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Cordelia Not Applicable Table of Contents Cordelia
Key to Table
Status Key
G Name confirmed at the battle
B Not a known survivor or casualty. Or difficult
to determine the ship (two possible destroyers)
O Included as a note. Not on ship at battle
Note Please note that the 'Rank/Rate' and 'From and To'
dates only reflect those held actually at the Battle of Jutland.

The individual could have joined or left the ship
before or after these dates, with differing 'Rank/Rates'.

HMS Cordelia Crew List
Name Birth Death Rank/Rate
at Jutland
From To ON Additional
Aggett, Frederick 25/06/1896 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 10/03/1919 16584 G
Aggett, William Henry 07/10/1886 Shipwright 2nd Class 06/01/1915 30/09/1918 M8077 G
Agnew, Hugh Ladas 06/06/1894 Sub-Lieutenant 28/03/1915 04/06/1916 Navy List G
Alexander, Harold Victor 04/06/1897 Wireman 2nd Class 21/12/1915 30/04/1917 M17590 G
Alway, William Thomas 28/09/1892 Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class 06/01/1915 06/07/1916 M10107 G
Anderson, William George 11/03/1889 Sick Berth Steward 21/09/1915 30/07/1917 351698 G
Ashley, Robert Charles 06/05/1882 22/05/1921 Stoker 1st Class 06/01/1915 07/11/1917 297291 G
Aston, Fredeick William 24/02/1899 Signal Boy 01/07/1915 23/02/1917 J33351 G
Badman, George William 27/02/1890 Leading Stoker K1803 G
Ballantyne, Alexander 25/09/1897 Officer's Steward 3rd Class 09/11/1915 13/02/1918 L7421 G
Barton, William Edward 11/10/1893 04/06/1919 Able Seaman 05/01/1915 31/03/1917 J7512 G
Beadle, Edward 05/01/1898 Ordinary Seaman J28464 G
Beamish, Tufton Percy Hamilton 26/07/1874 02/05/1951 Captain 11/03/1915 Navy List G
Bean, Oliver Leonard 05/03/1900 Able Seaman 15/02/1916 04/03/1918 J44321 G
Beavis, Thomas George 29/05/1894 Stoker 1st Class K14322 G
Bees, Albert Edward 12/06/1885 Stoker Petty Officer 304637 G
Belcher, John Leslie Charles 15/12/1896 Able Seaman 31/01/1916 25/03/1919 Z/6367 G
Bennett, John Percy 13/10/1891 Leading Seaman 27/10/1915 03/07/1916 239616 G
Bennett, William Charles James 09/03/1899 Boy Telegraphist 26/10/1916 08/03/1917 J31908 G
Binns, Henry Squire 20/09/1886 Leading Stoker K23075 G
Bishop, Frank Hallam 12/10/1886 Lieutenant 05/11/1914 13/02/1919 Navy List G
Bishop, Herbert Ernest 19/04/1890 Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class M10004 G
Bishop, John Frederick 23/12/1898 Boy 1st Class 22/09/1915 22/12/1916 J39173 G
Bishop, John Percy 28/05/1887 30/06/1959 Leading Signalman 05/01/1915 30/09/1918 224795 G
Bleach, George 28/12/1874 Stoker 1st Class 06/01/1914 19/05/1918 278526 G
Bliss, Henry Joseph 15/01/1898 10/11/1934 Ordinary Seaman 15/01/1916 03/06/1917 J28303 Photo G
Blundell, Charles Stephen 28/05/1897 Wireman 2nd Class M16678 G
Bolt, Frederick Ernest 30/11/1889 Stoker 1st Class K1749 G
Booth, Maurice 06/09/1895 Stoker 1st Class K24814 G
Briggs, George John Stoker 1st Class SS115942 G
