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Battle of Jutland Crew Lists
The table below contains a full list of names that are currently being researched for HMS Temeraire.
The "Sta" column is the status of the entry that can be defined as follows:
G = Confirmed at the battle
B = Not a known survivor or casualty. Or difficult to determine the ship (two possible destroyers)
O = Included as a note. Not on ship at battle
For the most updated crew list it is recommended to visit: H.M.S. TEMERAIRE which is updated in real time.
Photo gallery: HMS Temeraire Crew List (Photographs)

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Tuesday, 23 February 2021, 09:43:26

HMS Temeraire Crew List at the Battle of Jutland
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Name Birth Death Rank/Rate
at Jutland
From To ON Comments Sta
Abercromby, Charles 04/09/1897 Signalman 25/11/1915 18/10/1917 J21843 g
Aitchison, Richard 27/01/1892 Leading Seaman 01/05/1914 16/08/1916 240189 g
Albert, Lancelot George Arthur 16/07/1898 06/08/1919 Boy 1st Class J27242 g
Alford, Thomas Sweet Armourer 344782 g
Allan, George 29/11/1879 Royal Marine Gunner 01/01/1914 29/06/1916 Navy List g
Allen, Leslie Bertie Ship's Steward 346582 g
Allen, Robert 26/04/1896 Officer's Steward 3rd Class 12/03/1916 28/02/1919 L5472 g
Allen, William John Henry 25/09/1897 J22399 g
Alston, John 23/01/1885 Private RMLI 01/09/1914 20/11/1916 13717 g
Amor, John Charles 04/08/1900 Boy 1st Class J45975 g
Andrews, Alfred 12/03/1892 K16396 g
Andrews, Walter Robert 25/02/1893 M8519 g
Ansell, Albert Henry Gunner RMA 12966 g
Arnold, John Hepworth Brown Able Seaman 209916 g
Ashmore, George Thomas 02/12/1872 Stoker RNR 03/09/1914 09/03/1917 U 1260 g
Asker, William 25/04/1881 Boatswain 11/08/1915 11/11/1919 Navy List g
Atkins, Terence Augustine Ordinary Seaman J27655 g
Austin, Charles 27/11/1873 Able Seaman 09/12/1915 24/02/1919 L Z/3108 g
Axworthy, John Isaac James Leading Seaman 217485 g
Ayres, Thomas William Stoker 1st Class SS112892 g
Badman, John Edward Stoker 1st Class K15076 g
Bailey, Arthur Gordon 29/01/1893 Able Seaman RNVR 23/11/1915 24/02/1919 B Z/3072 g
Bailey, Charles Herring 11/09/1892 Stoker 1st Class 13/05/1914 22/08/1918 K19263 g
Bailey, William John Able Seaman 209919 g
Baines, Frederick Norman 25/06/1893 Able Seaman RNVR 09/12/1915 24/02/1919 L Z/3118 g
Baker, Ernest William Stoker 1st Class K25073 g
Baker, Frank 10/06/1890 K2269 g
Baker, Henry 09/03/1886 Leading Seaman 228072 g
Baker, Samuel John 10/05/1895 Officer's Steward 2nd Class 18/06/1915 23/11/1917 L4902 g
Baldwin, Harry Ordinary Seaman J36525 g
Bales, William Henry Ordinary Seaman J32280 g
Banfield, Ernest William 14/08/1894 Officer's Steward 2nd Class 24/05/1916 31/07/1916 L4938 g
Banfield, George Albert Victor 24/04/1893 L1033 g
Banks, George Edward Stoker 1st Class SS112889 g
Barber, Joseph Stoker 1st Class SS114780 g
Barrow, Edwin Owen 09/09/1890 Able Seaman 236344 g
Barry, Michael 19/10/1886 Petty Officer 220296 g
Barry, Robert Shearman 13/12/1899 Midshipman 01/07/1915 10/11/1917 Navy List g
Bartindale, Joshua Albert Ordinary Seaman SS5494 g
Bartlett, William Henry 23/02/1888 309880 g
Bartley, Joseph 06/03/1893 Stoker RNR 16/06/1915 02/04/1905 S 5062 g
Barton, Leonard Stoker 1st Class SS111924 g
Baskeyfield, John Thomas Gunner RMA 14017 g
Bastin, Edwin John Stoker 1st Class K13817 g
Bates, William Henry 01/01/1898 Ordinary Seaman 01/01/1916 26/10/1916 J32280 g
Batten, Henry 30/09/1886 M6914 g
Battye, Joseph Holden Ordinary Signalman J36568 g
Beasley, John 08/01/1894 M6195 g
Bell, Herbert Stoker 1st Class SS116963 g
Bell, Walter John 16/02/1882 Gunner 11/08/1915 26/03/1920 Navy List g
Bennett, Edward John 10/05/1875 Chief Stoker 30/09/1913 05/02/1917 278208 g
Bennett, Maurice Filmer 02/07/1878 Major R.M. 27/06/1913 03/02/1917 Navy List g
Bennett, Walter Harry 19/10/1874 Acting Armourer 09/12/1915 20/03/1918 341392 g
Bennett, William John 26/06/1893 K16133 g
Benson, Frederick Stoker 1st Class SS117262 g
Bent, Edwin 07/03/1891 K16408 g
Berrett, Albert Needham 15/10/1892 J4825 g
Berry, Frederick 06/02/1895 K18861 g
Bettey, Thomas John 08/07/1879 Mechanician 16/05/1911 30/11/1916 290854 g
Betts, Alfred Frederick Stoker 1st Class K27297 g
Bevan, William Charles Barthorp 24/06/1892 J2202 g
Bickford, Jack Grant 12/06/1897 Midshipman 15/09/1913 14/09/1916 Navy List g
Billing, Frederick William 04/02/1891 M1249 g
Birkhead, Fred g
Bissett, Alfred Herbert 07/04/1892 M6166 g
Black, Arthur Charles 10/12/1893 Musician RMB 01/10/1913 31/12/1917 1611 g
Black, Charles 01/01/1887 Gunner RMA 30/09/1913 20/01/1918 10922 g
Blackburn, Ernest Badger Gunner RMA 13311 g
Bond, Reginald Percival Stoker 1st Class K13268 g
Bonning, Charles Richard Stoker 1st Class K24979 g
Boobyer, William Oriel Stoker 1st Class K22707 g
Booth, Cecil Peake Ordinary Seaman J33239 g
Bourne, Jerome Gunner RMA 13085 g
Bourne, William Thomas 13/08/1891 J3918 g
Bowden, Richard 14/05/1895 M3276 g
Bowley, Henry James Able Seaman 211495 g
Boyd, Henry Purdon 30/03/1881 Lieutenant-Commander 27/08/1913 Navy List g
Brackstone, Thomas Henry Boy 1st Class J28912 g
Brain, William Edward Private RMLI 16741 g
Breddy, Arthur Henry 19/02/1892 K16403 g
Brewer, George William 22/12/1874 Able Seaman 04/05/1910 20/05/1919 155150 G
Brewer, Richard John Stoker 1st Class K25738 g
Brooks, Patrick Stoker 1st Class K22257 g
Brown, Christopher 21/01/1893 M8552 g
