officer 307971 G
Johns, James Henry 19/08/1887 Shipwright 2c M8418 G
Johnson, Edwin Victor Gunner RMA 14107 G
Johnson, Thomas Able Seaman J11453 G
Johnstone, James Stoker 1st Class K24147 G
Jones-Parry, Sydney Herbert Fleet Surgeon 14/07/1915 Navy List G
Jones, Bertie William Boy 1st Class J33396 G
Jones, Charles Henry Able Seaman 237454 G
Jones, Clarence Charles 05/01/1893 Armourer's Mate M9350 G
Jones, Daniel Glammor Able Seaman J15754 G
Jones, Robert Able Seaman Z/2665 G
Jope, Henry 17/08/1890 Leading Stoker K1790 G
Joslin, Charles Alfred Ship's Cook 347491 G
Jouhning, Walter Charles 03/01/1890 Able Seaman 234963 G
Joyce, William Rigby 03/12/1887 Able Seaman 228967 G
Joyner, Ernest Walter Ordinary Seaman SS6874 G
Keane, John Joseph 18/02/1894 J13211 G
Kearney, William Arthur 17/10/1876 30/08/1916 Warrant Mechanician 06/11/1914 30/08/1916 Navy List G
Keeley, William Boy 1st Class J38052 G
Keeling, George Frederick Boy 1st Class J46746 G
Keen, William Boy 1st Class J31860 G
Keir, William Wallace 19/09/1876 1949Q2 Fleet Surgeon 10/03/1915 18/9/1916* Navy List G
Keith, William Bruce Midshipman 21/04/1916 Navy List G
Kelly, Edwin Charles Ship's Steward 346531 G
Kemp, Ernest Private RMLI 16934 G
Kendrick, Harry Stoker 1st Class K24014 G
Kennedy, Augustine Michael 26/12/1898 J33216 / K57339 G
Kernaghan, William Mccord 04/07/1893 J3633 G
Kerr, David Boy 1st Class J33274 G
Kewley, George Percival Able Seaman J14126 G
Kidman, William James Able Seaman SS4300 G
King, Thomas Edward Boy 1st Class J33271 G
Kitt, William 05/11/1874 Stoker Petty Officer 05/04/1915 27/03/1917 288610 G
Knight, George Henry 17/01/1888 Shipwright 2nd Class M10715 G
Knott, George Ephriam 10/10/1895 Royal Marine Light Infantry 17063 G
Kyle, Arthur Able Seaman J33373 G
Labbett, James 08/04/1875 Chief Stoker 05/04/1915 15/10/1916 278856 G
Lakeman, William Henry 16/05/1896 3rd Writer M11876 G
Lambert, Walter 15/11/1883 202783 G
Lamerton, Albert Edward 31/05/1880 Gunner (T) 26/03/1915 Navy List G
Law, Rupert Victor 18/06/1889 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class 05/04/1915 05/06/1916 EA 1150 Register G
Lawther, Robert Stoker 1st Class 302327 G
Leahy, Terence 10/01/1895 J8886 G
Leaman, Alfred 22/01/1890 Stoker 1st Class K5191 G
Lean, Francis Edward Victor Able Seaman J16312 G
Leddra, John 30/12/1899 Royal Marine 14083 / 57326 G
Lee, James Gunner RMA 13812 G
Lee, Thomas Percy Boy 1st Class J32183 G
Leeke, Walter Henry 15/08/1885 08/02/1924 Lieutenant Commander 06/03/1915 Navy List G
Lees, Robert 12/08/1894 02/06/1916 Able Seaman SS5250 Register G
Lethern, Frederick William Thomas 25/01/1897 Royal Marine 17065 G
Lewis, Henry Boy 1st Class J32448 G
Lewis, John Edward 20/07/1893 J4834 G
Lewis, Thomas Private RMLI 17951 G
Linehan, Denis Stoker 1st Class K20941 G
Liptrot, Thomas Charles 07/04/1892 Electrical Artificer 4th Class M10188 G
Lister, George Aubrey 28/06/1893 J4165 G
Livens, Alfred Ernest Able Seaman J10652 G
Livesey, Frank Able Seaman SS5217 G