Brisland, John Henry 04/12/1886 Petty Officer 229008 G
Brock, Arthur 01/06/1892 Leading Stoker K7037 G
Brooks, Henry Thomas 11/12/1893 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M12701 G
Brooks, John Dennis 08/10/1895 Stoker RNR 10/02/1916 19/06/1916 S 5140 BT 377/7/81799 G
Brown, Robert 29/04/1894 M8431 G
Bulmer, Victor Hiram 13/11/1883 Leading Stoker 308349 G
Bunclark, Charles Albert 01/10/1886 Acting Leading Stoker 232047 G
Bunfield, Albert Edward 16/12/1896 Ordinary Seaman 02/05/1916 28/11/1917 SS5473 G
Burchfield, George Alfred John 21/09/1896 Signalman J26157 G
Burns, George 31/12/1890 Stoker 1st Class K2251 G
Burt, Thomas 21/05/1896 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 10/03/1919 16590 G
Butcher, Arthur Henry 15/06/1891 Officer's Cook 2nd Class 17/02/1915 17/01/1917 L1872 G
Butcher, James Charles 20/09/1876 Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 31/07/1915 07/09/1916 269374 ADM 188/431/269374 G
Butler, Harold Herbert 22/05/1896 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 31/03/1918 16576 G
Callander, Thomas Galloway 25/01/1896 Able Seaman J22958 G
Campbell, Albert 12/06/1888 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 13/01/1919 13374 G
Campbell, Bartholomew 05/12/1876 Leading Stoker RNR 05/01/1915 23/08/1916 T 2216 BT 377/7/104064 G
Carthew, Alfred 14/09/1891 Stoker 1st Class SS110299 G
Challice, George 16/04/1873 Plumber 06/01/1915 14/06/1917 342047 G
Chambers, Edward Henry 02/01/1895 M2688 G
Chapman, Reginald Edgar Witheridge 02/06/1898 Boy 1st Class J28194 G
Chubb, Joshua Ernest George 28/11/1869 Chief Gunner 06/09/1914 Navy List G
Clarke, John Scott Stoker 1st Class SS110594 G
Clemett, Thomas 19/02/1893 08/08/1927 Shipwright 2nd Class 08/04/1915 10/03/1919 M8518 G
Coburn, Michael Stoker 1st Class SS110540 G
Coffey, James 20/08/1885 Able Seaman 04/03/1915 05/03/1919 J38682 G
Coles, Reginald George 26/07/1896 Stoker 1st Class K24364 G
Cook, Albert 21/11/1889 Stoker 1st Class 01/04/1916 04/04/1919 SS112492 G
Cooper, Stephen 03/03/1878 Able Seaman 05/06/1915 31/01/1919 177837 G
Couzens, William Edward 16/12/1888 Stoker Petty Officer K1747 G
Craig, James 12/05/1890 Z/6254 G
Crannis, Albion Edward 03/04/1896 Stoker 1st Class K23176 G
Crocker, Edmund Stentiford 02/10/1886 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 29/01/1919 14677 G
Crocker, William John 05/12/1892 Corporal RMLI 14/11/1915 07/12/1917 13779 G
Crooks, Fred 21/09/1897 Private RMLI 20/11/1915 25/01/1920 17805 G
Cunningham, Norman 29/06/1882 Paymaster 19/11/1915 01/07/1917 Navy List G
Daff, John Thomas 31/07/1887 17/03/1943 Acting Lieutenant RNR 23/11/1915 22/02/1917 Navy List G
Daniel, Thomas Emrys 10/06/1886 Assistant Paymaster, R.N.R 28/11/1914 Navy List G
Darley, Frederick Richard 20/07/1880 Acting Chief Electrician 2nd Class 06/06/1915 23/10/1916 345127 G
Deacon, Philip George 30/10/1874 Blacksmith 19/03/1916 30/08/1917 279409 G
Dennis, William Henry 01/08/1875 Stoker Petty Officer 06/01/1915 29/07/1917 284079 G
