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Battle of Jutland Crew Lists
The table below contains a full list of names that are currently being researched for HMS Shannon.
The "Sta" column is the status of the entry that can be defined as follows:
G = Confirmed at the battle
B = Not a known survivor or casualty. Or difficult to determine the ship (two possible destroyers)
O = Included as a note. Not on ship at battle
For the most updated crew list it is recommended to visit: H.M.S. SHANNON which is updated in real time.
Photo gallery: HMS Shannon Crew List (Photographs)

Last Updated:
Tuesday, 19 January 2021, 10:16:26

HMS Shannon Crew List at the Battle of Jutland
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Name Birth Death Rank/Rate
at Jutland
From To ON Comments Sta
Abbott, Sidney Bertie 09/06/1891 Able Seaman 240087 g
Ablett, Cyril 06/08/1891 J303 g
Adams, Stanley Edwin 09/07/1899 Boy 1st Class J39867 g
Addy, Leon Ernest 06/05/1897 Able Seaman J23338 g
Airey, Edward James 08/02/1898 Ordinary Seaman J28257 g
Alexander, Edwin James 28/07/1895 Able Seaman J12975 g
Alexander, Ivan Irwin 07/03/1896 Gunner RMA 14566 g
Alexander, James Caughie 24/08/1899 Boy 1st Class J39120 g
Allen, George Henry 03/07/1894 K16956 g
Ansell, James Turner 09/04/1896 Plumber's Mate M14209 g
Archer, Harold 06/12/1896 Able Seaman J23746 g
Armitage, Charles George 11/11/1890 Leading Stoker K8205 g
Armstrong, Hugh 02/08/1897 Private RMLI 24/06/1915 16/04/1918 19662 g
Aspen, Walter 02/04/1877 Mechanician 21/05/1912 16/09/1917 281048 g
Atkins, John Edward 20/01/1895 K21094 g
Atwell, William 05/08/1878 Stoker 1st Class 21/01/1915 06/03/1919 285938 g
Austen, Alfred Edward 09/07/1899 Signal Boy J41835 g
Austin, Henry Frederick 26/10/1897 Officer's Steward 2nd Class 13/03/1916 01/03/1919 L6190 g
Austwick, Edgar Wilfred 21/10/1898 Boy 1st Class J29650 g
Ayres, Tom 02/05/1892 Carpenter's Crew M14049 g
Bacon, Thomas Abraham 14/09/1871 Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 10/03/1914 11/05/1917 268208 g
Bailey, Edwin James 23/09/1895 Able Seaman J16645 g
Bailie, William 03/06/1885 Able Seaman 212099 g
Baker, Alfred Samuel 27/12/1887 Able Seaman 232572 g
Baker, William John Church 05/12/1899 Signal Boy J41098 g
Baldwin, Charles Albert 30/09/1892 J3397 g
Ball, John William 11/01/1899 Boy Telegraphist J33183 g
Ball, Sidney Charles 14/07/1896 Able Seaman J17498 g
Banister, Harry 25/11/1898 Ordinary Signalman J33269 g
Banks, Clifford Henry 03/07/1895 Able Seaman J16640 g
Banwell, Albert Charles 24/11/1888 Leading Signalman 01/01/1915 01/05/1919 366063 g
Bareham, Alfred 23/11/1894 Able Seaman SS4453 g
Barker, George Lawrence 01/04/1895 Musician RMB 21/01/1916 14/07/1918 1552 ADM 159/108/1552 g
Barrett, Alfred William James 09/09/1884 Pritave RMLI 10/03/1914 03/08/1916 16240 g
Barron, Henry Childs 15/05/1870 Chief Armourer 09/03/1914 28/08/1917 340317 g
Bartlett, Alfred Ernest 25/07/1894 K21102 g
Bartlett, George James 02/08/1899 Boy Telegraphist J36060 g
Bartram, Bert Charles 20/03/1892 J369 g
Basten, Ernest George 06/04/1897 Wireman 2nd Class M13990 g
Batchelor, William 04/04/1883 Able Seaman 14/10/1915 6 marn1919 Z/2636 g
Bates, Thomas Henry 26/01/1899 Boy 1st Class J34475 g
Baxter, Peter Atkinson 24/08/1895 Private RMLI 16/02/1915 06/02/1918 18016 ADM 159/129/18016 g
Baybut, Harold Albert 19/05/1895 Armourer's Crew M13902 g
Beadnell, Charles Marsh 17/02/1872 27/09/1947 Fleet Surgeon 01/10/2013 01/07/1916 Navy List g
Bedford, Bertie Joseph 22/12/1896 Signalman J17613 g
Bedford, Frederick Thomas 12/12/1887 Stoker Petty Officer 311420 g
Bell, Alfred 30/07/1897 Musician RMB 30/10/1915 31/01/1919 2399 ADM 159/111/2399 g
Benifer, George Henry 14/07/1893 Leading Stoker K13576 g
Bennett, Arthur Ernest 19/02/1897 Able Seaman J17794 g
Bennett, Frederic Walter 26/04/1887 Lieutenant Commander 06/03/1916 14/06/1916 Navy List g
Bennett, Vernon Ambrose Chapple 15/12/1887 Leading Signalman 227907 g
Benton, Kenneth Nixon 22/05/1893 M8974 g
Best, Thomas 18/12/1885 Stoker 1st Class K26948 g
Bevan, James Johnstone 28/05/1890 Cerk to Secretary 19/12/1913 01/06/1916 Navy List g
Birch, Charters Edward 20/04/1891 Electrical Artificer 4th Class M16696 g
Bird, Frederick Walter 03/09/1875 Chief Petty Officer 161259 g
Black, Henry 27/01/1897 Able Seaman 29/03/1916 02/11/1916 SS5641 g
Black, William 30/09/1877 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M12969 g
Blackburn, Frederick Cyril 26/09/1897 Ordinary Seaman J23433 g
Blackburne, Reginald 14/05/1893 K16952 g
Bleazey, William Daniel 15/12/1877 Stoker Petty Officer 10/03/1914 01/05/1919 285834 g
Blogg, Charles 09/05/1876 Musician RMB 05/03/1912 19/10/1917 217 ADM 159/103/217 g
Blunsden, Thomas 24/11/1896 Private RMLI 24/06/1915 06/02/1918 19639 ADM 159/132/19639 g
Blyth, William 10/08/1896 Able Seaman J15987 g
Boardman, Charles Sanders 14/06/1896 Able Seaman 22/07/1915 28/02/1917 J15828 g
Bolton, Edward Henry 26/03/1899 Boy 1st Class J39146 g
Bond, Thomas Henry 29/01/1893 K16932 g
Bond, William John 29/10/1884 Leading Seaman 208633 g
Boniface, William 14/11/1896 Able Seaman J31622 g
Booth, Henry Cameron 27/08/1889 271921 g
Booth, Norman 12/12/1899 Signal Boy J40751 g
Boswell, Frank 13/11/1896 Stoker 1st Class K24652 g
Bowling, Geoffrey Randolph 30/08/1898 Midshipman 01/02/1915 14/01/1917 Navy List g
Bradshaw, Richard 25/09/1884 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M14798 g
Bridge, George Henry 04/07/1877 Chief Stoker 15/07/1915 31/01/1919 284953 g
Bridges, Harry 06/05/1885 Stoker Petty Officer 304143 g
Bridgewater, George 05/12/1894 Ordinary Seaman J37783 g
Bridgman, Alfred Henry 19/12/1893 Leading Stoker K14558 g
Briscoe, Joseph Harry 28/04/1894 Able Seaman J12107 g
Bristow, Walter John 11/06/1878 Stoker 1st Class K24443 g
Brixey, Thomas Henry 08/12/1897 Ordinary Seaman J37426 g
Broadbent, Frank Herman 01/03/1896 Gunner RMA 3813 g
Broadmeadow, Alan 27/01/1897 Able Seaman J17230 g
Brodie, Hugh Victor 03/05/1899 Midshipman 16/03/1915 24/08/1917 Navy List g
Brooke, Basil Charles Barrington 06/04/1895 Acting Sub-Lieutenant 11/12/1914 16/08/1916 Navy List g
Brookes, John Herbert Stoker 1st Class SS114906 g
Brooks, William 17/03/1887 17/03/1970 Musician RMB 19/10/1912 16/05/1918 671 g
Broom, Ernest John Private RMLI 14646 g
Brown, John Edward 20/12/1886 Stoker Petty Officer 226003 g
Brown, Thomas Arthur 14/01/1897 Able Seaman 03/02/1916 02/03/1917 SS5478 g
