HMS Marksman Crew List

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HMS Marksman Crew List
Please note that the 'Rank/Rate' and 'From and To' dates only reflect those held actually at the Battle of Jutland.
The individual could have joined or left the ship before or after these dates, with differing 'Rank/Rates'.
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Name Birth Loc1 Loc2 Loc3 Death Rank/Rate
At Jutland
From To ON The National Archives
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Allen, William Tudor 12/05/1898 Wakefield Yorkshire ENG Ordinary Telegraphist 11/03/1916 19/07/1916 J33653 ADM 188/714/33653
Badcock, Samuel Le Corney Stonehouse Devon ENG Stoker Petty Officer 235970 ADM 188/418/235970
Baker, George Arthur 24/02/1895 Torquay Devon ENG Able Seaman 09/12/1915 22/08/1917 J14491 ADM 188/675/14491
Ball, Thomas Richard Roland Clunton Shropshire ENG Stoker 1st Class SS112992 ADM 188/1118/112992
Birchall, John Manchester Lancashire ENG Stoker 1st Class K15686 ADM 188/898/15686
Bisson, Walter Francis 01/10/1897 Saint Heliers Channel Islands CI Officer's Steward 3rd Class 17/12/1915 24/03/1917 L7769 ADM 188/1003/7769
Blake, Bernard James 25/06/1895 Aston Warwickshire ENG Able Seaman J14786 ADM 188/676/14786
Blake, Victor James Guernsey CI Able Seaman J26441 ADM 188/699/26441
Bosher, Arthur William Pengelly 28/11/1895 Paddington London ENG Able Seaman J18868 ADM 188/684/18868
Bradley, James Sidmouth Devon ENG Stoker Petty Officer 235140 ADM 188/417/235140
Bridgwater, Frederick Elijah 11/11/1882 Gornal Wood Staffordshire ENG Engineer Lieutenant-Commander 22/12/1914 26/10/1917 - ADM 196/130/413 Marksman Navy List
Bright, Herbert Henry 29/05/1892 Chippenham Wiltshire ENG Stoker 1st Class 09/12/1915 14/07/1917 K8807 ADM 188/884/8807
Brown, Albert Victor 15/09/1896 Box Wiltshire ENG Telegraphist J19663 ADM 188/686/19663
Carroll, John J. ? Surgeon Probationer R.N.V.R. 02/05/1916 - Marksman Navy List
Carver, Frederick George 13/09/1897 Newport Monmouthshire WAL Signalman J36682 ADM 188/720/36682
Cary, Harold William 16/02/1892 Bridwater Somerset ENG 24/06/1918 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M9937 ADM 188/1037/9937
Chapman, Harry 29/10/1890 Devonport ENG Able Seaman 09/12/1915 30/01/1917 J1207 ADM 188/649/1207
Clare, Thomas 04/04/1894 Birkenhead Cheshire ENG Able Seaman J12681 ADM 188/672/12681
Cleugh, John Sunderland Durham ENG Telegraphist J34791 ADM 188/716/34791
Clow, Bertram George 08/07/1888 Exeter Devon ENG Officer's Steward 3rd Class 365085 ADM 188/557/365085
Collins, Joe Musbury Devon ENG Leading Stoker 229076 ADM 188/405/229076
Collison, Charles Robert 09/08/1893 ? Assistant Paymaster R.N.R. 24/02/1916 11/11/1917 - ADM 240/76/363 Marksman Navy List
Connor, James 28/12/1895 Queenstown Cork IRL Able Seaman J13922 ADM 188/674/13922
Cook, William 19/07/1886 Preston Lancashire ENG M314 ADM 188/1018/314
Crowle, Frederick William 26/06/1892 Callington Cornwall ENG M2428 ADM 188/1022/2428
Davies, Garth Worrall Hawarden Flintshire WAL Able Seaman SS4504 ADM 188/1098/4504
Dawson, Joseph Edmund 29/05/1887 Burton-on-Trent Staffordshire ENG Stoker 1st Class K3094 ADM 188/873/3094
Delany, Daniel Patrick Mountrath Queens IRL Able Seaman SS4304 ADM 188/1098/4304
Dewdney, John Victor Brighton Sussex ENG Ordinary Signalman J30079 ADM 188/707/30079
Drummond, George Leven Fifeshire SCO Leading Stoker 304659 ADM 188/496/304659
Duggan, John Gladstone 27/12/1894 Plymouth Devon ENG Able Seaman J10012 ADM 188/667/10012
Dure, George Henry 15/11/1891 Kingsbridge Devon ENG J4816 ADM 188/656/4816