Dewar, George Alexander 18/02/1897 Private RMLI 06/08/1915 10/03/1919 17572 G
Dickens, Joseph 23/12/1895 Stoker 2nd Class K27600 G
Donovan, Jeremiah 12/12/1893 M4605 G
Doran, William 12/03/1885 Stoker 1st Class 307600 G
Dougan, William 10/01/1891 Leading Stoker K3889 G
Douglas, Hugh McKnight 29/04/1887 Leading Seaman 223947 G
Dove, Thomas Harold Sergeant RMLI 12228 G
Dowdell, David 10/11/1886 Able Seaman 230291 G
Downie, William 19/11/1894 Able Seaman J19445 G
Dublin, William John Ordinary Seaman SS6032 G
Duggan, Mortimor 06/07/1875 Chief Stoker 31/05/1916 01/03/1919 278211 G
Dumbell, George 27/04/1888 Able Seaman 231509 G
Dummigan, John James 22/12/1890 Stoker RNR 21/05/1916 18/10/1917 S 1667 BT 377/7/78333 G
Duross, John 25/08/1884 Private RMLI 05/03/1916 27/10/1916 12876 G
Durston, Arthur 24/07/1896 Ordinary Seaman 11/06/1915 27/11/1917 J38483 G
Eadie, James 29/12/1894 Ordinary Signalman 07/04/1915 13/10/1918 Z/1515 G
East, William John 22/05/1872 Chief Ship's 17/03/1915 30/09/1918 340038 G
Elliot, William John 19/08/1896 Able Seaman J23541 G
Elsbury, Alfred James 19/04/1886 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 11/01/1919 12881 G
Everson, Hartley Leonard Thomas 04/06/1895 Officer's Steward 2nd Class L2884 G
Every, Bertram James 27/01/1900 Bugler RMLI 06/01/1915 25/07/1918 16660 G
Fairbairn, Walter Wright 26/11/1882 Able Seaman 05/01/1915 24/02/1919 SS977 G
Fairfull, William Morgan 12/04/1897 Signalman 08/10/1915 11/07/1917 Z/4850 G
Findlay, John 20/05/1895 K20251 G
Firth, Francis 03/01/1886 Cooper 344155 G
Fish, Samuel 20/06/1892 Ordinary Seaman 15/01/1916 27/11/1918 J46295 G
Fisher, Evan Walter 06/02/1900 Boy 1st Class 15/02/1916 28/02/1917 J45301 G
Fitzsimmons, James 14/10/1884 Stoker 1st Class 302565 G
Flint, John Davy 23/09/1896 Stoker RNR 02/03/1916 24/02/1919 S 8303 BT 377/7/84959 G
Foxworthy, William Charles 23/01/1893 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 10/03/1919 15115 G
Friend, Charles William Henry 16/04/1896 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 14/06/1917 16573 G
Froud, Walter 05/01/1897 Officer's Steward 3rd Class 15/01/1916 08/06/1917 L7934 G
Gabriel, James 16/03/1893 Able Seaman 04/05/1915 08/10/1916 SS5343 In cells 24 May
to 6 June 1916
Gadd, Ernest Arthur 13/06/1897 Ordinary Seaman J28043 G
Galbraith, Archibald 02/07/1892 Signalman 14/10/1915 25/06/1918 Z/1591 G
Geraghty, Patrick 10/07/1878 Stoker 1st Class 06/01/1914 04/04/1919 286510 G
Giles, Herbert Matthew 10/10/1875 Stoker Petty Officer 06/01/1915 03/03/1919 277917 G
Girling, Edward 14/12/1896 Able Seaman J31610 G
Glidle, Harry 06/04/1893 Stoker 1st Class K14312 G
Godfrey, Alfred George 11/02/1888 Yeoman of Signals 227474 G
Golding, Reuben Thomas 11/07/1882 Able Seaman 16/09/1915 07/03/1919 Z/261 G
Golightly, Matthew John 20/03/1891 Petty Officer Telegraphist 13/11/1915 11/06/1917 238982 G
Gotham, Walter Ernest 15/08/1896 Able Seaman J19138 G
Gowans, William 04/09/1889 Leading Seaman 234054 G
