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Battle of Jutland Crew Lists
The table below contains a full list of names that are currently being researched for HMS Marksman.
The "Sta" column is the status of the entry that can be defined as follows:
G = Confirmed at the battle
B = Not a known survivor or casualty. Or difficult to determine the ship (two possible destroyers)
O = Included as a note. Not on ship at battle
For the most updated crew list it is recommended to visit: H.M.S. MARKSMAN which is updated in real time.
Photo gallery: HMS Marksman Crew List (Photographs)

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HMS Marksman Crew List at the Battle of Jutland
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Name Birth Death Rank/Rate
at Jutland
From To ON Comments Sta
Allen, William Tudor 12/05/1898 Ordinary Telegraphist 11/03/1916 19/07/1916 J33653 g
Badcock, Samuel Le Corney Stoker Petty Officer 235970 g
Baker, George Arthur 24/02/1895 Able Seaman J14491 g
Ball, Thomas Richard Roland Stoker 1st Class SS112992 g
Birchall, John Stoker 1st Class K15686 g
Bisson, Walter Francis 01/10/1897 Officer's Steward 3rd Class 17/12/1915 24/03/1917 L7769 g
Blake, Bernard James 25/06/1895 Able Seaman J14786 g
Blake, Victor James Able Seaman J26441 g
Bosher, Arthur William Pengelly 28/11/1895 Able Seaman J18868 g
Bradley, James Stoker Petty Officer 235140 g
Bridgwater, Frederick Elijah 11/11/1882 Engineer Lieutenant-Commander 22/12/1914 26/10/1917 Navy List g
Bright, Herbert Henry 29/05/1892 Stoker 1st Class K8807 g
Brown, Albert Victor 15/09/1896 Telegraphist J19663 g
Carroll, John J. Surgeon Probationer R.N.V.R. 02/05/1916 Navy List g
Carver, Frederick George 13/09/1897 Signalman J36682 g
Cary, Harold William 16/02/1892 24/06/1918 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M9937 g
Chapman, Harry 29/10/1890 J1207 g
Clare, Thomas 04/04/1894 Able Seaman J12681 g
Cleugh, John Telegraphist J34791 g
Clow, Bertram George 08/07/1888 Officer's Steward 3rd Class 365085 g
Collins, Joe Leading Stoker 229076 g
Collison, Charles Robert 09/08/1893 Assistant Paymaster R.N.R. 24/02/1916 11/11/1917 Navy List g
Connor, James 28/12/1895 Able Seaman J13922 g
Cook, William 19/07/1886 M314 g
Crowle, Frederick William 26/06/1892 M2428 g
Davies, Garth Worrall Able Seaman SS4504 g
Dawson, Joseph Edmund 29/05/1887 Stoker 1st Class K3094 g
Delany, Daniel Patrick Able Seaman SS4304 g
Dewdney, John Victor Ordinary Signalman J30079 g
Drummond, George Leading Stoker 304659 g
Duggan, John Gladstone 27/12/1894 Able Seaman J10012 g
Dure, George Henry 15/11/1891 J4816 g
Edwards, Frederick Leading Seaman 234996 g
Edwards, Thomas Charles Able Seaman 233115 g
Egland, Edward William Armourer 345903 g
Fitzpatrick, John Able Seaman 216795 g
Flood, William Stoker Petty Officer 310912 g
Foley, William Joseph 18/12/1895 Able Seaman J14715 g
Fox, Frederick Sadler 25/10/1882 Officer's Cook 2nd Class 360952 g
Giltrap, John William Ordinary Telegraphist J36252 g
Grant, Alfred Douglas Stamford 24/05/1895 Sub-Lieutenant 20/10/1915 04/04/1917 Navy List g