Lloyd, Thomas Francis 24/05/1890 Leading Stoker RNR 05/04/1915 11/05/1919 S 3262 G
Long, Henry Robert James 25/09/1894 J9693 G
Long, Paul Alaric Masters 26/01/1893 Lieutenant 15/02/1915 Navy List G
Longfield, Augustine Joiner 345291 G
Longley, George William 06/12/1886 Leading Stoker K1902 G
Loveless, James 07/08/1895 31/05/1916 Stoker 5900S Register G
Lovett, Ernest Harold Boy 1st Class J46747 G
Luckhurst, John Edwin Boy 1st Class J31793 G
Luscombe, Herbert Stoker 1st Class K28218 G
Lynch, Joseph Boy 1st Class J33201 G
Lynes, Frank Alexander Ordinary Telegraphist J31795 G
Lyons, Jeremiah 01/02/1881 Petty Officer 01/04/1915 23/04/1917 199342 G
Mac Pherson, Charles 15/02/1895 M20227 G
Macfarlan, Robert Stedman 16/08/1881 Lieutenant Commander 14/01/1915 Navy List G
Mackey, Michael Officer's Steward 1st Class L6031 G
MacLellan, Donald 15/04/1876 Stoker RNR 09/11/1915 S 7686 Photo G
Maguire, James Ordinary Seaman J43193 G
Mahoney, Patrick Boatswain 11/03/1915 Navy List G
Main, William John Able Seaman 1/2059 G
Majendie, Lewis Bernard Alexander 22/06/1898 Midshipman 17/05/1916 Navy List G
Mallinson, Arnold Ship's Steward's Assistant M18244 G
Mannering, Albert Stoker 1st Class K24058 G
Manning, Samuel Ethelbert 14/02/1884 Stoker RNR 05/04/1915 22/02/1918 S 5757 G
Mansfield, Garrett Able Seaman 209785 G
Manton, Richard Able Seaman Z/5474 G
Marcussohn, Israel Frederick Musician RMB 1593 G
Markham, Richard Able Seaman J18750 G
Marks, William Henry Boy 1st Class J32252 G
Marsden, Charles Arthur 20/03/1894 1980Q3 Temporary Naval Instructor 01/01/1916 18/9/1916* Navy List G
Marshall, George Arthur Officer's Steward 1st Class L7525 G
Martin, David 07/11/1893 27/07/1977 Able Seaman 1486 X / S 1306 Still to confirm
on HMS Warspite
Martin, James Able Seaman 3/213 G
Martin, Joseph Edward 15/06/1895 K19741 G
Martin, Walter James Stoker 1st Class K24675 G
Matthews, Charles 26/05/1887 Stoker Petty Officer 225501 G
Matthews, Frederick Albert Gunner RMA 11721 G
Matthews, Gilbert Charles 03/06/1885 Able Seaman 31/03/1916 01/05/1917 225923 G
May, Harry Able Seaman J32104 G
Mc Call, John Broadfoot Ordinary Seaman J43189 G
Mc Clelland, Fred Boy 1st Class J41609 G
Mc Roberts, Andrew 02/01/1896 J43191 G
Mccann, James 30/09/1884 Petty Officer 213878 G
Mccole, James Petty Officer 205889 G
Mccoll, Robert Stoker 1st Class SS110394 G
Mccrossan, Edward Mathew Able Seaman J16884 G
McDonald, Harry Mate 07/11/1915 Navy List G
Mcdonald, James Grimshaw Leading Stoker K11625 G
Mcewan, James William Ordinary Seaman SS6770 G
Mcewen, Rupert Frederick Gunner RMA 12380 G
McFadden, William 23/02/1875 02/01/1948 Gunner 4976 G
Mcgettigan, Daniel Ordinary Seaman J47699 G
Mcgoey, Patrick 01/02/1875 Stoker Petty Officer 05/04/1915 01/06/1916 277251 Register G
Mcgrory, William Able Seaman J28618 G
Mcguffie, Alexander Able Seaman J32117 G
Mchugh, Patrick Mechanician 303616 G
Mcintyre, Patrick 24/11/1885 Yeoman of Signals 01/04/1915 23/10/1917 214080 G
McKechnie, George Edward Able Seaman 3/1984 G
