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Status Key
G Name confirmed at the battle
B Not a known survivor or casualty. Or difficult
to determine the ship (two possible destroyers)
O Included as a note. Not on ship at battle
Note Please note that the 'Rank/Rate' and 'From and To'
dates only reflect those held actually at the Battle of Jutland.

The individual could have joined or left the ship
before or after these dates, with differing 'Rank/Rates'.

HMS Monarch Crew List
Name Birth Death Rank/Rate
at Jutland
From To ON Additional
Ainsworth, Alfred Stoker 1st Class SS115104 G
Aitken, Robert William Shipwright 2nd Class 345964 G
Akerman, Frederick James 08/06/1899 01/06/1936 Boy 1st Class J33471 G
Allen, Theodore Stoker 1st Class K13152 G
Allwood, Henry 09/03/1899 Boy 1st Class 21/09/1915 08/03/1917 J40345 G
Archer, Charles Henry Able Seaman 221802 G
Armour, Andrew 04/02/1888 Warrant Electrician 29/03/1913 Navy List G
Arnold, Frederick Douglas Boy Telegraphist J34941 G
Arnold, Harry George 02/07/1879 Stoker 1st Class 07/04/1914 25/10/1920 290096 G
Arnold, William Arthur Shipwright 1st Class 342856 G
Ashton, Albert Edward 20/04/1897 Able Seaman 01/04/1916 08/09/1916 J20082 G
Atkinson, Percy Private RMLI 18614 G
Austin, Harry Cecil 02/10/1894 c1968 Able Seaman 07/04/1914 18/01/19176 J10552 G
Ayers, John 28/07/1898 Boy 1st Class J32177 G
Bacon, Robert Noon 20/09/1890 Stoker 1st Class 06/08/1915 25/10/1919 K1652 G
Bailey, Arthur 07/07/1896 Private RMLI 18298 G
Bailey, Edwin Francis John 18/03/1895 Gunner RMA 13364 G
Bailey, George Charles 05/02/1891 30/01/1973 Stoker Petty Officer 12/03/1915 01/01/1919 K2508 G
Bailey, Walter James 09/01/1881 Chief Stoker 295856 G
Bailey, William A. Temporary Surgeon 24/05/1915 Navy List G
Bain, Albert Arnold 28/04/1891 Stoker 1st Class SS113983 G
Baker, Percy John 21/08/1895 Able Seaman RNVR 14/10/1915 01/02/1917 London Z/2378 G
Baker, Willie Walter 05/11/1898 Boy 1st Class 28/03/1915 04/11/1916 J30681 G
Banham, William Walter 22/05/1897 Able Seaman 11/01/1916 09/10/1916 J24160 G
Barber, William 20/06/1897 Able Seaman 02/05/1916 21/07/1919 J20120 G
Barber, William Henry 14/11/1884 Gunner RMA 30/10/1912 21/07/1916 11335 G
Barclay, Guy Charlesworth 29/10/1886 c1940 Assistant Paymaster 01/12/1915 26/08/1916 Navy List G
Bardsley, Harry James 26/03/1891 Leading Stoker 07/04/1915 27/09/1916 K7255 G
Barker, Robert 05/11/1898 Boy 1st Class J42421 G
Barnes, Archibald Charles 20/06/1899 Boy 1st Class J39835 G
Barnes, Arthur Able Seaman 224673 G
Barnes, George 08/04/1894 23/04/1918 Able Seaman J7603 G
Barnes, Walter James 04/05/1896 10/06/1940 Able Seaman 11/01/1916 30/09/1916 J20651 G
Barnett, Albert Petty Officer 232749 G
Barratt, William George Able Seaman 226996 G
Battle, Henry 06/01/1895 Stoker 1st Class 24/05/1916 31/03/1917 K20459 G
Beech, Percival 28/09/1885 Able Seaman 218253 G
Belford, John 28/08/1878 Blacksmith 01/04/1915 16/10/1916 342216 G
Bell, Bertie Ordinary Seaman J31278 G
Bell, Charles Stoker Petty Officer 303396 G
Bell, James 04/12/1890 Able Seaman RNVR 16/01/1915 22/01/1918 Tyneside Z/2676 G
Bell, William George Boy 1st Class J33436 G
Bellfield, Fred Leading Stoker K13673 G
Bennett, John 26/02/1890 Stoker 1st Class 17/05/1916 15/10/1917 K33424 G
Bennetts, Sydney 10/11/1873 Fleet Paymaster 03/04/1914 01/07/1917 Navy List G
Bentley, Arthur John Corporal RMA 12759 G
Beresford, William Charles Boy 1st Class J41740 G
Besford, Charles Herbert Boy 1st Class J37069 G
Betty, Samuel 24/09/1888 c1953 Stoker 1st Class 04/08/1915 30/09/1916 K5590 G
Binnie, John Alexander 11/06/1899 20/03/1945 Midshipman 01/02/1916 14/09/1917 Navy List G
Birch, Charles Clarence Stoker 1st Class SS114152 G
Birchall, William Robert Able Seaman J35335 G
Bird, Frederick Charles Boy 1st Class J32536 G
Bisby, Charles William Stoker 1st Class SS110755 G
Bishop, Stanley Arthur Hammond 03/06/1898 Ordinary Signalman 03/12/1915 11/07/1916 J36291 G
Bisson, Philip Edward 15/08/1877 Chief Petty Officer 01/06/1915 31/05/1916 177875 G
Bliss, Joseph Able Seaman 207226 G
Blissett, Arthur Harry Corporal RMLI 18639 G
Blogg, Hubert Archibald Able Seaman 229488 G
Blood, Ralph Gunner RMA 13369 G
Bloxsom, Henry Allen 18/11/1872 Chief Stoker 30/11/1912 10/03/1919 278094 G
Bolton, William James Able Seaman J23297 G
Booth, Harold 31/01/1892 Engine Room Artificer Class 3 24/02/1916 06/08/1918 M5748 G
Borreson, Charles Oscar 29/01/1882 Private RMLI 28/12/1915 07/01/1917 10485 AKA: Borresen, Oscar G
Borrett, George Holmes 19/03/1868 29/02/1932 Captain 16/12/1915 Navy List G
Bowsley, Harry Edwin Able Seaman J24164 G
Boyd alias James Mazula, John James 24/12/1878 Ship's Steward 04/04/1914 27/02/1918 340124 G
Bragg, Charles Frederick 20/03/1881 Leading Stoker 01/03.1916 202952 G
Brain, Trevelyan Thomas George 12/02/1879 Boatswain 24/09/1915 13/03/1917 Navy List G
Braithwaite, Charles John 27/12/1890 Leading Stoker 01/03/1916 30/09/1916 K2835 G
Breadin, William Henry 02/08/1895 Stoker RNR 16/06/1915 21/07/1916 S 7444 G
Breaks, James 26/02/1895 Acting Sub-Lieutenant 02/03/1916 09/09/1916 Navy List G
Brealey, Charles Victor 30/05/1897 Signaller 07/04/1916 11/01/1917 J20530 G
Brett, Frank Private RMLI 18697 G
Brewin, John Leading Seaman 216320 G
Briggs, Stephen 24/09/1891 Able Seaman RNVR 07/09/1915 22/11/1918 Tyneside Z/4888 G
Britt, Jack 04/11/1891 Able Seaman RNVR 04/11/1915 05/09/1916 Bristol Z/850 G
Broad, Frederick Percival Able Seaman J15543 G
Broadhurst, Evan Morgan Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 271256 G
Brooker, Alfred Armourer's Crew M16829 G
Brooks, Frank Gregory 21/02/1894 Private RMLI 14/01/1916 22/08/1918 447 S G
Brooks, Leonard 14/03/1895 Stoker 1st Class 21/03/1915 30/01/1918 K18325 G
Brown, Edward Ralph 22/01/1886 Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 16/10/2015 31/07/1917 M699 G
Brown, Edwin Charles Stoker Petty Officer 309330 G
Brown, Frank Boy Telegraphist J33889 G
Brown, James 05/01/1897 Able Seaman RNVR Tyneside Z/7328 G
Brown, Martin Stoker 1st Class K27162 G
Brown, William Henry 24/09/1871 Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 07/04/1914 09/03/1917 268130 G
Bruce, Herbert Able Seaman J13059 G
Brunger, Arthur William Boy 1st Class J40786 G
Buckland, William 18/10/1886 Stoker Petty Officer 01/12/1915 27/02/1917 K6584 G