Guy, William George Able Seaman 211896 g
Hancock, George Petty Officer 219354 g
Hanna, Edmund Stoker 2nd Class K26744 g
Harrington, James Stoker 2nd Class K27304 g
Harris, William Henry Leading Seaman 212366 g
Hawes, Herbert Reginald 16/04/1897 Able Seaman J19633 g
Hodge, Frederick George Stoker Petty Officer 311220 g
Hogan, John James Stoker 1st Class SS114210 g
Holman, Edward Collings Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 271445 g
Jasper, Alfred Leslie 20/11/1896 Midshipman R.N.R 03/11/1915 01/02/1918 Navy List g
Jones, George Hill 03/05/1889 J7521 g
Jones, Tudor Morgan Gwynne Ordinary Telegraphist J34305 g
Jones, William Henry 08/09/1893 M4033 g
Kirkpatrick, Henry Leonard Ivers 06/11/1890 Lieutenant 22/10/1915 03/03/1918 Navy List g
Lancaster, Thomas 09/12/1882 Gunner (T) 25/10/1915 01/11/1917 Navy List g
Lashbrook, Richard Leading Stoker 306229 g
Ledbetter, Charles James 02/02/1893 J4031 g
Lindsay, Allan Crabb Ordinary Telegraphist J33899 g
Llewellyn, Evan Stoker 1st Class SS107815 g
Long, William John 23/06/1882 204231 g
Mallin, William Frederick Stoker 1st Class SS109726 g
Matthews, Chandos 06/12/1892 J4617 g
Mcneill, William 08/11/1895 Able Seaman J15769 g
Miners, George Irevanion Parkyn 25/12/1891 M3746 g
Moir, Andrew Able Seaman J25657 g
Moloney, Patrick Able Seaman 216554 g
Morris, George Thomas Able Seaman 239098 g
Newman, Harold Edward George 20/07/1894 J8459 g
Nicholas, William Francis Yeoman of Signals 222416 g
Nicklin, Samuel Able Seaman J21600 g
O'Brien, Michael Joseph 23/09/1890 Stoker 1st Class K1821 g
O'Connell, Daniel 29/03/1891 Stoker 1st Class K5527 g
Oakes, Harold Able Seaman J28253 g
Palmer, Eli 15/03/1880 Officer's Steward 2nd Class 16/01/1916 18/09/1916 356678 g
Paltridge, William Ewart 01/06/1887 Yeoman of Signals 223726 Cannot confirm at Jutland [Lyra or Mischief or Marksman] b
Pickavance, Arthur Stoker Petty Officer K14485 g
Potter, Francis Frederick 27/08/1887 M854 g
Quick, Benedict Able Seaman J26436 g
Ricketts, Henry Leonard Stoker 2nd Class K27466 g
Rumley, Simon 17/02/1880 291779 g
Salway, Victor John Stoker 1st Class K25742 g
Simnor, John William Stoker 1st Class SS110237 g
Skerritt, Frederick Able Seaman 237293 g
Smith, William 29/07/1891 L824 g
Smout, Edward 04/10/1880 Shipwright 2nd Class 344548 g
Sulivan, Norton Allen 23/01/1879 Commander 21/10/1915 Navy List g
Syms, Gilbert F. Surgeon 30/10/1915 Navy List g
Tapscott, Henry George 04/09/1891 Stoker Petty Officer K4553 g
Thomas, James Henry Leading Stoker 304844 g
Thomas, Milfred John Jago 02/08/1895 J20795 g
Thornton, Edward Chicheley 19/09/1889 Lieutenant 22/10/1915 13/06/1916 Navy List g
Tonge, William Henry 13/09/1892 J2353 g
Trigg, Arthur Ernest Able Seaman 211449 g
Vincent, Owen Edwin Petty Officer Telegraphist 239999 g
Voice, James Victor Able Seaman J28250 g
Warren, Maurice Signalman J38026 g
Watson, Charles Victor Leading Signalman 226955 g
Waugh, James Able Seaman SS3142 g
White, William 04/05/1875 Stoker 1st Class 09/12/1915 31/08/1917 280998 g
Yerbury, William Stoker Petty Officer 304356 g
Young, Alexander 19/07/1890 Officer's Steward 3rd Class L8365 g