HMS Royalist Crew List

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Please note that the 'Rank/Rate' and 'From and To' dates only reflect those held actually at the Battle of Jutland.
The individual could have joined or left the ship before or after these dates, with differing 'Rank/Rates'.
Crew List
Name Birth Death Rank/Rate
at Jutland
From To ON The National Archives
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Allan, James 22/03/1895 Private RMLI 18/12/1915 25/01/1920 17899
Amber, Henry Westhorp 19/11/1883 Carpenter 08/08/1914 c Sep 1917 Navy List
Anderson, Alfred George 05/11/1898 Ordinary Telegraphist 05/05/1916 01/08/0917 J30082
Anderson, Thomas James 28/01/1892 Stoker 1st Class 19/03/1915 06/03/1918 SS112384
Arnold, Thomas 01/07/1885 Acting Artificer Engineer 26/09/1915 01/08/1916 Navy List
Ashley, William Herbert 13/08/1893 Electrical Artificer 4th Class 10/09/1015 14/06/1916 M13768
Austen, Francis Herbert 17/09/1893 Lieutenant 17/04/1916 12/11/1916 Navy List
Ayre, Ralph Metcalf 25/07/1893 Stoker RNR 19/03/1915 15/05/1917 S 4996
Bateman, Harold Robert 15/04/1882 06/04/1959 Private RMLI 19/03/1915 07/09/1919 11124
Batt, Charles Albert 03/11/1885 Stoker Petty Officer 19/03/1915 27/10/1919 311744
Baylis, Charles William 17/02/1898 Ordinary Seaman 23/09/1915 28/06/1916 J35581
Beattie, Thomas 28/07/1898 Boy 1st Class 19/03/1915 27/07/1916 J32416
Belfield,Joseph Thomas 27/08/1887 Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class 19/03/1915 24/09/1916 M1337
Bicknell, George Daniel 20/06/1890 Leading Stoker 01/10/1915 Jul 1917 K3137
Bird, John Moira 16/08/1889 Able Seaman 19/03/1915 18/01/1917 SS2113
Bishop,William Richard Henry 01/03/1893 J7880
Blagg, Bentley 18/12/1891 Stoker 1st Class K22970
Blann,Frank Archibald 10/08/1885 M6580
Blaymires, Robert 21/10/1894 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M16562
Blundell, Edwin Thomas Boy 1st Class J31906
Bone, Charles Edward 29/05/1880 Stoker Petty Officer 19/03/1915 03/12/1918 356630
Booth, Joseph Stoker 1st Class SS111257
Boston, James Henry 19/12/1894 Able Seaman J11620
Bradley, Herbert Emmanuel Able Seaman J32120
Brazier, Ernest 02/04/1877 Petty Officer 19/03/1915 05/04/1919 169870
Brehaut, William Augustus 21/09/1895 Officer's Steward 2nd Class 20/01/1916 17/10/1918 L4671
Brightwell, Charles Boy 1st Class J35610
Brinsden, William Charles 06/03/1880 Stoker RNR 19/03/1915 09/05/1917 S 4638
Brison, Samuel George Private RMLI 14339
Brown, Alfred Ordinary Seaman J32419
Brown, Frederick Harry 10/03/1893 Cook's Mate M10277
Browne, John James 19/10/1876 Stoker Petty Officer 19/03/1915 28/11/1917 282029
Bryon, George Fredrick 17/08/1895 Able Seaman J24786
Buchanan, James 22/06/1874 Chief Stoker 19/03/1915 25/07/1918 276650
Bull, Percy Salter Stoker Petty Officer 299654
Burbidge, Herbert Charles Boy 1st Class J31501
Burgess, Alexander James Able Seaman J33936
Burgess, William 01/04/1890 Stoker RNR 19/03/1915 06/07/1917 S 4628
Burnie, Robert 15/06/1894 Able Seaman 01/07/1915 16/03/1917 Z/3609
Burroughs, William Frederick 15/01/1883 Able Seaman 19/03/1915 31/03/1917 201952
Burton, Wilfred Ordinary Seaman SS5230
Caddick,Spencer Saddler 27/01/1897 J20580
Callard,George Thomas Henry 24/10/1878 Master at Arms 19/03/1915 20/01/1918 178237
Carter, Reuben 28/08/1887 Electrical Artificer 4th Class M10115
Carter, William 22/11/1887 Stoker RNR 19/03/1915 20/05/1917 S 4595