Budden, George Able Seaman 221426 G
Budden, Henry Francis 07/05/1883 Gunner (For Instructual Duties ) 28/02/1914 29/09/1920 Navy List G
Bullen, Samuel 10/01/1895 c1985 Able Seaman 14/05/1915 07/10/1917 J10473 G
Burgess, Arthur Clements 16/10/1871 Chief Gunner 25/03/1914 19/03/1919 Navy List G
Burnett, John William 06/04/1892 01/06/1948 Blacksmith 07/04/1914 10/10/1918 M7304 G
Burrows, William Thomas Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 272359 G
Burton, Reginald Charles Bens Stoker 1st Class K15391 G
Butcher, William Thomas 31/05/1893 Able Seaman 07/04/1914 12/07/1917 J3549 G
Butler, Alfred William Boynes Ordinary Telegraphist J30378 G
Butler, Maurice Martin 22/11/1876 Armourer 08/02/1913 25/08/1918 340575 G
Butterworth, James Charles 09/08/1895 Able Seaman 08/03/1916 01/02/1917 J22077 G
Cahil, Peter 29/06/1894 Stoker 1st Class 24/06/1915 18/06/1917 SS112508 G
Cain, Christopher 01/01/1897 Able Seaman RNVR 09/12/1915 06/05/1917 London Z/3094 G
Caines, John Samuel 22/09/1875 Chief Stoker 23/04/1914 23/11/1918 282417 G
Callan, Dan Able Seaman J24167 G
Calvert, Albert Boy 1st Class J38801 G
Cameron, Augustus S. Lieutenant RNVR 25/08/1915 Navy List G
Campbell, Thomas William Stoker 1st Class SS111611 G
Cann, John William Able Seaman J24257 G
Cantrell, Augustus Joseph 13/08/1882 Electrical Artificer 17/11/1915 31/03/1917 M723 G
Cantwell, John Henry 22/03/1894 Stoker 1st Class 10/04/1916 25/07/1916 SS117205 G
Capewell, Ernest Stoker 1st Class K20421 G
Carnegie, Alexander Bannerman 22/12/1894 Sub-Lieutenant 15/09/1912 14/04/1917 Navy List G
Carpenter, William Thomas 08/12/1894 Stoker 2nd Class 07/04/1914 15/06/1916 K19403 G
Carroll, George Noad 24/12/1896 23/04/1936 Midshipman 01/02/1916 14/09/1917 Navy List G
Carty, Edward Boy 1st Class J40789 G
Chadwick, John William Boy 1st Class J40539 G
Chandler, Henry 24/01/1891 Stoker 2nd Class 07/04/1914 31/08/1917 M6808 G
Chapman, Cyril Boy 1st Class J42422 G
Chapman, George Alfred Knight Able Seaman J14662 G
Chapman, Harry Boy 1st Class J39890 G
Chapman, Henry Thomas Stoker 1st Class K15757 G
Charity, William Benjamin 06/08/1880 Artificer Engineer 07/04/1914 03/08/1916 Navy List G
Charlton, Edmund Claude Able Seaman J17836 G
Charlton, William Slator 21/09/1897 27/01/1919 Ordinary Telegraphist 21/08/1915 05/06/1916 J21535 G
Cheffings, Herbert 12/05/1896 Able Seaman 20/03/1915 30/06/1918 J20402 G
Cherrett, Bertie Stoker Petty Officer 295761 G
Chipman, Richard Frederick 04/12/1893 Officer's Steward 2nd Class L7171 G
Chitty, Percy Albert 03/09/1894 Stoker 1st Class 07/04/1914 01/05/1923 K18189 G
Churchill, William John 24/08/1894 J8683 G
Clancy, William James 14/01/1890 Officer's Steward 2nd Class 364592 G
Clark, Albert Victor Boy 1st Class J40059 G
Clark, James Fairnie Stoker 1st Class K27160 G
Clark, William Edwin Petty Officer 220364 G
Clark, William Henry 12/04/1877 Chief Stoker 23/04/1914 22/01/1918 "

" || || G

Clarkson, William 13/12/1889 Able Seaman RNVR 15/04/1916 27/11/1918 Tyneside Z/6323 G
Clausey, Victor Edward Able Seaman 208983 G
Clayton, Augustus Sydney Arthur Herbert Able Seaman J23352 G
Clements, Henry Warry Armourer's Mate 345641 G
Coates, Joseph John Boy 1st Class J39778 G
Cofield, Walter Boy 1st Class J39776 G
Coggle, Harry Leading Signalman 216434 G
Cole, Frederick Matthew 02/04/1894 Stoker 1st Class 07/04/1914 27/02/1917 K19097 G
Cole, George Stoker 1st Class K12775 G
Cole, George Stoker 1st Class K15394 G
Cole, Thomas 05/02/1893 Stoker 1st Class M5973 G
Cole, Wilfrid John 22/06/1877 Wireman 1st Class 12/03/1916 13/04/1917 175469 G
Cole, William Alfred 14/04/1899 Boy 1st Class 08/02/1915 12/04/1917 J31821 G
Colechin, Mark 08/11/1892 01/04/1973 Leading Seaman 01/09/1915 27/09/1917 J6961 G
Collins, George Albert 13/09/1895 17/06/1917 Able Seaman 08/02/1916 01/02/1917 J20812 G
Collins, Henry 09/06/1878 Able Seaman 20/05/1916 01/05/1918 177617 G
Collins, Herbert George 24/09/1892 Leading Seaman 01/12/1915 08/09/1916 J4658 G
Colrein, Arthur Ernest Ordinary Seaman J24179 G
Compton, George Henry 21/05/1890 01/09/1963 Able Seaman 07/04/1914 28/03/1918 J1116 G
Compton, Gilbert Baden Boy 1st Class J43942 G
Cook, John Arthur Able Seaman J13391 G
Cooper, George Boy 1st Class J31254 G
Cope, George William Boy 1st Class J32707 G
Cope, Thomas James Band Corporal RMB 430 G
Copeman, Harry Lanchester Able Seaman J24266 G
Corbett, Thomas Leading Seaman 231249 G
Cornabe, William Eckford 14/12/1882 Lieutenant 03/02/1916 02/12/1916 Navy List G
Corney, Robert Adolphus 13/09/1891 26/11/1939 Stoker 1st Class 03/10/1913 31/05/1916 K16177 G
Corsbie, Percy Walter Boy 1st Class J42415 G
Cotterill, Edwin Joseph Boy Telegraphist J33354 G
Cottingham, Thomas Charles Able Seaman J24158 G
Couzens, Percy Charles 11/05/1894 Private RMLI 23/10/1915 23/05/1918 16153 G
Covell, Joseph Victor 27/10/1887 Stoker 1st Class 06/04/1912 04/04/1919 226279 G
Cowburn, Benjamin 27/11/1895 Gunner RMA 11/12/1915 27/01/1919 287 G
Cowie, John Stewart 23/06/1898 Midshipman 09/04/1915 14/01/1917 Navy List G
Cowley, Rupert William 22/03/1894 Able Seaman 24/05/1916 15/11/1916 J8677 G
Cox, Henry Ellis Armourer's Crew M15407 G
Coxon, John Myall Able Seaman 219579 G
Craggs, Ernest 30/10/1887 Stoker Petty Officer 12/03/1915 01/01/1919 K5841 G
Crane, Peter 16/10/1877 Stoker 1st Class 21/10/1913 18/08/1920 288280 G
Crick, Henry William Boy 1st Class J39888 G
Crone, Charles Stephen Boy 1st Class J40545 G
Cross, Harry Stoker 1st Class SS117207 G
Croucher, William Thomas 13/08/1883 Stoker Petty Officer 07/04/1914 30/09/1916 202245 G
Cryer, Frederick George 21/05/1900 Boy 1st Class J45536 G
Cummings, George 09/06/1885 Stoker RNR 24/03/1915 10/08/1917 S 5356 G
Curd, Benjamin Musician RMB 207 G
Curtis, William John Leading Stoker 303346 G
Cushion, James Alfred 17/01/1876 Mechanician 350479 G
Cusworth, Arthur Boy 1st Class J40513 G
Dakin, Arthur Private RMLI 16537 G
Dallison, Albert 31/07/1882 Private RMLI 06/04/1912 15/09/1917 11810 G
Dalton, Walter Stoker 1st Class K15403 G
Dannatt, John William 01/02/1876 Mechanician 07/04/1914 03/03/1919 279481 G
Dash, Arthur 04/01/1879 Chief Ship's Cook 04/08/1915 21/03/1919 355313 G
Davenport, William Gunner RMA 13842 G
Davies, James Howell Stoker Petty Officer 306023 G
Davies, John George Stoker 1st Class K25944 G
Davis, Edward 15/01/1890 Leading Stoker 22/07/1915 01/02/1918 K2043 G
