HMS Vanguard Crew List (Photographs)

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The links below are for the crew members of Vanguard that have known photographs.
Photograph sources have been added, where known.
The VANGUARD CREW PHOTOS project is endeavouring to search for a photograph of every casualty killed aboard HMS Vanguard on the evening of July 9th 1917.
Many of those that died at that tragedy were also present at the Battle of Jutland.
Names in bold type provide a link directly to that project where there will be a photograph and comprehensive biography.
Names in normal type will provide links to those that were at the Battle of Jutland but did not die on the July 9th 1917
tragedy. (most probably leaving the ship before that date)
  1. Agnew, Thomas Rainey
  2. Aldridge, Frederick John
  3. Apps, Albert George
  4. Athroll, Arthur Palmer
  5. Baker, William Thomas
  6. Barras, William George
  7. Barty, Bert
  8. Bullen, Vincent Keeble
  9. Bunn, William Enoch
  10. Buttle, Alfred Charles
  11. Coombs, George Frederick Thomas
  12. Cory, William Richard
  13. Duckmanton, John
  14. Dymock, Elias Henry
  15. Eaton, Henry George
  16. Freeman, Frederick
  17. Grant, Francis
  18. Halls, John Buxton
  19. Hammersley, Samuel Bruce
  20. Hancock, Charles Robert
  21. Holdsworth, Walter
  22. Hopkins, William John
  23. Jones, Daniel John
  24. Lewis, Albert Thomas
  25. Luck, Archibald
  26. Luckhurst, Clarence Victor
  27. McCracken, Joseph
  28. Mcilvenny, Samuel
  29. Miles, Harry William
  30. Millen, Percy Augustus
  31. Pennington, Archibald
  32. Reid, William
  33. Seal, William Henry
  34. Silver, Harry George
  35. Smith, Ernest Graham
  36. Solley, John Edward
  37. Storkey, William George
  38. Swanborough, Thomas
  39. Taylor, Victor William
  40. Tebby, Harold Ernest
  41. Thomson, Alfred
  42. Turnpenny, Tom
  43. Warne, John William
  44. Wellman, Harry Thomas
  45. Wells, Arthur Richard
  46. Wilder, James Risby