McKenna, Francis Able Seaman Z/5108 G
Mclean, Murdoch Boy 1st Class J31664 G
Mcmahon, Joseph 31/07/1892 J1727 G
Mcmanus, Frederick Private RMLI 17939 G
Mcmenemy, Hugh Able Seaman SS5249 G
McNeish, John Forsyth Able Seaman 5/2360 G
Meekums, Frederick Able Seaman J31850 G
Mehigan, William Joseph 04/07/1894 J7987 G
Melhuish, William Able Seaman J13974 G
Melksham, Frederick Charles Able Seaman Z/297 G
Merriman, Frank Louis Midshipman 23/03/1915 Navy List G
Middleton, William Able Seaman Z/7587 G
Millard, George 16/06/1887 10909 G
Miller, John Edmund Chief Stoker 298993 G
Mitchell, Isaac James Able Seaman J12847 G
Mitchell, John Ebenezer Miller 27/03/1897 17/04/1947 Midshipman 21/04/1916 Navy List G
Mitchell, Richard George 15/11/1893 J9047 G
Mitchell, Stuart Forbes Midshipman 17/05/1916 Navy List G
Mittins, Walter 10/01/1880 293361 G
Molloy, William Wilson 08/05/1899 Boy Telegraphist J33488 G
Monkley, George Band Corporal RMB 84 G
Monnacott, Wilfred Boy Telegraphist J31692 G
Moon, Wallace 11/06/1894 Stoker RNR 05/04/1915 16/04/1919 S 5801 G
Moore, James 21/08/1896 J20724 G
Mordecai, Edward Joseph Boy 1st Class J33110 G
Morgans, Frederick James 04/09/1890 J695 G
Morley, Charles Thomas Able Seaman J31849 G
Morris, William Joseph Able Seaman J23741 G
Morrison, John William 03/10/1893 Stoker RNR 05/04/1915 06/11/1918 S 5592 (then promoted acting leading
stoker, on ship until 17/06/1919)
Morriss, Arthur Stoker 1st Class K15443 G
Mortimore, Aaron Stoker 2nd Class K28296 G
Moss, Herbert Douglas Private RMLI 12956 G
Mottram, Harry 16/07/1894 Stoker 1c K17183 G
Muchmore, Henry John 24/07/1888 M3151 G
Muir, Alexander Able Seaman Z/6500 G
Mundy, William George Signal Boy J38008 G
Murphy, Charles 22/04/1893 Stoker RNR 05/04/1915 14/02/1919 S 5748 G
Murphy, James Stoker Petty Officer 307619 G
Murphy, John Gunner RMA 14484 G
Murphy, John 25/06/1873 Blacksmith 05/04/1915 30/09/1918 341928 G
Murphy, Patrick 14/02/1893 J7755 G
Murphy, William Andrew Private RMLI 17940 G
Nagle, Gerald 06/06/1874 Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 05/04/1915 09/08/1916 268664 G
Naish, William Able Seaman J11220 G
Neenan, Richard 05/01/1890 Stoker 1st Class K608 G
Neill, John 30/11/1877 Petty Officer 01/04/1915 31/10/1916 178651 G
Nelson, Alfred Bright 01/06/1898 Boy 1st Class 01/04/1915 31/05/1916 J32498 G
Nelson, Joshua Stoker 1st Class K11633 G
Nelson, Robert Douglas Engineer Lieutenant Commander 22/09/1914 Navy List G
Newman, John Stoker 1st Class 301961 G
Nicholas, Arthur Victor Able Seaman J33235 G
Nicholson, Charles Christopher Able Seaman J11763 G
Niven, James Dreghorn 18/12/1895 02/06/1916 Abel Seaman Clyde Z/5436 Register G
Norman, John 08/08/1874 Shipwright 1st Class 05/04/1915 30/06/1917 340780 G
Norman, Robert Frederick Howard Boy Telegraphist J33691 G
Norris, Albert Charles Percival David Musician RMB 2078 G
Norris, Henry Gunner RMA 212279 G
Northcott, Samuel Frank Able Seaman J10401 G
Nosworthy, Albert Edward 27/12/1887 M8424 G
Nunn, John Able Seaman 208810 G