Cartwright, Charles Henry 02/12/1879 Able Seaman 19/03/1915 01/11/1916 194565 ADM 188/335/194565
Chamberlain,Ernest Victor 22/01/1892 J1425
Charman, William James Telegraphist J31517
Charsley, Frederick Gascoigne 05/02/1886 Lieutenant 21/03/1916 03/09/1917 Navy List
Childs, Charles Edward Boy 1st Class J31525
Childs, Thomas Henry 08/08/1897 Ordinary Signalman 28/05/1916 26/07/1916 J29723
Chilton, George 01/12/1878 Stoker 1st Class 19/03/1915 25/01/1920 290006
Chissim, Thomas George 16/02/1898 Officer's Cook 2nd Class 01/04/1916 08/10/1916 L5227
Clarke, Alexander George 18/12/1879 Chief Petty Officer 22/02/1916 17/11/1919 187324 ADM 188/317/187324
Clarke, Alexander George 18/12/1879 Chief Petty Officer 20/02/1916 17/11/1919 187324
Clarkson, Albert Edward Able Seaman SS5228
Clift, Harold Charles Leading Signalman 232270
Clinton, James Hervey Boy 1st Class J32004
Clunie, Robert 27/11/1890 Stoker RNR 19/03/1915 02/04/1905 S 4587
Cole, Richard William Walter Able Seaman 235417
Coleman, Harry Bulwer 01/10/1895 Able Seaman 17/05/1916 30/09/1917 SS5222
Coleman, Robert Charles Able Seaman J27863
Colley, Arthur Henry Stoker 1st Class SS115836
Collis, Charles Harold 23/01/1876 Stoker Petty Officer 19/03/1915 07/03/1918 281151
Cook, Fred 02/08/1890 Private RMLI 19/03/1915 31/12/1916 15265
Cook, John William Able Seaman J10135
Cook, Sidney Charles George Henry 15/08/1877 Chief Armourer 19/03/1915 25/01/1920 341974
Cooper, Edgar Private RMLI 17519
Coppini, Joseph Armourer's Crew M11704
Cork, Vincent Frederick Boy 1st Class J31989
Croucher, Sidney Herbert Shipwright 2nd Class M9969
Cunningham,Thomas Robertshaw 21/05/1896 Able Seaman 26/03/1916 01/05/1917 AKA: Robertshaw, Thomas
Davies, Albert Able Seaman J33842
Dawson, Fred Private RMLI 17528
Deacon, Harold Sidney Boy 1st Class J35517
Dean, Abraham Private RMLI 16128
Debenham, Samuel Hugman 28/12/1891 Stoker RNR 19/03/1915 04/07/1919 S 4642
Dewar, John Guthrie 19/09/1885 Gunner Aug 1914 02/09/1918 Navy List
Doling, George Albert Boy 1st Class J31951
Dowley,Edgar Nicholson
Dowling, Ernest Bernard 20/08/1871 Chief Petty Officer 01/04/1915 22/09/1916 139660 ADM 188/194/139660
Eckersley, Arthur Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 270993
Edwards, Joseph Able Seaman 230988
Elliott, Clifford Joseph Corporal RMLI 15290
Elliott, Sidney Massey Leading Stoker K10606
Emery, Frederick James Stoker 1st Class SS116615
Emery, William John 09/01/1873 Chief Stoker 19/03/1915 22/11/1917 276411
Facey, Henry Joseph Able Seaman 216774
Featherstone, George Carpenter's Crew M11657
Figg,Bertram George Edgar
Flack, Charles Henry Stoker 1st Class SS113396
Fordham, George William Private RMLI 14001
Foreman, Percy John Signal Boy J33886
Francis, Alfred George 27/03/1880 Petty Officer 19/03/1915 01/07/1916 185677 ADM 188/313/185677
French, John Albert 06/11/1895 Ordinary Seaman J46396
Fry, Joseph Robert 10/08/1891 Stoker RNR 19/03/1915 23/05/1919 S 4665
Furness, Augustus William 31/03/1885 Signal Boatswain 15/12/1915 14/12/1916 Navy List
Garland, Frank Leading Seaman 240183
Geaving, James 07/09/1874 Chief Stoker 19/03/1915 07/06/1917 276016
Gibson, John George Stoker 1st Class K13218
Giltrow, Harry 28/02/1888 Stoker Petty Officer RNR 19/03/1915 06/06/1919 S 4586
Gomm, Charles William Ordinary Seaman J34256
Goodyer, Joseph Clement Officer's Cook 1st Class L2529