Browne, William Frederick 21/10/1888 Gunner RMA 10/03/1914 27/11/1916 11817 g
Browne, William George 14/04/1897 L5692 g
Buckle, Arthur Joseph Stoker 1st Class SS113094 g
Buckle, Walter George 07/06/1895 Stoker 1st Class K20675 g
Buckley, Oliver 25/06/1879 Shipwright 1st Class 344562 g
Buckmaster, Robert Albion 26/05/1893 Able Seaman 30/09/1915 12/04/1917 Z/1160 g
Buddle, Albert 08/03/1891 Leading Seaman 239073 g
Burden, James Stoker 1st Class SS116104 g
Burgess, Leonard Victor 22/10/1897 Telegraphist J26080 g
Burke, George William 26/10/1884 Mate 10/11/1914 06/06/1916 Navy List g
Burns, John Joseph 22/10/1891 Stoker 1st Class 20/05/1916 24/10/1916 SS109483 g
Burt, William 05/09/1894 K16963 g
Butler, Richard Albert 07/02/1896 Signalman 14/01/1915 30/09/1917 J13688 Photo g
Butler, Richard Osborne Duerdin 27/03/1897 Able Seaman J18784 g
Butlin, Henry Edward Charles 30/04/1889 Leading Seaman 237935 g
Byrne, James 24/04/1888 2nd Sick Berth Steward 01/01/1916 25/03/1919 351658 g
Byrnes, Frank Harry Byrnes 18/11/1893 J5561 g
Cadman, Edward 04/11/1891 Able Seaman 14/10/1915 24/10/1917 Z/5933 g
Campbell, George 18/09/1894 Shipwright 2nd Class M18268 g
Canning, John Henry 14/09/1897 Able Seaman 30/09/1915 06/03/1919 Z/2362 g
Carbery, Patrick 16/08/1894 Private RMLI 17700 g
Carlin, Thomas William 30/03/1895 Stoker 1st Class K26970 g
Carnie, Thomas 30/08/1897 Able Seaman 01/07/1915 06/03/1919 Z/3695 g
Carr, Alfred Belmont 04/03/1897 Stoker 1st Class K26891 g
Carr, William Ernest 23/05/1887 Able Seaman 25/08/1914 23/08/1916 SS1114 g
Carter, Ernest Albert John Webb 20/08/1884 Lieutenant R.N.R. 15/05/1914 03/08/1916 Navy List g
Carter, Frederick 08/09/1886 Leading Stoker 219659 g
Cattell, Albert Clarence 05/09/1894 K16960 g
Caville, Charles Frederick 26/05/1896 Able Seaman J15951 g
Cawte, John Henry 05/01/1896 Officer's Steward 2nd Class L3390 g
Chamberlain, Edward John William 17/05/1897 Able Seaman J16725 g
Chapman, Arthur 27/06/1894 K16922 g
Charlesworth, James John 13/08/1894 Stoker 1st Class 30/05/1914 31/03/1918 SS112699 g
Charlwood, David White 05/05/1880 Artificer Engineer 24/09/1915 02/07/1916 Navy List g
Clare, William Frederick Stoker 1st Class SS113758 g
Clark, Ernest Robert 13/10/1896 Ordinary Seaman J25018 g
Clark, Joseph Thompson 26/08/1895 Able Seaman 10/03/1916 30/08/1916 Z/5463 g
Clark, Leonard Ernest Private RMLI 17019 g
Clark, Patrick 17/02/1897 Able Seaman 05/10/1915 05/06/1916 Z/5572 g
Clark, Rupert John 19/05/1898 Ordinary Seaman J27125 g
Clarke, Bert 01/02/1897 Stoker 1st Class K26879 g
Clarke, Ernest 17/11/1896 Stoker 1st Class K27430 g
Clarkson, Edward Frederick 22/01/1892 J3197 g
Clifford, George 15/12/1880 Stoker 1st Class 302423 g
Clover, Isaac Rodney 14/02/1897 Midshipman 01/02/1916 14/09/1917 Navy List g
Cochrane, John Andrew Cochrane 25/02/1893 M7473 g
Cockle, Fred Stoker 1st Class SS115041 g
Coles, Harry 05/10/1884 Private RMLI 05/03/1912 27/07/1916 14611 ADM 159/60/14611 g
Collen, James Bertie Collen 06/07/1888 M5492 g
Collier, Cuthbert Hastings 30/08/1892 Shipwright 2nd Class M16376 g
Collins, William 07/06/1891 Stoker 1st Class 10/03/1914 25/07/1916 SS109521 g
Collins, William Clarence Hansom 01/02/1898 Ordinary Seaman J27452 g
Colman, George James William 24/01/1888 Stoker 1st Class 226248 g
Colman, Henry James 30/12/1877 Boatswain 10/03/1914 29/10/1916 Navy List g
Colwill, Leonard Horace Colwill 04/09/1895 M3279 g
Common, John 23/08/1892 K21089 g
Connolly, Francis 18/08/1896 Stoker 2nd Class K26968 g
Cook, Archibald 10/01/1894 K16908 g
Cook, Edward Arthur 14/01/1893 J3392 g
Cook, Ernest 03/08/1882 Shipwright 2nd Class 344351 g
Cooke, George Lewis 01/02/1884 Petty Officer 218369 g
Coombe, Charles William 12/05/1891 Stoker Petty Officer K3292 g
Cooper, Bert 22/05/1894 Private RMLI 17674 g
Cooper, Henry 24/08/1881 24/11/1918 Bandmaster 1st Class 11/11/1913 29/10/1918 1073 g
Cooper, Walter 09/06/1885 Stoker 1st Class 304606 g
Cooper, William John 13/08/1891 Able Seaman 239591 g
Copp, Frederick Clarence 06/03/1894 Sick Berth Attendant 03/08/1914 30/06/1917 M4757 Photo g
Coster, Leonard Frederick 09/07/1898 Boy 1st Class J27735 g
Cotmore, Edward 13/04/1892 Stoker 1st Class K6845 g
Coulson, Harold 01/09/1897 Telegraphist J29606 g
Course, William Daniel Charles 09/10/1878 Chief Petty Officer 10/03/1914 06/03/1919 178884 G
Cousins, Frederick Sidney 03/09/1893 K17437 g
Cox, John Frederick 01/07/1892 Leading Stoker K12609 g
Cozens, Thomas Hugh 13/01/1897 Able Seaman J25468 g
Crabb, Thomas R. I. not yet known Chief Artificer Engineer 20/11/1915 Navy List g
Crawford, George Holmes 27/10/1884 Petty Officer 210984 g
Critchley, John 18/05/1888 Gunner RMA 05/03/1912 31/01/1919 11837 g
Crook, Arthur James 22/03/1885 Leading Seaman 220761 g
Crouch, Charles Henry Anson 06/08/1886 Paymaster 04/02/1916 01/07/1916 Navy List g
Crown, Arthur Charles Fountain 09/06/1895 Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class 01/07/1915 16/07/1916 M2683 Photo & Audio g
Croxford, Andrew George 23/02/1885 Leading Seaman 211971 g
Cruickshank, John 30/11/1894 K20099 g
Currie, Frederick James 26/11/1883 Stoker 1st Class 309039 g
Cursham, Raymond 29/01/1899 Midshipman 16/03/1915 03/11/1917 Navy List g
Curtis, Walter William 21/01/1896 Signalman J14483 g
Cutt, Percival Henry 01/01/1873 Chief Ship's Cook 07/03/1914 30/09/1918 340874 g
Dadswell, John Montague 05/04/1896 Able Seaman J16644 g
Darling, John James Darling 05/05/1891 J652 g
Davey, Philip Davey 08/04/1893 J7339 g
David, Charles Markham 20/04/1899 Midshipman 16/03/1915 14/05/1917 Navy List g
Davies, David Llewellyn 07/11/1891 Wireman 2nd Class M13750 g
Davies, John Jacob Ray 02/07/1893 Gunner RMA 13596 g
Dawes, Frederick 02/06/1879 Gunner 02/03/1914 10/06/1919 Navy List g
Day, James Leading Cook's Mate 347590 g
Daysh, Albert Henry 06/07/1895 Able Seaman SS4393 g
Dearlove, John Edwin 30/07/1894 K16962 g
Deeble, James Arthur 13/09/1881 202991 g
Delahunty, Thomas 09/11/1882 Private RMLI 12/06/1913 05/03/1917 11863 ADM 159/55/11863 g
Deneys, James Godfrey Wood 30/07/1897 Midshipman 01/02/1916 14/09/1917 Navy List g
Dennis, George Alfred 14/12/1886 Able Seaman 230520 g
Dennys, Stanley Eversley Assistant Paymaster R.N.R. 23/03/1916 Navy List g
Dernier, William 16/02/1896 Gunner RMA 3796 g
Devlin, John Hugh Stoker 1st Class SS110437 g
Dodd, William Thomas 19/05/1890 Leading Seaman 237400 g
Donaghey, Robert 29/06/1899 Boy 1st Class J43433 g