Brown, Frederick John 01/10/1885 Leading Seaman 223232 g
Brown, Michael 12/01/1893 Stoker 1st Class K25066 g
Bryce, Thomas 10/08/1877 Stoker 1st Class 28/01/1914 24/02/1919 283535 g
Buckley, William 01/05/1879 Stoker RNR 16/06/1915 02/07/1919 U 1992 g
Bull, Francis Charles Able Seaman J19857 g
Bunt, William Henry 09/08/1886 Leading Seaman 229707 g
Bunting, Bertie Charles Thomas Musician RMB 1453 g
Burgoyne, William Band Corporal RMB 1415 g
Burnett, John Edward Band Corporal RMB 1467 g
Busby, Richard Boy 1st Class J38293 g
Bushby, John Fawcett 21/10/1871 28/04/1905 Engineer Commander 27/03/1915 18/9/1916* Navy List g
Butcher, Ernest Etheridge Musician RMB 1770 g
Butler, Gordon Bradshaw 06/05/1895 Acting Sub-Lieutenant RNR 03/03/1916 13/01/1917 Navy List g
Bye, Allan James Private RMLI 15702 g
Cadman, John Boy 1st Class J35464 g
Caines, Arthur Edmund 19/10/1891 J743 g
Cambray, Tom 21/08/1887 Able Seaman RNVR 17/02/1916 28/07/1917 W Z/1158 g
Campbell, James 01/11/1883 Shipwright RNVR 01/09/1914 04/09/1917 T 4/92 g
Canavan, John Leading Stoker 306671 g
Canham, George Ordinary Signalman J28652 g
Carbines, John 26/07/1872 Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 01/10/1913 26/06/1918 268544 g
Carline, Henry Able Seaman 218449 g
Carne, Thomas William 04/02/1889 17/03/1920 312380 g
Carpenter, John 05/12/1889 Able Seaman RNVR 14/10/1915 24/02/1919 W Z/1554 g
Carpenter, Joseph Reading Corporal RMLI 15072 g
Carter, Alfred John 18/02/1878 Acting Leading Stoker 09/03/1916 08/09/1916 286030 g
Carter, Charles Gordon 04/10/1898 27/04/1905 Midshipman RNR 02/09/1915 13/01/1917 Navy List g
Carter, George Henry 17/12/1896 Officer's Steward 3rd Class 19/09/1915 30/01/1918 L7282 g
Cashman, Joseph 01/03/1895 Stoker 1st Class 09/11/1914 31/10/1916 K21267 g
Casley, Cecil Leading Stoker SS112760 g
Cater, Frederick John 04/02/1895 Stoker 1st Class K18499 g
Cawsey, Silas Stoker 1st Class K24829 g
Champion, John James 15/07/1896 M11880 g
Chapman, Amos Leonard Shipwright 2nd Class 345792 g
Chapman, John Edwin Gunner RMA 13105 g
Chapple, John William 10/08/1890 Leading Seaman 236628 g
Chard, Walter Henry Stoker 1st Class K24546 g
Chase, Thomas Henry Ordinary Signalman J29584 g
Cheeseman, George Albert Boy 1st Class J33622 g
Chick, William Harris 30/05/1897 J22362 g
Chilton, Norman 04/12/1894 Stoker RNR 16/08/1914 13/05/1919 S 2520 BT 377/7/79185 g
Chivas, John Alexander Stoker Petty Officer 304910 g
Clapp, Albert Edward Stoker 1st Class K24621 g
Clark, George Leonard Gunner RMA 12925 g
Clarke, Leonard Victor Private RMLI 15781 g
Clemence, Joseph Frederick 22/03/1893 M4179 g
Clews, John Able Seaman J19664 g
Cluff, Benjamin Leading Stoker K15594 g
Coates, Thomas William Boy 1st Class J39280 g
Cole, William James 02/04/1887 Acting Mate (E) 17/04/1915 18/9/1916* Navy List g
Collings, Frank Able Seaman 225921 g
Collings, Richard Matthew 17/06/1888 Stoker 1st Class 24/10/1915 17/07/1918 364982 g
Collins, William Henry Able Seaman 236042 g
Connery, Michael 12/01/1880 291510 g
Connett, Gilbert James Painter 1st Class 345333 g
Connor, Edward Thomas Ordinary Seaman J28331 g
Connor, John James Musician RMB 1814 g
Connor, Peter Joseph 23/09/1876 Able Seaman RNVR 09/12/1915 27/02/1917 Z/3132 g
Cook, Stanley Chief Electrical Artificer 2nd Class 344560 g
Cooke, William Henry Stoker 1st Class K24962 g
Cooper, Henry Charles Ordinary Seaman J32261 g
Cooper, Walter 15/07/1877 Able Seaman 09/12/1915 24/02/1919 L Z/3136 g
Cork, George William Gunner RMA 14647 g
Cosgrove, Thomas Wesley 19/05/1884 27/10/1935 Mate 27/08/1915 15/02/1917 Navy List g
Cotter, James Thomas 10/07/1878 Leading Seaman 23/04/1914 07/12/1916 176742 G
Cottingham, John David 27/11/1895 Officer's Steward 3rd Class L5200 g
Cotton, James Archibald Ordinary Seaman J29009 g
Couch, John Henry 16/04/1873 Stoker Petty Officer 01/10/1913 20/07/1917 277116 g
Court, Leonard Thomas Ordinary Seaman J23167 g
Cowie, William James Telegraphist J29862 g
Crang, William Robert 02/06/1874 Blacksmith 28/08/1913 30/09/1918 341420 g
Cree, Thomas Mark Stoker 1st Class K25100 g
Crockford, William George Ordinary Signalman J30081 g
Crook, Thomas Ordinary Seaman J28987 g
Cross, John Edwin 04/11/1897 J23585 g
Cudlip, Wilfred Samuel 08/08/1891 K4536 g
Curry, David 15/03/1888 Leading Seaman 226343 g
Dailey, Archibald Henry Johnson 01/04/1891 M10151 g
Dalton, Thomas John 03/07/1878 Chief Yeoman of Signals 01/10/1913 31/12/1917 177318 G
Dalton, Thomas John 03/07/1878 Chief Yeoman of Signals 01/10/1913 31/12/1917 177318 g
Daly, Denis 15/03/1888 Able Seaman 30/09/1913 01/01/1918 229506 g
Daly, William Arthur 19/11/1877 Able Seaman 16/05/1911 20/05/1919 178939 G
Dancey, Herbert John Able Seaman J18387 g
Dart, Charles Henry Able Seaman 235580 g
Dart, John William 03/12/1893 J7236 g
Davies, George 26/12/1891 K16121 g
Dean, Horace Boy Telegraphist J36191 g
Dears, Charles 06/11/1894 Ordinary Seaman 21/03/1915 07/03/1917 SS5364 g
Demellweek, William 06/01/1878 Acting Chief Petty Officer 28/11/1913 22/11/1918 171809 g
Dennis, Alfred August Signal Boy J39648 g
Desmond, Charles Ernest 21/11/1891 M10907 g
Devey, Clarence Gunner RMA 13862 g
Dickinson, Robert Lumley 23/07/1872 10/04/1905 Fleet Surgeon 14/07/1914 01/06/1916 Navy List g
Dixon, James 11/01/1890 Stoker RNR 03/09/1914 02/02/1919 S 1679 BT 377/7/78345 g
Dixon, Robert Henry 03/10/1890 K1938 g
Dodd, Alfred John 05/04/1894 K16416 g
Donaldson, Thomas James Signal Boy J35240 g