Gough, William Henry Private RMLI 17527
Graham, David Dickson Able Seaman J11824
Grave,Arthur George
Green, Herbert 07/09/1882 14/04/1918 Leading Seaman 13/04/1916 27/02/1917 201066
Greener, Arthur Edward Stoker Petty Officer 299725
Gregory, Alfred John 07/08/1881 Able Seaman 19/03/1915 01/03/1918 200793
Gutteridge, Arthur Leading Stoker 309354
Hadenham, William Frederick Petty Officer 218256
Hall, Berkin Ordinary Seaman SS5229
Hannant, George John 01/07/1873 13/06/1949 Chief Ship's Cook 18/03/1915 25/03/1919 176649 Birth cert. 1 July 1872
Hanning, Samuel Thomas 23/06/1898 Ordinary Seaman 13/01/1916 08/11/1916 J31971
Harding, Henry Kimpton 10/03/1868 Stoker Petty Officer 19/03/1915 01/03/1918 149878 ADM 188/214/149878
Harker, William Stoker 1st Class SS112578
Harris, Arthur G 02/12/1887 Acting Paymaster 18/03/1916 10/05/1918 Navy List
Harrison, Arthur Boy 1st Class J43784
Harrison, Harry Stoker 1st Class K13049
Hawthorne, Horace Maynard Stoker 1st Class K27804
Hebbes, Walter Shipwright 2nd Class 347238
Hemmings, Lionel Boy 1st Class J31899
Hendry, William 01/01/1884 Stoker RNR 19/03/1915 03/03/1918 S 4609
Henly, Joseph Stoker 1st Class 222108
Hermon, Ernest Lionel Boy 1st Class J43392
Hibberd, Robert 18/03/1885 ? 19/03/1915 04/04/1917 13440
Hill, Andrew 20/09/1893 Able Seaman 01/07/1915 27/02/1917 Z/3699
Hinks, George Boy 1st Class J31503
Hiscox, John Frederick Able Seaman 220198
Hodnett, John 19/04/1877 Stoker Petty Officer 17/03/1915 01/06/1917 285344
Hoit, Frederick Edmond 28/11/1882 Able Seaman 19/03/1915 22/07/1917 199738 ADM 188/346/199738
Holl, Francis H. Staff Surgeon 17/01/1916 Navy List
Hope, William Harry Able Seaman J32116
Horribine, Joseph 03/11/1890 Signalman 03/06/1915 25/03/1919 1/106
Huff, Reginald Private RMLI 17415
Hughes, John 18/03/1885 Stoker RNR 19/03/1915 22/05/1919 S 4631
Hughes, Laurence Able Seaman 217868
Ingram, Edmon John
Jackson, Arthur Wireman 2nd Class M11705
Jackson, Harry Private RMLI 15863
Jacobs, Charles 16/02/1888 Private RMLI 19/03/1915 20/05/1919 16116
Jeffery, Robert John 2nd Writer 347602
Johnson, Percy Andrew 28/04/1883 Able Seaman 19/03/1915 18/08/1917 198878 ADM 188/344/198878
Johnson, Peter Stoker 1st Class SS112248 Cells
Jones, Charles Ordinary Seaman J31580
Jones, Herbert William 29/08/1869 Able Seaman 19/03/1915 02/04/1918 130615
Jones, Vivian Randal Stoker 1st Class K27771
Kelly, Frank Stoker 1st Class K11587
Kenchington, William Walter Private RMLI 17680
Kidd, William
Kilkenny, Thomas Able Seaman 217047
King, Alfred 01/11/1875 Stoker 1st Class 19/03/1915 31/12/1919 278830
Kinge, Jesse Edward 02/12/1881 Petty Officer 19/03/1915 25/07/1916 195775 ADM 188/338/195775
Knight, John George Stoker 1st Class K23282
Knowles, William Ordinary Seaman SS5210
Labarte, Frank Wallace Clifton Wireman 2nd Class M11885
Lambert, William Senior Reserve Attendant M9215
Lambourne, William Thomas Mechanician 298472
Lane, Kenneth D. Lieutenant R.N.V.R. 15/03/1915 Navy List
Lang, Thomas James Cook's Mate M12351
Lea, John William Private RMLI 18532
Leek, Gomer 24/02/1896 Able Seaman 23/11/1915 12/01/1918 Z/74
Lemon, Leonard Harold Stoker 1st Class K22952
Ley, Ernest Arthur Able Seaman 221764
Little, John 10/02/1883 Private RMLI 19/03/1915 13/01/1920 11458
Lund, John Roe Able Seaman J12550
Lunn, Joseph Able Seaman SS5234
Macilwee, Arthur Stoker 1st Class K26630
Maddison, George Ordinary Seaman SS5223