Donegan, Thomas 27/08/1889 Stoker 1st Class 17/09/1914 06/03/1919 SS114907 g
Donne, Lewis Platford 10/12/1888 Band Corporal 24/10/1913 29/11/1917 719 ADM 159/105/719 g
Doore, Henry Norman 03/08/1890 J438 g
Doree, Henry Augustus 30/10/1896 Able Seaman 23/11/1915 21/04/1917 Z/2988 g
Dossett, George Henry 05/08/1896 Private RMLI 19157 ADM 159/131/19157 g
Douglas, Archibald Robert 22/07/1898 17/02/1919 Midshipman 01/02/1915 12/03/1917 Navy List g
Douglas, Stephen 09/11/1889 Musician RMB 03/01/1914 31/01/1919 1332 ADM 159/107/1332 g
Doyle, Mornington Joseph 31/12/1893 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class 28/01/1916 08/11/1916 M13304 g
Doyle, Patrick Blacksmith 346131 g
Drake, Henry John Edward 07/08/1896 Signalman J17037 g
Drew, Claude 28/07/1896 Carpenter's Crew M16394 g
Drew, Horace Walford 08/06/1896 Leading Telegraphist J16649 g
Drewer, William Ernest 04/10/1894 Able Seaman 01/04/1915 06/03/1919 SS4350 g
Drysdale, William 06/09/1885 Stoker Petty Officer 310586 g
Dudley, Charles John 02/04/1889 Stoker 1st Class K26861 g
Duerden, William 07/07/1886 Petty Officer 217382 g
Dumaresq, John Saumarez 26/10/1873 22/07/1922 Captain 19/12/1912 Navy List
Dunkley, Henry Edward 10/08/1894 K16632 g
Dunn, Edward 09/04/1892 Stoker 1st Class K6504 g
Dunn, Robert James 22/06/1893 J3762 g
Durnford, John Walter 25/10/1891 07/02/1967 Lieutenant 11/11/1915 21/02/1918 Navy List g
Easter, Hedley Powell 10/11/1884 Yeoman of Signals 216034 g
Eastland, Walter Henry 03/03/1888 Able Seaman 02/09/1915 19/11/1916 Z/1997 g
Eaves, Robert William 12/11/1896 Able Seaman J23830 g
Edgecombe, George Richard 08/12/1886 Stoker 1st Class 228950 g
Edwards, Arthur Able Seaman 238353 g
Edwards, Arthur Charles Drowley 31/05/1901 Bugler RMA 14634 g
Edwards, Garnet 06/05/1884 Officer's Steward 1st Class 360453 g
Ella, Charles Dawley 08/10/1874 270002 g
Elliott, James Stewart 28/02/1894 Musician 05/03/1912 02/08/1917 1463 ADM 159/108/1463 g
Elmes, Edward James 16/09/1895 Able Seaman 28/01/1915 28/05/1918 SS4462 g
Elvidge, Richard 21/04/1895 Able Seaman 05/10/1915 16/01/1917 Z/5552 g
Elwes, Aubrey Valentine Denis 23/07/1898 Midshipman 01/02/1915 14/01/1917 Navy List g
Elwood, Herbert 19/09/1896 Gunner RMA 13938 g
Emmerson, Arthur Edward 04/01/1887 Leading Seaman 222790 g
Emmerson, Robert Henry 15/09/1887 Able Seaman 229190 g
Enderwick, John Enderwick 23/04/1884 M675 g
England, Arthur Edwin 01/07/1886 Able Seaman 217201 g
Enright, William George Ewart 02/01/1888 Acting Paymaster 12/05/1916 01/06/1916 Navy List g
Erridge, Reginald Victor Born 16/04/1895 Able Seaman J10173 g
Evans, Cecil John 14/05/1896 Signalman J16826 g
Evans, Thomas C. Head Schoolmaster 12/01/1916 Navy List g
Evans, Walter John 01/01/1891 Musician RMB 01/01/1915 31/01/1919 958 ADM 159/106/958 g
Evans, William 09/02/1889 Stoker 1st Class K27331 g
Everitt, Ernest Edward 02/05/1883 Stoker Petty Officer 307278 g
Everrett, Arthur 14/05/1881 11/03/1953 Corporal 01/01/1916 05/03/1917 10177 ADM 159/81/10177 g
Ewin, George Stoker 1st Class SS112843 g
Fenna, Charles 30/12/1897 Able Seaman J23396 g
Fenton, Edward 12/07/1895 Gunner RMA 13588 g
Ferrett, William John Ferrett 24/02/1891 M4193 g
Field, Ernest Henry 21/11/1892 M8690 g
Finlayson, Alfred William John 03/09/1887 Flag Lieutenant 29/07/1914 01/06/1916 Navy List g
Fitchett, Charles 29/03/1887 Leading Stoker K278 g
Fitt, George Edwin 20/07/1895 Able Seaman SS4464 g
Fleming, Thomas Patrick Stoker 1st Class SS114898 g
Fletcher, John 15/07/1896 Able Seaman J16283 g
Fletcher, Joseph Arthur 21/09/1893 Stoker 1st Class K26860 g
Foers, John Joseph 04/12/1898 Ordinary Seaman J39145 g
Fothergill, Charles Gordon 30/10/1886 Lieutenant RMLI 06/05/1914 03/06/1916 Navy List g
Fowler, Arthur 11/02/1893 Stoker 1st Class K27057 g
Fowler, Harry 19/09/1878 Gunner RMA 05/03/1912 21/05/1917 7910 ADM 159/33/7910 g
Fox, Thomas Charles 02/02/1887 Private RMLI 10/03/1914 31/01/1919 14634 ADM 159/60/14634 g
Franklin, Ephraim 20/01/1876 Stoker RNR 17/09/1915 06/03/1919 V 682 BT 377/7/122592 g
Franklin, William 14/04/1891 Stoker 1st Class K26874 g
Fraser, Charles Douglas 22/10/1894 Painter 2nd Class M12440 g
Fraser, James Gordon 29/10/1882 Commander 30/06/1914 03/07/1916 Navy List g
Free, John 27/09/1894 K16706 g
French, Edward Charles Pendred 03/03/1888 Petty Officer 227834 g
French, Fred Ronald 02/09/1896 Able Seaman J22781 g
Frendo, Saloo 15/02/1893 Officer's Cook 1st Class L3514 g
Friend, Maurice 06/01/1897 Able Seaman 26/04/1916 17/06/1918 J32061 ADM 188/711/32061 g
Fry, Ernest Edward 10/10/1897 Officer's Cook 3rd Class 10/10/1915 19/06/1916 L5621 g
Fuller, Frederick William 16/11/1886 Stoker 1st Class 229277 g
Gable, George Samuel 15/02/1897 Ordinary Seaman 14/05/1915 17/08/1916 SS5645 g
Gadsdon, William John 01/03/1893 Officer's Steward 2nd Class 19/04/1915 04/06/1916 L6287 ADM 188/1000/6287 g
Galley, Fred 15/10/1897 Ordinary Seaman J37712 g
Gammon, Stanley Able Gammon 30/04/1893 Able Seaman 09/01/1915 30/06/1916 J4161 ADM 188/655/4161 g
Garbutt, William Parkinson 20/05/1872 J3504 g
Gardner, Harry Arthur Gardner 02/09/1891 J797 g
Gardner, Leo Gardner 08/06/1894 M4976 g
Gatiss, John 23/02/1877 Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 12/03/1914 31/12/1916 270322 Photo g
Geldard, John 03/10/1893 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M11627 g
Gerard, Cyril Wensley Potier 07/05/1896 Leading Telegraphist J17529 g
Gibson, Ernest Charles 25/12/1892 J3843 g
Giddy, Ernest Charles 08/05/1894 Able Seaman J14301 g
Gifford, Harold 23/12/1892 J5125 g
Gilbert, Thomas 31/08/1890 Stoker 1st Class K26841 g
Gilliland, Frederick Augustus 22/04/1880 292381 g
Gilroy, James Gardner 01/05/1895 Private RMLI 18259 ADM 159/130/18259 g
Glass, Albert Lennard 06/02/1891 K16685 g
Glimstead, Arthur George 11/06/1891 Stoker 1st Class K9145 g
Glister, George Henry Horner 09/01/1892 Stoker 1st Class K22825 g
Gold, George Edward 23/12/1893 K16699 g
Goodfellow, Henry 22/02/1895 Gunner RMA 13147 g
Goodin, Cecil Reginald Augustus 26/03/1897 Carpenter's Crew M16049 g
Goodman, William Joseph 24/09/1893 Stoker 1st Class SS112437 g
Goodwin, Thomas 09/12/1893 K16948 g
Gorman, Benjamin Stoker 1st Class SS105647 g
Goss, Charles Henry William Goss 31/08/1894 M5306 g
Gough-Calthorpe, Somerset Arthur 23/12/1864 27/07/1937 Vice-Admiral 11/03/1915 31/05/1916 Navy List g
Graham, John 06/01/1882 Clyde 5/2381 g