Gray, Bryon John 05/06/1892 Acting Leading Stoker 13/03/1916 14/09/1916 K18010 G
Green, Albert 07/11/1881 08/03/1956 Artificer Engineer 01/09/1915 28/03/1917 Navy List G
Green, David 08/10/1880 Stoker Petty Officer 302209 G
Greenall, James 23/06/1895 M2661 G
Greep, Alfred 14/03/1889 Leading Seaman 236261 G
Gregg, Charles 11/06/1894 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 17/01/1918 16600 G
Griffiths, Frank Howard 08/05/1896 Able Seaman J23615 G
Griffiths, Richard Gilbert 03/10/1896 Stoker 1st Class 21/10/1915 02/08/1916 SS116061 G
Gully, Alfred William 05/06/1884 Gunner (T) 06/09/1914 10/08/1918 Navy List G
Gwynne, Graham Holford 21/04/1894 M8118 G
Hamlyn, George Ordinary Seaman SS6388 G
Hancox, Sidney Joseph 07/04/1891 Stoker 1st Class K4950 G
Handley, Harold Francis Beckham 19/07/1887 Lieutenant 06/09/1915 07/10/1917 Navy List G
Hatcher, Ernest 10/04/1882 Stoker 1st Class 296859 G
Hatcher, Hubert Harold 27/01/1889 M2538 G
Heagerty, William Able Seaman 05/06/1915 24/01/1917 215552 G
Heard, Arthur Frederick Ordinary Seaman J28115 G
Henderson, George Able Seaman SS1982 G
Heron, Thomas 18/01/1874 24/08/1923 Acting Artificer Engineer 24/09/1915 18/09/1916 Navy List G
Herrick, Alfred Ernest Ordinary Seaman J30567 G
Hillocks, William Ordinary Seaman SS5476 G
Hirst, Valentine Douglas 22/11/1890 Lieutenant 07/11/1914 12/07/1918 Navy List G
Hobbs, Edwin 23/02/1886 Stoker RNR 02/03/1916 05/06/1916 S 8160 BT 377/7/84817 G
Hockaday, Frederick Peen 18/09/1866 Enginer Room Artificer 2nd Class 06/01/1915 28/08/1918 176712 G
Hodges, Harold Henry Thomas Able Seaman J25339 G
Holman, Richard Vanstone J2011 G
Holmear, George Edward Stoker 2nd Class K23728 G
Holwill, Charles Leading Stoker K6014 G
Hoof, George Private RMLI 16485 G
Horler, Reginald Cecil 02/01/1884 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 25/02/1918 11377 G
Hourston, David M2807 G
Howard, Ernest G
Hughes, Albert Edward Stoker 1st Class K23321 G
Hughes, Fred 25/07/1894 Stoker 2nd Class K30158 G
Hurd, Francis Reuben Private RMLI 16942 G
Ingham, Charles James Able Seaman 228973 G
James, Lewis John M8942 G
James, Taliesin Stanley Leading Stoker SS112162 G
Jasper, Francis William Stanley Leading Seaman 233921 G
Jefferies, Edwin Victor Harold Private RMLI 17196 G
Jones, Charles Ellis 01/08/1897 Able Seaman 17/02/1916 01/05/1917 J28071 G
Jones, Claude Oakley 25/05/1893 Ordinary Seaman 30/11/1915 05/07/1916 J43994 G
Jones, George Albert 12/01/1888 Able Seaman 226301 G
Jones, James Charles 17/10/1885 Leading Seaman 225677 G
Jones, Thomas James 28/07/1896 Ordinary Seaman J28416 G
Jones, William Henry 27/07/1898 Signal Boy 12/04/1916 27/07/1916 J40815 G
Jukes, Albert Stoker 1st Class K23180 G
Jury, William Henry Leading Stoker 301696 G
Kelly, Alexander 20/04/1886 Able Seaman 03/08/1915 01/03/1919 218722 G
Kelly, Frederick 02/01/1877 Engineer Commander 05/01/1915 14/11/1916 Navy List G
Kennedy, James 270211 G
Kenyon, George Able Seaman SS3134 G
