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There were six survivors of HMS Invincible when she was sunk at about 6.34 p.m. on 31st May 1916.
The survivors were supported by a target raft and floating timber until picked up by H.M.S. "Badger" shortly after 7 p.m.

  1. Able Seaman Ernest George Dandridge (stationed in the Fore Control Top) - posted to the newly commissioned HMS Renown in 1916, where he became Leading Seaman, having passed for the rate on Invincible 23 days before the battle. After temporary service in the RAN (HMAS Australia) in 1919/20, he left the Navy in 1927.
  2. Commander Hubert Edward Dannreuther (stationed in the Fore Control Top as Gunnery Officer) - posted to the newly commissioned HMS Renown in 1916, he commanded the aircaft carrier HMS Eagle in 1929/30, retired as a Rear-Admiral in 1932 and died on 12 August 1977.
  3. Gunner Bryan William Gasson RMA (stationed at "Q" turret rangefinder & blown out of the turret when it was hit; severely burned on the head and arms) - promoted Bombardier after the battle, served ashore for remainder of war, and retired as Quartermaster Sergeant in 1934.
  4. Yeoman of Signals Walter Maclean Pratt (stationed on the Director Tower platform) - left the service 1922, recalled (as Chief Yeoman) 1939-41.
  5. Lieutenant Cecil Stanley Sandford (stationed in the Fore Conning Tower, from which he escaped through the open hatch) - next sea service was as Lieutenant-Commander (T) of HMS Furious, on commissioning in 1917. After serving as Captain of HMS Suffolk in 1938/39, placed on the retired List as Rear-Admiral 1941, but returned, to serve as Captain, in command of HMS Iron Duke 1942/43.
  6. C.P.O. Walter Saunders Thompson (stationed in the Fore Control Top) - left the service in 1919, after 28 years, without serving at sea again.

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Dandridge, Ernest George Able Seaman
Dannreuther, Hubert Edward Commander (G)
Gasson, Bryan William Gunner RMA
Pratt, Walter Maclean Yeoman of Signals
Sandford, Cecil Stanley Lieutenant (T)
Thompson, Walter Saunders Chief Petty Officer (PTI)