Granger, John Harry 17/06/1896 Telegraphist J16191 g
Grant, Frederick Henry 20/06/1892 Private RMLI 10/03/1914 01/05/1919 16641 ADM 159/127/16641 g
Green, Richard Headley 27/10/1892 J3003 g
Green, Timothy 11/04/1886 Leading Seaman 217699 g
Greenaway, Joe 29/07/1895 Private RMLI 10/03/1914 04/01/1918 17507 ADM 159/128/17507 g
Greene, Wilfred Frederick 06/06/1897 Ordinary Seaman J28179 g
Greene, William 21/10/1894 Able Seaman SS4394 g
Gregory, John Edward 18/06/1888 Stoker 1st Class K27042 g
Grey, William 03/10/1892 K21103 g
Griffin, John William 14/04/1891 J423 g
Griffin, Thomas Richard 09/10/1875 Chief Ship's Cook 07/03/1914 22/02/1919 340269 g
Griffiths, Archibald 10/06/1890 Stoker RNR 13/08/1914 06/03/1919 T 2889 BT 377/7/104734 g
Griffiths, Francis John Boy 1st Class J43403 g
Grubb, James 28/03/1892 Stoker 1st Class K8154 g
Guard, James Frederick 26/12/1897 Stoker 2nd Class 24/05/1916 21/03/1917 K31639 g
Guthrie, John Sturgeon 20/10/1893 Stoker 1st Class K23132 g
Habgood, Frederick Ernest 12/02/1897 J20164 g
Haigh, James Haigh 19/02/1889 M5895 g
Haigh, Jonas 12/12/1883 347174 g
Hales, Walter John Signal Boy J41828 g
Hall, Alfred William 16/08/1898 Boy 1st Class J28492 g
Hall, Edward John 14/07/1897 Ordinary Signalman J22768 g
Hall, Henry 30/10/1899 Boy 1st Class J39159 g
Halliday, William 21/04/1895 Able Seaman 24/02/1916 17/09/1916 SS5565 g
Hammond, Harry 29/01/1877 Stoker 1st Class 298951 g
Hammond, Harry 22/02/1896 Stoker Petty Officer K26881 g
Hampton, George Stoker 1st Class 12/10/1915 24/10/1916 SS113925 g
Hand, John James Stoker 1st Class SS116320 g
Harding, Herbert George 09/03/1887 Able Seaman 230100 g
Harper, George William Stoker 1st Class SS112316 g
Harris, Charles Edward 29/09/1889 Leading Stoker K13597 g
Harris, George Frederick 06/06/1886 Able Seaman 230372 g
Harris, Miles Alfred 19/07/1894 Gunner RMA 213312 g
Harris, Parowman 16/01/1896 Private RMLI 18113 g
Harris, Richard David 23/02/1886 Private RMLI 10/03/1914 26/11/1916 14719 ADM 159/60/14719 g
Harrow, Harry 01/09/1890 J2468 g
Hart, Walter Edward 08/08/1892 J1390 g
Hartnup, Clayton 04/12/1876 Warrant Mechanician 10/03/1914 Navy List g
Harvey, Ernest Christopher 15/12/1894 K21594 g
Harvey, Harold Ernest 23/08/1887 12/02/1923 Bugler RMLI 12169 g
Harvey, William 20/04/1897 Stoker 1st Class K27323 g
Hatton, William Thomas 04/10/1880 Bombardier RMA 02/01/1915 15/04/1917 9118 ADM 159/35/9118 g
Haupt, Arthur William 03/10/1896 Stoker 2nd Class K26895 g
Hawthorn, Edwin Davison 28/02/1887 Engineer Lieutenant 17/08/1915 18/04/1917 Navy List g
Hayward, Eric Guy Able Seaman 239740 g
Hayward, Ferdinand Albert 25/04/1892 Leading Stoker K13736 g
Heaps, Sidney John 02/08/1889 M2987 g
Heath, William Richard 18/05/1897 Ordinary Seaman J25005 g
Hedges, Percy Charles 12/01/1898 Ordinary Seaman J24998 g
Heffill, Harry Edward Alfred 14/06/1895 Signalman J14495 g
Heighes, Percy Eugene Heighes 07/01/1893 J9640 g
Hellier, Frederick Joseph James 14/03/1895 Officer's Steward 2nd Class 05/03/1915 17/10/1917 L4490 g
Henderson, Alexander 24/05/1891 Able Seaman 01/07/1915 06/03/1919 Z/3592 g
Henson, William James Witham 22/05/1889 Able Seaman 233767 g
Herring, Christian Richard William 13/10/1897 J22316 g
Hester, Alfred Ernest 16/06/1894 Stoker 1st Class 20/11/1913 25/11/1917 SS113097 g
Hibble, Thomas 18/03/1884 24/06/1963 Private RMLI 23/10/1914 09/11/1917 15558 ADM 159/125/15558 g
Hicton, Frederick Herbert 09/10/1892 J3181 g
Hill, Andrew 18/09/1894 Able Seaman 01/07/1915 06/03/1919 Z/3667 g
Hill, Francis 17/03/1886 Able Seaman 219289 g
Hill, Frederick 01/09/1897 2nd Cook's Mate M16145 g
Hill, Frederick Charles Stoker 1st Class SS115781 g
Hill, George 11/12/1882 Gunner 07/11/1915 20/05/1919 Navy List g
Hill, William 02/08/1893 Gunner RMA 13331 g
Hills, John George 19/09/1895 Able Seaman J13647 g
Hills, Robert Golding 07/02/1888 Able Seaman 227697 g
Hines, Herbert Charles Hines 07/12/1893 M4055 g
Hoadley, Harold Edwin 02/06/1888 Able Seaman 228709 g
Hocking, George William 26/09/1888 Able Seaman 236115 g
Holdaway, Arthur 27/08/1889 Gunner RMA 05/03/1912 05/06/1916 11947 ADM 159/84/11947 g
Holland, George Alexander 13/08/1890 Ordinary Seaman 14/05/1915 27/08/1916 J36079 ADM 188/719/36079 -
difficult to determine end date
Hollingsworth, Ernest 11/07/1888 Leading Seaman 230758 g
Holmes, Richard Edward Stoker 1st Class SS116821 g
Holmes, William 18/06/1891 K21087 g
Hood, Alfred Cecil 15/02/1898 Private RMLI 19766 ADM 159/132/19766 g
Hood, James Broadley 26/12/1886 Petty Officer 01/05/1915 03/12/1916 231038 AKA: Broadley, James g
Hooker, David 16/07/1892 J2030 g
Hookins, William Carl 08/09/1895 Able Seaman SS4456 g
Hopkins, Albert Charles 26/06/1886 Able Seaman 224899 g
Hopkins, Arthur George 01/02/1898 Private RMLI 19761 ADM 159/132/19761 g
Hoskins, Albert George 29/11/1895 Stoker 1st Class K24589 g
Howard, Albert George 10/04/1897 Stoker 1st Class K26890 g
Howard, Arthur Herbert 24/12/1894 Private RMLI 17596 g
Howell, Albert Leading Seaman 238549 g
Hughes, Percival Francis William 26/11/1894 Ship's Steward's Asst M10018 g
Humphrey, Henry John Humphrey 29/07/1894 J9452 g
Hunt, Edward 18/06/1897 Ordinary Seaman J27961 g
Hunter, John 21/04/1895 K21063 g
Huntsdale, Thomas 21/08/1889 Musician RMB 05/03/1912 13/08/1916 424 ADM 159/104/424 g
Hurll, Alfred Henry 28/02/1895 Able Seaman 07/09/1915 06/03/1917 Z/2140 ADM 337/37/65 g
Husband, William 18/05/1886 Stoker RNR 24/08/1914 06/03/1919 S 1405 BT 377/7/78072 g
Hutchison, William John Stoker 1st Class SS110853 g
Hyde, Charles 25/04/1893 L1387 g
Hyde, Richard Joseph 13/11/1889 Leading Signalman 236930 g
Hymans, Frederick 05/03/1891 Stoker 1st Class K5515 g
Ing, George Frederick 02/07/1890 Officer's Steward 1st Class L4406 g
Ing, Sydney Thomas 20/04/1899 Boy Servant 15/06/1915 12/12/1916 L6710 ADM 188/1001/6710 g
Jackson, Albert John 26/11/1894 Stoker 1st Class K26840 g
Jackson, Ernest Wilfred 30/12/1898 Signal Boy J30788 g
Jackson, Francis 17/07/1898 Ordinary Seaman J35573 g
Jackson, Frederick 01/07/1887 Able Seaman 234020 g
Jackson, Thomas James Stoker 1st Class SS113109 g
Jacobs, James 16/02/1890 Musician RMB 11/06/1914 31/01/1919 560 ADM 159/105/560 g
Jacobs, John Thomas James 18/09/1897 Ordinary Seaman J23503 g
James, Arthur 20/02/1881 Mechanician 297982 g
James, George Loftus 27/10/1894 K16910 g
Janes, John Private RMLI 16888 g
Jay, Stanley Harold 01/03/1897 Stoker 1st Class 13/01/1916 01/05/1919 SS117000 g
