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Battle of Jutland Crew Lists
The table below contains a full list of names that are currently being researched for HMS Nerissa.
The "Sta" column is the status of the entry that can be defined as follows:
G = Confirmed at the battle
B = Not a known survivor or casualty. Or difficult to determine the ship (two possible destroyers)
O = Included as a note. Not on ship at battle
For the most updated crew list it is recommended to visit: H.M.S. NERISSA which is updated in real time.
Photo gallery: HMS Nerissa Crew List (Photographs)

Last Updated:
Tuesday, 5 January 2021, 11:21:12

HMS Nerissa Crew List at the Battle of Jutland
Columns can be sorted by selecting the appropriate header
Name Birth Death Rank/Rate
at Jutland
From To ON Comments Sta
Ahern, Patrick 03/04/1872 Stoker 1st Class 29/03/1916 30/04/1918 282834 g
Ashley, Herbert William Leading Cook's Mate M684 Unable to confirm. Either Forester or Nerissa b
Aylott, Clifford 27/11/1895 Ordinary Seaman J46576 g
Bartlett, Frederick William 17/03/1878 Stoker Petty Officer 21/03/1916 24/07/1917 285132 g
Beeman, Robert 16/10/1880 Engineer Lieutenant-Commander 03/01/1916 09/03/1917 Navy List g
Beevers, Norman 20/09/1894 Able Seaman J17822 g
Bell, John William Ordinary Seaman J41775 g
Bennett, John William Ordinary Seaman J39252 g
Boland, William 19/05/1875 Stoker Petty Officer 21/03/1916 30/04/1918 279148 g
Bolt, Ernest John 24/07/1883 Leading Seaman 29/03/1916 31/03/1917 202307 G
Brown, John Henry Leading Seaman 232507 g
Brown, Lewis Able Seaman SS2378 g
Buckley, Daniel 15/06/1895 K19506 g
Cantwell, Arthur Ernest 01/08/1892 J1889 g
Clements, Joseph William 16/12/1881 203575 g
Crickmore, Benjamin Henry 05/11/1891 Officer's Steward 2nd Class L6238 g
Daly, Bernard Joseph 03/01/1890 K21146 g
Dickinson, Reginald 06/06/1891 Leading Stoker K3047 g
Dixey, Amos George 16/09/1874 Chief Petty Officer 21/03/1916 31/03/1918 157189 G
Dixey, Amos George 16/09/1874 Chief Petty Officer 21/03/1916 31/03/1918 157189 g
Ducker, Bertie Able Seaman 229444 g
Edland, Charles Walter 22/09/1896 Signalman J19707 g
Edwards, Edward Able Seaman 210987 g
Erdmann, William Henry 16/11/1891 J5409 g
Fitzgerald, William Able Seaman J33957 g
Forde, Timothy Ordinary Seaman 29/03/1916 01/06/1916 SS6056 g
Foreman, Bertram 02/02/1887 M371 g
Grady, Charles 03/03/1893 Stoker 1st Class K8510 g
Gregory, Wilfred 06/02/1895 Able Seaman J10500 g
Hailey, Edward 20/04/1891 J2484 g
Harmon, Patrick Stoker Petty Officer 305306 g
Hayes, Denis 21/05/1872 Stoker 1st Class 29/03/1916 30/04/1918 276115 g
Hocking, William John 22/03/1879 270301 g
Hollis, Frederick Samuel Ordinary Seaman SS5947 g
Holmes, Thomas 13/09/1894 Leading Seaman J10429 g
Howard, George Josslyn L'Estrange 06/01/1895 Sub-Lieutenant 08/04/1916 26/01/1918 Navy List (The Earl of Carlisle) g
Hughes, Nelson 25/05/1884 M1645 g
Hurn, Alfred George 10/02/1893 J4889 g
James, Edgar William 23/08/1893 J5599 g
Kaine, John Ordinary Seaman J40231 g
Knight, Albert William 09/09/1889 Wireman 2nd Class M18309 g
Knight, Arthur William 11/02/1889 Stoker Petty Officer K859 g
Lane, Richard Stoker Petty Officer 306056 g
Legge, Montague George Bentinck 16/12/1883 Lieutenant-Commander 01/03/1916 Navy List g
Leonard, George 14/06/1894 Able Seaman J12079 g
Little, Thomas 12/07/1876 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M16737 g
Lodge, Harry Stoker 1st Class SS113984 g
Looker, Noel Alfred 25/12/1893 K16060 g
Marsh, John Richard 21/01/1893 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M15607 g
Martin, Thomas Allen Petty Officer 226848 g
Mayo, Richard Joseph Able Seaman 238372 Unable to confirm. Either Forester or Nerissa b
Mier, Henry William Able Seaman J37535 g
Millerick, William Patrick 28/07/1896 Leading Telegraphist J17014 g
Moore, Albert William 06/07/1890 Stoker 1st Class K5007 g
Moorman, George Henry Able Seaman 232079 g
Morris, Walter 27/08/1880 Gunner (T) 11/04/1916 01/02/1918 Navy List g
Norman, Edward George Able Seaman 225981 g
Patching, William George Able Seaman J30058 g
Pearson, George Alfred Ordinary Seaman J42441 g
Perrin, Raymond Charles 22/03/1893 J3744 g
Polhill, Arthur Harry 02/09/1891 Lieutenant 11/03/1916 29/12/1916 Navy List g
Price, James Henry 20/02/1890 Leading Stoker K9612 g
Priter, William Stanley 21/01/1888 Stoker 1st Class K6430 g
Pryce, Gordon 20/03/1894 Stoker 1st Class K14746 g
Ractliffe, William Mccall Able Seaman J23681 g
Rawle, Walter Charles 05/10/1894 Able Seaman J13327 g
Reynolds, Frank 03/10/1896 Able Seaman J25460 g
Robinson, Edward 10/11/1873 Stoker 1st Class 29/03/1916 31/03/1918 282481 g
Robinson, William Gair 06/03/1898 Telegraphist J27404 g
Sheehan, John 24/05/1877 Stoker Petty Officer 21/03/1916 30/04/1918 283861 g
Shutt, Henry Frederick Able Seaman 211506 g
Speck, James Able Seaman 228599 g
Stevenson, Douglas S. Surgeon Probationer R.N.V.R. 01/04/1916 Navy List g
Twohig, Matthew 01/11/1874 Chief Stoker 21/03/1916 01/10/1916 285329 g
Williamson, William 28/09/1891 J1799 g
Wood, Frederick Henry 06/12/1896 Able Seaman 29/03/1916 30/06/1917 J23786 g
Woodhams, Louis Francis Stoker Petty Officer 301322 g
Wymark, Charles Bristo 13/05/1890 J1476 g