Donoghue, Denis Ordinary Seaman J34470 g
Donovan, Mathew Mechanician 294591 g
Donovan, Michael 22/12/1891 J5635 g
Dormer, Ernest Frank Musician RMB 1676 g
Douglas, Frederick George 01/02/1874 Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 30/09/1913 24/02/1919 268542 g
Douglas, Simon 16/12/1884 Stoker RNR 18/08/1914 02/04/1918 T 2751 BT 377/7/104599 g
Downing, Charles Henry Able Seaman J14323 g
Doyle, John Patrick 05/04/1875 Chief Stoker 25/04/1914 17/05/1919 279401 g
Doyle, Michael 10/09/1877 Stoker RNR 04/08/1914 23/06/1916 T 2000 BT 377/7/103848 g
Drew, Ernest Frank Ordinary Seaman J34089 g
Driver, John James Meredith Able Seaman J28965 g
Ducker, Neville James Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M17045 g
Dunster, Robert Henry Gunner RMA 13086 g
Dyer, Francis Leo 21/03/1894 K16410 g
Dyer, Peter 15/09/1876 Stoker 1st Class 16/05/1911 07/12/1916 288182 g
Dymond, Frank 24/04/1875 Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 30/09/1913 02/06/1919 268895 g
Earle, Frederick Sutcliffe Ordinary Telegraphist J30157 g
Easterbrook, Ernest John 23/05/1888 K18865 g
Eastlake, Frederick Thomas 01/08/1891 K9287 g
Eddleston, Edward 27/09/1890 Shipwright RNVR 05/11/1914 01/05/1917 4/100 g
Edwards, Charles Richard Chief Carpenter 17/09/1913 18/9/1916* Navy List g
Elgey, James 19/11/1876 Stoker RNR 16/06/1915 19/06/1917 S 5158 BT 377/7/81817 g
Elliott, Edward Patrick Riordan Bugler RMLI 16223 g
Ellis, Edward Private RMLI 12008 g
Ellis, John Henry Stoker Petty Officer 311811 g
Ellison, Harold Able Seaman 237299 g
Emmett, Harold John Andrew Weeks Carpenter's Crew M18623 g
Eustice, Charles Henry 2nd Cook's Mate M14355 g
Exelby, Ernest George Leading Stoker K15610 Photo g
Fagan, Thomas Stoker 1st Class 301693 g
Fairbrother, Bertie James Boy Telegraphist J35194 g
Fallen, John Henry Boy 1st Class J46742 g
Farr, Frank 24/06/1892 J3625 g
Farrant, Frederick Morrish 16/02/1894 Carpenter's Crew M6500 g
Farrell, Henry Cecil 09/02/1900 Boy 1st Class J48062 g
Fealey, Arthur Edward 02/09/1897 Ordinary Seaman J28189 g
Ferguson, William 12/10/1882 Stoker RNR 16/06/1915 24/02/1919 S 6552 BT 377/7/83211 g
Ferris, William John 30/06/1893 J4385 g
Fewings, Edgar John 27/07/1893 M1137 g
Field, Arthur Henry Durrant 15/01/1882 Lieutenant-Commander (T) 30/09/1913 29/06/1917 Navy List g
Finan, Albert Edward Stoker 1st Class SS116964 g
Finch, Ernest Edward Boy 1st Class J42265 g
Findel, Edwin Stoker 1st Class K24977 g
Flanders, Albert Edward 01/08/1894 Able Seaman 03/05/1915 19/10/1916 J13734 g
Fletcher, Bertram Fulke 07/05/1880 Leading Seaman RNVR 25/08/1914 30/01/1917 1/1876 g
Fletcher, Thomas Able Seaman 231181 g
Flynn, Timothy 15/11/1883 Petty Officer 209790 g
Fogwill, Frederick Thomas Gunner RMA 12944 g
Foort, Reginald John 21/01/1893 22/05/1980 Able Seaman RNVR 08/09/1914 17/11/1916 1/3004 g
Ford, George Alfred 07/03/1893 J6489 g
Ford, Sidney 14/09/1893 M1074 g
Foster, Benjamin Percival 11/10/1890 09/11/1968 Corporal RMA 02/01/1915 31/07/1916 12083 g
Foster, William Henry Private RMLI 14647 g
Fowler, Harry Victor 28/05/1897 18/11/1917 J20343 g
Fowler, Ted 19/11/1890 Able Seaman RNVR 02/09/1915 24/02/1919 Z/1073 g
Fox, Harold 01/07/1893 K21273 g
Fox, Robert Arthur Stanley Leading Signalman 231196 g
Francis, Guy Beresford Howard 10/10/1890 09/12/1983 Lieutenant 19/08/1915 21/10/1918 Navy List g
Fremayne, John 19/12/1884 29/10/1965 Gunner RMA 16/05/1911 22/04/1919 10601 g
French, Alfred George 03/09/1890 J497 g
French, Ernest Thomas 18/08/1896 Ordinary Seaman 21/03/1915 31/10/1917 SS5362 g
French, John 08/06/1885 Stoker 1st Class 06/03/1914 16/09/1918 SS107799 g
Frost, William Robert 10/09/1894 Bombardier RMA 09/12/1915 13/02/1918 13006 g
Froud, Willoughby Walter Able Seaman J15830 g
Fry, Harry 10/03/1894 K16115 g
Funnell, Harold Ordinary Seaman J25834 g
Gabb, Stuart Boy 1st Class J33808 g
Gadd, James Able Seaman 211709 g
Gale, Samuel Oliver Armourer's Crew M14943 g
Garen, Jack 09/09/1883 Able Seaman RNVR 14/10/1915 24/02/1919 Z/1540 g
Gascoigne, James William 22/10/1893 K24969 g
George, Charles Norman 07/03/1891 Able Seaman RNVR 14/10/1915 30/11/1916 Z/995 g
Gibbs, Andrew 06/10/1894 K16417 g
Gibson, Thurstance Thomas Reginald Boy 1st Class J29990 g
Gilchrist, John James 16/07/1892 K8429 g
Giles, Charles Henry Able Seaman J19906 g
Giles, William George Ordinary Seaman J30197 g
Gill, John Henry 06/08/1879 Mechanician 01/10/1913 23/05/1919 290814 g
Gill, William 03/05/1894 L2809 g
Gillard, Alfred 07/03/1890 K1968 g
Gingell, William Stoker Petty Officer 308351 g
Godfrey, Harold Gilmore 01/02/1894 J7168 g
Godwin, Bertie Albert 21/05/1897 J20454 g
Godwin, James Alfred Leading Signalman 238023 g
Gold, Sidney Morris 08/09/1894 J9169 g
Golley, Ernest 04/10/1893 J8988 g
Good, Thomas John 04/11/1885 Stoker RNR 03/09/1914 24/02/1919 T 2606 BT 377/7/104455 g
Goodfield, Albert Able Seaman J19861 g
Gouder, Edward 01/08/1870 Stoker RNR 03/09/1914 20/03/1919 V 753 BT 377/7/122663 g
Grace, John 08/02/1890 K2540 g
Graham, James Ormerod Private RMLI 17929 g
Grant, James Dow 07/12/1888 K6745 g
Gray, David Charles 26/12/1887 K9633 g
Green, Charles Henry 31/01/1894 K16053 g
Green, Clarence Victor Leading Seaman J10227 g
Green, David 02/06/1882 M12264 g
Green, Fred 19/08/1888 M1375 g
Green, Philip John Yeoman of Signals 206816 g
Greenhill, Edward John Electrical Artificer 4th Class M16876 g
Gregory, Wilfred Osborne Able Seaman J10086 g