Jefferies, Bertie 10/02/1899 Boy 1st Class J38152 g
Jenden, Albert Edward 16/12/1887 J1854 g
Jenkinson, John George 22/09/1884 Private RMLI 10/03/1914 19/08/1916 10125 ADM 159/52/10125 g
Johnson, Arthur Harold 25/10/1892 Corporal RMLI 16/10/1914 19/12/1916 16672 ADM 159/127/16672 g
Johnson, Henry Herbert 23/09/1897 Ordinary Seaman J26693 g
Johnson, Henry William 28/10/1890 Stoker 1st Class 20/11/1913 27/09/1916 SS113087 g
Johnson, James 16/07/1896 Stoker 1st Class K25099 g
Jones, Charles Edward Leading Carpenter's Crew 345489 g
Jones, Herbert Walter 20/01/1890 Stoker 1st Class K26956 g
Jones, James Robert 24/08/1892 J3270 g
Jones, Robert James Stoker 1st Class 04/10/1915 06/03/1919 SS112466 g
Jones, Sidney Walter 08/08/1892 J2869 g
Jordan, Bertie Conrad Jordan 08/07/1893 J9030 g
Jordan, Henry Stoker 1st Class 15/12/1915 09/07/1917 SS104401 g
Joss, Edward Stoker 1st Class SS111416 g
Joyce, James 19/05/1885 Ship's Corporal 1st Class 212494 g
Jupp, Walter Barling 07/10/1893 Stoker Petty Officer K12929 g
Kearsley, John 03/03/1898 Private RMLI 19809 ADM 159/133/19809 g
Keeler, Percy Walter 17/06/1895 Boy Servant 09/02/1916 06/03/1919 L7613 ADM 188/1003/7613 g
Keen, Henry Ernest William 13/08/1889 Gunner RMA 05/12/1915 31/01/1919 11855 ADM 159/84/11855 g
Kemp, Harry 25/04/1890 Stoker Petty Officer K1996 g
Kendrick, George Kendrick 22/08/1892 M7975 g
Kennedy, Christopher 26/03/1886 Able Seaman 217077 g
Kennedy, Clement Francis 14/08/1893 Private RMLI 17594 g
Kerr, James Connell 26/10/1885 Able Seaman 215393 g
Kimber, Frederick 05/03/1895 Able Seaman J13730 g
King, George Thomas 21/05/1896 Stoker 1st Class K22824 g
King, William George 19/05/1890 Stoker 1st Class K26972 g
Kingsley, Albert Edward Amos 11/12/1895 Stoker 1st Class K22624 g
Kirkpatrick, William 12/11/1890 Stoker 1st Class 17/09/1914 23/05/1917 K21048 Photo g
Knowles, Joseph 29/07/1881 202998 g
Knowles, Stanley 18/12/1893 Able Seaman 30/09/1915 06/03/1919 Z/5571 g
Kurn, William 20/12/1892 Stoker 1st Class K26878 g
Lake, John Strickland 06/10/1887 Assistant Paymaster R.N.R. 11/03/1915 08/02/1917 Navy List g
Lakeman, William 16/09/1894 K16680 g
Laker, Arthur Burton 10/07/1894 Officer's Steward 2nd Class 01/07/1915 04/06/1916 L4942 g
Lambert, Henry Alexander 23/03/1892 Lieutenant 15/01/1915 03/11/1917 Navy List g
Lander, Albert Victor 29/05/1888 Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class 271295 g
Lane, Herbert William 08/11/1890 Stoker 1st Class K26858 g
Lane, Lillistone Powys 21/05/1898 Midshipman 01/02/1915 14/01/1917 Navy List g
Lang, Charles William Boy 1st Class J43416 g
Latham, Percy Barkley Latham 04/02/1889 M3131 g
Lavis, William 26/06/1874 Cooper 05/03/1912 28/10/1916 340793 g
Lawrence, Horace 10/12/1883 Able Seaman 208677 g
Lawrence, Walter Thomas 19/10/1886 Leading Seaman 229012 g
Leadon, Leslie 28/10/1898 Boy 1st Class J30280 g
Leaning, Arthur Edward 24/09/1893 Able Seaman 14/10/1915 21/08/1917 SS3937 g
Lee, Alfred 24/06/1886 Stoker 1st Class K26875 g
Lee, Frederick 21/03/1886 Signalman 25/05/1916 10/08/1916 Z/379 g
Lee, George 27/02/1880 Shipwright 1st Class 01/08/1914 30/09/1918 342198 g
Lee, Henry John 15/10/1889 Stoker 1st Class K12932 g
Leigh, Frederick Basil 28/04/1896 Sub-Lieutenant 02/11/1915 04/08/1917 Navy List g
Leigh, Joseph Ship's Cook 347790 g
Lewell Alias Herbert Kerry, Herbert 31/07/1883 Chief Stoker 23/03/1915 02/03/1917 299063 ADM 188/485/299063 g
Lewell, Herbert 31/07/1883 Chief Stoker 299063 g
Lewis, Edward E. Engineer Commander 01/11/1913 Navy List g
Lewis, Joseph 03/12/1897 Able Seaman J25007 g
Lewis, William 10/03/1892 Stoker 1st Class K9063 g
Linard, William 10/09/1887 Ship's Corporal 1st Class 225554 g
Lince, Bertie 10/03/1897 Able Seaman J21788 g
Lincoln, John Thomas 03/05/1885 Stoker 1st Class SS466 g
Lindsey, Alfred 17/02/1885 Petty Officer 219800 g
Line, Bertie Thurling 11/10/1888 Musician RMB 21/01/1916 17/06/1918 685 ADM 159/105/685 g
Lines, Rowland Evan 15/05/1894 Leading Seaman J14870 g
Linter, David Henri 25/01/1896 2nd Cook's Mate M15523 g
Littlewood, William 20/01/1894 Officer's Steward 1st Class L2873 g
Livingstone, Duncan 12/11/1891 Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 01/10/1914 22/02/1919 2/1696 g
Lockyer, Albert 18/02/1897 03/02/1917 Able Seaman 14/10/1915 03/02/1917 Z/5945 g
Lomath, Thomas Edwin 22/06/1898 Boy 1st Class J28326 g
Long, Robert Stoker 1st Class 14/05/1914 10/12/1917 SS113775 g
Longley, Christopher 09/03/1895 K21091 g
Lovatt, Laurence 09/08/1897 L7877 g
Lovegrove, John William 29/03/1892 K16698 g
Lovett, John 18/12/1892 Able Seaman 07/09/1915 30/09/1918 Z/2122 g
Low, Humphrey Victor 11/03/1897 Midshipman 01/02/1916 14/09/1917 Navy List g
Lowe, Percy Gordon 20/08/1885 Petty Officer 214957 g
Lumby, John Rawson 26/05/1897 Midshipman 01/02/1916 14/09/1917 Navy List g
Lurcook, William John 05/02/1896 Able Seaman 27/01/1916 01/07/1918 Z/2694 g
Lyell, John Arthur 09/10/1887 Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class 25/02/1913 25/02/1917 M1689 ADM 188/1021/1689 g
Lyell, John Arthur Lyell 09/10/1887 M1689 g
Lymn, Frank Reginald Lymn 03/08/1891 M2066 g
Mabbitt, Thomas Henry Mabbitt 27/02/1893 M5712 g
Mackay, John 22/08/1895 Stoker 1st Class 17606 g
Maddock, Joseph Edwin 26/07/1893 Ordinary Seaman K24238 g
Maeers, Russell Robert Berry 27/12/1897 J28493 g
Maeers, Russell Robert Berry 22/08/1895 Private RMLI 17606 g
Maher, Thomas William 03/12/1892 Private RMLI 05/03/1912 16/10/1916 16744 ADM 159/127/16744 g
Main, Sydney Edward 26/05/1886 Engineer Lieutenant 31/10/1913 Navy List g
Maker, John 24/04/1895 Stoker 1st Class 17/09/1914 06/03/1919 SS115055 g
Mallin, Percival Thomas 10/04/1888 Leading Stoker K440 g
Marcham, James William Marcham 28/09/1893 K16631 g
Markham, Robert 11/11/1881 Mechanician 297466 g
Marks, Lewis Arthur 24/02/1897 Officer's Steward 3rd Class 24/07/1915 15/11/1917 L6157 ADM 188/1000/6157 g
Marks, Wilson 24/01/1885 Stoker 1st Class 303357 g
Marsh, James Frederick 14/11/1896 Officer's Steward 3rd Class 14/09/1915 19/06/1916 L6756 ADM 188/1001/6756 g
Marsh, Percy Douglas 01/11/1890 Stoker 1st Class K2013 g
Martin, Albert Charles 02/02/1899 Musician RMB 15/03/1915 08/08/1917 2081 ADM 159/110/2081 g
Martin, Lewis 31/08/1890 Able Seaman RNVR 02/09/1915 22/03/1918 Z/4184 g
Martin, Thomas Victor William 07/09/1895 Able Seaman J12708 g
Martin, Walter Harold Martin 06/08/1891 M4522 g
Martin, William 30/01/1895 K21039 g