Dyer, Robert 15/11/1877 Minver Corwall ENG Petty Officer 1st Class 09/12/1915 24/10/1916 170726 ADM 188/279/170726
Edwards, Frederick Devizes Wiltshire ENG Leading Seaman 234996 ADM 188/416/234996
Edwards, Thomas Charles Carew Pembrokeshire WAL Able Seaman 233115 ADM 188/413/233115
Egland, Edward William Exeter Devon ENG Armourer 345903 ADM 188/524/345903
Fitzpatrick, John Hartlepool Durham ENG Able Seaman 216795 ADM 188/380/216795
Flood, William Devonport Devon ENG Stoker Petty Officer 310912 ADM 363/282/55
Foley, William Joseph 18/12/1895 Rhyl Flintshire WAL Able Seaman J14715 ADM 188/676/14715
Fox, Frederick Sadler 25/10/1882 Dublin IRL Officer's Cook 2nd Class 360952 ADM 188/548/360952
Giltrap, John William Liverpool Lancashire ENG Ordinary Telegraphist J36252 ADM 188/719/36252
Grant, Alfred Douglas Stamford 24/05/1895 ? Sub-Lieutenant 20/10/1915 04/04/1917 - ADM 196/146/124 Marksman Navy List
Guy, William George Saint Levan Cornwall ENG Able Seaman 211896 ADM 188/370/211896
Hancock, George Liskeard Cornwall ENG Petty Officer 219354 ADM 188/385/219354
Hanna, Edmund Newsey Armagh IRL Stoker 2nd Class K26744 ADM 188/920/26744
Harrington, James Macroom Cork IRL Stoker 2nd Class K27304 ADM 188/921/27304
Harris, William Henry Stratford on Avon Warwickshire ENG Leading Seaman 212366 ADM 188/371/212366
Hawes, Herbert Reginald 16/04/1897 Hammersmith London ENG Able Seaman J19633 ADM 188/686/19633
Hayes, Patrick 26/03/1876 Manchester ENG Able Seaman 12/11/1915 28/04/1917 162599 ADM 188/240/162599
Hodge, Frederick George Dartmouth Devon ENG Stoker Petty Officer 311220 ADM 188/509/311220
Hogan, John James Liverpool Lancashire ENG Stoker 1st Class SS114210 ADM 188/1120/114210
Holman, Edward Collings Camborne Cornwall ENG Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 271445 ADM 188/435/271445
Jasper, Alfred Leslie 20/11/1896 Arkesden, Saffron Walden Essex ENG Midshipman R.N.R 03/11/1915 Feb 1918 - ADM 240/82/1323 Marksman Navy List
Jones, George Hill 03/05/1889 Bootle Lancashire ENG J7521 ADM 188/662/7521
Jones, Tudor Morgan Gwynne Pontypridd Glamorgan WAL Ordinary Telegraphist J34305 ADM 188/715/34305
Jones, William Henry 08/09/1893 Devonport Devon ENG M4033 ADM 188/1026/4033
Kirkpatrick, Henry Leonard Ivers 06/11/1890 Woodbridge Suffolk ENG Lieutenant 22/10/1915 03/03/1918 - ADM 196/145/28 Marksman Navy List
Lancaster, Thomas 09/12/1882 Southborough Kent ENG Gunner (T) 25/10/1915 Nov 1917 - ADM 196/156/486 Marksman Navy List
Lashbrook, Richard Truro Cornwall ENG Leading Stoker 306229 ADM 188/499/306229
Ledbetter, Charles James 02/02/1893 Moreton in the Marsh Gloucestershire ENG J4031 ADM 188/655/4031
Lindsay, Allan Crabb Kincardine SCO Ordinary Telegraphist J33899 ADM 188/714/33899
Llewellyn, Evan Swansea Glamorgan WAL Stoker 1st Class SS107815 ADM 188/1113/107815
Long, William John 23/06/1882 Carrigrohane Cork IRL 204231 ADM 188/355/204231
Mallin, William Frederick Hoxton London ENG Stoker 1st Class SS109726 ADM 188/1115/109726
Matthews, Chandos 06/12/1892 Swindon Wiltshire ENG J4617 ADM 188/656/4617
McBride, John 02/11/1879 Bushmills Antrim IRL Able Seaman 04/12/1916 30/05/1919 186415 ADM 188/315/186415
Mcneill, William 08/11/1895 Larne Antrim IRL Able Seaman J15769 ADM 188/678/15769
Mead, Frank 29/05/1874 Torre Devon ENG Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 09/12/1915 31/08/1917 268938 ADM 188/430/268938 St. George's Medal
4th Class
Miners, George Irevanion Parkyn 25/12/1891 Truro Cornwall ENG M3746 ADM 188/1025/3746
Moir, Andrew Edinburgh SCO Able Seaman J25657 ADM 188/698/25657