Kerr, Robert Able Seaman J14785 G
Kindersley, Charles E. Temporary Surgeon 13/03/1915 Navy List G
Kingshott, William 31/08/1885 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 04/01/1918 14785 G
Knight, Thomas 30/01/1889 Ordinary Seaman 15/01/1916 16/06/1916 J46296 G
Kyrke-Smith, Henry S. Lieutenant R.N.V.R. 23/03/1915 Navy List G
Lane, Herbert Arthur Carpenter's Crew M16999 G
Leach, Cecil Electrical Artificer 4th Class M10352 G
Liddicoat, William Henry Stoker Petty Officer 300289 G
Litter, Eli 18/11/1889 Stoker 1st Class 26/08/1915 07/11/1917 SS116059 G
Littledale, Bernard John 30/03/1891 16/01/1929 Lieutenant 23/05/1916 12/08/1916 Navy List G
Lockett, George Stoker 2nd Class K25713 G
Lumb, Frank 21/08/1885 Lieutenant-Commander 01/12/1915 01/11/1919 Navy List G
Lynch, William Stoker Petty Officer 309259 G
Maby, George Andrew J6612 G
Mackay, Robert Charles Stoker 2nd Class K28520 G
Maguire, Thomas Francis Able Seaman SS5477 G
Mansfield, George 01/01/1895 Able Seaman 16/09/1915 31/03/1917 Z/2171 G
Martin, George Herbert Leading Stoker K10983 G
McCarthy, John Thomas 30/09/1894 Able Seaman 20/08/1915 12/11/1916 Z/4220 G
Mcdonald, George Robert Walter Ordinary Seaman J14830 G
McKevitt, Henry 01/02/1879 Stoker RNR 05/01/1915 07/03/1919 U 2244 BT 377/7/120975 G
Mckibbin, Edward Private RMLI 14923 G
McNaughton, William Able Seaman 16/09/1915 21/03/1919 Z/5194 G
Meeten, Jack Cade Ordinary Seaman J32808 G
Meneely, John Private RMLI 16566 G
Mewhort, William George Private RMLI 16598 G
Milburn, Thomas Richard Able Seaman J29698 G
Minett, Percy F. Staff Surgeon 28/03/1916 Navy List G
Mohan, James Able Seaman 16/09/1915 21/11/1918 Z/4846 G
Molloy, John Harloe Trumble Able Seaman J28898 G
Moody, Frederick G
Moore, John Mitchell M8420 G
Moore, Robert Henry 20/01/1892 Officer's Steward 1st Class L5920 G
Mowbray, Samuel John 20/09/1895 Able Seaman 18/11/1915 17/11/1916 Z/1770 G
Mudge, Albert John Stoker 1st Class SS116060 G
Mullery, Harry 12/04/1878 Stoker Petty Officer 06/01/1915 01/01/1919 285706 G
Newell, Leonard 15/11/1899 Boy 1st Class J45746 G
Newton, Graham Charles Sailmaker 01/04/0115 29/08/1917 211950 G
Nix, James Francis Stoker 1st Class K24359 G
Notley, Edward George Ordinary Seaman J28642 G
O'Rourke, Francis Hugh Guy Able Seaman J13675 G
Oates, John 12/03/1891 Stoker RNR 05/01/1915 21/03/1919 S 3827 BT 377/7/80486 G
Osborne, Leo James Ordinary Telegraphist J36380 G
Palmer, Edward Boy Telegraphist J33380 G
Palmer, William Boy 1st Class J28062 G
Passmore, Walter Henry M4883 G
Payton, Frank Henry Able Seaman J16859 G
Pearson, Leslie Archibald Ordinary Seaman J27182 G
Pearson, Robert William Stoker Petty Officer 301706 G
Perkins, Arthur William Ordinary Seaman J26571 G
Perryman, Frederick Charles 03/05/1880 Mechanician 06/01/1915 27/02/1918 289868 G
Petter, Cecil James Telegraphist J26803 G
Phillips, Alfred Henry Boy Telegraphist J35873 G
Plumley, Richard Stoker Petty Officer 296270 G
Porter, Robert John Ordinary Seaman J25740 G