Maidment, Henry David Mechanician 296801
Manning, Samuel Thomas Ordinary Seaman J31971
March, James Johnson Leading Stoker 305642
Markham, Arthur Thomas Able Seaman J13566
Marsh, Carl Able Seaman SS5226
Martin, John 11/11/1894 Carpenter's Crew M17325
Masters, Frederick Frank Able Seaman J14678
Maw, Charles Dudley Ship's Steward's Assistant M11954
Mcclymont, Hugh Signal Boy J39836
Mccreadie, Charles Ernest Stoker 1st Class SS114500
McDermott, Edward 03/11/1873 Stoker Petty Officer 08/07/1913 08/07/1916 176636
McKenna, George 22/06/1894 Stoker RNR 19/03/1915 26/09/1916 S 4632
McLaughlin, William 26/07/1895 Stoker RNR 02/03/1916 25/03/1919 S 8942
Mcmillan, James
Mcnaught, William Cameron Ordinary Signalman J36747
Meade-Fetherstonhaugh, Herbert 03/11/1875 27/10/1964 Captain 23/01/1915 Navy List
Miles, Harry Mechanician 296080
Miller, Henry William Ordinary Seaman J27219
Millett, William Thomas Stoker 1st Class K22953
Moorse, Henry Herbert Stoker 1st Class K11613
Morgan, John 02/04/1886 Stoker RNR 02/12/1915 16/04/1918 S 5890
Murphy, James Alfred 06/10/1877 Able Seaman 19/03/1915 06/06/1919 176972
Neale, William Ordinary Seaman J31959
Nevill, Albert Edward Shipwright 2nd Class M16518
Nicholson,James Bell 12/12/1876 Engineer Lieutenant-Commander 10/01/1915 Navy List
Norgate, Cecil Victor Boy 1st Class J31952
Ottaway, Sydney John Bugler RMLI 16774
Paine, George Alfred Ordinary Seaman J32121
Palmer, Frank Henry Boy Telegraphist J32596
Parker, Harry Houston Leading Stoker K7293
Patterson, Hugh Stoker 1st Class 21/02/1916 30/09/1916 SS112372
Pay, Arthur Sidney Able Seaman J25185
Payne, William Thomas 06/08/1898 Boy Domestic 04/02/1916 05/08/1916 L6416
Pearce, Reginald Leonard Stoker Petty Officer 308372
Peaty, Albert Charles 21/10/1880 Petty Officer 20/12/1915 24/07/1919 197179 ADM 188/341/197179
Peel, Arnold Able Seaman J32118
Pelly, Gilbert Cecil 26/07/1892 Lieutenant 11/03/1915 17/06/1916 Navy List
Penwarden, Frank Edward Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 270471
Pickard, Harry Private RMLI 17521
Pigg, Sydney Charles Stoker 1st Class K27805
Plant, Ernest Colin 03/11/1889 Engineer Lieutenant 06/11/1915 21/08/1917 Navy List
Platt, William Beckett Private RMLI 14556
Platt, William Frederick Ordinary Signalman J31327
Pottinger, George Henry Private RMLI 16381
Potts, Charles Private RMLI 14901
Powell, Ernest Able Seaman J15022
Powell, James Lieutenant (N) 02/01/1916 08/07/1918 Navy List
Prater, Walter Allen Leading Signalman 238720
Pratt, Percy Nelson Able Seaman 233216
Prouse, John Bertram Yeoman of Signals 223370
Rees, Edwin Walter Stoker Petty Officer K715
Reeve, Thomas Henry Tyson 23/01/1876 Officer's Steward 1st Class 28/05/1916 17/10/1918 360088
Reeve,Herbert John
Reeves, Ernest Thomas Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M11411
Reid, Andrew Not given Signalman 03/06/1915 20/07/1916 Z/1435
Reid, William Robert Not given Signalman 03/06/1915 04/12/1917 Z/3749
Richardson, Frederick Thomas Ordinary Seaman J33661
Richardson, John Arthur
Ridley, Harold William Boy 1st Class J31986
Robinson, William
Robson, Robert Able Seaman SS5267
Roderick Edward Francois Mcquhae Mackenzie 11/12/1894 Sub-Lieutenant 11/03/1915 15/12/1916 Navy List
Rose, William Stoker 1st Class SS115809
Rowe, Lawrence George Shipwright 2nd Class 344658
Rumsey, William Herbert Telegraphist J27738
Sage, Stanley King Ordinary Seaman J30961
