HMS Hope or HMS Moon

From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project

A number of Royal Navy service records for ratings administered by the Depot ship
identified in the table below show two destroyer names across the
dates of the Battle of Jutland.

Destroyer Transfers
Depot Ship Tender Ship 1 Tender Ship 2 Menu
Blake Hope Moon Destroyer Transfers

Original research conducted by Gerry Costello
In general what seems to have happened is that the older Acorn-class destroyers were progressively
replaced by the new M-class destroyers as they emerged from build. The Acorns had formed the 2nd
Destroyer Flotilla (DF), while the new Ms became the 11th DF but both flotillas used HMS Blake as
depot ship. Once the Acorns had reached Devonport, they stayed there for a variable time before
deploying to the Mediterranean, typically joining the 5th DF based on HMS Blenheim, although some
are indicated as joining ‘the Adriatic squadron’. Records indicate that the 2nd and 11th flotillas were
with the Grand Fleet, so presumably HMS Blake was based at Scapa Flow. In each case, sailors’ records
show continuity of the depot ship, so it is deduced from this that men changed from old to new destroyers
at Scapa, and spent little or no time at Devonport.

HMS Hope was an Acorn-class destroyer. HMS Moon was an M-class destroyer completed in June 1915
and becoming one of the founder members of the 11th Destroyer Flotilla in September 1915. In the same
month, HMS Hope is listed as still belonging to 2nd Destroyer Flotilla (which shared the depot ship HMS
Blake with 11th DF) but now a tender to HMS Vivid (Devonport). By October, she was no longer listed
under 2nd DF. It seems likely therefore that crew transfer from Hope to Moon took place during September