HMS Termagant Crew List

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This crew list was last updated on Friday, 3 December 2021, 15:11

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Termagant Not Applicable Table of Contents Termagant
Key to Table
Status Key
G Name confirmed at the battle
B Not a known survivor or casualty. Or difficult
to determine the ship (two possible destroyers)
O Included as a note. Not on ship at battle
Note Please note that the 'Rank/Rate' and 'From and To'
dates only reflect those held actually at the Battle of Jutland.

The individual could have joined or left the ship
before or after these dates, with differing 'Rank/Rates'.

HMS Termagant Crew List
Name Birth Death Rank/Rate
at Jutland
From To ON Citable Reference Additional
Adams, Percy Gunner (T) 27/02/1916 Navy List G
Appleby, John Michael 02/02/1886 Stoker 1st Class SS410 ADM 188/1094/410 G
Baker, George Henry 31/08/1895 Stoker 1st Class SS114860 G
Bambridge, Leslie Segebert 22/04/1894 Ordinary Seaman J46893 G
Barker, John Ernest Stephen 18/10/1895 Able Seaman J16903 G
Beckers, William Hall 20/08/1889 M4506 G
Bishop, Norman Lionel 28/03/1895 Able Seaman J10536 G
Bittleston, Colin John Lawrence 23/05/1893 Lieutenant 25/02/1916 30/08/1916 Navy List G
Blake, Cuthbert Patrick 02/01/1885 Lieutenant-Commander 01/03/1916 Navy List G
Bree, Sidney Robert 29/11/1891 Able Seaman 239648 G
Brown, Albert Henry 29/09/1895 Able Seaman J12717 G
Brown, William 14/11/1882 Able Seaman 205550 G
Browne, Douglas H Sub-Lieutenant 05/03/1916 Navy List G
Brunyce, James Edward 24/12/1891 J633 G
Burrell, Charles Robert 31/10/1891 Able Seaman 239592 G
Casemore, Ernest Louis 18/11/1882 202728 G
Clark, John 20/11/1892 Stoker 1st Class K12168 G
Clements, Norman Brenchley 03/07/1886 Able Seaman 227325 G
Coleman, Charles Stanley 07/08/1892 J3434 G
Collier, William George 25/01/1897 Ordinary Seaman J46902 G
Cornwell, John Edward 25/11/1890 Leading Stoker 365797 G
Cox, Ernest 20/06/1890 Stoker 1st Class K1129 G
Cutmore, Harry Norris Stoker 1st Class SS105257 G
Dowling, Lawrence 24/06/1896 Ordinary Seaman SS6677 G
Elgar, Laurence George 08/12/1884 Petty Officer 210662 G
Elsey, Bertie John 25/05/1893 J4461 G
Evans, David Charles 28/10/1893 Able Seaman SS5564 G
Evans, George Henry 01/05/1895 Able Seaman SS4550 G
Finch, Edward John 04/09/1896 Ordinary Seaman J46901 G
Folkes, George Thomas 20/04/1891 Ordinary Seaman J46905 G
Gallon, Lester Frederick 26/11/1893 Able Seaman SS4033 G
Graham, John 07/04/1892 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M17543 G
Gravener, Charles Joseph Able Seaman SS4199 G
Gray, Cornelius 27/04/1878 Petty Officer 1st Class 03/03/1916 31/08/1916 173931 G
Grisman, John Leading Telegraphist J14808 G
Grover, Frank Alfred Able Seaman J14086 G
Gurnell, Thompson 27/08/1878 Engineer Lieutenant-Commander 14/07/1915 05/03/1917 Navy List G
Hammond, Charles Victor 28/02/1896 Ordinary Seaman J46904 G
Haylett, Albert Edward 09/11/1888 Ordinary Seaman J47800 G
Heath, William George G
Hendry, George G
High, George Daniel 05/11/1879 Chief Stoker 03/03/1916 31/08/1916 288063 G
Hornby, Arthur John Harley Able Seaman J13381 G
Horner, William Stoker 1st Class K7430 G
Hughes, Mathew William 10/08/1893 M4747 G
Jacobs, William Robert 22/07/1890 Ordinary Seaman J46877 G
Jeffreys, Robert Charles 10/08/1880 206540 G
Jerwood, Clement Stoker Petty Officer 307263 G
Jones, John 19/08/1896 Ordinary Seaman J46892 G
Joslin, William Stoker 1st Class K15132 G
Keany, Thomas Christopher Stoker 1st Class 216308 G
King, Heber Laury Stoker 1st Class K11485 G
Kirby, Thomas John Able Seaman J10383 G
Leake, William Robert 20/07/1896 Officer's Cook 2nd Class L5559 G
Lilley, Frederick William Stoker 1st Class K2191 G
Lucas, Robert Charles John 15/03/1896 Ordinary Seaman J47360 G
Manley, Samuel 27/03/1894 Ordinary Seaman J47387 G
Martin, Allan Edgar Stoker Petty Officer 307473 G
Mcallister, Charles Able Seaman J21920 G
Mclellan, James Able Seaman SS2176 G
Naughton, Daniel 28/07/1880 Stoker Petty Officer 03/03/1916 31/08/1916 289258 G
Neal, Thomas Frederick 26/06/1895 Ordinary Seaman J47373 G
Newbold, Albert William Ordinary Telegraphist J35681 G
O'Brien, Edward Signalman J17959 G
Parker, Sylvester 28/02/1896 Ordinary Seaman J47364 G
Pease, Edward Sydney 03/10/1892 Ordinary Seaman J49982 G
Penson, George Algernon 27/07/1889 Ordinary Seaman J46975 G
Power, Charles Thomas 10/01/1892 Ordinary Seaman J47361 G
Preece, John G
Puplett, Francis Louis Petty Officer 205317 G
Randall, William Stoker Petty Officer 307250 G
Robinson, James Wicks G
Rowan, Samuel Williamson Able Seaman J19997 G
Rusholme, Thomas Albert Able Seaman SS2438 G
Russell, William Jeffrey Leading Signalman J11560 G
Sadler, William Frederick George G
Sawyer, Arthur Hill Signalman 227266 G
Sellwood, Henry John Clempson Stoker 2nd Class K29911 G
Slocombe, Frederick Able Seaman SS1428 G
Smith, Charles Frederick Stoker 2nd Class K30104 G
Spencer, Tom Able Seaman J27554 G
Spicer, Robert Stoker 2nd Class K29740 G
Staines, Joseph Frederick 20/06/1895 Ordinary Seaman J46974 G
Stamford, Charles Henry Able Seaman J18084 G
Symcox, William Henry Able Seaman 214291 G
Thomson, Robert Charles Stoker 1st Class K10503 G
Walker, Alfred Officer's Steward 2nd Class L3993 G
Waters, Frank Able Seaman J18971 G
White, Harold Stoker 1st Class K6958 G
Whitfield, Samuel Able Seaman 234569 G
Wilson, Charles Richard Able Seaman J15935 G
Wright, Robert Henry Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 272340 G