O'Brien, Jeremiah 04/10/1894 Stoker 1st Class 05/04/1915 18/10/1916 K18383 G
O'Brien, John 03/03/1883 SS100821 G
O'Brien, Thomas 19/04/1897 Stoker RNR 13/01/1916 15/03/1917 S 5204 G
O'Grady, Michael 11/11/1883 Stoker 1st Class K11007 G
O'Hara, John Boy 1st Class J31856 G
O'Neil, James Duncan Able Seaman SS5255 G
O'Reilly, James Aloysius Stoker 1st Class 214158 Cells G
Oakes, John Able Seaman J32127 G
Olivant, Richard John Able Seaman J33204 G
Orgais, Frederick William Private RMLI 11540 G
Osborne, George Arthur 30/12/1895 23/04/1918 Corporal PLY/16683 G
Ozanne, Harold 10/05/1879 Major RMLI 05/04/1915 Navy List G
Packer, Herbert Annesley 09/10/1894 Sub-Lieutenant 23/02/1915 Navy List G
Paddock, Ernest William 22/11/1891 M8428 G
Paine, Herbert Musician RMB 13761 / 850 G
Palfreman, Frederick Charles 01/04/1899 Musician RMB 05/04/1915 04/01/1922 2182 G
Pardoe, Henry Thomas Eric Able Seaman J33370 G
Parker, John Stoker 1st Class 308518 G
Parker, William Charles Boy 1st Class J33283 G
Parrish, Richard Able Seaman J13517 G
Parry, Charles William Boy 1st Class J33074 G
Parsons, Reginald Joseph 01/02/1897 Able Seaman 11/01/1916 20/06/1919 Z/1177 G
Pateyjohns, James Charles 22/12/1878 Painter 1st Class 20/12/1915 22/11/1916 342041 G
Pattern, Miles 06/01/1894 J7985 G
Payne, Wilfred Leading Stoker K11692 G
Peake, Stanley 05/01/1891 M8045 G
Pearce, Arthur Stanley 27/04/1896 Cook's Mate M10360 G
Pearce, Thomas Henry 17/02/1896 Cook's Mate M13227 G
Pearse, William Charles Plumber 344959 G
Pearson, Frank Ernest Able Seaman J13219 G
Pearson, John George Able Seaman J31846 G
Pearson, Robert Private RMLI 14387 G
Pearson, Samuel Harry Able Seaman SS2238 G
Pellow, Claude 22/11/1896 Cook's Mate M11112 G
Pendleton, William Stoker 1st Class SS109929 G
Perkins, Walter Able Seaman SS5216 G
Perrin, Arthur Able Seaman SS1461 G
Phillips, James Frederick Signal Boy J36352 G
Phillips, Joseph 31/12/1894 Stoker RNR 05/04/1915 03/03/1919 S 5746 G
Phillpotts, Edward Montgomery 01/08/1871 Captain 01/02/1915 Navy List G
Pike, Arthur Charles Private RMLI 16828 G
Pike, Sidney 01/04/1891 Stoker 1st Class K3035 G
Pinches, Samuel Stoker 1st Class K20976 G
Pitt, Harold Joseph 04/05/1894 M6300 G
Plater, Frederick Arthur 04/10/1891 Stoker 1st Class 05/04/1915 01/06/1916 SS110376 Register G
Pledge, Fredericm Arthur Boy 1st Class J33075 G
Poland, Raymond Alfred 02/07/1887 21/08/1918 Lieutenant RM 05/04/1915 Navy List
Pollen, Anthony Cecil Hungerford 22/12/1860 05/10/1940 Chaplain Father Register G
Pomery, William Thomas Able Seaman J15668 G
Pomroy, Thomas Henry Able Seaman J32142 G
Poole, Albert Private RMLI 17928 G
Pope, Charlie Boy 1st Class J33203 G
Pope, Thomas Able Seaman J32107 G
Porter, Herbert David Ordinary Signalman J32539 G
Porter, Robert 30/04/1890 M6478 G
Potter, Douglas Percy 16/04/1892 14/03/1929 Acting Electrical Artificer 4c M8032 G
Powell, Joseph Henry Private RMLI 722 G
Pratt, Charles William 28/04/1891 Leading Stoker K4544 G