Martin, William Henry Ordinary Seaman SS5526 g
Maskell, Horace 21/10/1884 Able Seaman 215811 g
Mather, John Arthur 13/08/1894 Gunner RMA 13257 g
Matten, Albert Edwin James 28/12/1898 Signal Boy J37293 g
Mawson, Walter Leading Seaman 238415 g
Maxwell, Thomas Gardner Petty Officer Telegraphist 238801 g
May, Harry 16/08/1884 Stoker Petty Officer 305369 g
Maynard, Arthur Edwin 13/02/1889 Leading Stoker K8285 g
Maynard, Sidney Arthur 17/05/1899 Boy 1st Class J38184 g
Maynard, William 16/03/1893 Officer's Steward 2nd Class L3571 g
Mayne, Howard Bertram Chaplain 03/03/1914 Navy List g
Mays, Edward 28/03/1880 Stoker 1st Class K26870 g
Mcadams, George Stoker 1st Class SS109176 g
Mcarthur, Charles Stewart 25/05/1883 Blacksmith's Mate M17329 g
Mccarthy, Charles 21/05/1896 Ordinary Seaman J35933 g
Mcclelland, Allan 31/12/1889 Gunner RMA 12028 g
McCorquindale, Alexander 28/10/1878 Artificer Engineer 10/03/1914 12/02/1917 Navy List g
Mckeown, Daniel 05/05/1883 Stoker 1st Class 214107 g
Mcmurray, James Stoker 1st Class SS112985 g
Mearns, Ebenezer 14/08/1888 Carpenter's Crew M14380 g
Medgett, Edward John 08/12/1894 Stoker 1st Class K22773 g
Meese, Harrison 14/06/1897 Able Seaman 14/10/1915 06/03/1919 Z/5939 g
Membry, Harry 28/01/1894 Stoker 1st Class K15855 g
Merchant, Ernest John 09/07/1882 Stoker Petty Officer 299891 g
Meredith, William Henry 20/09/1895 Wireman 2nd Class M15905 g
Merriman, William John Ordinary Seaman SS5483 g
Merritt, Frederick John 23/04/1896 2nd Cook's Mate M16287 g
Miles, Ernest Hampton 29/06/1889 Private RMLI 10/03/1914 31/03/1917 15859 ADM 159/125/15859 g
Millar, William Nicol 14/02/1897 Stoker 1st Class K24939 g
Miller, Charles Ernest 13/10/1889 Wireman 2nd Class M13754 g
Mills, David Private RMLI 17354 g
Milne, Charles 30/01/1899 Boy 1st Class 27/05/1916 29/01/1917 J31728 ADM 188/710/31728 g
Milne, Charles Milne 30/01/1899 J31728 g
Milton, Thomas 16/09/1893 Leading Stoker K13577 g
Mintram, Charles Alfred Edward 31/10/1895 Musician RMB 10/05/1916 16/05/1918 1623 ADM 159/108/1623 g
Mitchell, Arthur Charles Able Seaman 237852 g
Mitchell, Charles 10/04/1893 Stoker 1st Class K26883 g
Moffatt, Albert Victor 03/07/1896 Stoker 1st Class K26872 g
Molyneux, Henry 12/01/1881 Stoker Petty Officer 296095 g
Monk, Archibald Thomas 19/06/1895 Private RMLI 18213 ADM 159/130/18213 g
Montagu, George Frederick 12/03/1883 Lieutenant-Commander 28/07/1914 Navy List g
Moore, Arthur Harold 06/12/1893 Stoker 1st Class K26882 g
Moore, Thomas W. Chief Carpenter 10/03/1914 Navy List g
Moore, William 29/04/1894 Able Seaman 05/10/1915 08/04/1918 Z/5575 g
Moore, William Robert Stoker 1st Class 18/10/1912 06/03/1919 SS111409 g
Morgan, John George Shipwright 1st Class 345375 g
Morling, John 24/05/1875 Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 05/03/1912 23/08/1917 268762 g
Morrell, George Edward Able Seaman 238733 g
Mott, Alfred George 10/01/1893 Stoker 1st Class 25/10/1915 16/03/1917 SS113485 g
Mount, Thistle 04/11/1894 K16912 g
Murgatroyd, James 20/02/1889 Stoker 1st Class K26109 g
Murphy, John Timothy 04/12/1894 Gunner RMA 13923 g
Museth, Frank 22/05/1896 Stoker 1st Class K22776 g
Myers, Matthew 26/08/1896 Able Seaman J16705 g
Myers, Thomas Edward 11/07/1899 Boy Telegraphist J36286 g
Nash, William James 20/07/1894 K16700 g
Naulder, Alfred Frederick 27/01/1897 J20918 g
Naylor, Edward 12/11/1871 Chief Stoker 16/11/1915 14/05/1918 280594 g
Neal, John Mitchell 08/02/1898 Gunner RMA 14546 g
Newsome, Percy Wynne 02/12/1880 Able Seaman 30/09/1915 06/03/1917 Z/4959 g
Nicholls, Ambrose Edwin Nicholls 03/05/1894 J8092 g
Nicholson, John 31/10/1893 3rd Writer 16/04/1916 27/02/1919 M19317 ADM 188/1056/19317 g
Nicholson, Thomas Henry 16/05/1896 Stoker 1st Class SS115860 g
Nokes, George Frederick 25/12/1893 Stoker 1st Class 20/11/1913 09/01/1918 SS113101 g
Norfor, Bertie Henry 13/07/1895 Stoker 1st Class K22774 g
Norman, William 22/10/1885 Stoker Petty Officer 308772 g
Norris, John Richard 24/11/1895 Private RMLI 18053 ADM 159/129/18053 g
Oakes, Albert Ernest 11/06/1882 202838 g
Oakes, Harry 01/07/1887 Able Seaman 225091 g
Ockelford, Stephen Warren Chief Electrical Artificer 2nd Class 347795 g
Oesch, Albert Christian 17/01/1895 Signalman J13472 g
Oldershaw, Philip 12/04/1888 Yeoman of Signals 231669 g
Oliver, David Spencer Wake 05/04/1888 Carpenter's Crew M17262 g
Orchard, Thomas Henry 08/02/1897 Able Seaman J25894 g
Ovenall, Albert Edward 30/04/1899 Boy 1st Class J32796 g
Owen, Frederick Stanley 29/04/1896 Able Seaman J15054 g
Owen, Jones 21/11/1885 Ship's Steward's Assistant M13050 g
Page, Samuel Herbert 22/02/1888 M724 g
Page, William Jasper 19/08/1878 Chief Stoker 17/03/1915 29/04/1917 286336 g
Palmer, George Richard 26/01/1892 Stoker 2nd Class K31773 g
Parker, Alfred Ernest 04/06/1895 Able Seaman J13469 g
Parker, William Francis 30/04/1892 J/254 g
Parkins, Francis William 27/05/1896 Able Seaman J15743 g
Parrott, Albert Edwin Stoker 1st Class 27/11/1913 05/04/1917 SS113105 g
Parrott, Lawrence George Cecil 25/08/1897 Able Seaman J25440 g
Paxton, George Alfred 12/04/1896 Able Seaman J16233 g
Pelham, Harry Alan 29/04/1891 Lieutenant 04/08/1915 30/04/1918 Navy List g
Pelham, John 09/04/1886 Mechanician 307635 g
Pennington, Henry 13/04/1883 Stoker 1st Class 301107 g
Perrie, William Robertson 21/06/1894 Able Seaman J14321 g
Perriman, Frank 10/11/1892 J1936 g
Pettitt, Villars 25/12/1878 Stoker Petty Officer 27/03/1913 31/03/1918 286920 g
Pettman, Frederick 24/01/1895 K21090 g
Phillips, William Henry Edward Phillips 02/08/1892 J3390 g
Philpott, Frederick 05/11/1887 Stoker Petty Officer 225424 g
Philpott, William George 01/08/1888 Petty Officer 229204 g
Playford, George Henry 22/08/1895 Able Seaman SS4457 g
Plumridge, Edwin 09/07/1894 Stoker 1st Class 27/11/1913 17/08/1916 SS113112 ADM 188/1119/113112 g
Plumridge, Ernest Henry 29/04/1880 03/04/1958 Corporal RMLI 10/03/1914 01/09/1918 9077 ADM 159/35/9077 g
Podger, Charles Samuel 19/05/1881 Gunner RMA 27/02/1912 01/05/1919 8343 ADM 159/33/8343 g
Pollentine, Alfred Shaw 05/08/1891 Able Seaman SS3027 g
Pope, Harry Frank Private RMLI 17215 g
Poulter, William Ernest 26/07/1896 Able Seaman J25095 g
Poulter, William Frederick 30/09/1896 Able Seaman 05/10/1915 05/11/1916 Z/290 g
Poulton, Cyril Hugh 01/03/1892 J1902 g
Powell, George Arthur Ingham 11/09/1897 Ordinary Seaman J37777 g
Prebble, William James 06/05/1883 Petty Officer 206391 g