Moloney, Patrick Rosscarbery Cork IRL Able Seaman 216554 ADM 188/380/216554
Morris, George Thomas Crewe Cheshire ENG Able Seaman 239098 ADM 188/425/239098
Newman, Harold Edward George 20/07/1894 Plaistow Essex ENG J8459 ADM 188/663/8459
Nicholas, William Francis Barrow-in-Furness Lancashire ENG Yeoman of Signals 222416 ADM 188/391/222416
Nicklin, Samuel 28/07/1895 Dudley Staffordshire ENG Able Seaman 09/12/1915 31/08/1917 J21600 ADM 188/690/21600 Photo link
O'Brien, Michael Joseph 23/09/1890 Kinsale Cork IRL Stoker 1st Class K1821 ADM 188/870/1821
O'Connell, Daniel 29/03/1891 Castletownshend Cork IRL Stoker 1st Class K5527 ADM 188/878/5527
Oakes, Harold Wimbledon Surrey ENG Able Seaman J28253 ADM 188/703/28253
Palmer, Eli 15/03/1880 Taunton Somerset ENG Officer's Steward 2nd Class 16/01/1916 18/09/1916 356678 ADM 188/540/356678
Pickavance, Arthur Saint Peters, Liverpool Lancashire ENG Stoker Petty Officer K14485 ADM 188/895/14485
Potter, Francis Frederick 27/08/1887 Bristol Gloucestershire ENG M854 ADM 188/1019/854
Quick, Benedict Queenstown Cork IRL Able Seaman J26436 ADM 188/699/26436
Ricketts, Henry Leonard 11/11/1894 Willesden Middlesex ENG 31/01/1918 Stoker 2nd Class 10/01/1916 09/07/1916 K27466 ADM 188/921/27466 Stoker 1st Class
Rowe, Thomas 26/04/1878 Newlyn Cornwall ENG Chief Petty Officer 01/03/1916 31/08/1917 181702 ADM 188/303/181702
Rumley, Simon 17/02/1880 Lisquinlan Tipperary IRL 291779 ADM 188/470/291779
Salway, Victor John Taunton Somerset ENG Stoker 1st Class K25742 ADM 188/918/25742
Sammels, Henry 23/03/1877 Saint Germans Cornwall ENG Petty Officer (NS) 09/12/1915 31/08/1917 166923 ADM 188/271/166923
Simnor, John William Liverppol Lancashire ENG Stoker 1st Class SS110237 ADM 188/1116/110237
Skerritt, Frederick Devonport Devon ENG Able Seaman 237293 ADM 188/421/237293
Smith, William 29/07/1891 Devonport Devon ENG L824 ADM 188/989/824
Smout, Edward 04/10/1880 Devonport Devon ENG Shipwright 2nd Class 344548 ADM 188/522/344548
Sulivan, Norton Allen 23/01/1879 Newcastle Upon Tyne Northumberland ENG 30/09/1964 Commander 21/10/1915 - ADM 196/142/95 Marksman Navy List
Syms, Gilbert Francis 04/05/1883 Twickenham ENG 23/06/1942 Surgeon 30/10/1915 - Marksman Navy List
Lives of the Fellows
Tapscott, Henry George 04/09/1891 Plymouth Devon ENG Stoker Petty Officer K4553 ADM 188/876/4553
Thomas, James Henry Pensliva Cornwall ENG Leading Stoker 304844 ADM 188/496/304844
Thomas, Wilfred John Jago 02/08/1895 Saltash Cornwall ENG J20795 ADM 188/688/20795
Thornton, Edward Chicheley 19/09/1889 ? Lieutenant 22/10/1915 13/06/1916 - ADM 196/144/609 Marksman Navy List
Tonge, William Henry 13/09/1892 Dublin IRL J2353 ADM 188/651/2353
Trigg, Arthur Ernest Sydenham Kent ENG Able Seaman 211449 ADM 188/369/211449
Vincent, Owen Edwin Milton Damerell Devon ENG Petty Officer Telegraphist 239999 ADM 188/426/239999
Voice, James Victor Farnham Surrey ENG Able Seaman J28250 ADM 188/703/28250
Warren, Maurice Cranbrook Kent ENG Signalman J38026 ADM 188/723/38026
Watson, Charles Victor Tottenham London ENG Leading Signalman 226955 ADM 188/400/226955
Waugh, James Manchester Lancashire ENG Able Seaman SS3142 ADM 188/1097/3142
White, William 04/05/1875 Saint Austell Cornwall ENG Stoker 1st Class 09/12/1915 280998 ADM 188/448/280998
Wilton, Percy Robert 25/04/1880 Stoke Devonport Devon ENG Petty Officer 09/12/1915 31/08/1917 185563 ADM 188/312/185563
Yerbury, William Smethwick Staffordshire ENG Stoker Petty Officer 304356 ADM 188/495/304356
Young, Alexander 19/07/1890 Dalmarnock Glasgow SCO Officer's Steward 3rd Class L8365 ADM 188/1004/8365