Prendergast, Richard Patrick Ordinary Seaman J32178 G
Pring, William George 07/06/1872 Chief Stoker 05/04/1915 07/06/1916 161176 Register G
Purnell, William James Stoker 2nd Class K28249 G
Pye, George James Boy 1st Class J33069 G
Pymm, George Alfred Stoker 1st Class K15599 G
Quarterman, Harry 13/05/1897 29/07/1929 Gunner RMA 05/04/1915 04/09/1917 14087 Photo G
Quayle, William Ordinary Seaman J31088 G
Quayle, William Robert 25/07/1894 Able Seaman 01/04/1915 19/02/1919 1/2268 G
Quick, William Henry 14/01/1876 Signal Boatswain 08/03/1915 Navy List G
Radcliffe, Andrew Hunter 19/12/1893 Signalman 12/11/1915 14/10/1917 3/165 G
Radcliffe, Horace William 18/10/1891 Leading Stoker K8407 G
Rafferty, Anthony Ordinary Seaman J30484 G
Randle, Frederick Stoker 1st Class 304344 G
Reece, Albert Edward 07/09/1875 Stoker RNR 05/04/1915 05/06/1919 S 5868 Photo G
Rees, John Henry Signalman Z/2767 G
Reid, Alfred 15/07/1893 J5516 G
Rennie, George Macdonald 13/06/1898 02/06/1916 Boy 1st Class J35950 Register G
Reynolds, Francis William Private RMLI 17930 G
Reynolds, Martin Stoker 1st Class K23070 G
Rhodes, Frederick Able Seaman J13234 G
Richards, Ernest Leading Seaman 237418 G
Richards, George William Petty Officer 206805 G
Richardson, John George Able Seaman Z/2532 G
Riddle, Robert Viner Boy 1st Class J33287 G
Ridge, Arthur William John Able Seaman J16523 G
Rigg, William Thomas Leading Stoker 299041 G
Robbins, Hubert Walter Stoker 1st Class 311084 G
Roberts, Edwin Basil 30/03/1892 J4536 G
Roberts, Francis Able Seaman J17221 G
Robertson, Arthur Cecil Boy 1st Class J45556 G
Robertson, Robert 20/03/1892 J4291 G
Robertson, Robert John 01/07/1894 Stoker 1st class K17279 G
Robinson, Albert Victor Boy 1st Class J33686 G
Robinson, James Robert Ordinary Signalman J30803 G
Robinson, William Edward John Ordinary Seaman J33211 G
Robley, Harrington 26/07/1891 Lieutenant 21/02/1915 Navy List G
Rocke, Georges Ernest Gunner RMA 14100 G
Rogan, Daniel Private RMLI 17912 G
Rogers, Henry 22/11/1894 J10030 G
Rogers, John 19/12/1895 M7253 G
Rogers, Walter Stanley Boy 1st Class J33236 G
Rooke, Walter 12/12/1888 Petty Officer 232398 G
Rooney, Michael Gunner RMA 14092 G
Routledge, John Stoker 1st Class SS110456 G
Rowe, Stewart Fernley Stoker 1st Class K14928 G
Rowe, William John Wireman 2nd Class M13442 G
Russell, Walter Henry James 23/04/1880 291457 G
Rutledge, William Richard Gunner RMA 939 G
Sadler, Henry Able Seaman Z/391 G
Sanders, Benjamin Able Seaman 211004 G
Sandover, Thomas 25/10/1873 Chief Gunner 22/09/1914 Navy List G
Sansom, Claud William Cyril 20/12/1892 J8264 G
Save, George Albert Boy 1st Class J33073 G
Scarborough, Albert Joseph Able Seaman J38033 G
Schofield, Harold Ordinary Seaman J49931 G
Scott, Charles Mckenzie 12/12/1894 SS4212 G
Scott, John Boy 1st Class J42338 G
Seage, William 11/04/1886 Leading Seaman 224642 G
Sellick, Thomas William Able Seaman J13279 G
Sergent, Cecil John 14/12/1895 M3296 G
Shakerley, Thomas Arthur Chief Armourer 343203 G
Shapter, John Alfred 15/04/1880 Leading Stoker 05/04/1915 11/10/1916 290403 G