Dawe, Victor William Petty Officer 223718 G
Dawson, Nicholas Leading Stoker 306076 G
De Carteret, Cecil 29/01/1892 Able Seaman 04/03/1915 30/09/19120 J4027 G
De La Poer, Edmund Alain Tremeur De Poher 30/04/1883 Lieutenant Commander 15/01/1914 Navy List G
De Ste Croix, Charles James 22/01/1889 c1941 Able Seaman 235170 G
Dean, Francis Charles Able Seaman J24006 G
Denham, Herbert Edward 17/07/1877 17/07/1877 Acting Artificer Engineer 28/05/1915 18/07/1916 Navy List G
Devine, Hugh Stoker 1st Class SS115735 G
Devine, John 05/04/1899 Boy 1st Class 27/01/1916 01/11/1916 J33658 G
Devine, Walter Stoker 1st Class SS112602 G
Diaper, James Robert 12/08/1876 Mechanician 06/04/1912 10/10/1918 353530 G
Dixon, John William Leading Seaman 226981 G
Dixon, Ogle Gilhespy 08/01/1898 Ordinary Seaman 21/09/1915 08/06/1916 J40544 G
Dollery, Edwin Signal Boy J37379 G
Donkin, Joseph Henry Able Seaman 232941 G
Dore, William James Able Seaman 233100 G
Douse, George Albert Leading Seaman J11226 G
Down, Cecil Herbert 01/12/1892 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class 02/05/1916 25/10/1917 M12696 G
Downham, George William Boy 1st Class J39896 G
Downie, Thomas Pringle 28/10/1897 Midshipman R.N.R. 01/06/1915 30/01/1917 Navy List G
Downing, Harold Arthur 13/02/1888 c1972 Stoker 1st Class K24059 AKA: Franklin, Harold George G
Draper, Cecil Montague 03/05/1897 Able Seaman RNVR 14/10/1915 28/08/1917 London Z/1036 G
Draper, William Frederick Phillips 03/05/1884 Chief Armourer 15/11/1914 01/11/1916 345423 G
Dreha, Francis Stoker 1st Class SS111208 G
Drube, William Rudolph Don Stoker 1st Class SS105719 G
Duckworth, Oswald Private RMLI 15028 G
Duggua, Edward 11/08/1889 Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class 20/11/1915 08/09/1916 M4632 G
Dunbavand, Percy Stoker 1st Class K27254 G
Dunn, Edward Paschal 01/12/1881 02/12/1920 Gunner (For Instructual Duties ) 28/02/1914 02/04/1905 Navy List G
Dunning, William John Able Seaman J12431 G
Durrant, Edward Frederic 28/02/1895 J9765 G
Dyer, George Able Seaman J12178 G
Eagle, Arthur William Corporal RMLI 14130 G
East, Frederick George Ebenezer 23/07/1887 01/01/1971 Gunner RMA 11/12/1915 17/03/1919 882 G
Edmunds, Samuel 05/04/1893 Leading Seaman 27/03/1915 31/12/1917 J8307 G
Edwards, Arthur George Boy 1st Class J39885 G
Ellis, George Stoker 1st Class K11899 G
Ellis, Griffith Warrant Engineer R.N.R. 13/06/1915 Navy List G
Emley, Frank Gordon 12/06/1897 Midshipman 01/02/1916 14/09/1917 Navy List G
Everley, Henry Stoker 1st Class 311050 G
Fail, Robert 03/09/1891 Stoker 1st Class 25/06/1914 27/02/1917 K19430 G
Farnsworth, Lawrance William Leading Stoker K10615 G
Faulkner, Oliver 24/02/1893 Leading Seaman 01/10/1915 04/03/1920 J2245 G
Faust, Fred 16/12/1892 01/09/1915 Wireman 2nd Class 01/11/1915 16/11/1917 M14239 G
Fedrick, William Henry 01/06/1884 Gunner RM Artillery 27/04/1912 17/03/1919 10450 G
Felstead, William Frederick 11/09/1893 Cooks Mate 06/04/1914 16/05/1919 M4330 G
Felton, William John 25/02/1890 01/10/1971 Stoker Petty Officer 02/07/1915 16/05/1918 K5919 G
Few, Henry 01/05/1894 Able Seaman 07/04/1914 02/05/1917 J12883 G
Finnecy, Frederick Herbert 08/12/1894 Able Seaman 07/04/1914 21/11/1917 J8878 G
Fisher, George Henry 26/10/1897 Able Seaman 02/05/1916 20/04/1917 J31208 G
Fitchaner, Henry Frederick 27/04/1886 Petty Officer 23/03/1915 30/03/1919 220849 Name discrepancy G
Flahey, Thomas William Plumber's Mate M16103 G
Fleming, Frederick Charles Private RMLI 15356 G
Fletcher, Albert Edward 18/03/1897 Able Seaman 01/12/1915 25/07/1916 J20563 G
Fletcher, William Henry Musician RMB 2096 G
Flockton, Walter Harold Stoker 1st Class SS116369 G
Florence, Ronald Dalrymple 31/08/1898 Midshipman 09/04/1915 14/03/1917 Navy List G
Ford, Ernest Thomas Boy 1st Class J30200 G
Ford, William 22/07/1890 Stoker 1st Class 03/10/1913 31/05/1916 K16164 G
Ford, William Edward 14/07/1885 12/06/1962 Able Seaman 30/12/1913 28/08/1917 J5205 G
Forsey, Frederick William Able Seaman 209552 G
Foy, James 10/03/1886 Stoker RNR 17/08/1914 03/02/1919 T 3000 G
Frampton, Alfred George Stoker 1st Class K15782 G
Francis, John William Ordinary Seaman J40537 G
Franklin, Richard George 06/05/1893 10/11/1919 Able Seaman 07/04/1914 01/05/1917 J10734 G
Freeman, Norman Charles 02/08/1896 Able Seaman 15/05/1915 30/06/1917 SS5335 G
Fricker, William John Leading Seaman J11809 G
Fryer, Albert Edward Able Seaman J23533 G
Fryer, Hubert Stanley Signal Boy J30835 G
Fuller, Edward Stanger James 28/02/1897 Able Seaman 01/03/1916 25/07/1916 J22524 G
Gair, Thomas 25/05/1895 Able Seaman RNVR 07/09/1915 22/11/1918 Tyneside Z/4937 G
Gard, George Leading Stoker 311663 G
Gardiner, Francis Boy 1st Class J40536 G
Gardner, John Sidney Smith 06/11/1896 Stoker RNR 15/06/1915 03/02/1919 S 7402 G
Geary, Albert Edward 26/03/1895 01/03/1974 Cook 26/04/1916 17/05/1919 M5866 G
Gee, George Henry Private RMLI 12986 G
Gee, Walter Charles Ordinary Telegraphist J28863 G
Gibbons, William Richard 30/12/1896 Able Seaman RNVR 05/10/1915 28/11/1917 London Z/2454 G
Gifford, William Selby 18/06/1892 Leading Seaman 01/07/1915 30/11/1919 J5270 G
Gilbert, Joseph Ordinary Seaman J40581 G
Giles, George Henry Humphrey Boy 1st Class J33998 G
Gillam, Arthur James Able Seaman J24262 G
Girdwood, William 03/02/1893 Leading Stoker K30166 G
Glister, Alfred Samuel Horner Ordinary Seaman J34337 G
Glue, Walter Henry 15/01/1885 Stoker 1st Class 361318 G
Golding, George Henry 06/01/1878 Chief Petty Officer 29/12/1914 30/09/1918 178223 G
Gomm, Jesse 13/06/1889 01/03/1954 Stoker 1st Class 07/04/1914 30/06/1916 K4608 G
Goodyear, Ernest George Boy 1st Class J32521 G
Gordon, David 08/09/1896 Stoker RNR 24/03/1915 20/02/1919 S 5471 G
Goss, Edward 24/09/1871 Stoker 1st Class 02/02/1914 09/10/1919 276057 G
Goswell, Arthur Frederick Boy 1st Class J31277 G
Goucher, Ernest Boy 1st Class J40534 G
Gough, William Lewis 17/07/1879 Chief Engine Room Artificer Class 1 17/04/1914 27/05/1918 270278 G
Gould, Ernest Walter Corporal RMA 12401 G
Graham, Robert Able Seaman J34851 G
Gravett, Percival Phillip Stoker 1st Class K27248 G
Gray, Samuel Paul 24/11/1896 Able Seaman 02/05/1916 13/10/1919 SS5583 G
Green, Henry Edmund Able Seaman J23836 G
Gregory, Alfred John Bist Able Seaman J15974 G
Groves, Alfred Henry 02/11/1897 Officer's Steward 3rd Class L7390 G