Griffiths, Arthur Stoker 1st Class K15056 g
Grinham, Frank Stoker 1st Class K24971 g
Groombridge, Albert George Able Seaman J21604 g
Grundy, Alfred George Ordinary Seaman J40273 g
Gulliver, Fred 24/05/1891 J3919 g
Gwyther, Arthur James 02/03/1892 3rd Writer M5406 g
Hailey, Frederick Percy Boy 1st Class J38153 g
Hale, George Henry Ernest Stoker 1st Class SS114765 g
Hales, John Alfred Ordinary Seaman J33596 g
Hall, Thomas William Leading Seaman 208606 g
Hamilton, Victor Harold Bugler RMA 13380 g
Hancock, George Clelford Able Seaman J19923 g
Handers, Albert Edward (See Flanders) o
Hanley, Richard Able Seaman 235240 g
Hannon, John 27/04/1872 Chief Stoker 01/10/1913 06/07/1919 283041 g
Hanson, William George Signalman J11270 g
Harding, Benjamin Matthew Ordinary Seaman J28752 g
Harrington, David Able Seaman 222935 g
Harrington, William Aaron 22/03/1891 M6911 g
Harris, Albert Edward Boy 1st Class J28297 g
Harris, Arthur Leading Stoker K15653 g
Harris, John Edward Signalman J17493 g
Harris, Richard 03/12/1886 Able Seaman RNVR 23/11/1915 24/02/1919 Z/2960 g
Harrison, Charles James Boy 1st Class J38094 g
Harrison, Herbert Stanley Signal Boy J31721 g
Harrop, James 10/08/1891 K8370 g
Hartley, Bertram Edward 21/09/1880 23/06/1950 Private RMLI 13/09/1913 11/11/1917 12149 g
Harvey, William James Benjamin Boy 1st Class J34945 g
Haslam, Edward Vincer 05/08/1884 Warrant Engineer RNR 01/01/1915 25/04/1919 Navy List g
Hatfield, Arthur Benjamin 30/01/1893 Able Seaman 23/05/1914 06/02/1918 J3199 incorrectly in
Shannon community
Hatfield, Walter James Armourer's Crew M17566 g
Haughey, John Edward Ordinary Seaman J40284 g
Havron, Thomas Ordinary Seaman J32269 g
Hayes, Herbert Jesse Leading Telegraphist J10361 g
Hayman, Albert Edward Leading Seaman 229710 g
Haynes, Herbert Albert 31/03/1883 Gunner 31/03/1914 16/07/1918 Navy List g
Healy, John 24/09/1882 Able Seaman 30/06/1913 06/07/1919 201804 g
Hearn, Harry Stoker 1st Class K10776 g
Hearne, Patrick Francis 03/12/1887 Able Seaman 229494 g
Heayel Or Heazel, Robert John 09/01/1881 9900 g
Hector, Alexander 22/03/1891 K9903 g
Hegarty, William 25/02/1864 Stoker 1st Class 16/05/1911 03/07/1918 121664 G
Hellewell, George William Ordinary Seaman J28251 g
Hendy, Alfred Samuel 15/03/1892 J2573 g
Hewitt, Harry Able Seaman J19386 g
Hickman, John 01/12/1894 K18866 g
Higgins, Edward 17/07/1885 Stoker Petty Officer 304461 g
Hill, Francis William John 29/12/1889 L480 g
Hill, John William Private RMLI 14900 g
Hill, Richard George Able Seaman J13836 g
Hill, Rowland Davis Ordinary Telegraphist J34789 g
Hillier, Percy Stoker 1st Class K28695 g
Hills, William Charles Private RMLI 15695 g
Hitchcock, Henry 03/02/1894 J9093 g
Hoare, Gilbert Able Seaman J25377 g
Hodge, Frederick James Parnell Private RMLI 15687 g
Hodges, Morton Charles Henry Able Seaman J14475 g
Hodgins, John 23/02/1892 K16019 g
Holding, Frederick Charles 30/06/1896 J20429 g
Hole, William James 01/11/1896 Stoker RNR 16/06/1915 01/04/1917 S 7552 BT 377/7/84210 g
Hollow, Thomas Bryant 08/03/1875 Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 16/05/1911 27/05/1917 268751 g
Holtom, Francis Frederick Leading Stoker 311052 g
Holyoake, George Samuel Alexander Ordinary Seaman J28317 g
Hook, Thomas Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M17043 g
Hooper, Frederick 22/01/1876 Chief Stoker 01/12/1914 07/07/1919 280363 g
Hoppins, Frank Austin 09/12/1876 26/01/1944 Artificer Engineer 15/10/1915 22/01/1917 Navy List g
Hornby, Edwin Able Seaman J29859 g
Horsman, Rupert Charles 30/08/1895 K21272 g
Horton, Ernest Edwin 02/01/1879 Leading Stoker 30/09/1913 07/09/1916 287321 g
Hoskin, Stanley Rendle Shipwright 2nd Class 344407 g
Howell, Edward Boy 1st Class J38055 g
Hudson, Joseph Musician RMB 962 g
Hughes, Peter Ordinary Seaman J29983 g
Hughes, Richard Stoker 2nd Class K28881 g
Hughes, William Henry Stoker 1st Class SS115959 g
Hulland, Thomas Henry 15/07/1897 J21041 g
Humphreys, Harold David 28/02/1899 Boy 1st Class J48070 g
Humphreys, John Henry 24/06/1900 Boy 1st Class J48068 g
Hunt, William Thomas Sergeant RMLI 08/05/1916 03/10/1916 13865 g
Hunter, James 06/10/1894 J9180 g
Hurford, Arthur John Stoker 1st Class SS114050 g
Hurley, Harold Walter Mechanician 303580 g
Hurren, Frederick William Boy 1st Class J39276 g
Hurst, William George 23/12/1885 K982 g
Husey, Ernest Wynniatt 03/04/1897 1958Q1 Acting Lieutenant RMLI 22/05/1915 30/11/1916 Navy List g
Jackson, Albert George 27/04/1891 K8819 g
Jackson, Thomas Henry 20/10/1896 J21086 g
James, Leonard Philip 09/02/1895 M11225 g
James, Thomas Norman 21/12/1878 Commander 23/10/1913 17/08/1917 Navy List g
Jarvis, Joseph Able Seaman 217037 g
Jarvis, William John 05/11/1895 Officer's Cook 1st Class 13/02/1916 09/03/1917 L5776 g
Jenkins, Edward William 21/03/1881 J1849 g
Jennings, William John Stoker 1st Class K24972 g
Johnson, Douglas 09/08/1885 J2911 g
Johnston, Walter Private RMLI 13998 g
Joines, Albert Henry Petty Officer 212713 g
Jolfree, George William 05/04/1878 Chief Ship's Cook 01/10/1913 16/05/1919 355042 g
Jones, George Henry Stoker 1st Class K24964 g
Jones, Henry Samuel Stoker Petty Officer 304319 g
Jones, Maurice George Boy 1st Class J41969 g
Jones, Thomas Musician RMB 1893 g
Jordan, John Edward Able Seaman J19822 g
Jukes, Ernest Edwin Ordinary Seaman J27171 g
Jutson, Ernest Frederick Able Seaman J19114 g
Jutson, William John Able Seaman 236265 g
Keast, John Howard 23/12/1895 M3287 g