Sharman, George Herbert Stoker Petty Officer 302711 G
Sharp, William Edward Private RMLI 17931 G
Sherborne, William Henry Able Seaman Z/423 G
Sherburn, Percy Private RMLI 11129 G
Sidders, Ernest James Boy 1st Class J32977 G
Simon, Thomas John Able Seaman Z/1036 G
Simonds, Henry Duncan 27/07/1886 25/04/1948 Lieutenant Commander 02/02/1915 Navy List G
Simpson, John Private RMLI 17073 G
Simpson, William Charles 07/06/1890 M909 G
Single, Frank Alan 12/06/1896 31/05/1916 Acting Sub-Lieutenant 02/03/1916 Navy List
Skinner, William Boy 1st Class J32532 G
Skyrme, Frank Harold Elcho Midshipman 23/03/1915 Navy List G
Slatter, Thomas Owen Able Seaman 206256 G
Slemon, George Henry 18/07/1891 M4547 G
Sliney, Thomas 06/02/1878 Chief Petty Officer 01/04/1915 04/05/1920 180802 G
Smith, Albert Ordinary Seaman J33191 G
Smith, Charles Rupert Boy 1st Class J33387 G
Smith, Harold Gunner RMA 14085 G
Smith, Harry Private? Gunner ? 10551 G
Smith, Herbert Gunner RMA 10012 G
Smith, Joseph 09/11/1888 Stoker 1st Class 05/04/1915 18/10/1916 SS109083 Register G
Smith, Joseph 30/03/1892 Stoker 1st Class SS110458 Register G
Smith, Lancelot Edward Midshipman 17/05/1916 Navy List G
Smith, Walter John Frisby 06/09/1894 J8507 G
Smith, William 17/12/1898 Boy 1st Class 02/04/1915 01/06/1916 J33270 Register G
Smith, William Henry Ordinary Seaman J23922 G
Smith, William Samuel John 18/11/1887 Leading Seaman 235042 G
Smither, Frederick John Boy 1st Class J33303 G
Snell, Richard Stoker 2nd Class K28247 G
Snett, Ernest Private RMLI 16694 G
Solterbeck, Frederick Claude Able Seaman Z/3425 G
Solway, Albert James Leading Seaman 238174 G
Soper, George 19/10/1890 Leading Stoker K4579 G
Soult, Thomas Arthur 26/03/1887 Signalman 228982 G
Southall, Samuel 09/05/1892 Leading Stoker K8955 G
Speed, Charles Able Seaman 1/159 G
Speed, Charles Boy 1st Class J32160 G
Spenceley, Richard Albert Boy 1st Class J33229 G
Spillane, John Stoker 1st Class 208164 G
Spittle, Edward Alfred Gunner 11/02/1915 Navy List G
Sporle, John Jack Able Seaman Z/3281 G
Sprague, Mark Petty Officer 237842 G
Sproat, Henry Petty Officer 210596 G
Squire, Samuel Lester Officer's Steward 3rd Class L6543 G
Squires, Christopher Ordinary Seaman J47906 G
Starley, John Leading Seaman Z/99 G
Stearns, Arthur Gilbert Boy 1st Class J42185 G
Stedman, John Alfred 04/05/1879 291463 G
Stentiford, Charles Henry Leading Seaman 204912 G
Stephenson, George Joseph Able Seaman J32135 G
Stephenson, William Stoker Petty Officer 306460 G
Stevens, Henry 10/01/1887 09/03/1918 228726 G
Stevens, James Victor Gunner RMA 14502 G
Stevens, John Able Seaman J17751 G
Stevens, William Boy 1st Class J35600 G
Stevens, William John Frederick 04/07/1896 M8607 G
Stewart, Murdo Boy 1st Class J33202 G
Stratford, Charles 01/12/1876 Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 31/07/1915 10/02/1917 269248 G
Sutherland, Surtees Boy 1st Class J30485 G
Sutton, Arthur Musician RMB 558 G
Talbot, Christopher Charles Petty Officer 211455 G