Guffogg, James 16/04/1887 Able Seaman 07/04/1914 22/02/1919 230638 G
Gunnell, Alfred George Yeoman of Signals 220046 G
Habens, Herbert Boy 1st Class J31247 G
Halfpenny, John Stoker 1st Class SS114374 G
Hall, Albert Edward Boy 1st Class J38950 G
Hall, Ebnor William Telegraphist J24112 G
Hallam, George Marshall 29/03/1897 Able Seaman J23526 G
Ham, Edgar Philip 22/12/1881 Sick Berth Steward 350775 G
Hamper, John 01/02/1886 Stoker Petty Officer 01/05/1915 21/08/1917 K1160 G
Hanson, Stephen Able Seaman 220061 G
Hard, Albert Arthur Ordinary Telegraphist J23474 G
Hardie, John Reynolds 27/11/1898 23/10/1918 Boy 1st Class J34639 G
Harfield, Joseph George 22/08/1892 Able Seaman 17/06/1914 04/03/1920 J6952 G
Hargrave, George Boy 1st Class J42413 G
Harling, Stanley Edward Ordinary Seaman J36530 G
Harris, Alfred John 20/01/1891 Musician RMB 27/04/1912 16/05/1918 1215 G
Harris, Donovan William 17/04/1894 Leading Seaman 01/05/1915 11/01/1917 J9410 G
Harris, George Henry Percy Able Seaman 01/10/1915 21/11/1917 J11456 G
Harris, William 25/08/1875 Chief Petty Officer 22/06/1914 30/09/1918 158446 G
Harrison, Barnett Stoker 1st Class K15390 G
Hart, Alfred George 07/11/1891 Armourers Crew 07/04/1914 28/02/1917 M5827 G
Harvey, Frank 06/01/1897 Able Seaman J24192 G
Harvey, Valentine 15/01/1895 Private RMLI 26/10/1913 31/12/1918 16366 G
Hayden, Crisp Robert Gunner RMA 13368 G
Hayhurst, John Mitchell Ordinary Seaman J24200 G
Hayter, James Roy 08/12/1890 Leading Stoker 07/04/1915 01/04/1917 K3666 G
Hayward, William George Petty Officer 227027 G
Hazeldine, Dennis Able Seaman SS5576 G
Healey, Frank 23/02/1897 Able Seaman 27/08/1915 25/07/1917 J20171 G
Healey, William Able Seaman SS5542 G
Hearn, Edward 09/04/1889 Gunner RMA 12169 G
Heasman, William Edward 08/06/1884 Stoker Petty Officer 361422 G
Hemingway, Wilfred Bickers Private RMLI 16606 G
Hemmings, William Frank 21/06/1894 07/03/1920 Able Seaman J7529 G
Henderson, Robert 18/10/1893 Signeller 07/07/1914 20/10/1916 J7219 G
Hendry, James Samuel 10/01/1882 15/10/1920 Gunner RMA 15/01/1914 29/08/1916 9777 G
Herbert, Sidney George James Gunner RMA 14223 G
Hickson, Thomas William Able Seaman 224005 G
Higgins, Reginald 29/07/1896 Carpenter's Crew 30/05/1916 30/09/1918 M19627 G
Higgs, Sidney Charles Able Seaman 239342 G
Higham, William Ordinary Seaman J36450 G
Hill, Arthur Herbert 17/09/1891 15/10/1918 Able Seaman J5428 G
Hill, Charles Officer's Steward 1st Class 358841 G
Hill, James Kemp 02/11/1891 29/05/1891 M11435 G
Hill, Victor Alexander 26/03/1919 Leading Telegraphist 223042 G
Hinton, Albert Edwards Boy 1st Class J31833 G
Hinves, James Stoker Petty Officer 310053 G
Hiorns, Edward Stoker 1st Class K15389 G
Hitchcock, Charles Frederick Able Seaman 219803 G
Hockey, George Harold Leading Stoker K15355 G
Hodson, John William Stoker 1st Class SS112369 G
Hogan, James William Boy 1st Class J39883 G
Hogarth, Albert David 04/08/1891 Able Seaman RNVR 09/12/1915 29/08/1918 London Z/3091 G
Holder, Arthur Ernest 15/09/1892 01/06/1947 Electrical Artificer Class 4 01/10/1915 08/09/1916 M7532 G
Holland, William Charles Able Seaman J24628 G
Hollick, Herbert Charles 03/01/1895 Wireman 2nd Class 16/04/1916 08/03/1919 M19102 G
Homewood, George Edward Wells 17/04/1891 15/04/1977 Cooks Mate 06/04/1914 16/05/1919 M4443 G
Honeyball, Walter Charles Ordinary Seaman J17095 G
Hooper, Harry John 28/12/1891 Writer 3rd Class 27/04/1914 28/11/1917 M7108 G
Horan, Ernest Edward Charles Boy 1st Class J32556 G
Horler, Gerald Henry 12/03/1891 Gunner RMA 04/01/1916 27/01/1919 922 G
Horton, William 19/08/1878 Acting Chief Stoker 31/10/1915 31/07/1916 286752 G
Hott, Edward 16/08/1897 J20652 G
Howe, Arthur Tom Able Seaman 207652 G
Hoyle, Michael Vaughan 08/05/1900 Midshipman 01/01/1916 Navy List G
Hughes, Henry Hawkins 14/10/1875 Sick Berth Steward 350454 G
Humphrey, Walter Geofrey Boy 1st Class J39807 G
Humphreys, John Alfred Leading Stoker K15356 G
Hunnisett, William Thomas Leading Stoker K15357 G
Hunt, Walter William 05/07/1881 Private RMLI 02/04/1913 07/03/1919 10692 G
Hurding, William 26/03/1894 Stoker 1st Class 15/03/1916 18/02/1917 K20136 G
Hurst, Francis Stoker 1st Class K25937 G
Hurst, John Stoker 1st Class K23916 G
Hutchings, George Allen Horner Stoker Petty Officer 302783 G
Hutt, Arthur Cyril 21/03/1885 Engineer Lieutenant 12/03/1915 16/07/1916 Navy List G
Hutt, Walter Stoker 1st Class 309971 G
Iliffe, John Thomas Stoker 1st Class 07/04/1914 27/03/1917 303304 G
Inman, James Arthur Able Seaman 226920 G
Jack, Robert Robertson 18/01/1898 Wireman 1st Class 02/11/1915 24/01/1919 M12187 G
Jackson, Albert 23/08/1869 Able Seaman 25/08/1914 13/04/1917 131320 G
Jackson, Edward Foster Stoker 1st Class K24686 G
Jackson, George Stonewall Stoker 1st Class K26561 G
Jackson, Gerald Edward Armitage Sub-Lieutenant 15/09/1913 05/11/1917 Navy List G
Jackson, James 26/11/1891 Stoker 1st Class 07/04/1914 27/02/1917 K5862 G
Jackson, Percy John 01/05/1894 Stoker 1st Class 27/06/1914 30/04/1918 K19434 G
James, Harry 28/12/1877 Stoker 1st Class 07/04/1914 07/02/1917 282509 G
James, Stanley Arthur 31/03/1881 Artificer Engineer 01/09/1914 27/12/1916 Navy List G
James, William 02/12/1888 Stoker RNR 17/08/1914 20/02/1919 T 2598 G
Jarvis, Frederick 24/04/1890 Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class M11783 G
Jay, Alfred John Leading Stoker K1567 G
Jeffares, William Henry Assistant Paymaster R.N.R. 22/08/1915 Navy List G
Jemmett, Frederick Charles 24/05/1897 Stoker RNR 07/06/1915 18/05/1918 S 7519 G
Jenkinson, James Musician RMB 1518 G
Jennings, Francis Henry Cecil 03/08/1898 13/06/1922 Midshipman 09/04/1915 14/01/1917 Navy List G
Jennings, Harry Arthur 26/11/1890 Gunner RMA 25/07/1914 30/06/1918 212256 G
Jeram, Frederick 05/11/1879 12/01/1918 Officer's Steward 2nd Class 359188 G
Jessey, Frederick William Officer's Cook 3rd Class L4204 G
Johnson, Albert Henry Boy 1st Class J31255 G
Johnson, Alfred Stoker 1st Class K22958 G
Johnson, Charles Frederick Stoker 1st Class K7905 G
Johnson, John Robert Hugh Ordinary Seaman J35548 G
Johnson, Richard 01/02/1885 Stoker RNR 17/08/1914 30/06/1918 S 1244 G
Johnson, Robert 19/05/1885 Stoker RNR 17/08/1914 15/08/1916 T 2521 (briefly lent to Ajax in August 16
before back to Monarch for remainder of war)
Jones, Donald Signal Boy J33759 G
Jones, Harold Boy 1st Class J40780 G
Jones, Owen Boy 1st Class J41747 G
