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Battle of Jutland Crew Lists
The table below contains a full list of names that are currently being researched for HMS Magic
The "Sta" column is the status of the entry that can be defined as follows:
G = Confirmed at the battle
B = Not a known survivor or casualty. Or difficult to determine the ship (two possible destroyers)
O = Included as a note. Not on ship at battle
For the most updated crew list it is recommended to visit: H.M.S. MAGIC which is updated in real time.
Photo gallery: HMS Magic Crew List (Photographs)

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Saturday, 23 January 2021, 13:43:34

HMS Magic Crew List at the Battle of Jutland
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Name Birth Death Rank/Rate
at Jutland
From To ON Comments Sta
Andrew, Edward Henry 31/03/1875 Chief Petty Officer 01/11/1915 06/03/1918 157034 G
Andrews, Albert Frank 11/06/1893 10/04/1918 Wireman 2nd Class 07/02/1916 06/03/1918 M17894 g
Armstrong, John 04/06/1892 Able Seaman 01/07/1913 01/03/1918 J1236 Nemesis or Magic b
Atwood, George Evelyn Laverton 30/04/1891 28/05/1955 Lieutenant 02/12/1915 09/01/1917 Navy List g
Baker, William 01/10/1898 Boy Telegraphist 01/04/1916 30/09/1916 J31290 g
Baugh, Herbert George 24/02/1887 Able Seaman 11/03/1911 08/02/1917 228859 Nemesis or Magic b
Bennett, William Henry 20/11/1880 10/04/1918 Stoker 1st Class 11/03/1911 06/03/1918 305297 Nemesis or Magic b
Boddy, John Edward 08/06/1890 Stoker 1st Class 01/10/1915 30/09/1917 SS109323 g
Bowden, Thomas William 02/08/1886 Able Seaman 11/03/1911 31/03/1918 219101 Nemesis or Magic b
Brockman, Henry Stafford 30/01/1884 08/10/1958 Engineer Lieutenant-Commander 14/06/1915 31/08/1917 Navy List g
Butt, Francis Day 10/03/1894 c1950 Acting Lieutenant 15/05/1916 07/06/1916 Navy List g
Cain, Ernest Charles 08/08/1875 10/04/1918 Able Seaman 02/05/1914 06/03/1918 157122 Nemesis or Magic B
Clarke, Harry James John 01/03/1894 Stoker 1st Class 20/11/1915 01/04/1917 K19486 g
Clarke, John 24/03/1879 Chief Stoker 22/12/1915 03/02/1918 289046 g
Clift, William 05/11/1885 Leading Seaman 04/02/1916 30/11/1917 224687 g
Coakley, Stephen 26/12/1882 04/04/1918 Able Seaman 01/07/1913 06/03/1918 197703 Nemesis or Magic B
Codling, Nicholas 16/03/1888 Able Seaman 11/03/1911 06/03/1918 234758 Nemesis or Magic b
Coveney, William John 05/07/1889 Able Seaman 13/02/1915 06/03/1918 234011 Nemesis or Magic b
Douglas, Samuel 25/12/1886 04/04/1918 Able Seaman 14/10/1912 06/03/1918 226243 Nemesis or Magic b
Edwards, John Percival 07/05/1893 J9403 g
Fain, Henry James Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 270662 g
Fullbrook, Tom James Able Seaman J21675 g
Hall, Harvey Kimble Able Seaman J12859 Nemesis or Magic b
Hill, James 01/01/1878 Stoker Petty Officer 01/04/1916 06/03/1918 285016 g
Hodge, Henry James Stoker 1st Class K4219 Nemesis or Magic b
Horth, Harry Leading Seaman 220322 g
Jarvis, Richard Aldridge 10/04/1918 Leading Stoker K9506 Nemesis or Magic b
Jewell, Samuel Leading Stoker 308902 g
Johnson, Matthew Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class M12268 g
Keane, Wilfred Thomas Leading Telegraphist J19916 g
Knight, Walter Ordinary Seaman SS5701 g
Lakey, Alfred Edward Stoker Petty Officer 312192 g
Lamond, John 25/07/1895 Able Seaman J47197 g
Lewis, William 08/08/1896 10/04/1918 Able Seaman 01/04/1916 06/03/1918 J42916 g
Macgrego, John Officer's Steward 3rd Class L8319 g
Martin, Henry J Gunner (T) 25/11/1915 Navy List g
Martin, John William Able Seaman J32936 g
Mccarthy, Michael Leading Signalman J7750 Nemesis or Magic b
Mcgowan, Mark 19/06/1894 Able Seaman 12/05/1914 21/08/1916 J9892 Minstrel or Magic b
Mcguirk, John Able Seaman SS3016 g
Mee, Ernest Able Seaman 236517 Nemesis or Magic b
Mehigan, Jeremiah 07/07/1886 10/04/1918 Able Seaman 222624 Nemesis or Magic b
Monaghan, Thomas Peter Stoker 1st Class SS110462 g
Mulley, Thomas James 24/05/1897 10/04/1918 Ordinary Seaman 08/01/1916 19/04/1917 SS6452 g
Murdock, James Joseph Stoker 1st Class SS110830 Nemesis or Magic b
Murray, Nicholas 23/09/1877 22/12/1917 Leading Stoker 25/05/1916 15/08/1916 288452 g
Parker, Berkeley J. Midshipman R.N.R. 12/01/1916 Navy List g
Pethick, Adrian Stoker 1st Class K13284 Nemesis or Magic b
Rainford, George Able Seaman J21728 g
Rawlings, William John Stoker Petty Officer 212687 g
Rickard, Thomas Llewellyn 06/03/1895 K19205 g
Ringland, George Stoker 1st Class K10351 Nemesis or Magic b
Robinson, John Surgeon Probationer R.N.V.R. Navy List g
Sherringham, Alfred Edward Leading Seaman 228039 Nemesis or Magic b
Thorpe, Thomas Walter 21/01/1893 Officer's Steward 2nd Class L6537 g
Tunstall, Harold Able Seaman J4375 Nemesis or Magic b
Tunstall, Harold 15/11/1892 10/04/1918 Able Seaman J4375 Nemesis or Magic b
Webber, Percival Ernest 04/03/1890 10/04/1918 Able Seaman 23/02/1916 31/12/1916 235671 g
Wells, John Henry Able Seaman 230724 Nemesis or Magic b
White, George Frederick Stoker 1st Class K13635 Nemesis or Magic b
Whitehead, George Beardsley 11/06/1893 SS113662 g
Williams, Samuel Able Seaman 235745 Nemesis or Magic b
Wynter, Gerald Charles 23/07/1881 Lieutenant-Commander c Dec 1915 Navy List g