HMS Manners Crew List

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HMS Manners Crew List
Please note that the 'Rank/Rate' and 'From and To' dates only reflect those held actually at the Battle of Jutland.
The individual could have joined or left the ship before or after these dates, with differing 'Rank/Rates'.
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Name Birth Loc1 Loc2 Loc3 Death Rank/Rate
At Jutland
From To ON The National Archives
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Bates, Arthur Ronald 12/10/1894 Godstone Surrey ENG Stoker 1st Class 15/09/1915 07/06/1917 K16930 ADM 188/900/16930 14 days cells
onboard 22/6/1917-30/6/1917
Beaton, Albert Abner 07/09/1895 Hoxton London ENG Able Seaman 07/09/1915 28/05/1917 J23014 ADM 188/693/23014
Betteridge, George Victor 07/07/1890 Stepney London ENG 28/09/1918 Officer's Steward 3rd Class 15/09/1915 08/08/1916 L7296 ADM 188/1002/7296
Bottle, Cecil Edward 30/10/1894 Marylebone London ENG Leading Telegraphist 07/09/1915 19/11/1917 J9501 ADM 188/666/9501
Boxall, Edward 06/05/1891 Hoxton London ENG Stoker 1st Class 29/12/1915 29/08/1917 SS111046 ADM 188/1117/111046
Braddy, James Robert 26/06/1896 Colchester Essex ENG Able Seaman 02/11/1915 13/09/1917 J15363 ADM 188/677/15363 7 days cells
Bridges, James Charles 22/11/1896 Islington London ENG 06/12/1972 Able Seaman 07/09/1915 26/06/1917 J24449 ADM 188/695/24449 Photo
Brown, David 21/06/1896 Bangor Down IRL Stoker 1st Class 19/01/1916 20/03/1918 SS116711 ADM 188/1122/116711
Brown, Harold 27/01/1892 Newhaven Sussex ENG Leading Cook's Mate 15/09/1915 20/03/1918 M2488 ADM 188/1022/2488
Butler, Robert William Rickmansworth Hertfordshire ENG Ordinary Seaman SS6798 ADM 188/1100/6798
Chard, Charles Edwin City of London Middlesex ENG Able Seaman SS2682 ADM 188/1096/2682
Christopher, Robert George 28/10/1892 Canning Town London ENG Stoker 1st Class K12887 ADM 188/892/12887
Cleveland, James 17/01/1894 Blything Suffolk ENG J7997 ADM 188/662/7997
Cole, Edward Thomas 18/12/1891 Strete Devon ENG Leading Stoker K4815 ADM 188/876/4815
Cook, John Peterborough Northamptonshire ENG Stoker 1st Class SS105462 ADM 188/1111/105462
Cox, William Curling 01/06/1890 Dover Kent ENG K20131 ADM 188/907/20131
Creed, George Charles Willesden Green Middlesex ENG Able Seaman 229562 ADM 188/406/229562
Deacon, George David Faversham Kent ENG Petty Officer 236281 ADM 188/419/236281
Dempster, Albert Andrew 08/08/1895 Westminster London ENG Signalman J12443 ADM 188/671/12443
Dermott, Herbert Lawson 16/10/1896 Farncombe Surrey ENG J20118 ADM 188/687/20118
Dixon, Percy Tunbridge Wells Kent ENG Stoker 1st Class SS117076 ADM 188/1123/117076
Dixon, Richard Frederick John 15/02/1896 Sydenham Kent ENG Able Seaman J14989 ADM 188/676/14989
Dollimore, Henry Robert 02/11/1890 Limehouse London ENG J3078 ADM 188/653/3078
Eales, Jesse George William Minster Kent ENG Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 270909 ADM 188/434/270909
Edgar, William ? Surgeon Probationer R.N.V.R. c1915 - Manners Navy List
Eversfield, Frederick 15/05/1894 Dover Kent ENG Able Seaman J12826 ADM 188/672/12826
Flynn, James ? Ordinary Seaman J42797 ADM 188/732/42797
Garlick, Alfred 01/01/1884 Saint Pancras London ENG 203670 ADM 188/354/203670
Garnett, William 02/12/1894 Leeds Yorkshire ENG J9933 ADM 188/666/9933
Gill, Percy Hector 16/06/1889 Grays Essex ENG Stoker Petty Officer K647 ADM 188/868/647
Godfrey, Frederick Charles 27/01/1887 Chatham Kent ENG Able Seaman 15/09/1915 20/03/1918 229020 ADM 188/405/229020
Goldberg, Abraham Kentish Town London ENG Able Seaman SS3215 ADM 188/1097/3215
Griffith, George Liverpool Lancashire ENG Able Seaman 211010 ADM 188/369/211010
Harbour, William Ross Lyme Dorset ENG Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class 271912 ADM 188/436/271912
Harrison, Gerald Cartmell 08/10/1883 ? 10/08/1943 Lieutenant-Commander 26/08/1915 - ADM 196/143/204 Manners Navy List
Hawks, Charles Henry Horncastle Lincolnshire ENG Able Seaman J30349 ADM 188/707/30349
