HMS Menace Crew List

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HMS Menace Crew List
Please note that the 'Rank/Rate' and 'From and To' dates only reflect those held actually at the Battle of Jutland.
The individual could have joined or left the ship before or after these dates, with differing 'Rank/Rates'.
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Name Birth Loc1 Loc2 Loc3 Death Rank/Rate
At Jutland
From To ON The National Archives
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Abbott, William St George 04/11/1893 ? Lieutenant 12/02/1916 25/08/1917 - ADM 196/145/512 Menace Navy List
Adams, Edward Henry 27/07/1893 Camberwell London ENG Stoker 1st Class 31/03/1916 10/11/1916 K13361 ADM 188/893/13361
Alexander, Walter 05/12/1888 Camberwell London ENG 03/07/1919 Stoker 1st Class 31/03/1916 30/09/1916 311118 ADM 188/509/311118 DD HMS Fandango
Aust, Frederick Charles Trotman Reading Berkshire ENG Leading Signalman 239146 ADM 188/425/239146 St. George's Medal
4th Class
Baker, William Nelson 18/07/1893 Poplar London ENG Stoker 1st Class K12193 ADM 188/891/12193
Barber, John Edward Ipswich Suffolk ENG Leading Seaman 209651 ADM 188/366/209651
Bates, Archibald Arthur Tonbridbge Kent ENG Petty Officer 207918 ADM 188/362/207918
Bell, Joseph South Shields Durham ENG Stoker Petty Officer 303095 ADM 188/493/303095
Bellamy, Frederick Lambeth London ENG Stoker Petty Officer 302445 ADM 188/491/302445
Bellis, John William 17/05/1882 Birkenhead Cheshire ENG Able Seaman 03/03/1916 31/03/1918 197554 ADM 188/342/197554
Betteridge, Frederick Charles Stratford Warwickshire ENG Stoker 1st Class SS114877 ADM 188/1120/114877
Bramhill, Tom Rotherham Yorkshire ENG Petty Officer 221483 ADM 188/389/221483
Brown, James D ? Surgeon Probationer RNVR 27/03/1916 - Menace Navy List
Colyer, John Charles 13/02/1896 Devonport Devon ENG Telegraphist J14186 ADM 188/675/14186
Cook, Thomas John 28/09/1893 Chiswick London ENG Leading Stoker K12871 ADM 188/892/12871
Daniels, Frederick Stepney London ENG Ordinary Seaman SS6680 ADM 188/1100/6680
Darnell, George Herbert Bedford Bedfordshire ENG Ordinary Telegraphist J40158 ADM 188/727/40158
Davis, Herbert Henry Surrey ENG Able Seaman SS2794 ADM 188/1096/2794
Denton, Albert George Edenbridge Kent ENG Stoker Petty Officer 296580 ADM 188/480/296580
Devine, James George 31/10/1892 Liverpool Lancashire ENG Stoker 1st Class K12329 ADM 188/891/12329
Duncan, Hendry Castle 05/02/1881 Aberdeen SCO Able Seaman 03/03/1916 20/06/1918 200751 ADM 188/348/200751
Easterbrook, Oliver Frank Sydenham London ENG Stoker 1st Class SS110429 ADM 188/1116/110429
Flynn, John 14/03/1895 Bermondsey London ENG Ordinary Seaman 01/04/1916 30/11/1916 SS4526 ADM 188/1098/4526
Fox, John South Shields Durham ENG Leading Seaman 225016 ADM 188/397/225016
Goodger, Frederick Bertram 03/11/1882 Shoreham Sussex ENG Leading Seaman 03/03/1916 18/04/1917 198894 ADM 188/344/198894
Granville, Frederick 25/10/1888 Battersea London ENG Leading Cook's Mate 347973 ADM 188/528/347973
Gray, Harry Selby Yorkshire ENG Stoker Petty Officer 311949 ADM 188/510/311949
Harkness, William Hawick Roxburghshire SCO Able Seaman 209613 ADM 188/366/209613
Henry, John William 08/01/1894 Berkenfield Cheshire ENG J9261 ADM 188/665/9261
Holdham, Horace Watford Hertfordshire ENG Able Seaman 239451 ADM 188/425/239451
Holroyd, Irving 30/04/1890 Brighouse Yorkshire ENG Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class M12420 ADM 188/1042/12420
Iliffe, Edwin John 30/03/1892 Birmingham Warwickshire ENG Stoker 1st Class K12478 ADM 188/891/12478
Ingram, John Fulham London ENG Stoker 1st Class K22872 ADM 188/912/22872
Jay, John Job Marylebone London ENG Ordinary Seaman J27256 ADM 188/701/27256
Jones, William Henry Hoxton London ENG Stoker 1st Class SS117111 ADM 188/1123/117111
Knight, Francis Arthur Dagenham Essex ENG Stoker 2nd Class SS117426 ADM 188/1123/117426
Le'Grove, Reginald Allen 04/09/1896 Gillingham Kent ENG J20298 ADM 188/687/20298
Leborgne, Arthur 04/04/1892 Poplar London ENG J4620 ADM 188/656/4620
