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Key to Table
Status Key
G Name confirmed at the battle
B Not a known survivor or casualty. Or difficult
to determine the ship (two possible destroyers)
O Included as a note. Not on ship at battle
Note Please note that the 'Rank/Rate' and 'From and To'
dates only reflect those held actually at the Battle of Jutland.

The individual could have joined or left the ship
before or after these dates, with differing 'Rank/Rates'.

HMS Nicator Crew List
Name Birth Death Rank/Rate
at Jutland
From To ON Additional
Amps, James Daniel 30/11/1886 Able Seaman 07/05/1916 07/06/1916 223338 G
Boxhall, Thomas Henry 15/01/1889 Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class 01/04/1916 15/05/1917 M2017 G
Bray, Walter Earlington 18/01/1895 Able Seaman 14/04/1916 31/08/1917 J17321 G
Brind, Maurice Arthur 01/01/1894 Lieutenant 29/03/1916 20/02/1918 Navy List G
Brooks, Frederick 12/02/1895 Able Seaman 07/05/1916 31/08/1917 J17301 G
Brown, Cyril Bernard 13/10/1895 Able Seaman 05/04/1916 31/08/1917 J13135 G
Burridge, Frank Herman 01/02/1894 Stoker 1st Class 14/04/1916 31/08/1917 K17197 G
Condon, Denis 07/06/1893 Acting Leading Stoker 06/04/1916 11/06/1916 K12475 G
Cooke, Albert Arthur 05/03/1891 Able Seaman 07/05/1916 31/08/1917 238132 G
Cooper, Sam 10/05/1896 Ordinary Seaman 07/05/1916 31/07/1917 J41773 G
Cuthbert, James 06/12/1885 Leading Seaman 07/05/1916 31/08/1917 216725 G
Evans, William 15/12/1894 Stoker 1st Class 14/04/1916 29/11/1916 K24309 G
Evens, Edwin John 07/07/1888 Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class 06/04/1916 30/09/1916 271257 G
Fidler, William Henry 20/07/1876 15/05/1922 Gunner (T) 23/03/1916 06/03/1918 Navy List G
Ford, Joseph Fredrick 16/01/1881 Chief Stoker 06/04/1916 31/08/1917 291543 G
Gates, George 10/02/1875 Chief Petty Officer 01/04/1916 31/08/1917 156638 G
Groves, Frederick John 11/01/1894 Stoker 1st Class 14/04/1916 31/08/1917 K16768 G
Hampton, James Alexander 08/03/1880 Acting Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 06/04/1916 29/09/1916 270456 G
Harris, Thomas George 18/08/1894 Able Seaman J15715 G
Holbrook, Arthur 02/12/1883 Leading Signalman 209441 G
Hollidge, William Thomas 10/08/1888 Stoker Petty Officer K12948 G
Hook, Albert 29/01/1895 Leading Telegraphist J10070 G
Hunter, Alfred John 13/07/1891 Stoker 1st Class K8810 G
James, Arthur Edward 29/10/1882 Petty Officer 14/04/1916 03/12/1916 197468 G
James, Charles Herbert 12/10/1885 Able Seaman SS377 G
Jenkins, Alfred 14/07/1894 Signalman J10555 G
Johns, Charles William 24/08/1889 Leading Cook's Mate 07/05/1916 03/06/1917 M74 G
Luckham, Arthur 13/04/1884 Leading Seaman 205584 G
MacKenzie, Murdo 24/02/1886 Ordinary Seaman J49090 G
Macleod, Neil Surgeon Probationer R.N.V.R. 06/04/1916 Navy List G
Manley, James Louis 13/12/1895 Able Seaman J15891 G
Mills, George William 13/01/1889 Stoker 1st Class K799 G
Mills, James Horace 26/08/1883 Stoker Petty Officer 298864 G
Mocatta, Jack Ernest Albert 24/04/1887 Lieutenant c Apr1916 Navy List G
Moir, Alexander Glegg 20/01/1893 Able Seaman J48614 G
Murphy, Thomas 14/08/1889 Leading Seaman 234988 G
Parsons, George Henry 19/01/1886 Able Seaman 217639 G
Pearce, Henry Francis 02/08/1880 Petty Officer 14/04/1916 21/06/1916 186833 G
Pearse, Percival Philip 15/10/1894 Able Seaman J11537 G
Philip, George Tothill 01/05/1895 Sub-Lieutenant c Apr 1916 Navy List G
Pope, Joseph Harold 22/03/1893 Stoker 1st Class K10926 G
Power, James 01/08/1879 Stoker Petty Officer 06/04/1916 31/08/1917 287372 G
Reed, Charles Francis 27/06/1887 Stoker Petty Officer K1828 G
Riley, Frank 20/11/1892 Stoker 1st Class K12715 G
Sainty, Jack Edward 05/02/1896 Able Seaman J26186 G
Saxby, Albert John 29/06/1896 Able Seaman J28373 G
Schween, Abel John 16/07/1890 Able Seaman 236724 G
Shelton, Sidney George 01/03/1897 Able Seaman J26730 G
Sheridan, Henry Albert 15/04/1884 16/09/1959 Engineer Lieutenant-Commander 04/01/1916 c 08/1917 Navy List
Shrimpton, Sidney Herbert 21/01/1893 Leading Stoker K10031 G
Skinner, Henry John 29/01/1897 Able Seaman J21340 G
Smith, Donald Herman 09/04/1884 Able Seaman 237228 G
Steer, John 29/09/1891 Able Seaman 01/04/1916 31/08/1917 J5423 G
Tapp, Thomas Horace Mafeking 20/05/1900 Ordinary Seaman SS5759 G
Taylor, Joseph 29/10/1884 Able Seaman 209317 G
Thompson, Arthur George 12/02/1888 Able Seaman 232885 G
Thorne, Percy Robert 25/09/1889 Able Seaman 234214 G
Trelawn, Harold Leonard 28/08/1888 Officer's Steward 2nd Class 10/05/1916 08/07/1916 365500 AKA: Collins, Harold Leonard G
Trickett, Charles 25/06/1892 Stoker 1st Class K14239 G
Tucker, Peter 29/08/1879 Stoker Petty Officer 01/04/1916 31/08/1917 290985 G
Varney, Charles Henry 05/05/1895 Able Seaman J13837 G
Ward, Arthur James 06/08/1887 07/04/1918 Leading Seaman 227593 G
White, William James 08/09/1891 Able Seaman SS3291 G
Whitton, George Henry 28/11/1894 Officer's Steward 3rd Class 07/05/1916 09/06/1917 L4133 G
Williams, Frank 03/12/1888 Stoker 1st Class 311123 G
Wilson, Henry 04/09/1882 Able Seaman 206560 G
Wyatt, James Arthur Victor 16/11/1892 Stoker 1st Class K13976 G
Wyatt, William Henry 21/02/1891 Stoker 1st Class K8412 G