Jordan, Montague Summers Leading Seaman 220169 G
Jowles, Joseph Samuel Ordinary Seaman J36589 G
Kane, William Able Seaman J31700 G
Kaye, Harry 22/02/1890 Stoker 2nd Class 30/10/1915 25/10/1917 K26698 G
Kellett, Ernest Able Seaman J23587 G
Kelly, George Walrond Stoker 1st Class K24266 G
Kelly, Michael Stoker 1st Class SS114000 G
Kelly, Thomas James 19/09/1898 Ordinary Seaman 19/03/1916 18/09/1916 J40577 G
Kemp, Fred Boy 1st Class J39846 G
Kendle, George Harold 20/02/1885 Captain RMA 08/02/1916 27/07/1919 Navy List G
Kennedy, John S. Temporary Surgeon 07/06/1915 Navy List G
Kenny, Edward Stoker 1st Class 230105 G
Kerr, Joseph 04/01/1893 Stoker 1st Class 26/01/1915 30/09/1919 K11580 G
Kersley , Basil Archer Norman 30/12/1883 03/06/1918 Stoker Petty Officer 302188 G
Keveny, Patrick 17/02/1874 Mechanician 06/04/1912 13/05/1919 280089 G
Keys, William George Able Seaman J19769 G
King, Alfred Leading Stoker 308623 G
King, Horace Ernest Petty Officer 220099 G
Knight, Charles Edward Private RMLI 16608 G
Knight, James Albert Cecil Able Seaman J11062 G
Knight, Leonard Charles John Able Seaman J17484 G
Knox, Edward Stoker 1st Class K26275 G
Lack, William Thomas Able Seaman 231811 G
Lake, Ferdinand Eugene Minns 29/05/1896 01/12/1970 Able Seaman 26/10/1915 28/09/1918 J22273 G
Laker, Charles Private RMLI 15333 G
Lambert, Aubrey 18/06/1879 Commander 15/01/1916 05/05/1918 Navy List G
Lancaster, Thomas William Ordinary Seaman J40535 G
Lancaster, Wilfred Boy 1st Class J39404 G
Lancaster, William 20/11/1897 Ordinary Seaman 20/11/1915 05/06/1916 J40535 G
Lane, Frank Stoker Petty Officer 301448 G
Langdon, Henry Walter Stoker 1st Class 02/05/1914 11/11/1918 SS113950 G
Langford, Frederick William Leading Seaman 238936 G
Langrish, Leonard George 01/02/1893 Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class 14/10/1914 30/06/1918 M558 G
Laugher, William Henry Stoker 1st Class SS111117 G
Laverty, Edwin Isaac Carpenter's Crew M16591 G
Leach, Robert 04/02/1897 Able Seaman RNVR 05/10/1915 18/07/1919 Tyneside Z/5505 G
Lee, Cecil John Boy 1st Class J38043 G
Lee, Charles Arthur Stoker Petty Officer 311514 G
Legg, Victor Albert Gunner RMA 13351 G
Leighton, Sidney Albert Ordinary Seaman J34432 G
Lenaghan, Harold Alexander 13/12/1892 Musician RMB 1417 G
Lepper, Arthur John Godfrey 01/10/1891 01/09/1957 Able Seaman 24/05/1916 28/02/1918 J3624 G
Lewis, George Boy 1st Class J32677 G
Lewis, Walter Stoker 1st Class K9673 G
Lipscombe, Frederick William Electrical Artificer 1st Class 346422 G
Lissaman, James Edward Painter 1st Class 344710 G
Littleton, Frederick 03/09/1882 Stoker 1st Class 25/02/1915 13/07/1917 SS112517 G
Lloyd, Christopher Robert 25/03/1897 Able Seaman 03/03/1916 26/10/1917 J20186 G
Lloyd, John Stoker Petty Officer K4605 G
Loates, Sylvester John Stoker Petty Officer K3695 G
Longhurst, George Musician RMB 1253 G
Longridge, Thomas Chief Carpenter 25/03/1914 Navy List G
Lord, Joseph Ellis Leading Seaman 230215 G
Low, William Able Seaman J17315 G
Loynes, Robert 04/09/1897 Stoker RNR 02/03/1916 07/05/1918 S 8981 G
Lucas, George Frederick William 15/10/1887 Shipwright 2nd Class 07/04/1914 31/08/1917 M6803 G
Luckhurst, William John 15/05/1897 Signaller 05/08/1915 27/08/1916 J22415 G
Lyon, George Hamilton D'Oyly 03/10/1883 Lieutenant 07/04/1914 29/06/1916 Navy List G
Macdonald, David Stoker 1st Class K22699 G
MacEachran, Angus 28/09/1880 Stoker RNR 25/03/1915 03/05/1918 S 5525 G
Maher, Thomas 06/07/1877 27/05/1944 Acting Artificer Engineer 09/03/1916 03/10/1916 Navy List G
Malthouse, Albert John Able Seaman J19318 G
Manning, Walter Harry Griffin Ordinary Seaman J22837 G
Marchment, William Henry George 28/01/1891 Leading Carpenter's Crew M1776 G
Marks, Percy Wireman 2nd Class M17461 G
Marshall, Frederick W. Engineer Commander 29/04/1914 Navy List G
Marshall, Harry Stuart 13/02/1875 Officer's Cook 1st Class 362165 G
Martin, Angus Stoker 1st Class K25945 G
Martin, Arthur Bigby 15/11/1897 Able Seaman 08/12/1915 07/12/1917 J22846 G
Martin, William Harold Carpenter's Crew M16729 G
Marwood, Jesse 09/02/1888 Stoker RNR 17/08/1914 08/06/1919 T 3088 G
Mascall, Herbert Frederick Plumber 342701 G
Mason, George William 08/10/1894 Able Seaman RNVR 04/11/1915 02/03/1917 London Z/2754 G
Mason, Robert Harry 15/08/1892 Able Seaman 21/03/1915 30/09/1918 J3532 G
Matson, Charles Lee Boy 1st Class J32394 G
Matthews, James Ship's Cook 347690 G
Maven, Charles Stoker 1st Class K27395 G
Maxwell, Denis Crichton 26/09/1892 16/01/1970 Lieutenant 06/04/1915 21/11/1917 Navy List G
Maxwell, James Arthur Leading Seaman 221894 G
Mcathey, James Ordinary Seaman J40578 G
McDermott, George 05/12/1881 Leading Stoker 06/04/1916 01/01/1918 296064 G
Mckay, William Stoker 1st Class K24943 G
Mckeon, Joseph Shipwright 1st Class 344193 G
Mckinley, Daniel Able Seaman 205325 G
Mckinnell, William John Leading Stoker K12366 G
McNab, James Able Seaman 216895 G
McNamee, Bernard 21/07/1880 Stoker RNR 24/03/1915 30/09/1917 S 5466 G
McWilliams, Frank 07/08/1891 Stoker RNR 17/08/1914 12/05/1919 S 2312 G
Meadows, Cecil Percy Boy Telegraphist J37392 G
Mellors, Alfred William Private RMLI 16628 G
Mercer, Norris Boy 1st Class J38590 G
Merrett, William Charles Able Seaman 222205 G
Metcalf, Christopher Ordinary Seaman J24826 G
Metcalf, Francis William Rucker Chaplain 18/08/1915 Navy List G
Metcalfe, Walter 08/04/1893 01/01/1970 Able Seaman 20/05/1916 26/05/1918 J7829 G
Michie, Alfred 20/12/1899 Boy 1st Class 22/07/1916 06/08/1916 J44018 G
Middleton, Alfred Edward Leading Stoker K8008 G
Miles, Alfred George 27/08/1888 31/01/1963 Able Seaman 07/04/1914 26/03/1919 232474 G
Mill, Arthur Victor Able Seaman 221746 G
Millard, William James Stoker 1st Class K27392 G
Mills, George 23/09/1878 Stoker 1st Class 20/05/1916 21/07/1916 284397 G
Minney, Richard 16/09/1882 Acting Chief Petty Officer 07/04/1914 01/11/1918 200045 G
Mitchell, John Peter Stoker 1st Class K27239 G
Mitchell, William James 06/06/1891 Leading Seaman 29/03/1915 15/11/1916 J568 G
Molloy, Michael Stoker 1st Class SS116777 G
Monks, Cyril Ralph 02/04/1892 Able Seaman RNVR 07/09/1915 22/11/1918 Tyneside Z/4976 G
Monnickendam, Fred Charles 12/12/1896 Able Seaman RNVR 14/10/1915 01/02/1917 London Z/675 G
Moore, Frederick Leading Seaman 217906 G
Moran, James Boy 1st Class J33447 G
Morley, George Frederick John Able Seaman J11411 G