Prichard, Neville Arthur 04/11/1896 Midshipman 01/02/1916 14/09/1917 Navy List g
Pritchard, Edwin George 22/02/1895 Cook's Mate 11/07/1915 08/02/1916 M11193 ADM 188/1040/11193 g
Pritchard, Frederick Albert 17/12/1888 Leading Seaman 236689 g
Prowse, William Henry 22/01/1890 Leading Seaman 235938 g
Purnell, George William Leonard 22/10/1895 Musician RMB 05/03/1912 16/05/1918 1713 ADM 159/109/1713 g
Pursey, William George 14/11/1897 Ordinary Seaman J24512 g
Putz, Frederick James Stoker 1st Class SS113496 g
Pye, William Frederick 28/01/1893 Stoker 1st Class K26959 g
Pyles, Charles Arthur 01/12/1895 Stoker 1st Class K23122 g
Pyrke, George Alfred 19/06/1883 Petty Officer 205958 g
Quelch, Arthur James 22/04/1893 Leading Stoker K12671 g
Quianlan, William George 23/10/1891 Corporal 01/01/1915 22/04/1919 15272 ADM 159/124/15272 g
Quilter, Ernest 13/12/1896 Gunner RMA 01/12/1915 13/02/1919 14298 Photo g
Quinlan, Arthur Augustus 05/05/1892 Leading Stoker K10033 g
Rackham, John William Herbert Rackham 03/06/1892 M6667 g
Radcliffe, Cyril 25/08/1876 Secretary 19/12/1913 01/06/1916 Navy List g
Rainey, James Stoker 1st Class K25179 g
Ralley, Alfred Thomas g
Ramson, Hary 03/11/1894 Able Seaman 13/12/1913 30/08/1917 J14268 ADM 188/675/14268 g
Randell, Ernest 14/07/1890 Corporal RMLI 14/04/1915 05/03/1917 15943 ADM 159/125/15943 g
Rands, John William Able Seaman J19526 g
Rankin, Norman Hugh Commander 31/03/1914 Navy List g
Ransom, Harry Able Seaman J14268 g
Ravin, Harry Gunner RMA 12699 g
Read, Arthur Charles Read g
Reckitt, Charles E. Temporary Surgeon 20/05/1915 Navy List g
Redit, Walter Edward Able Seaman 236294 g
Redpath, John 24/02/1893 Able Seaman 05/04/1913 31/05/1918 J7416 Photo g
Reed, Frank Able Seaman 230630 g
Reed, Frederick James Ordinary Seaman J23142 g
Reeves, Thomas Sargent 11/02/1878 Gunner (T) 12/01/1913 14/09/1916 Navy List g
Reid, James 20/12/1897 J32284 Dates unclear b
Relph Alias Relf, John William Band Corporal RMB 1158 g
Reynolds, Herbert John Able Seaman J16256 g
Reynolds, John James Stoker 1st Class SS113096 g
Reynolds, Sydney g
Riches, Frederic William Able Seaman 234523 g
Ridge, Herbert Thomas 01/12/1892 Leading Stoker 18/05/1916 19/06/1918 K12904 Photo g
Rigby, John William Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M12091 g
Rivers, Fred 29/01/1890 08/09/1957 Acting Leading Stoker 23/03/1916 06/12/1916 SS111172 g
Roberts, Francis Roberts g
Roberts, George Thomas g
Roberts, Thomas Charles Stoker 1st Class K26873 g
Robins, Fred Stoker Petty Officer 357928 g
Robinson, Henry Able Seaman J22795 g
Robinson, John Cottier 02/05/1887 Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 01/01/1916 29/01/1917 M12526 ADM 188/1043/12526 g
Robinson, John Cottier Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Cl M12526 g
Robinson, Julius Edward Francis 07/08/1877 Petty Officer 14/03/1914 06/03/1919 178409 g
Robinson, Marshall H. Naval Instructor 21/01/1916 Navy List g
Robinson, Walter George Ordinary Seaman J28487 g
Rogers, Norman Leading Stoker 298675 g
Rogerson, John Thomas 10/10/1887 Able Seaman 30/09/1915 14/11/1916 Z/5456 g
Rose, Leonard George Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M16159 g
Ross, William Henry g
Rosser, Christopher Stoker 1st Class K28186 g
Rouse, John Amiss g
Rowland, James Alfred Boy 1st Class J39131 g
Rowson, John Henry Stoker 1st Class K15988 g
Royall, James Robert g
Ruberry, Percy Reginald Able Seaman J10379 g
Rubery, Henry Able Seaman J16303 g
Rump, Ernest William g
Rush, William Henry Able Seaman J21583 g
Russell, William Boy 1st Class J35575 g
Russell, William Henry Stoker 1st Class K22821 g
Ryan, Hugh Ryan g
Ryan, John 09/06/1897 Stoker 1st Class 11/01/1916 09/10/1916 SS117236 ADM 188/1123/117236 g
Ryder, John Able Seaman 225497 g
Sallnow, Joseph Ordinary Seaman J23052 g
Salmon, Ernest George Able Seaman 234456 g
Saltren-Willet, George Augustus Lieutenant-Commander 12/03/1916 Navy List g
Sampson, Arthur William Victor Able Seaman J23073 g
Sams, Harry Gentry Able Seaman 226217 g
Sandell, William Edward Gunner RMA 13326 g
Savage, George Alfred Able Seaman 215650 g
Savage, James 05/09/1878 Stoker 1st Class 21/05/1915 16/08/1917 288061 g
Sayers, Henry Hugo Able Seaman SS4458 g
Schiff, Frederick Gerald 31/03/1888 Sergeant RMLI 16/02/1915 09/12/1917 15143 ADM 159/124/15143 g
Schofield, Arthur Stoker 1st Class K22820 g
Scott, Henry George Ingram Stoker 1st Class K23305 g
Scott, John Henry Able Seaman 232367 g
Scrimshire, Arthur Able Seaman SS4142 g
Scrivener, John Leading Seaman 217295 g
Seage, Richard Balsdon 11/09/1893 Able Seaman 30/09/1915 06/03/1917 Z/2237 g
Sedgwick, Frederick 06/11/1879 Stoker Petty Officer 23/03/1915 06/05/1917 289224 g
Sellick, Sydney John Stoker 1st Class K12966 g
Sennett, Frederick William Able Seaman 235709 g
Serjeant, William James Ordinary Seaman SS5501 g
Seymour, Edwin Stephen g
Seymour, George Herbert Stoker 1st Class K28015 g
Sharpe, Frederick George Officer's Steward 2nd Class L4103 g
Sharpe, Henry Stoker 1st Class 02/12/1915 14/11/1916 SS112862 g
Shaw, Charles James 15/11/1884 Stoker 1st Class 02/12/1915 31/03/1918 SS103107 g
Shaw, Clifton Able Seaman J16231 g
Sheldrick, Arthur Alfred John 17/07/1887 Gunner RMA 10/11/1913 31/01/1919 11736 ADM 159/84/11736 g
Shepherd, Frederick Banks Electrical Artificer 1st Class 346353 g
Sherlock, Stanley Gunner RMA 13040 g
Shersby, Frank Ernest Stoker Petty Officer 306335 g
Shoebridge, William Henry Leading Seaman J14267 g
Short, Joseph Renwick Carpenter's Crew M17255 g
Shreeves, Herbert John 21/06/1891 Private RMLI 05/07/1914 08/05/1918 16627 ADM 159/127/16627 g
Shrubb, George Able Seaman J12388 g
Shute, Andrew Alfred Boy 1st Class J39119 g
Sictorness, Henry William Ordinary Seaman SS5502 g
Sidders, Arthur 29/12/1892 Leading Stoker 30/11/1915 15/11/1916 K12907 Photo g
Simm, Henry 20/01/1896 Able Seaman 14/10/1915 01/03/1919 Z/6005 g
Skeat, Edward Reuben Alfred 2nd Cook's Mate M11194 g
Skinner, William Richard Ordinary Seaman J25435 g
Slade, John Reginald 20/01/1892 Assistant Paymaster 16/01/1916 15/09/1916 Navy List g
Slater, Alfred Boy Telegraphist J36067 g
Slatter, John Isaac Able Seaman SS4314 g
Sleet, Frank 10/07/1895 g
Smart, William Henry Ordinary Seaman J39128 g
Smith, Albert Charles Smith g
Smith, Albert Edward Ordinary Seaman J25472 g
Smith, Arthur Frederick 3rd Writer M10863 g
Smith, Charles Able Seaman SS4460 g
Smith, Edward Amos Stoker 1st Class K26889 g