Tallack, Albert Edward William Boy 1st Class J31199 G
Tantrum, William Alfred Boy 1st Class J33065 G
Tapper, Edwin Frank Gunner RMA 14115 G
Tapper, William Benjamin RM Gunner RMLI 10158 G
Taylor, John Edmund 19/07/1894 Able Seaman SS5214 G
Taylor, Ronald Charles Curtis Gunner RMA 14095 G
Taylor, William Albert Armourer's Crew M17134 G
Terry, Fred 26/02/1891 Leading Stoker K2205 G
Thomas, Alfred 23/12/1889 Stoker 1st Class K3018 G
Thomas, Charles Edward Petty Officer 207041 G
Thomas, Gordon Victor 23/12/1892 Acting Sub-Lieutenant RNR 06/05/1916 01/04/1917 Navy List G
Thomas, Milton Able Seaman J34827 G
Thomas, Stanley Able Seaman Z/413 G
Thomas, William James Leading Stoker 207507 G
Thompson, David Stuart 2nd Ship's Steward 347286 G
Thompson, John Musician RMB 2128 G
Thompson, William Henry James Gunner RMA 14096 G
Thomson, James 06/11/1896 Ordinary Seaman Z/6535 G
Thorpe, Lawrence Gunner RMA 14067 G
Thurlow, Charles Page Ship's Corporal 1st Class 206716 G
Tinney, James Able Seaman J18386 G
Todd, Arthur Edwin 29/01/1897 J22558 G
Tombs, Harold Albert Able Seaman J15919 G
Toms, Isaac Frederick Stoker 2nd Class K29939 G
Toms, Sydney Herbert Cooper 344154 G
Toogood, William Ernest 30/07/1887 Leading Signalman 223389 G
Townsend, Arthur 25/06/1888 Able Seaman RNVR Z/3305 G
Tozer, Arthur Spurgeon 29/02/1892 Officer's Cook 1st Class G
01/04/1915 17/06/1918 L5773 G
Treson, Ernest Edward 11/04/1893 Royal Marine 12822 G
Trott, John 03/01/1874 Sick Berth Steward 350312 G
Trotter, Edward William Boy 1st Class J33293 G
Tullett, John Andrew Boy 1st Class J33378 G
Tunnell, Edward James 22/01/1893 J6856 Navy List G
Tupper, William Benjamin 01/01/1883 07/03/1956 RM Gunner 08/03/1915 18/9/1916* G
Tutt, John William 07/11/1898 J33260 G
Uttley, George Frederick Able Seaman J15637 G
Varcoe, Alfred 30/04/1894 K18051 G
Vase, Thomas 05/02/1886 10989 Navy List G
Vaux, Philip Edward 16/11/1895 23/01/1966 Sub-Lieutenant 06/09/1915 G
Verity, Ernest 04/06/1885 Able Seaman 224537 G
Wadge, Sydney Charles 13/08/1882 346556 Register G
Waldron, George Henry 04/09/1894 SS112738 Navy List G
Walkem, Alfred Ernest 16/03/1877 Gunner (T) 24/10/1914 G
Walker, Bertie 07/02/1896 Cook's Mate M10359 G
Walker, Ernest Edward Able Seaman Z/3381 G
Walker, Richard Able Seaman Z/6858 G
Walker, Robert 07/11/1898 Boy 1st Class 30/05/1915 31/05/1916 J35521 Photo G
Walker, Thomas Molyneux 22/08/1898 Boy 1st Class 26/01/1916 21/08/1916 J38793 G
Walker, William Able Seaman 3/2302 G
Walsh, Richard Henry Thomas Stoker 1st Class K20903 Navy List G
Walwyn, Humphrey Thomas 25/01/1879 Commander 02/02/1915 G
Ward, James William Leading Seaman 237793 G
Ward, John William Boy 1st Class J33272 Navy List G
Warren, Albert Edward 23/12/1869 Boatswain 04/02/1915 08/12/1917 G
Warren, George Henry Ordinary Seaman J33244 Register G
Warren, Thomas 08/02/1891 31/05/1916 Stoker 1st Class K7590 Register G
Warren, William Edwin 04/01/1892 240168 G
Warwick, Wilfred 10/03/1897 Ordinary Seaman SS5600 G