Morris, Charles Leslie Able Seaman J13392 G
Morton, George Dawson Boy 1st Class J40791 G
Morton, James Leading Stoker 293660 G
Morton, Walter Leading Stoker K8626 G
Moss, William Musician RMB 973 G
Mouat, William 08/09/1889 Stoker RNR 16/06/1915 01/05/1918 S 2572 G
Mould, Samuel George 21/06/1878 Able Seaman 14/05/1915 06/11/1917 176722 G
Mounter, Archibald Charles Able Seaman 227144 G
Mountford, Benjamin 01/10/1894 Leading Stoker 24/11/1915 28/02/1918 K17698 G
Mugridge, George Ernest Petty Officer 238944 G
Mullington, Leonard Charles Leading Seaman 237563 G
Murden, Bertie Gunner RMA 13321 G
Murdoch, James 22/07/1878 R.M.Gunner 07/04/1914 11/03/1919 Navy List G
Murray, Michael Richard Hallam 22/06/1893 Lieutenant 16/10/1915 06/03/1919 Navy List G
Mussell, Edward Warf Able Seaman J34401 G
Mussett, Ernest John Petty Officer 206084 G
Myers, John William 26/11/1890 Stoker 1st Class 24/05/1914 12/07/1918 SS113991 G
Mylne, Charles Henry Private RMLI 18239 G
Neave, Frederick William 07/12/1894 Leading Seaman 17/04/1915 21/10/1916 J9854 G
Neill, Arthur Ordinary Seaman J37595 G
Neller, John George Henry 03/02/1880 Gunner RMA 07/04/1914 15/01/1920 7974 G
Newman, Jack Marcus Able Seaman J24181 G
Newton, Arthur Signal Boy J40163 G
Nicholls, William Warn 05/01/1883 09/03/1963 Private RMLI 07/04/1914 05/05/1922 11965 G
Noel, Albert Able Seaman J18092 G
Norman, Charles Henry Private RMLI 14735 G
Normington, Richard Boy 1st Class J34398 G
Norris, Albert Able Seaman 213624 G
Noyes, Emanuel Charles 04/03/1894 07/04/1944 Stoker 1st Class 24/06/1915 21/02/1921 K18109 G
Nunn, Lawrence Douglas Gunner RMA 14571 G
Nunnery, Robert Stoker 1st Class K15289 G
O'Brien, William 06/12/1892 Leading Stoker K10241 G
O'Reilly, Frank Patrick 16/05/1891 c1982 Leading Cook's Mate M1970 G
O'Sullivan, George 11/07/1896 Officer's Steward 3rd Class L5887 G
Olden, Fred Stoker Petty Officer K13127 G
Oldham, Cornelius Boy 1st Class J40541 G
Oldreive, William 15/07/1878 Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 11/01/1914 31/10/1916 269807 G
Ord, John Bertram Boy 1st Class J34634 G
Osborn, Stanley Tulk Boy 1st Class J39550 G
Ouslem, Robert Andrew Able Seaman 206683 G
Ovens, Archibald Ordinary Seaman J24195 G
Ovens, Frederick Stoker 1st Class 297796 G
Over, Charles Edward Albert Leading Stoker K8608 G
Owen, Fred 01/10/1879 08/09/1919 Stoker Petty Officer 07/04/1914 08/09/1919 293326 G
Oxley, John 07/09/1895 Painter 2nd Class 15/03/1914 07/09/1916 M6546 G
Paddick, William George 04/03/1892 Stoker RNR 12/01/1916 21/05/1919 S 8742 G
Palmer, Alfred Percy Cecil 28/11/1890 10/12/1962 M6029 G
Palmer, Frank Arthur Charles Boy 1st Class J41748 G
Park, John Stoker 1st Class K15422 G
Parke, Francis Joseph 05/02/1893 10/12/1962 Able Seaman 07/04/1914 08/08/1917 J6895 G
Parker, Percy 23/02/1894 Able Seaman 22/09/1915 13/11/1916 J6180 G
Parker, Robert Boy 1st Class J41744 G
Parkinson, William 04/04/1877 Chief Stoker 01/03/1915 28/10/1919 283984 G
Parr, George Alfred Leading Seaman 224697 G
Pattison, William Edward Hunter Ordinary Seaman J29065 G
Patton, Thomas Boy 1st Class J32776 G
Pay, Albert Edward Leading Seaman 225657 G
Payne, Ernest George Ordinary Seaman J37062 G
Payne, Ernest William 02/04/2020 Able Seaman RNVR 09/12/1915 04/03/1919 London Z/3123 G
Peacock, George Boy 1st Class J30553 G
Pearce, Bernard William 1st Writer 346082 G
Pearce, Charles Albert 07/11/1878 Petty Officer 07/04/1914 21/10/1916 177773 G
Pearce, Charles Edward 01/10/1899 Boy 1st Class J41741 G
Peirce, Alfred Henry 12/03/1891 01/01/1967 Leading Seaman 07/04/1915 31/05/1917 J2380 G
Pembleton, Joseph Ordinary Seaman SS5579 G
Pergusey, Albert Leading Seaman 231806 G
Perry, George Edward Able Seaman J18448 G
Perry, William John Able Seaman J16951 G
Pett, Harry William 28/04/1893 Able Seaman 08/08/1915 28/04/1897 J6299 G
Phillips, George Frederick Carpenter's Crew M14021 G
Pilcher, Frank Henry 31/08/1894 15/11/1976 Able Seaman 27/04/1914 28/08/1917 J9917 G
Pinchess, Percy Dawson 29/04/1897 01/12/1966 Able Seaman 14/02/1916 28/07/1919 J20581 G
Pinel, Charles Leading Stoker K12388 G
Pinkerton, Samuel Desmond Parkman Cordner 11/01/1899 Signal Boy J33816 G
Pitman, Edwin Albert 20/01/1896 Officer's Cook 3rd Class L5216 G
Pluck, Joseph Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M12664 G
Plunkett, Frank Edward George Able Seaman J13200 G
Pollard, Leslie James 30/12/1897 Ordinary Seman 30/12/1915 06/07/1916 J31215 G
Poole, Albert 29/09/1892 Musician 1533 G
Potter, Leonard Fosbrooke 06/08/1885 Lieutenant-Commander 03/01/1914 01/03/1919 Navy List G
Potter, William 28/10/1893 Able Seaman 07/04/1914 13/10/1918 J5778 G
Powers, John William Ordinary Seaman J35336 G
Pratt, Stanley Reginald Eric 31/10/1898 23/04/1918 Boy 1st Class 08/01/1915 29/07/1916 J31231 G
Press, Arthur Stoker 1st Class K27242 G
Preston, Edward James Private RMLI 16614 G
Pringle, William Stoker 1st Class K25960 G
Pullham, Edward John Boy 1st Class J39408 G
Putnam, Victor Christopher Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 271825 G
Radford, Henry 04/12/1891 Stoker 1st Class 17/05/1914 27/08/1918 SS113977 G
Ralfe, Frederick 03/11/1885 Stoker 1st Class 361988 G
Ramm, Horace Evelyn 06/04/1892 01/07/1973 Able Seaman RNVR 30/05/1916 22/02/1919 Tyneside Z/4989 G
Ramsden, Thomas William 23/03/1876 Mechanician 06/04/1912 16/12/1917 285114 G
Ransley, Leonard Boy 1st Class J44678 G
Raper, John Able Seaman J22907 G
Rashley, Frank 05/04/1885 09/09/1954 Sick Berth Attendant 27/04/1912 25/04/1918 351252 G
Rea, Arthur Lewis 07/07/1888 26/05/1918 Musician RMB 27/04/1912 26/05/1918 490 G
Read, George Stoker Petty Officer 304236 G
Record, Stanley Gladstone Able Seaman SS3708 G
Rees, Francis Lewis 25/07/1871 Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 07/04/1914 20/05/1919 268612 G
Reeve, Charles Reginald Constable 14/01/1885 Ship's Cook 360514 G
Reid, Anthony Francis Stoker 1st Class K24265 G
Revill, Martin Fearn Boy 1st Class J33178 G
Reyburn, Henry 28/06/1889 Stoker 1st Class 16/05/1914 21/07/1916 SS111324 G
Reynolds, James 25/03/1878 Stoker Petty Officer 12/04/1915 27/02/1917 290598 G
Reynolds, William Brooke Able Seaman J23065 G
Richards, Cecil Mervan 04/01/1895 01/04/1969 K19100 G
Richardson, George Gardner Stoker 1st Class SS115305 G
Riches, William Richard 11/12/1874 Stoker 1st Class 17/05/1916 04/04/1919 K33423 G