Smith, Harry Able Seaman J23398 g
Smith, Percy John g
Smith, Robert Ernest Able Seaman J22705 g
Smith, Sidney Balfour Stoker 1st Class K26871 g
Smith, William Walter Ordinary Seaman J25906 g
Smyth, John Able Seaman J12690 g
Snelgrove, James Stoker 1st Class 303089 g
Snowden, Herbert Stoker 1st Class SS112072 g
Somes, Francis Victor Able Seaman J11063 g
Southin, Ralph Sydney 29/07/1888 Acting Mate (E) 23/05/1916 Navy List g
Spall, Thomas George Spall g
Sparkes, Reginald Stoker 1st Class K26892 g
Spenceley, Charles Lawrence Spenceley g
Spencer, Joseph Leading Stoker 311019 g
Spencer, Thomas Dennison 16/04/1897 Private RMLI 19371 ADM 159/132/19371 g
Spinks, Robert Able Seaman 210249 g
Spinner, Leonard Sydney g
Spurway, Robert John Vyvyan 31/07/1898 Assistant Clerk 12/02/1916 09/06/1916 Navy List g
Stacey, Arthur Ernest 03/01/1883 Ship's Steward 07/03/1914 27/02/1918 342071 g
Stageman, Frederick William Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M13299 g
Stedman, James Leading Stoker K12574 g
Steel, David Steel g
Stephens, Owen Ernest Able Seaman 218522 g
Stevens, James Stoker 1st Class K26944 g
Stevens, Sydney Frank Ordinary Signalman J38174 g
Stimson, Frederick Cornelius g
Stoppard, Herbert Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class M13064 g
Street, James g
Stuart, Albert Edward Ordinary Seaman J37717 g
Surridge, John Edwin Stoker 1st Class K26932 g
Swindell, William Able Seaman 238766 g
Taylor, Frederick John Boy 1st Class J34443 g
Telford, Samuel Lauson 28/01/1874 Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 25/05/1915 09/07/1917 268520 g
Thatcher, Sidney James g
Thomas, Cecil Richelieu Able Seaman J23379 g
Thomas, Edward Armourer's Crew M10408 g
Thomas, Frederick Sidney 21/10/1887 Private RMLI 30/05/1916 12/02/1918 15176 ADM 159/124/15176 g
Thompson, Hugh Stanley Able Seaman 239440 g
Thorn, John Ordinary Seaman J25923 g
Thurlow, John William Stoker 1st Class 306553 g
Thurston, Albert Edwin 29/11/1872 Chief Stoker 10/03/1908 31/03/1918 276442 g
Todd, Frederick William Charles Todd 20/06/1893 J5775 g
Topp, Thomas Edward Ship's Steward's Assistant M12941 g
Tredrea, Thomas Martin John Able Seaman 223191 g
Trice, William Leading Stoker K12903 g
Trigg, John David Stoker 1st Class K26855 g
Tripp, William Henry 14/02/1895 J48335 g
Troup, Arthur George 02/06/1879 Major RMA c Dec 1915 Navy List g
Truman, Thomas Sharland George 26/03/1889 Gunner RMA 20/12/1913 05/03/1919 212259 ADM 159/85/212259 g
Tucker, Edwin Benjamin Able Seaman SS4391 g
Tucker, John Stoker 1st Class K26886 g
Tucker, Walter Russell 01/07/1893 Clerk to Secretary 20/11/1915 01/06/1916 Navy List g
Tuffield, William Albert 28/11/1892 Stoker 1st Class 25/10/1915 10/01/1917 SS112714 g
Tumber, Norman Edward Able Seaman SS4735 g
Turner, Horatio Hilton Ship's Steward's Assistant M17809 g
Turrell, Thomas Able Seaman SS4313 g
Unwin, Frederick John g
Verrall, Frederick Boy 1st Class J39230 g
Veryard, William James 04/01/1877 Signal Boatswain 29/07/1914 22/12/1916 Navy List g
Vickers, William Spencer 19/12/1894 Private RMLI 17595 g
Vickery, William Harold Henry Stoker 1st Class K24270 g
Vigor, Eric Gunner 14504 g
Vincer, James Claude Ordinary Seaman J27499 g
Vyse, Alfred Albert Ordinary Seaman J23060 g
Wade, William James 28/02/1895 Able Seaman 23/11/1915 01/03/1919 Z/2746 g
Wadey, Joseph 12/01/1891 Able Seaman 23/11/1915 06/03/1919 Z/2992 g
Wainwright, Frank Edward Able Seaman J25462 g
Walker, John Painter 2nd Class M13903 g
Walker, Robert Hamilton g
Wallace, William Charles Stoker 1st Class K27043 g
Wallis, William Henry Stoker Petty Officer 308786 g
Walne, Archibald Frederick David Signalman 237382 g
Walsh, Martin William Cecil Leading Seaman 210657 g
Walsh, Sidney Norman Walsh g
Walsh, William Cecil Martin 10/09/1884 Leading Seaman 10/02/1916 30/06/1918 210657 ADM 188/368/210657 g
Walton, William Frank Armourer 344166 g
Ward, Charles Frank Petty Officer 240088 g
Ward, George Edward Brant Ordinary Seaman J33151 g
Ward, John 23/02/1892 J1144 g
Ward, Nathan Reginald Ordinary Seaman J30545 g
Ward, Samuel Able Seaman 230153 g
Warner, Frederick Charles g
Warren, Christopher Frederick Mechanician 308634 g
Waterhouse, George William Ordinary Seaman J37729 g
Waters, William Edward 03/09/1875 Stoker Petty Officer 04/03/1913 06/03/1919 277913 g
Watkins, Arthur Albert Able Seaman J19750 g
Watson, Claud Raymond Able Seaman J15861 g
Watts, George John 07/11/1893 Musician RMB 05/03/1912 17/06/1918 1633 ADM 159/109/1633 g
Weaver, Harry g
Webb, George William 22/05/1887 Warrant Engineer R.N.R. 06/04/1916 08/02/1917 Navy List g
Webb, Robert Charles Stoker 1st Class K5855 g
Webster, Harold Lionel Stoker 1st Class 21/08/1913 28/03/1917 SS112463 g
Webster, Herbert Laurence Able Seaman 207116 g
Welsh, William Edward Nagle Stoker Petty Officer 304823 g
Whatley, Frederick Charles Stoker 1st Class K26842 g
Wheeler, William Barnett Mechanician 310095 g
Whillock, Joseph Benjamin Leading Seaman 218465 g
White, Arthur Verey Telegraphist J21975 g
White, Edgar g
White, George Henry Private RMLI 17421 g
White, Herbert Surgeon c Aug 1914 Navy List g
Whiting, Ernest William Ordinary Seaman J26506 g
Whittaker, Albert Whittaker g
Whittingham, John Percival Able Seaman 239065 g
Whitton, William Robert Able Seaman J24371 g
Wicks, Frank William Petty Officer 217899 g
Wilkes, Frederick Able Seaman 233696 g
Wilkinson, Lawrence g
Willett, Alexander George Leading Stoker K15935 g
William, Sydney Francis Officer's Cook 1st Class L2844 g
Williams, Alfred Henry g
Williams, Arthur Hillman g
Williams, Edwin John 03/05/1891 Lieutenant R.M. 17/08/1914 28/09/1917 Navy List g
Williams, Fred Stoker Petty Officer K860 g
Williams, George g
Williams, John Henry Stoker 1st Class SS113090 g
Williamson, Frederick George Arthur g
Williamson, William Boy 1st Class J32345 g
Willis, John Sutton Ordinary Seaman J25242 g
Willis, William Thomas Leading Seaman 228723 g
Wilson, William Able Seaman 239757 g
Wisdom, Stanley Walter Signal Boy J33891 g
Wiskar, Harold Cavendish M8406 g
Wood, James Douglas Stoker Petty Officer K12674 g
Wood, James Richard g
Wood, Joseph Ordinary Seaman J32357 g
Wood, Walter 16/02/1884 Officer's Steward 1st Class 29/07/1914 31/05/1916 364356 g
Wren, George Henry Mechanician 298494 g
Wright, Samuel Boy 1st Class J43396 g
Wright, Samuel Stoker 1st Class K24794 g
Yates, James David Boy 1st Class J44621 g
Yorke, Alfred Charles Boy 1st Class J29161 g