Keeble, Leslie Arthur 15/06/1897 Midshipman 30/04/1916 29/09/1917 Navy List g
Keer, William Boy 1st Class J39095 g
Kelsey, Frederick Richard Able Seaman J17618 g
Kenchington, Frederick William Ordinary Seaman J40267 g
Kennard, Samuel James 22/04/1883 Sailmaker 01/03/1915 28/02/1917 201754 g
Kennedy, James 04/01/1877 Stoker RNR 16/06/1915 24/02/1919 S 5159 BT 377/7/81818 g
Kennedy, John 20/03/1875 Stoker 1st Class 16/05/1911 25/07/1916 283066 g
Kerby, William Henry 20/07/1881 Private RMLI 22/05/1915 12/05/1918 11539 g
Kidston, Reginald 30/09/1894 M5425 g
King, Arthur George Boy 1st Class J43413 g
King, James Private RMLI 15700 g
King, William Edward Henry 19/07/1881 15/10/1949 Artificer Engineer 13/09/1914 08/08/1916 Navy List g
Kingdon, William Napier 17/09/1892 15/08/1979 Lieutenant 24/10/1915 20/08/1918 Navy List g
Kingsford, Harold Porter Private RMLI 14993 g
Knapman, Charles Reginald 24/02/1900 Boy 1st Class J45509 g
Knight, Wallace John Stoker 1st Class K12435 g
Knowles, Frank Henry 27/02/1881 14/03/1933 Artificer Engineer 15/10/1914 27/12/1916 Navy List g
Laing, John Mckay 15/08/1890 K3495 g
Lamb, Henry James 21/12/1883 23/07/1948 Engineer Lieutenantant-Commander 20/01/1916 01/04/1919 Navy List g
Lamb, William Joseph Boy 1st Class J41755 g
Lambert, James 03/08/1889 Signalman RNVR 13/05/1916 06/05/1918 Z/8187 g
Lamey, Phillip John 04/06/1891 K9770 g
Lapidge, William Richard Stoker 1st Class K24965 g
Lapington, Albert Edward 17/08/1893 J4049 g
Lavelle, Peter Joseph 18/04/1880 Stoker Petty Officer 14/05/1916 07/09/1916 288421 g
Law, Harold 14/09/1893 K16057 g
Lawrence, Sidney George Chief Writer 343408 g
Lee, Jesse Thomas Boy 1st Class J42035 g
Lee, William Henry 26/03/1892 J544 g
Lee, William Henry Cloke 18/06/1892 K9762 g
Legg, Harry James Boy 1st Class J33599 g
Leonard, Henry William 08/07/1877 Chief Petty Officer (NS) 01/08/1914 24/05/1919 178323 g
Leslie, George Alexander Rankin Johnston 11/11/1899 1971Q1 Midshipman 01/07/1915 14/11/1917 Navy List g
Lever, Herbert Stanley Stoker 1st Class SS112891 g
Lewis, Christopher 05/04/1895 Able Seaman RNVR 14/10/1915 24/02/1919 Z/1399 g
Lewis, David Francis 21/07/1891 Able Seaman RNVR 02/09/1915 30/01/1917 Z/1150 g
Leyman, Harry May 26/04/1889 Leading Cook's Mate 366234 g
Littlejohns, William 23/02/1894 Stoker 1st Class 15/04/1914 21/06/1916 K16123 g
Livermore, Bertie William Boy 1st Class J34115 g
Lodge, Edwin George 16/01/1894 J7312 g
Lofts, George Ernest Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M17044 g
Loughran, Edward Leo 31/01/1891 K7588 g
Love, Leonard Sydney Boy 1st Class J33439 g
Lowthorpe-Lutwidge, Hubert Frederick Skiffington 06/12/1899 01/11/1970 Midshipman 01/07/1915 01/11/1970 Navy List g
Loynd, Alfred 25/10/1893 g
Lucas, Frank Telegraphist J18111 g
Lumb, Reginald James Ordinary Seaman J40285 g
Luscombe, John 04/10/1890 K7499 g
Luscombe, Thomas Henry Stoker 1st Class K24982 g
Luxton, George William Stoker 1st Class SS113601 g
Lyall, David 02/01/1887 Leading Seaman J6198 g
Lyndon, Stephen George Wilson 24/09/1893 M5430 g
Macintyre, James Bailey 14/07/1891 M5755 g
Maclachlan, Angus Hope 14/08/1899 Midshipman 01/07/1915 Navy List g
Macpherson, John 31/03/1894 K19186 g
Mahoney, Arthur Percy 30/08/1874 13/05/1958 Gunner 17/09/1915 02/12/1917 Navy List g
Maile, Oliver Thomas Signalman J26475 g
Mangion, Antonio 22/07/1899 L8531 g
Mangion, Joseph 02/09/1888 L1079 g
Manley, James 30/09/1894 K16398 g
Manners, George Edward Signal Boy J37252 g
March, Frederick Charles Stoker 1st Class K25075 g
Marshman, William Thomas 25/03/1877 Able Seaman 15/05/1909 26/06/1918 175676 G
Martin, Alfred George Stoker 1st Class K23973 g
Martin, Charles Stoker 1st Class K24973 g
Martin, Ernest Alexander Petty Officer 211200 g
Martin, Herbert Boy 1st Class J31903 g
Martin, James Robert 20/02/1875 Chief Petty Officer 30/09/1913 14/09/1917 157131 G
Martin, Maurice 08/06/1897 J20458 g
Martin, Thomas Stephen Alfred 05/10/1886 Gunner RMA 16/05/1911 22/04/1919 11671 g
Martin, William 31/01/1886 Gunner RMA 16/05/1911 21/02/1919 11002 g
Marvin, Thomas Hings 15/12/1895 J21103 g
Masters, Frederick Henry James Leading Seaman 234228 g
Mathers, Arthur Boy 1st Class J36928 g
Matheson, John Neil Stoker 1st Class SS112761 g
Matheson, Malcolm Kerr 15/04/1890 M8653 g
Maton, Arthur George Signalman J19812 g
Matthews, Arthur William Boy 1st Class J34686 g
Matthews, Sidney Stoker 1st Class K25082 g
Matthews, William Francis Stoker 2nd Class K26362 g
May, Leonard Douglas 17/08/1895 M3292 g
May, William Edward 10/11/1899 Midshipman 01/07/1915 14/09/1917 Navy List g
Mayell, Herbert Richard German 21/01/1881 06/01/1917 Ship's Steward 07/06/1915 07/06/1916 341139 g
McAdam, William 02/10/1889 K18922 g
McCann, John James 15/07/1896 Officer's Cook 1st Class 03/12/1915 14/05/1919 L7906 g
McColl, Richard John 16/06/1894 K16395 g
McConnochie, Alfred Kempsell Able Seaman J21559 g
McCormick, Samuel 03/04/1891 J1447 g
McCracken, John James 22/12/1896 J22325 g
McFadden, Patrick 03/05/1882 30/08/1964 Gunner RMA 12/10/1912 22/04/1919 10298 g
McIntosh, Alexander Fraser 15/01/1892 04/03/1918 Temporary Surgeon 06/09/1915 18/6/1916* Navy List g
McKendry, John 18/01/1892 K9610 g
McKenna, Patrick 10/05/1883 Gunner RMA 21/09/1915 22/05/1919 9896 g
McLean, John 09/01/1878 270275 g
McSweeney, John 14/01/1890 Stoker 1st Class 11/02/1916 12/04/1918 K24837 g
McTigue, William 10/05/1878 14/03/1931 Boatswain 19/12/1912 12/01/1918 Navy List g