Ricketts, Harry Cyril Able Seaman J14902 G
Riddell, Charles Henry Ordinary Seaman J37063 G
Ritchie, Ernest Charles 22/08/1896 01/07/1977 Wireman 2nd Class 16/04/1916 31/12/1918 M19104 G
Ritchie, Ned 21/05/1895 Stoker 1st Class 06/06/1914 30/09/1919 K19382 G
Roberts, Alfred Leading Stoker K5332 G
Roberts, Dan Boy 1st Class J37093 G
Roberts, William 19/12/1887 Able Seaman 25/08/1914 27/03/1917 J3131 G
Roberts, William Leonard Able Seaman 235222 G
Robertson, Frank Electrical Artificer 4th Class M11763 G
Robinson, Charles Robert Ordinary Seaman J40302 G
Robinson, Frank Sidney 28/07/1874 Leading Stoker 06/04/1912 25/10/1920 290563 G
Robinson, Herbert Henry Stoker 1st Class SS110158 G
Robinson, Thomas Able Seaman 217418 G
Robson, Richard Speaight Boy 1st Class J31796 G
Robson, Thomas Hamilton 24/06/1897 Able Seaman RNVR 30/09/1915 17/10/1918 Tyneside Z/5569 G
Rock, George 26/06/1893 Sick Berth Attendant 03/08/1914 01/01/1919 M4624 G
Rofe, George Edward Able Seaman J11629 G
Rogers, Joseph Albert Signal Boy J34140 G
Roper, John Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M14667 G
Roper, Robert Stoker 1st Class K15824 G
Rose, Albert Edward 20/02/1882 Gunner 07/04/1914 17/11/1916 Navy List G
Rouse, Arthur Ernest 14/09/1890 Able Seaman RNVR 01/07/1915 15/03/1919 London Z/649 G
Row, Thomas Richard 07/07/1870 Boatswain 25/03/1914 27/06/1917 Navy List G
Rowe, George Henry Gunner RMA 12851 G
Rowlands, Thomas Llewelyn 01/11/1891 M6095 G
Royall, Sydney Herbert Able Seaman J13995 G
Rumsey, Norman Harold 13/01/1894 Stoker 1st Class 16/06/1914 01/06/1918 K19406 G
Runciman, Samuel Boy Telegraphist J34223 G
Russell, Geoffrey Philip 11/02/1880 Lieutenant Commander 21/03/1914 08/09/1916 Navy List G
Sandall, Robert George Gunner RMA 13353 G
Sandells, Cornelius 08/01/1883 Mate 11/07/1915 03/01/1918 Navy List G
Saunders, Archibald. H. Temporary Naval Instructor 24/05/1916 Navy List G
Scanlan, John Valentine Ship's Corporal 1st Class 227448 G
Scaresbrook, George Frederick Boy 1st Class J40315 G
Scott, Charles Stoker 1st Class K15386 G
Scott, Edwin John Petty Officer 225813 G
Scott, Joseph Shipwright 2nd Class 344697 G
Scuffell, Percy William 2nd Cook's Mate M15040 G
Searle, Charles Stoker 1st Class K25949 G
Self, Joe Stoker 1st Class SS114137 G
Sell, James Edwin 11/07/1898 Ordinary Seaman 11/02/1916 30/06/1916 J31186 G
Seymour, Richard James 28/11/1873 Chief Shipwright 07/04/1914 09/01/1917 340108 G
Seymour, William John 07/04/1900 Midshipman 01/01/1916 14/03/1918 Navy List G
Shaberman, Samuel 31/05/1897 Able Seaman RNVR 14/10/1915 30/09/1917 Sussex Z/253 G
Shaw, Reginald Gordon 06/07/1891 Officers Steward 3rd Class 27/04/1912 02/07/1916 L1365 G
Sherwin, Benjamin Disraeli 16/08/1891 14/10/1918 Sick Berth Attendant 06/04/1914 04/06/1916 M2744 G
Shilcross, Joseph 16/01/1893 01/03/1946 Able Seaman 07/04/1914 01/02/1920 J9007 G
Shoosmith, Maurice Herbert Able Seaman J14340 G
Short, Stanley John 06/08/1895 Engine Room Artificer 5th Class 04/03/1916 31/12/1916 M3297 G
Siebert, Louis Gunner RMA 13199 G
Simcoe, John Henry Stoker 1st Class SS110658 G
Simpson, Robert Michael Petty Officer 226633 G
Simpson, William Leading Stoker K3721 G
Sivyer, George Able Seaman J12650 G
Skidmore, Frederick 26/05/1887 Bandmaster 2nd Class (1/6: BM1c) 237 G
Skillings, John Joseph Stoker 1st Class SS111212 G
Skinner, Henry 30/12/1894 Stoker 1st Class 07/04/1914 31/03/1917 K19065 G
Slade, Harry Able Seaman J23544 G
Smeaton, John Reid Able Seaman J30493 G
Smees, John Able Seaman 210656 G
Smith, Charles Frederick 29/01/1897 Stoker 1st Class 06/04/1916 21/07/1916 K27398 Time on board
Smith, Edward Laurence Able Seaman J24569 G
Smith, Frank Stoker 1st Class K24645 G
Smith, George Boy 1st Class J34633 G
Smith, Harold George Boy 1st Class J38828 G
Smith, Joseph 17/12/1883 Stoker Petty Officer K4979 G
Smith, Oswald 25/10/1896 Able Seaman RNVR 05/10/1915 31/03/1917 Wales Z/1357 G
Smith, Richard 27/02/1883 Able Seaman RNVR 16/06/1915 12/11/1918 Wales Z/451 G
Smith, William Able Seaman J24275 G
Smith, William George Bugler RMLI 18699 G
Smith, William Thomas 25/12/1880 Chief Stoker 01/11/1915 21/02/1919 291713 G
Sommers, George Jesse 25/11/1879 01/11/1947 Sergeant RMA 14/05/1915 12/06/1916 8061 G
Speller, William Stoker 1st Class K8099 G
Spencer, Harry Stoker 1st Class 301278 G
Spencer, Herbert Alexander Stoker Petty Officer K3709 G
Spragg, Benjamin Ben Stoker 1st Class K13946 G
Spray, Horace Boy 1st Class J39895 G
Stafford, Frank 20/11/1891 Stoker 1st Class 06/04/1912 05/12/1917 SS110179 G
Stagg, Frederick Henry James Private RMLI 15823 G
Stagg, Peter 05/10/1876 Stoker 1st Class 07/04/1914 21/04/1919 284131 G
Stainer, John Thomas 26/09/1877 Leading Stoker 06/01/1916 07/02/1921 285469 G
Stewart, Bertram Robert 14/01/1886 Lieutenant 23/05/1914 11/03/1919 Navy List G
Stewart, John Henry Able Seaman J16574 G
Still, Alfred Thomas Musician RMB 2203 G
Stilton, Albert James Able Seaman J24197 G
Stokes, James John Greenland 18/10/1889 Shipwright 2nd Class 07/04/1916 30/06/1916 M6806 G
Straw, Arthur Ordinary Seaman J40531 G
Strike, Frank William Electrical Artificer 4th Class M10021 G
Stubbings, William Leading Signalman 232491 G
Stubbings, William Henry 15/12/1894 01/06/1967 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class 02/05/1916 12/10/1916 M2177 G
Sturges, Robert Grice Lieutenant R.M. 01/12/1915 Navy List G
Summerfield, Frederick Boy 1st Class J38871 G
Swann, Henry Able Seaman 226911 G
Sweetland, John Herbert 26/05/1897 Able Seaman RNVR 09/12/1915 29/08/1918 London Z/3106 G
Sweetland, Lionel John 30/07/1899 Boy 1st Class J45537 G
Sweetlove, George Edward 19/07/1873 Shipwright 1st Class 02/09/1913 15/09/1917 341561 G
Swift, Hubert Edward 30/12/1892 06/11/1949 Able Seaman 08/02/.1914 30/06/1919 J8825 G
Syer, Frederick George 03/11/1895 Signalman RNVR 06/05/1916 25/02/1917 London Z/2123 G
Symonds, Alfred Able Seaman 207093 G
Talbot, Roger Henry George 14/07/1898 Midshipman 09/04/1915 14/01/1917 Navy List G
Taliana, Anthony 02/05/1894 Officer's Cook 3rd Class 16/12/1915 19/01/1917 L4837 G
Tanner, William James Signalman J21454 G
Tanner, William James Stoker 1st Class K4698 G
Taylor, William 05/02/1878 Sailmaker 02/05/1912 08/07/1919 175120 G
Taylor, William Richard 03/09/1894 Officer's Steward 3rd Class L5230 G