Salter, Ernest Victor Acting Stoker Petty Officer 229600
Scott, Thomas 24/06/1891 Able Seaman 21/12/1915 25/03/1919 3/1672
Scott, Walter George Leading Signalman 222832
Shapcott, Tom Stoker Petty Officer 294089
Shaw, Albert Ordinary Seaman 19/03/1915 04/06/1916 SS5232
Shipman, George Anthony Petty Officer 227983
Shorter, Harvey Alfred Stoker 1st Class K21763
Sirett, Andrew Harry Electrical Artificer 2nd Class 347395
Skelly, Albert James Boy Telegraphist J34587
Skinner, Charles Atkin Able Seaman J15872
Sleight, Walter Edward Armourer's Crew M10931
Slinger, Ernest Thomas 18/05/1894 Officer's Cook 1st Class 26/03/1915 22/07/1916 L6441
Smith, Charles John Stoker Petty Officer K14261
Smith, Ernest Albert Telegraphist J34872
Smith, James Petty Officer 2nd Class 205115
Smith, John Ordinary Seaman SS5349
Smith, Nicholas William John Stoker 1st Class K7732
Smith,William Charles Albert
Stacey, James Shipwright 1st Class 343873
Stone, Ernest Frederick Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 270791
Storms, Peter Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M11072
Story, Walter Joseph Carpenter's Crew M17326
Straw, Joseph Leading Stoker K2828
Stubbington, Thomas 17/06/1877 Acting Stoker Petty Officer 09/03/1916 08/09/1916 282953
Sturges, Edwin Francis Ordinary Signalman J31303
Sturges, William Henry Boy 1st Class J32537
Sturgess, Thomas David Stoker Petty Officer 299686
Sullivan, Patrick 17/03/1877 Stoker Petty Officer 19/03/1915 10/09/1916 288520
Sutton,Reginald Howard
Swanwick, John Edward Stoker 1st Class K7708
Taylor, George Ordinary Seaman SS5227
Taylor, Victor Arthur Wireman 2nd Class M17596
Thomas, Reginald Able Seaman J16557
Thompson, Albert Stoker 1st Class SS109587
Thompson, Ralph Stoker 1st Class SS113636
Thomson, Robert Edwin Ship's Steward 344215
Thornborrow, Edward Able Seaman J10751
Thornton, Charles Leading Seaman 218897
Toomer, Archibald Harrison Electrical Artificer 4th Class M10927
Torr, Percy Ordinary Seaman SS5225
Tout, Albert Victor Leading Telegraphist J18205
Townshend, Harry Lewis Stoker 1st Class 303412
Turner, William Stoker 1st Class K12787
Turrell, Albert Cooper 345239
Tyrrell, James Ordinary Seaman J32039
Vandervord, Richard Frank 04/06/1892 Assistant Paymaster R.N.R. 04/03/1915 30/09/1917 Navy List
Walden, Lionel Robert Charles Boy 1st Class J31922
Walden, Sydney Harry Able Seaman 216445
Walters, Harry 28/11/1879 24/11/1951 Artificer Engineer 05/05/1916 Navy List
Waplington, William Edmund Cook's Mate M10274
Warnes, Albert Edwin Boy 1st Class J36421
Watkins, Herbert Leslie Ordinary Seaman J33619
Watson, James 30/10/1894 Able Seaman 23/11/1915 27/03/1917 Z/6908
Watts, Reginald William Boy Telegraphist J34263
Watts, William John Ordinary Seaman J32740
Weller, Raymond 17/11/1881 Colour Sergeant 21/10/1915 05/10/1917 10090
Westmacott, William David Able Seaman 227559
White, Arthur Leading Stoker 303407
Whitehall, Joseph 16/02/1896 Stoker 1st Class 01/07/1915 09/07/1918 SS115872
Wildbore, William Henry 25/11/1873 Gunner c1914 02/10/1918 Navy List
Wilkins, Edward Stoker 1st Class K23283
Williams, John
Wilson, Robert 24/11/1870 Chief Stoker 19/03/1915 16/01/1919 146840 ADM 188/208/146840
Winstanley, Frederick Stoker 1st Class SS115738
Woodall, James Walker Ordinary Seaman SS6778
Wragg, Arthur Private RMLI 12877
Wright, Charles Alexander Boy 1st Class J36414
Young, Matthew Corporal RMLI 15435