Leigh, James Brooks 06/12/1894 Stoke Newington Middlesex ENG K18969 ADM 188/904/18969
Lewis, William Burry Port Llanelly Carmarthenshire WAL Wireman 2nd Class M17592 ADM 188/1053/17592
Maguire, Harry 06/05/1876 Liverpool Lancshire ENG Petty Officer 14/03/1916 30/06/1916 167915 ADM 188/273/167915
Maher, Charles Manchester Lancashire ENG Able Seaman 222396 ADM 188/391/222396
Martin, Arthur Fordham Cambridgeshire ENG Ordinary Seaman SS6687 ADM 188/1100/6687
Massey, Charles Benjamin 02/11/1896 Walthamstow Essex ENG Officer's Steward 3rd Class L8523 ADM 188/1005/8523
Matthews, Charles Henry 23/08/1878 Church Aston Shropshire ENG Acting Chief Petty Officer 03/03/1916 01/08/1916 180078 ADM 188/299/180078
Mckenna, John Ramsbottom Lancashire ENG Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 270949 ADM 188/434/270949
Miller, George Ernest Camberwell London ENG Able Seaman SS4654 ADM 188/1098/4654
Mills, Edward James Shalford Surrey ENG Able Seaman SS3830 ADM 188/1097/3830
Monk, Alfred James Waltham Cross Hertfordshire ENG Ordinary Seaman J43886 ADM 188/734/43886
Montgomery, Leslie Willoughby 02/09/1896 Dublin IRL Ordinary Seaman J46971 ADM 188/740/46971
Outfin, William Henry 07/08/1879 Plymouth ENG Engineer Lieutenant-Commander 27/05/1915 ADM 196/130/343 Menace Navy List
Penfold, Frank 24/06/1894 Dorking Surrey ENG Ordinary Seaman 01/04/1916 20/10/1916 J46912 ADM 188/740/46912
Perkins, Alfred 05/01/1877 Saint John's Wood London ENG Chief Stoker 03/03/1916 30/09/1917 282798 ADM 188/452/282798
Pettigrew, James Livingstone 18/02/1895 Brixton London ENG Able Seaman J14948 ADM 188/676/14948
Phillipson, Fred Sunderland Durham ENG Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class 272203 ADM 188/437/272203
Pick, Frederick Charles 12/05/1890 Battersea London ENG Stoker Petty Officer K1112 ADM 188/869/1112
Pinckney, William Hackney London ENG Able Seaman J21751 ADM 188/690/21751
Pitts, Albert John 25/01/1893 Bermondsey London ENG J5186 ADM 188/657/5186
Poignand, Charles Astley 21/10/1883 ? Lieutenant-Commander 11/02/1916 09/11/1917 ADM 196/48/151 Menace Navy List
Pope, Walter 21/10/1887 Brixton London ENG Leading Stoker K10886 ADM 188/888/10886
Pordage, Frank Hubert 13/04/1896 Faversham Kent ENG Able Seaman J16636 ADM 188/680/16636
Price, Albert Edward 30/12/1878 Bedminster Somerset ENG Gunner (T) 14/02/1916 ADM 196/157/175 Menace Navy List
Rawlin, George Richard 08/07/1896 ? Able Seaman J19897 ADM 188/686/19897
Reardon, Sidney Daniel Greenwich London ENG Stoker 2nd Class SS117446 ADM 188/1123/117446
Robinson, Arthur Walter 03/11/1893 South Hackney London ENG J5028 ADM 188/657/5028
Sanders, Alfred William George 24/09/1891 Bermondsey London ENG J821 ADM 188/648/821
Sibley, Herbert James 20/08/1896 Saint Pancras London ENG Ordinary Seaman J46952 ADM 188/740/46952
Simmonds, Charles Henry 09/11/1895 Childs Hill London ENG Able Seaman J18596 ADM 188/684/18596
Skerman, Charles Edward Ware Hertfordshire ENG Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M16967 ADM 188/1051/16967
Smith, William Oliver Kingstown Dublin IRL Stoker 1st Class SS113539 ADM 188/1119/113539
Snell, Frederick Cecil 08/06/1894 Cornwall ENG Ordinary Seaman J45768 ADM 188/738/45768
Springett, James Elven 17/12/1891 Minster Sheppey Kent ENG J4305 ADM 188/655/4305
Still, Thomas 11/01/1895 Gravesend Kent ENG K17831 ADM 188/902/17831
Sugden, Thomas Edward 20/02/1885 Nebraska USA 17/10/1917 Able Seaman 03/03/1916 10/07/1917 217373 ADM 188/381/217373
Taylor, Byron William Portsmouth Hampshire ENG Signalman 222834 ADM 188/392/222834
Thomson, Robert Henry Streatham London ENG Leading Seaman 232908 ADM 188/412/232908
Vallentine, James Richard West Ham Essex ENG Stoker 1st Class SS113773 ADM 188/1119/113773
Walters, Lancelot John Barrington 19/01/1895 Castle Bromwich ENG 12/12/1917 Sub-Lieutenant 23/02/1916 - ADM 196/118/52 Menace Navy List
Ward, Arthur Leicester ENG Able Seaman SS604 ADM 188/1094/604
Waterman, Leonard Victor 12/08/1896 Southend Essex ENG Ordinary Seaman J45775 ADM 188/738/45775
Yeomanson, George Alfred Margate Kent ENG Stoker Petty Officer 305373 ADM 188/497/305373