Tee, Leonard George Walter Leading Stoker K5986 G
Thomas, Charles William Tom Private RMLI 15460 G
Thomas, Harry Able Seaman J13444 G
Thompson, Charles Henry 16/02/1883 Gunner RMA 25/10/1913 05/11/1916 10359 G
Thompson, William 17/01/1887 Able Seaman RNVR 05/10/1915 22/11/1918 Tyneside Z/5486 G
Thompson, William George Able Seaman 01/09/1915 23/10/1919 J18839 G
Thomson, John 27/04/1892 Leading Seaman J3425 G
Thornton, William 10/08/1893 Leading Signaller 28/07/1915 15/04/1918 J4982 G
Thorpe, Thomas Percy Yeoman of Signals 219734 G
Tickner, Arthur William Stoker 1st Class K15717 G
Tilden, Willie 03/12/1883 Petty Officer Signals 10/05/1915 30/09/1919 203467 G
Timney, Roger Ordinary Seaman SS5582 G
Tindall, Benjamin Stoker 1st Class K4714 G
Titchaner, Henry Frederick Petty Officer 220849 G
Tompkins, Albert John 17/03/1875 Stoker 1st Class 26/04/1916 30/06/1919 278690 G
Tonks, Walter Stoker 1st Class SS116442 G
Topley, Samuel Maxwell 19/09/1884 2nd Writer RNVR 19/02/1916 03/08/1916 Tyneside Z/749 Transferred to Schoolmaster
M22544 4/8/1916
Town, Bert Boy 1st Class J34479 G
Tribbeck, John William 27/09/1892 03/03/1959 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class 15/09/1915 28/04/1917 M7552 G
Tuffin, Edward Edwin Private RMLI 13955 G
Tulip, Ions 11/03/1893 Able Seaman RNVR 04/11/1915 06/05/1919 Tyneside Z/6410 G
Tullett, James George Leading Seaman 229601 G
Turnbull, Joseph 12/08/1888 Able Seaman RNVR 09/12/1915 28/09/1916 Tyneside Z/4795 G
Turner, Harry George Stoker 1st Class K15288 G
Twynham, Henry Boy Telegraphist J34700 G
Tyso, Leonard William Ship's Corporal 1st Class 212293 G
Underwood, Louis George 17/03/1893 01/12/1970 Leading Seaman 26/11/1915 30/09/1917 J5113 G
Unwin, Thomas Stoker 1st Class K15353 G
Uphill, Alfred 04/02/1870 Blacksmith 07/04/1914 18/10/1916 175447 G
Urry, Allan 27/11/1896 Ordinary Seaman J22792 G
Vesey-Fitzgerald, William Patrick Desmond 17/03/1900 14/02/1923 Midshipman 01/01/1916 14/01/1918 Navy List G
Villiers, George Dumba 06/03/1900 Midshipman 01/01/1916 14/03/1918 Navy List G
Vine, Sidney Frank 14/02/1886 Gunner RMA 07/04/1914 23/04/1918 10769 G
Wainwright, Wilfred 30/06/1898 c1966 Ordinary Seaman J38861 G
Wakefield, Charles Albert Signal Boy J39854 G
Walker, Alfred Henry 15/10/1882 Gunner (T) 26/03/1914 22/08/1916 Navy List G
Walker, Herbert Able Seaman 239523 G
Walker, Samuel 13/07/1892 Stoker 1st Class 10/05/1914 29/05/1918 K19096 G
Walker, Thomas Sparks Able Seaman J24598 G
Walker, William Dallington 03/03/1895 Cooks Mate 14/04/1914 15/07/1918 M5848 Photo G
Walker, William Lewis 19/02/1881 10/01/1917 Officer's Cook 1st Class 365233 G
Wall, William Edward James Bugler 14259 G
Walters, William Robert 19/09/1895 16/10/1964 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class 01/12/1915 31/03/1917 M2609 G
Ward, Charles 15/03/1874 Chief Stoker 01/03/1916 03/03/1919 282959 G
Ward, Frederick William Able Seaman J24254 G
Ward, William Rufus Musician RMB 1325 G
Ware, William 09/12/1891 Able Seaman 21/03/1915 04/02/1918 J933 G
Warne, Frederick John Musician RMB 1636 G
Warner, Albert Phillip 17/05/1881 Corporal RMA 28/04/1915 29/08/1917 9197 G
Warner, Charles John 30/09/1896 Able Seaman RNVR 05/10/1915 15/03/1919 London Z/2459 G
Warren, Thomas Musician RMB 566 G
Wathall, Fred Able Seaman J24204 G
Watson, Albert 25/10/1885 Stoker 1st Class 07/04/1914 09/01/1918 222738 G
Watson, Charles Gunner RMA 14627 G
Watts, Charles Isaac Leading Stoker K15393 G
Watts, William George Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class 271884 G
Waugh, Dixon 13/10/1877 Able Seaman RNVR 04/11/1915 27/02/1917 Tyneside Z/6286 G
Wavish, Allan John 20/07/1897 Midshipman R.N.R. 01/06/1915 22/10/1917 Navy List G
Weedan, James Gunner RMA 13374 G
Wells, Hardy V. Staff Surgeon 12/03/1916 Navy List G
Wells, Richard Able Seaman J23761 G
West, Arthur 02/06/1895 Stoker 1st Class 16/06/1914 27/02/1917 K19405 G
West, George Sammels 20/05/1893 Officers Steward 2nd Class 16/12/1915 30/03/1917 L1190 G
Westaway, George Ordinary Seaman J32221 G
Westcott, Reginald George 17/02/1894 Able Seaman 07/04/1914 09/06/1917 J5496 G
Weston, Edward Wesley 21/05/1874 Sergeant 5148 G
Weston, Frank Gunner RMA 13338 G
Westwood, Herbert William Stoker 1st Class K5947 G
Whale, James Henry 20/09/1884 Ship's Cook 360767 G
Whincup, George 08/09/1897 13/12/1962 Able Seaman 14/02/1916 04/03/1920 J31179 They were brothers G
Whincup, James 28/01/1899 01/10/1978 Boy 1st Class 08/01/1915 31/12/1916 J31173 both enlisted as Boy Seamen G
White, Arthur Private RMLI 12290 G
White, Harold Alfred Armourer's Mate 210150 G
Whitehorne, Alfred Charles Able Seaman J24178 G
Whittle, Charles Henry Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M12724 G
Whittle, Harry Bertram Petty Officer 224695 G
Whitwell, William 12/12/1917 Able Seaman 221875 G
Wilding, Thomas William Boy 1st Class J31813 G
Wilkes, George 23/05/1875 Acting Chief Stoker 01/03/1916 28/02/1917 276424 G
Willday, Thomas 10/11/1889 M6321 G
Williams, Henry Leading Signalman 225591 G
Willis, William Thomas Stoker 1st Class K6091 G
Willmott, Henry James 17/07/1881 Officer's Steward 1st Class 366443 G
Wills, Gerald Alfred 15/01/1898 19/12/1930 Midshipman 01/02/1916 14/09/1917 Navy List G
Wilson, Algermon Herbert 14/02/1891 22/07/1952 Sick Berth Attendant 05/04/1914 22/09/1916 M3648 G
Wilson, Edward John Able Seaman 211789 G
Wilson, Thomas James Edward Stoker 1st Class SS110758 G
Wilson, Thomas Richard 29/12/1878 Chief Stoker 25/11/1914 20/06/1919 284393 G
Wilton, Edward Stoker 1st Class SS116053 G
Wiltshire, Albert Henry 14/10/1897 Private RM Light Infantry 23/10/1915 26/08/1920 18359 G
Wiseman, William Henry Boy 1st Class J38010 G
Wood, Charles Edward Boy 1st Class J39894 G
Wood, Frank Able Seaman J24591 G
Wood, Henry Nelson Able Seaman 235786 G
Wood, Joseph William 08/07/1897 Able Seaman J20639 G
Wood, Percy Robert Boy 1st Class J34395 G
Wood, Stanley 02/05/1877 Able Seaman 19/10/1912 04/03/1919 176133 G
Woodford, Alfred Able Seaman 226577 G
Woods, Joseph Parrington Able Seaman 228644 G
Woolley, John Henry Stoker 1st Class K15781 G
Worsfold, Harold Victor Signalman J21370 G
Worsley, John Private RMLI 16607 G
Wright, Augustus Walter Boy 1st Class J37900 G
Wright, William Stoker 1st Class 307411 G
Wyeth, Arthur Campbell 21/10/1894 Leading Seaman 01/12/1915 12/08/1917 J18341 G