Meaney, James Gunner RMA 12928 g
Medway, Ernest Robert Ordinary Seaman J21736 g
Mellon, John 09/01/1894 Stoker RNR 16/06/1915 03/06/1919 S 4930 BT 377/7/81589 g
Michael, Edwin John Able Seaman J23212 g
Miller, Albert Reginald Boy Telegraphist J34409 g
Miller, Henry Richard Stoker 1st Class K23840 g
Millett, William George 16/06/1898 Stoker 1st Class 09/02/1916 09/10/1918 K24319 AKA: Lesson, William g
Mitchelmore, John Francis Stoker 2nd Class K11218 g
Moon, George Boy 1st Class J31294 g
Moore, Christopher Able Seaman 225145 g
Moore, Rice Thomas 18/10/1892 J8996 g
Moorhead, William George Able Seaman 229533 g
Moralee, Frank 02/01/1897 Able Seaman RNVR 23/11/1915 17/01/1918 Z/6841 g
Morgan, Samuel Thomas Frederick 24/07/1894 J9499 g
Morgan, William Henry 25/08/1894 Able Seaman RNVR 02/09/1915 27/03/1917 Z/1166 g
Morrish, Samuel William Furze 11/07/1862 07/07/1928 Engineer Captain 29/07/1914 29/12/1916 g
Mortimer, Reginald Percy Private RMLI 15680 g
Morton, Henry Bandmaster 1st Class RMB 639 g
Morton, Terence Charles St Clessie 25/09/1893 16/10/1968 Temporary Surgeon 14/08/1913 18/6/1916* Navy List g
Mountjoy, James Charles 26/08/1894 Officer's Steward 2nd Class L4926 g
Muir, John Stoker 1st Class K20892 g
Murch, Theodore Edward 10/01/1895 04/06/1905 M2408 g
Murphy, Bartholomew 17/05/1892 J7491 g
Murphy, James 07/04/1886 Stoker RNR 03/09/1914 24/02/1919 T 2605 BT 377/7/104454 g
Murphy, John Able Seaman J21760 g
Murphy, John 01/05/1890 13/12/1946 Stoker Petty Officer 01/08/1915 28/09/1916 K779 He died, aged 56,
in Sri Lanka on 13th December
1946 and is buried in
Kandy War Cemetery
Mynott, Raymond John 27/08/1890 22/10/1939 Gunner RMA 30/09/1913 22/05/1919 12354 g
Nash, Charles 27/03/1895 J21138 g
Nash, James Henry Stoker 1st Class K15343 g
Nethercott, Ernest Henry 08/08/1889 237611 g
Newman, William John Stoker 1st Class K24839 g
Newport, Tom Stoker 1st Class SS110521 g
Newton, Henry Mechanician 294285 g
Newton, John 18/12/1875 Able Seaman RNVR 14/10/1915 24/02/1919 Z/1572 g
Noble, Edward James 03/04/1879 Private RMLI 27/06/1913 22/05/1919 12269 g
Nock, Charles Edward Ordinary Seaman J34697 g
Norman, Arthur Walter Heal 17/10/1896 M12594 g
Nörregaard, Arthur Henry Herman Magnus Chaplain 22/08/1913 Navy List g
Northcott, Charles Sampson Carpenter's Crew M14436 g
Northcott, Joseph Milden 27/03/1888 M1428 g
Northcott, William Henry Hodge Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class 272398 g
Northmore, Thomas Henry Leading Stoker K15649 g
Noyes, David John 10/01/1894 Gunner RMA 22/03/1916 17/02/1918 RMA/14241 g
Nye, Arthur Harold Able Seaman J16612 g
O'Callaghan, Jeremiah Gunner RMA 12996 g
O'Connell, John Stoker 2nd Class K28215 g
O'Connell, John Patrick 28/12/1889 Stoker 1st Class 30/09/1913 23/02/1919 SS109922 g
O'Connor, Jeremiah 11/06/1888 M2766 g
O'Driscoll, Gerald John Leading Seaman 225872 g
O'Keeffe, John 28/02/1898 Stoker 2nd Class 24/05/1916 04/04/1917 K31723 g
O'Leary, Cornelius 17/03/1883 Stoker Petty Officer 01/04/1915 06/07/1919 300683 g
O'Leary, Jeremiah 02/03/1892 K6727 g
O'Neill, Hugh 29/04/1888 Stoker RNR 30/11/1915 18/10/1916 T 2697 BT 377/7/104545 g
Oliver, Samuel Mechanician 306256 g
Osborne, George Henry Boy 1st Class J27692 g
Owen, Alfred Henry 30/12/1881 Able Seaman RNVR 09/12/1915 24/02/1919 Z/3119 g
Owens, Robert Stoker 1st Class K20890 g
Oxford, Richard 16/02/1882 Stoker RNR 06/09/1914 24/02/1919 T 2409 BT 377/7/104258 g
Pack, Philip Henry 01/03/1876 Chief Stoker 01/02/1914 18/11/1918 285185 g
Painter, James John Private RMLI 13796 g
Palmer, Alec Boy 1st Class J43384 g
Parker, Frederick George 09/09/1888 M12774 g
Parker, Henry John 01/08/1896 J21070 g
Parkhouse, Frederick Richard Leading Seaman 221729 g
Parry, Percy George Able Seaman J26332 g
Parton, John Henry 18/03/1894 K16026 g
Pascoe, Charles William 17/01/1896 L8168 g
Patey, William John 14/11/1894 M12714 g
Pattemore, George Yeoman of Signals 217489 g
Pearce, Thomas Edward 26/12/1891 J6028 g
Pearson, James 04/06/1895 Sub-Lieutenant 15/01/1915 14/10/1917 Navy List g
Peers, George 03/10/1894 J20740 g
Peet, Herbert Edwin 02/06/1897 J20319 g
Pegler, William 25/02/1895 K19177 g
Pengelly, Edwin Thomas 05/04/1878 Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 30/09/1913 28/02/1918 269761 g
Penny, William George Stoker 1st Class K13257 g
Phelps, William Stoker 1st Class SS110543 g
Phillips, Arthur John Strawbridge 21/03/1894 J9084 g
Phillips, Eric James Boy Telegraphist J31352 g
Phillips, Reginald Stoker 1st Class K24637 g
Phillips, Reginald Charles Patrick 26/06/1895 Acting Assistant Paymaster 02/03/1916 23/04/1919 Navy List g
Phillips, Richard John Able Seaman 219907 g
Phillips, Walter Yeoman of Signals 224413 g
Philp, George Henry 15/07/1892 K18888 g
Pickford, Harry 31/08/1894 Stoker 1st Class 11/09/1913 16/09/1918 SS112746 g
Pickup, James William 17/07/1895 J21147 g
Pilcher, Walter Richard 22/06/1892 M8929 g
Pillar, Langmead Casey Chief Electrical Artificer 2nd Class 347832 g
Pipon, Harry Cecil Brand 08/10/1883 Lieutenant-Commander (N) 01/04/1916 01/07/1919 Navy List g
Plumridge, Ernest Leading Seaman 222760 g
Pollard, Frederick James 15/11/1893 J6578 g
Pook, Wilfred Rubin Stanley 26/02/1894 M5659 g
Poole, Thomas Joseph 09/07/1894 Able Seaman 30/09/1913 26/09/1917 J9908 g
Port, Henry Able Seaman J19798 g
Potter, Geoffrey Durbridge 17/05/1898 Midshipman 30/04/1916 29/07/1917 Navy List g