Hillman, George Edwin 12/10/1876 Plumstead Kent ENG Chief Petty Officer 01/01/1916 20/03/1918 166121 ADM 188/270/166121 St. George's Medal
4th Class
Howard, Lawrence Herbert Windsor Berkshire ENG Leading Seaman 228379 ADM 188/403/228379
Howlin, William Henry 30/06/1892 Belmullet Mayo IRL c1962 M7827 ADM 188/1033/7827
Hudson, William Bernard Liverpool Lancashire ENG Able Seaman 214466 ADM 188/375/214466
Jarvis, Edgar 25/01/1872 Mayfield Sussex ENG Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 07/09/1915 20/03/1918 268436 ADM 188/429/268436
Johnson, Charles Burton on Trent Staffordshire ENG Stoker Petty Officer 300374 ADM 188/487/300374
Kyne, Henry Alfred Walter 06/04/1894 Clerkenwell London ENG J8598 ADM 188/664/8598
Malley, John H. ? Midshipman R.N.R. 01/12/1915 - Manners Navy List
Maund, Loben Edward Harold 26/09/1892 ? Lieutenant 26/08/1915 - ADM 196/145/361 Manners Navy List
Mccarthy, Patrick Joseph 11/05/1889 Cork IRL K19619 ADM 188/906/19619
Mcdermott, Ambrose Old Ford London ENG Stoker 1st Class K20655 ADM 188/908/20655
Meek, John William 31/12/1893 Carlingford Louth IRL J4594 ADM 188/656/4594
O'Keefe, Christopher Dublin Dublin IRL Ordinary Seaman J41075 ADM 188/729/41075
Paramore, Henry Joseph Rawle 01/07/1894 ? Sub-Lieutenant 27/08/1915 03/10/1916 - ADM 196/145/673 Manners Navy List
Parkhouse, Sidney 25/10/1889 Saint Pancras London ENG Stoker 1st Class K7724 ADM 188/882/7724
Peat, George William 24/03/1894 Bletchingley Surrey ENG K16264 ADM 188/899/16264
Perry, James Stanley Victor City of London London ENG Stoker 1st Class K21869 ADM 188/910/21869
Phillips, Harold Alfred James 07/03/1895 West Ham Essex ENG Officer's Cook 2nd Class L7291 ADM 188/1002/7291
Phillips, William Henry 04/08/1892 Kentish Town London ENG Leading Stoker K7887 ADM 188/882/7887
Pitcher, Henry Alfred Bermondsey London ENG Stoker 1st Class K12901 ADM 188/892/12901
Prichard, Albert Ernest West Ham Essex ENG Able Seaman J41080 ADM 188/729/41080
Richardson, Arthur 30/08/1877 Northbourne Kent ENG Chief Petty Officer (NS) 20/04/1916 04/10/1917 171617 ADM 188/281/171617
Robson, Henry Newcastle-on-Tyne Northumberland ENG Stoker Petty Officer 304733 ADM 188/496/304733
Rogers, Albert Sidney 02/10/1884 Stretford Lancashire ENG Gunner (T) 26/08/1915 31/12/1917 - ADM 196/156/1127 Manners Navy List
Rogers, Jesse 05/06/1895 Ramsgate Kent ENG K19603 ADM 188/906/19603
Roshier, Frederick Duke Little Stonham Suffolk ENG Chief Stoker 302512 ADM 188/492/302512
Rowles, Thomas Manchester Lancashire ENG Able Seaman 218851 ADM 188/384/218851
Rutherford, Douglas Leith Edinburgh SCO Leading Seaman 233881 ADM 188/414/233881
Shrubb, Henry George Epsom Surrey ENG Able Seaman 221976 ADM 188/390/221976
Smyth, Alexander Dublin Dublin IRL Ordinary Seaman J41074 ADM 188/729/41074
Snoswell, Laurence Sidney 10/07/1894 Herne Hill London ENG Officer's Steward 3rd Class L3871 ADM 188/995/3871 Photo
Spero, George E. ? Surgeon Probationer R.N.V.R. 10/10/1915 - Manners Navy List
Stone, William James Mitcham Surrey ENG Stoker Petty Officer 301948 ADM 188/490/301948
Theedom, Albert Edward Stanford Essex ENG Able Seaman J41079 ADM 188/729/41079
Thomas, William Ernest Westham London ENG Able Seaman 237527 ADM 188/422/237527
Thompson, Frank Robert Dover Kent ENG Leading Stoker K14526 ADM 188/896/14526
Thomson, Frank Andrew Stanley Bromley London ENG Telegraphist J25948 ADM 188/698/25948
Thurogood, Charles Henry Poplar London ENG Able Seaman J38376 ADM 188/723/38376
Todd, Henry Charles Deptford London ENG Leading Seaman 235070 ADM 188/417/235070
Vince, Charles Henry 23/02/1893 Ramsey Essex ENG J9399 ADM 188/665/9399
Willson, Edward Thomas 02/07/1878 Borden Kent ENG Stoker Petty Officer 07/09/1915 20/03/1918 287044 ADM 188/461/287044
Windsor, William Francis ? Leading Signalman 230961 ADM 188/408/230961
Wise, Alfred Stanley 22/10/1882 Newark Notts ENG 23/03/1954 Engineer Lieutenant-Commander 28/01/1916 31/10/1917 - ADM 196/130/406 Manners Navy List