Waterston, Robert William Ordinary Seaman J33225 G
Wathen, Conrad Alfred 10/04/1894 J6560 G
Watkins, Harold Stoker 2nd Class K29948 G
Watkins, Henry Stanley 02/02/1894 J9994 G
Watson, Harry Leading Signalman 3/78 G
Watts, Claude Leslie 21/09/1894 J8625 G
Watts, Sam Ordinary Seaman J47701 G
Weaving, Walter Thomas Charles 28/10/1894 M5930 G
Webb, William Signal Boy J30793 G
Webber, George Thomas Able Seaman J14433 G
Webber, John William 01/12/1883 Leading Seaman 225928 G
Weightman, Harry Francis Stoker Petty Officer 308789 G
Wellington, Walter John 26/01/1893 J3363 AKA: Squires, George G
Werran, George 06/08/1896 Private RMLI 05/04/1915 20/01/1919 17061 G
West, Frederick Charles 29/07/1882 Able Seaman 01/04/1915 21/01/1917 200145 G
Wheeler, Thomas George Petty Officer 238019 G
White, Bertie Yelland Stoker 1st Class K27470 G
White, Frederick Charles 29/09/1894 Able Seaman J14035 G
White, Harry 23/01/1896 J20453 G
Whitham, Albert Ordinary Seaman J49933 G
Whitmarsh, William Flower Able Seaman J32088 G
Whitney, Frederick Trevor 16/10/1892 J8781 G
Whittington, Richard 25/11/1889 Stoker Petty Officer K1471 G
Wiley, Lawrence Gunner RMA 14089 G
Wilkinson, Frederick William Wireman 1st Class M19934 G
Wilks, John 12/05/1890 Leading Seaman 236609 G
Wilks, Robert James Carpenter's Crew M18841 G
Williams, David John Stoker 1st Class SS111390 G
Williams, Edwin Cuthbert 29/08/1892 J1725 Navy List
AKA: Williamson-Noble, Frederick Arnold
Williamson, Frederick Arnold 26/07/1889 27/02/1969 Temporary Surgeon 24/02/1915 18/6/1916* Register G
Willis, Thomas Albert not yet known 31/05/1916 Canteen Assistant G
Willson, Ernest Henry Ordinary Seaman J30288 G
Wilson, Frederick Charles 27/01/1899 21/05/1919 Boy Telegraphist J31694 G
Wilson, George 01/10/1891 K16040 G
Wilson, Percy 01/06/1888 Able Seaman 233136 G
Wilson, Thomas Lawrance Able Seaman SS666 G
Wilton, George Harold Stoker 2nd Class K28228 G
Winsbrow, Arthur James 13/10/1872 Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 05/04/1915 21/04/1918 268313 Navy List G
Winsor, Percy Fred 02/06/1882 Warrant Engineer RNR 13/01/1915 31/03/1918 G
Wonnacott, George 30/03/1893 J4876 G
Wood, Dendy 16/08/1895 L5122 G
Wood, Frederick Able Seaman J32097 G
Woodriffe, Percival William 08/10/1894 J8028 G
Woods, Ernest Francis 15/07/1887 Able Seaman 225586 G
Woods, William Stoker Petty Officer 300224 Register G
Woodward, Stanley Canteen Manager G
Wride, Charles Edward 22/12/1893 J8453 G
Wright, Charles 26/12/1882 Leading Seaman 01/04/1915 15/01/1919 209711 Register G
Wright, Thomas 09/10/1891 M9345 G
Wygold, Charles Richard 30/04/1893 J6071 G
Yearling, Charles Sydney 10/05/1883 21/11/1920 Ship's Corporal 1st Class 01/04/1915 28/11/1917 201729 Register G
Yeo, Walter Ernest O'Neil 20/10/1890 236326 G
Yeo, William Boy 1st Class J31958 G
York, Harold Private RMLI 17152 Navy List G
Young, Alfred Harvey Denholm 23/09/1879 Lieutenant R.N.R. 08/02/1915 G
Young, Sidney Ordinary Seaman J33243 G
Young, William 22/09/1894 Able Seaman J14890 G