Pound, William Charles Able Seaman J16766 g
Pratt, Edwin Alfred Chief Ship's Cook 344236 g
Pratt, Ernest Able Seaman 224572 g
Price, Albert Harold Able Seaman 234684 g
Priestly, John Arthur 28/06/1892 13/05/1918 15258 g
Prince, William Telegraphist J17977 g
Pritchard, Thomas 18/02/1871 Chief Shipwright 19/06/1915 30/09/1918 341637 g
Pumfleet, Alfred Frank 26/07/1897 19/05/1905 Able Seaman RNVR 23/11/1915 01/01/1918 Z/3008 g
Purdue, William Henry Ordinary Seaman J34669 g
Purvis, Herbert Charles 24/07/1897 25/10/1945 Midshipman 25/01/1915 14/09/1916 Navy List g
Quinn, Michael Stoker Petty Officer 301677 g
Ramsay, Frank Alan Winson 29/06/1897 30/10/1942 Midshipman 25/01/1915 14/07/1916 Navy List g
Rathbone, George Able Seaman 211419 g
Readings, Hugh Musician RMB 802 g
Redfern, Richard Taylor Able Seaman J27405 g
Redhead, Fred Boy 1st Class J29981 g
Redman, Arthur Stoker 1st Class SS112881 g
Reed, Richard Joseph Henry 10/02/1890 M4993 g
Reed, Thomas David 17/09/1891 K6163 g
Rees, Leonard Wilfrid 14/01/1893 J8935 g
Reeves, Thomas George Stoker Petty Officer 305808 g
Reid, Joseph Leading Seaman J21781 g
Reilly, Patrick 09/05/1885 K4687 g
Rendell, Frank 17/03/1881 15/01/1965 Private RMLI 30/09/1913 17/05/1918 9694 g
Revell, Sydney Able Seaman 237952 g
Reynolds, Stanley Clifford 13/02/1896 Able Seaman RNVR 26/04/1916 30/01/1918 Z/1956 g
Rhodes, Louis 17/06/1898 Ordinary Seaman J28210 g
Rich, William Henry 02/11/1888 M4257 g
Richards, John James Ordinary Seaman J28979 g
Richards, Thomas 13/08/1887 31/01/1926 Private RMLI 30/09/1913 18/03/1919 11250 g
Richardson, George William Able Seaman 221851 g
Richardson, John 22/10/1862 Engineer Captain g
Richardson, William 12/08/1895 J24021 g
Rickard, John Electrical Artificer 2nd Class 347073 g
Riordan, Timothy 22/11/1878 Leading Seaman 13/09/1913 18/01/1917 178648 G
Rivers, Sydney Philip Able Seaman 236838 g
Roberts, John Henry Musician RMB 1816 g
Roberts, Richard Whiteside Stoker 1st Class SS113888 g
Robertshaw, Frank Stoker 1st Class K15636 g
Robinson, Vivian John 16/05/1897 Midshipman 25/01/1915 14/07/1916 Navy List g
Robinson, Walter Stoker 1st Class K24335 g
Rockett, Charles Edward 02/10/1893 J6647 g
Rodman, Harry Ernest Petty Officer 210138 g
Roper, Albert Gunner RMA 13919 g
Rudd, Alfred George Stoker 2nd Class K28886 g
Rundle, Edwin Charles 18/05/1883 202546 g
Russell, Donald Bellamy Able Seaman 239737 g
Russell, Robert Paterson 20/03/1892 J2647 g
Rymer, George Private RMLI 14139 g
Sage, Charles 2nd Cooper 345169 g
Sainsbury, Geoffrey Harrington 22/11/1893 29/12/1973 Lieutenant 01/03/1916 04/10/1916 Navy List g
Sampson, William John 01/02/1873 Chief Stoker 04/08/1913 20/05/1919 285303 g
Sandercock, Samuel 22/12/1891 K5293 g
Sanders, Edward George Gunner 14281 g
Sanders, Grenville Springett 18/03/1897 1938Q4 Midshipman 30/04/1916 31/07/1916 Navy List g
Sarratt, William Davenport 01/07/1871 Fleet Paymaster 30/09/1913 Navy List g
Saunders, Ernest Baldwyn 27/08/1888 1948Q1 Assistant Paymaster R.N.R. 18/12/1915 20/05/1919 Navy List g
Saunders, Harry Alfred Stoker 1st Class K22903 g
Saunders, Stanley William 25/03/1894 K16401 g
Savage, Charles Ernest 13/07/1895 Ordinary Seaman 16/06/1915 08/11/1916 SS5012 g
Savage, William Henry 25/02/1894 M4532 g
Sayers, John Stoker 1st Class K15657 g
Scobie, George Templeman Ordinary Seaman J24100 g
Scott, Reginald Alfred Victor 15/10/1892 J3723 g
Scott, Reginald John Boy 1st Class J34530 g
Searle, Francis Mark 29/05/1876 Plumber 30/09/1913 25/10/1917 341208 g
Seel, James Boy 1st Class J39286 g
Setters, George Henry 03/01/1891 K4810 g
Shaddick, Frederick James Leading Stoker K13825 g
Short, Thomas 17/12/1893 J9651 g
Shute, Edward 23/08/1875 Stoker Petty Officer 29/09/1913 27/03/1917 280072 g
Simister, Frank Private RMLI 12107 g
Simmonds, Alfred Bertie Ordinary Seaman J29853 g
Simpson, John Field Musician RMB 1710 g
Sinclair, William Armstrong 30/05/1876 Petty Officer 12/03/1916 30/06/1918 166100 g
Slade, Harry Jerrold Shipwright 2nd Class 344677 g
Slaughter, Algernon Neville Ordinary Seaman J40266 g
Slocombe, William John 04/01/1885 L760 g
Smailes, Richard Thomas 05/07/1885 Lieutenant RNR 09/04/1914 06/07/1917 Navy List g
Smart, Frank Theodore Boy 1st Class J33999 g
Smith, Alwyn Goyder 09/08/1897 29/04/1935 Midshipman 30/04/1916 11/03/1918 Navy List g
Smith, David Able Seaman 235981 g
Smith, Ernest Gunner RMA 13027 g
Smith, Ernest Robson 28/10/1892 J6997 g
Smith, Frederick John Tibbles Boy 1st Class J33498 g
Smith, George 28/09/1894 Stoker 1st Class 03/10/1913 01/03/1918 SS112885 g
Smith, Henry Stoker 1st Class K23850 g
Smith, Sidney Glanville Ordinary Seaman J23246 g
Smith, William Joseph Ordinary Seaman J28190 g
Sobey, James 08/04/1885 216170 g
Sparkes, Jonathan Boy 1st Class J44629 g
Spittal, James Able Seaman J11412 g
Spreadborough, Arthur Able Seaman 230840 g
Stanley, James Able Seaman 238073 g
Steel, Henry Sutherland 30/06/1883 Able Seaman RNVR 24/05/1916 10/06/1916 L Z/4715 g
Stephens, Alfred Edmund Stoker 1st Class K23481 g
Stephens, William John 08/04/1893 K21277 g
Stephenson, Ernest 21/01/1891 J2365 g
Stevens, John Sharp 26/12/1895 01/06/1905 Stoker 1st Class K25072 g
Stitson, Andrew Albert Stoker 1st Class K15628 g
Stitson, George Henry James 07/11/1891 K6747 g
Stitson, John Smerdon Stoker 1st Class K23615 g
Stokes, Alick 24/11/1881 Commander 08/01/1913 16/11/1917 Navy List g
Stopford, John Ordinary Seaman J29889 g
