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Battle of Jutland Crew Lists
The table below contains a full list of names that are currently being researched for HMS Termagant.
The "Sta" column is the status of the entry that can be defined as follows:
G = Confirmed at the battle
B = Not a known survivor or casualty. Or difficult to determine the ship (two possible destroyers)
O = Included as a note. Not on ship at battle
For the most updated crew list it is recommended to visit: H.M.S. TERMAGANT which is updated in real time.
Photo gallery: HMS Termagant Crew List (Photographs)

Last Updated:
Thursday, 7 January 2021, 15:43:26

HMS Termagant Crew List at the Battle of Jutland
Columns can be sorted by selecting the appropriate header
Name Birth Death Rank/Rate
at Jutland
From To ON Comments Sta
Adams, Percy Gunner (T) 27/02/1916 Navy List g
Appleby, John Michael 02/02/1886 Stoker 1st Class SS410 g
Baker, George Henry 31/08/1895 Stoker 1st Class SS114860 g
Bambridge, Leslie Segebert 22/04/1894 Ordinary Seaman J46893 g
Barker, John Ernest Stephen 18/10/1895 Able Seaman J16903 g
Beckers, William Hall 20/08/1889 M4506 g
Bishop, Norman Lionel 28/03/1895 Able Seaman J10536 g
Bittleston, Colin John Lawrence 23/05/1893 Lieutenant 25/02/1916 30/08/1916 Navy List g
Blake, Cuthbert Patrick 02/01/1885 Lieutenant-Commander 01/03/1916 Navy List g
Bree, Sidney Robert 29/11/1891 Able Seaman 239648 g
Brown, Albert Henry 29/09/1895 Able Seaman J12717 g
Brown, William 14/11/1882 Able Seaman 205550 g
Browne, Douglas H Sub-Lieutenant 05/03/1916 Navy List g
Brunyce, James Edward 24/12/1891 J633 g
Burrell, Charles Robert 31/10/1891 Able Seaman 239592 g
Casemore, Ernest Louis 18/11/1882 202728 g
Clark, John 20/11/1892 Stoker 1st Class K12168 g
Clements, Norman Brenchley 03/07/1886 Able Seaman 227325 g
Coleman, Charles Stanley 07/08/1892 J3434 g
Collier, William George 25/01/1897 Ordinary Seaman J46902 g
Cornwell, John Edward 25/11/1890 Leading Stoker 365797 g
Cox, Ernest 20/06/1890 Stoker 1st Class K1129 g
Cutmore, Harry Norris Stoker 1st Class SS105257 g
Dowling, Lawrence 24/06/1896 Ordinary Seaman SS6677 g
Elgar, Laurence George 08/12/1884 Petty Officer 210662 g
Elsey, Bertie John 25/05/1893 J4461 g
Evans, David Charles 28/10/1893 Able Seaman SS5564 g
Evans, George Henry 01/05/1895 Able Seaman SS4550 g
Finch, Edward John 04/09/1896 Ordinary Seaman J46901 g
Folkes, George Thomas 20/04/1891 Ordinary Seaman J46905 g
Gallon, Lester Frederick 26/11/1893 Able Seaman SS4033 g
Graham, John 07/04/1892 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M17543 g
Gravener, Charles Joseph Able Seaman SS4199 g
Grisman, John Leading Telegraphist J14808 g
Grover, Frank Alfred Able Seaman J14086 g
Gurnell, Thompson 27/08/1878 Engineer Lieutenant-Commander 14/07/1915 05/03/1917 Navy List g
Hammond, Charles Victor 28/02/1896 Ordinary Seaman J46904 g
Haylett, Albert Edward 09/11/1888 Ordinary Seaman J47800 g
Heath, William George g
Hendry, George g
High, George Daniel 05/11/1879 Chief Stoker 03/03/1916 31/08/1916 288063 g
Hornby, Arthur John Harley Able Seaman J13381 g
Horner, William Stoker 1st Class K7430 g
Hughes, Mathew William 10/08/1893 M4747 g
Jacobs, William Robert 22/07/1890 Ordinary Seaman J46877 g
Jeffreys, Robert Charles 10/08/1880 206540 g
Jerwood, Clement Stoker Petty Officer 307263 g
Jones, John 19/08/1896 Ordinary Seaman J46892 g
Joslin, William Stoker 1st Class K15132 g
Keany, Thomas Christopher Stoker 1st Class 216308 g
King, Heber Laury Stoker 1st Class K11485 g
Kirby, Thomas John Able Seaman J10383 g
Leake, William Robert 20/07/1896 Officer's Cook 2nd Class L5559 g
Lilley, Frederick William Stoker 1st Class K2191 g
Lucas, Robert Charles John 15/03/1896 Ordinary Seaman J47360 g
Manley, Samuel 27/03/1894 Ordinary Seaman J47387 g
Martin, Allan Edgar Stoker Petty Officer 307473 g
Mcallister, Charles Able Seaman J21920 g
Mclellan, James Able Seaman SS2176 g
Naughton, Daniel 28/07/1880 Stoker Petty Officer 03/03/1916 31/08/1916 289258 g
Neal, Thomas Frederick 26/06/1895 Ordinary Seaman J47373 g
Newbold, Albert William Ordinary Telegraphist J35681 g
O'Brien, Edward Signalman J17959 g
Parker, Sylvester 28/02/1896 Ordinary Seaman J47364 g
Pease, Edward Sydney 03/10/1892 Ordinary Seaman J49982 ADM 188/746/49982 g
Penson, George Algernon 27/07/1889 Ordinary Seaman J46975 g
Power, Charles Thomas 10/01/1892 Ordinary Seaman J47361 g
Preece, John g
Puplett, Francis Louis Petty Officer 205317 g
Randall, William Stoker Petty Officer 307250 g
Robinson, James Wicks g
Rowan, Samuel Williamson Able Seaman J19997 g
Rusholme, Thomas Albert Able Seaman SS2438 g
Russell, William Jeffrey Leading Signalman J11560 g
Sadler, William Frederick George g
Sawyer, Arthur Hill Signalman 227266 g
Sellwood, Henry John Clempson Stoker 2nd Class K29911 g
Slocombe, Frederick Able Seaman SS1428 g
Smith, Charles Frederick Stoker 2nd Class K30104 g
Spencer, Tom Able Seaman J27554 g
Spicer, Robert Stoker 2nd Class K29740 g
Staines, Joseph Frederick 20/06/1895 Ordinary Seaman J46974 g
Stamford, Charles Henry Able Seaman J18084 g
Symcox, William Henry Able Seaman 214291 g
Thomson, Robert Charles Stoker 1st Class K10503 g
Walker, Alfred Officer's Steward 2nd Class L3993 g
Waters, Frank Able Seaman J18971 g
White, Harold Stoker 1st Class K6958 g
Whitfield, Samuel Able Seaman 234569 g
Wilson, Charles Richard Able Seaman J15935 g
Wright, Robert Henry Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 272340 g