HMS Obdurate Crew List

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Obdurate Not Applcable Table of Contents Obdurate
Key to Table
Status Key
G Name confirmed at the battle
B Not a known survivor or casualty. Or difficult
to determine the ship (two possible destroyers)
O Included as a note. Not on ship at battle
Note Please note that the 'Rank/Rate' and 'From and To'
dates only reflect those held actually at the Battle of Jutland.

The individual could have joined or left the ship
before or after these dates, with differing 'Rank/Rates'.

HMS Obdurate Crew List
Name Birth Death Rank/Rate
at Jutland
From To ON Citable Reference Additional
Abrahams, Thomas Winter 15/10/1894 Able Seaman J37138 ADM 188/721/37138 G
Appleford, George Richard 08/02/1897 Able Seaman SS5554 ADM 188/1099/5554 G
Barber, William 14/02/1878 Able Seaman 01/04/1916 31/03/1918 177343 G
Barr, John Stoker Petty Officer 307857 G
Beales, William Able Seaman 221980 G
Bickley, Charles Walter Able Seaman SS3270 G
Blakelock, Robert Stoker 1st Class SS114428 G
Bonar, John Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M15606 G
Brook, Alfred Clowes 09/09/1884 Engineer Lieutenant-Commander 27/07/1915 05/12/1917 Navy List G
Broomhall, Harold 15/03/1894 J9154 G
Bunting, Samuel Stoker 1st Class K15070 G
Burns, John Signalman 233627 G
Chaney, Charles William 04/12/1879 Stoker Petty Officer 20/03/1916 30/06/1917 287567 G
Chatt, Elijah Able Seaman SS3579 G
Clark, Harold 21/10/1878 Able Seaman 20/03/1916 31/03/1918 178279 G
Clavell, Herbert Charles Able Seaman 219682 G
Connolly, Thomas William Stoker 1st Class SS109496 G
Crane, Edward Robert Leading Seaman 238113 G
Dawson, William Edgar Stoker 1st Class SS104152 G
Deeney, Michael Henry 20/04/1874 Gunner (T) c Mar 1916 04/07/1916 Navy List G
Donovan, Denis Ordinary Seaman SS6407 G
Dwan, John Joseph Stoker 1st Class SS105328 G
Easterbrook, Bertie Stoker 1st Class K24812 G
Everest, Frederick Matthew 05/11/1893 J6818 G
Forrest, Arthur Nicholas 01/06/1889 K902 G
Frost, James Francis John 27/10/1889 Stoker Petty Officer K3519 G
Gates, George William 20/01/1893 J8294 G
Haddon, Henry 14/12/1881 Able Seaman RNVR 01/04/1916 31/03/1918 9/899 G
Hockley, Arthur Able Seaman 234459 G
Hooper, Robert John Lacey Petty Officer 229766 G
Horne, Robert Henry James 25/06/1877 Acting Chief Petty Officer 20/03/1916 30/09/1916 176858 G
Jealous, William Lionel Maynard Able Seaman J18663 G
Jordan, Frederick Mark Able Seaman 236049 G
Joslin, Edward George Able Seaman 224986 G
Kelly, Edward Joseph Leading Seaman J36970 G
Kelsey, Marcel Harcourt Attwood 21/02/1894 Sub-Lieutenant c April 1916 Navy List G
Knoyle, Robert 07/05/1888 M574 G
Lowen, George William 18/09/1893 J5115 G
Mccarthy, John Leading Seaman 222631 G
Mitchell, John 14/06/1895 Officer's Steward 3rd Class L6590 G
Moore, Arthur Leading Signalman 221061 G
Muirhead, Walter 03/04/1891 Leading Stoker K5066 G
Nottle, Charles Cleare 06/03/1887 M377 G
O'Brien, Timothy 02/08/1876 Chief Stoker 20/03/1916 31/03/1918 283065 G
Oram, Harry Percy Kendall 23/10/1894 Sub-Lieutenant Navy List G
Palmer, Thomas Able Seaman SS6212 G
Pankhurst, John Stoker Petty Officer 294961 G
Peaston, Alexander James 04/08/1888 Stoker 1st Class K2959 G
Pope, Thomas Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 272531 G
Rapson, John Henry 06/05/1873 Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 20/03/1916 31/03/1918 268755 G
Reeves, Percy Stoker 1st Class 301905 G
Ritchie, Alexander Surgeon Probationer R.N.V.R. 01/04/1916 Navy List G
Russell, Oscar 01/02/1890 Stoker 1st Class K430 G
Sams, Cecil Henry Hulton 09/03/1883 Lieutenant-Commander 08/01/1916 Navy List G
Shepheard, William George 04/06/1889 Stoker Petty Officer K3485 G
Shepherd, Frederick Arthur 10/11/1889 Leading Stoker K1484 G
Simpson, Frank 13/02/1893 J4160 G
Smithies, Joseph Frederick 21/05/1891 Stoker 1st Class K6206 G
Spratt, James Thomas Able Seaman 231625 G
Stiff, Harold Cecil Boy Telegraphist J30818 G
Stoneman, John Stoker Petty Officer 305379 G
Sweasey, Robert George 11/05/1894 J8510 G
Tait, William Simon Michael 25/02/1880 01/06/1916 Petty Officer 29/03/1916 01/06/1916 194504 G
Tremlett, George Charles Henry 28/12/1895 Officer's Steward 2nd Class L5055 G
Trimming, Alfred Richard John 21/10/1896 J20967 G
Tully, Michael Able Seaman SS6013 G
Twist, Joseph Edward 08/09/1881 Able Seaman 01/04/1916 01/06/1916 193978 G
Usher, James 29/11/1892 J7691 G
Walker, Alexander 12/04/1895 Able Seaman J13358 G
Williams, Gordon Edwin 06/03/1896 J20389 G
Williams, James Arthur 03/08/1883 203845 G