Stribling, Leonard 01/01/1897 Stoker 1st Class K24313 g
Stringer, Frank Leading Stoker 302715 g
Strode, John Henry 10/06/1894 M985 g
Strutt, Henry 02/12/1884 Stoker 2nd Class K30769 g
Studdy, Francis Robert Becton 11/07/1897 24/02/1921 Midshipman 05/01/1916 Navy List g
Styles, Reginald Percy Ordinary Seaman J28159 g
Sullivan, Jeremiah 01/02/1873 Stoke Petty Officer 30/09/1913 30/06/1916 171922 G
Sullivan, John 14/04/1873 Chief Stoker 01/10/1913 27/05/1917 276962 g
Sullivan, William Deacon Stoker 1st Class K24984 g
Summers, Henry Charles Ordinary Seaman J29835 g
Sutherland, John Able Seaman J19415 g
Swan, James Private RMLI 17267 g
Symons, Charles Mitchell 10/06/1892 Able Seaman 24/10/1915 31/05/1917 SS3375 g
Taylor, Joseph Richard 16/01/1894 J9081 g
Taylor, Samuel 04/02/1892 Signalman RNVR 09/05/1916 16/06/1916 M Z/350 g
Taylor, Wilfred Stoker 1st Class SS116967 g
Thew, Percy Victor 28/12/1891 c1972 Private RMLI 46 (S) contacted via LOTFWW
to add and service records
provide evidence JK
Thomas, Joseph Edmund 19/02/1895 Able Seaman RNVR 14/10/1915 27/03/1917 W Z/1307 g
Thomas, Robert Owen 30/09/1891 J2341 g
Thomas, Theodore Stoker 1st Class 302747 g
Thomas, William John Carpenter's Crew M17065 g
Thomson, Donald Robert Ship's Corporal 1st Class 297511 g
Thorne, Sydney Robert Ship's Corporal 1st Class 216932 g
Tink, William 24/05/1874 Chief Stoker 30/09/1913 22/10/1917 279464 g
Tothill, George James Willing 30/06/1893 J6848 g
Tregenza, Thomas John 24/07/1898 J6558 g
Tregoning, Richard 11/04/1896 M12505 g
Trethewey, James Henry 13/10/1891 Stoker 2nd Class K30833 g
Trewin, Stanley Ernest 01/09/1892 K8850 g
Tritton, Charles Edward Armourer's Mate 346201 g
Truscott, John 30/06/1869 14/02/1956 Chief Gunner (T) 07/03/1913 30/11/1916 Navy List g
Tubb, Charles William 12/02/1891 M5886 g
Tubberdy, Edward John 08/05/1891 K5182 g
Tucker, Charles 14/05/1882 Musician RMB 01/10/1913 22/05/1919 242 g
Tucker, William Henry 10/04/1873 Boatswain 17/09/1913 01/01/1918 Navy List g
Tucker, William John 29/01/1880 Stoker Petty Officer 16/03/1916 30/01/1918 290644 g
Turner, William Enos Ordinary Seaman J23122 g
Turpitt, Edward James 08/02/1886 Chief Electrical Artificer 2nd Class 347940 g
Twomey, Richard Augustine 07/02/1891 25/05/1905 Temporary Naval Instructor 24/05/1916 18/9/1916* Navy List g
Tyler, John Louis 20/02/1894 J20335 g
Tyrer, William Albert Able Seaman 229158 g
Underhill, Edwin Veale 27/03/1868 Captain 03/03/1916 Navy List g
Underwood, Matthew Robson 04/06/1899 Boy 1st Class J34192 g
Voisey, Edwin Percy Able Seaman 226468 g
Waite, Henry James 04/07/1892 J8333 g
Wakeham, Sydney Leading Signalman 214932 g
Waldron, William Stoker 1st Class K24947 g
Walker, Henry Hamilton Able Seaman J12074 g
Walker, John 15/11/1895 M9354 g
Walker, Percy Gunner RMA 13419 g
Walker, Samuel Alexander Able Seaman J15711 g
Wall, Harry Reginald Sheppard Private RMLI 13987 g
Wallace, William David Ordinary Seaman J24131 g
Wallis, Kenneth Ferguson Arnold 07/01/1892 Lieutenant 19/06/1912 Navy List g
Walstow, Herbert Cormick 11/04/1891 M4860 g
Wardell, Albert Stoker 1st Class K24957 g
Warmington, Courtney Henry 26/01/1893 J3733 g
Waterfield, George James Stoker 1st Class SS112890 g
Watt, Alexander 16/04/1890 K2267 g
Waye, Thomas Alfred Leading Signalman 238626 g
Weakley, Edwin John 17/05/1894 J8135 g
Welbourn, Horace Albert 06/02/1897 J21034 g
Wells, George 2nd Sick Berth Steward 209978 g
Whitcombe, Ernest Leading Stoker K14934 g
White, Albert William Hurdman 18/10/1896 Able Seaman RNVR 26/04/1916 30/01/1918 W Z/1959 g
White, Henry Thomas 17/06/1895 Musician RMB 1865 g
Whitelock, George 24/05/1897 Officer's Steward 3rd Class L5544 g
Whitford, Gilbert Arthur 13/06/1893 K16415 g
Wigzell, Edward Henry 14/10/1889 K1900 g
Wilkes, John 09/06/1892 Able Seaman RNVR 02/09/1915 27/02/1917 W Z/1148 g
Wilkinson, Bernard Horace Able Seaman 237072 g
Williams, Albert Edward Private RMLI 15099 g
Williams, Henry Leading Seaman 230046 g
Williams, James 11/11/1892 M7402 g
Williams, James 09/04/1893 Stoker 1st Class 24/05/1916 01/03/1918 SS113874 g
Williams, Robert John Horace 07/10/1897 16/01/1969 Midshipman RNR 02/09/1915 13/07/1916 Navy List g
Williams, William Aaron Private RMLI 15824 g
Williams, William Victor Petty Officer 224036 g
Wills, Robert James 03/02/1873 Shipwright 1st Class 30/09/1913 27/02/1917 276921 g
Wilmot, Clarence Able Seaman J19734 g
Wilson, Charles Signal Boy J38243 g
Wilson, David Alexander 19/10/1887 Temporary Engineer Sub-Lieutenant 12/01/1916 26/07/1917 Navy List g
Wilson, John Alexander Ordinary Seaman J33265 g
Wilson, Richard 02/03/1881 Sick Berth Steward 350747 g
Wilson, William 20/12/1891 Stoker 1st Class 01/07/1914 25/05/1918 SS110397 g
Windham, Frederick George Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 271275 g
Winkworth, Alfred Charles 27/12/1897 12/01/1918 Able Seaman J27072 g
Winterbone, Percy Edward 13/12/1896 J20448 g
Winterbottom, Leslie Charles Ordinary Telegraphist J35473 g
Woods, Edward Daniel Boy 1st Class J29986 g
Woods, Richard Stoker 2nd Class K29483 g
Woolley, Harry Leddra Stoker 2nd Class K29484 g
Worth, James 04/04/1896 M11900 g
Wotton, John Charles Able Seaman 217028 g
Wren, Percy Henry Ordinary Signalman J36515 g
Wrigglesworth, Charles 21/08/1897 Able Seaman RNVR 24/05/1916 28/07/1917 T Z/9250 g
Wright, Charles William Stoker 1st Class K25715 g
Xuiereb, Angelo 19/08/1893 09/07/1917 Officer's Cook 3rd Class 17/08/1915 31/01/1917 L4706 g