Preddy, William John Stoker 1st Class K23051 G
Priest, William James Ordinary Seaman J35620 G
Purdy, Charles Thomas Stoker 1st Class K20462 G
Quance alias Squance, George Thomas 11/04/1875 Master at Arms 02/09/1915 10/08/1918 277693 G
Read, Edward Electrical Artificer 4th Class M10712 G
Reade, Richard Ordinary Telegraphist J29279 G
Retallick, Clarence M8592 G
Richards, David Stanley 14/01/1896 Able Seaman 16/09/1915 27/02/1917 Z/1287 G
Richinson, Ernest Able Seaman SS448 G
Riddle, John Charles Officer's Steward 2nd Class L3710 G
Roach, Alfred Ernest 13/10/1882 Officer's Cook 1st Class 12/01/1915 08/04/1917 362438 G
Roberts, Albert Edward Leading Stoker SS110015 G
Roberts, Edward Stoker Petty Officer 303165 G
Roberts, John Richard Leading Seaman 05/01/1915 01/03/1919 214997 G
Robinson, Edward Henry Able Seaman J28906 G
Robinson, Robert Ordinary Seaman J39179 G
Rollitt, Walter Frederick Stoker 1st Class K10426 G
Rookes, Charles Herbert Stoker 1st Class K24339 G
Rowe, Joseph William Painter 2nd Class M11869 G
Rowles, Bertie Able Seaman 18/11/1915 25/07/1918 Z/1812 G
Roynon, Clarence Sidney Private RMLI 16276 G
Rubidge, Charlie George Stoker 1st Class K7152 G
Rutherford, Charles Thomas Boy Telegraphist J33379 G
Rutherford, John Able Seaman SS591 G
Ryan, John 17/09/1897 Able Seaman J25069 G
Sampson, Harry 19/12/1872 Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 06/01/1915 29/05/1918 268036 G
Saunderson, John Charles Able Seaman 04/11/1915 07/01/1919 Z/2647 G
Setter, Eli Stoker 1st Class SS116059 G
Seymour, John James Ordinary Seaman J35508 G
Sharpe, Ernest Richard Signal Boy J33381 G
Shepherd, Alfred Ernest Armourer 344469 G
Simpkin, Arthur Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M17047 G
Skidmore, Alfred Signal Boy J31167 G
Slimmons, Robert Denard Able Seaman J29912 G
Smith, Harold Private RMLI 17135 G
Snell, Percy Charles Egginton M5929 G
Snell, Redvers William 2nd Cook's Mate M13134 G
Spear, George Sydney Stoker 1st Class K12819 G
Spurr, David Ordinary Seaman SS4971 G
Stace, Frank J9199 G
Stephens, Ernest Alfred Signalman J14817 G
Stickings, Harold James Ordinary Seaman J28203 G
Stidson, Edwin Mechanician 306459 G
Stokes, Abjohn Sydney 30/09/1894 Officer's Steward 1st Class L5872 G
Strong, William Hale M5882 G
Summers, Horace Vernor Ship's Cook 05/01/1915 26/06/1916 346273 G
Taylor, Percy Vivian Ordinary Seaman J27227 G
Thatcher, Gordon Ewart Mechanician 311201 G
Thomas, Charles Felix Signalman J25045 G
Thomas, William Able Seaman 225650 G
Thompson, Charles Boy 1st Class J37043 G
Thompson, James Alexander Stoker 1st Class SS110501 G
Thornber, Tom Albert J8987 G
Tickner, Harry Boy 1st Class J32809 G
Tijou, Alfred James Boy 1st Class J35506 G
Tilley, Archibald George Able Seaman 05/01/1915 04/03/1919 205947 G
Towl, John Stoker 1st Class 301983 G
Trasey, Edward George Mechanician 300237 G
Tree, Herbert James J21051 G
Trounce, William John 22/08/1882 Acting Carpenter 17/12/1915 24/11/1919 Navy List G
Tucker, Byron Able Seaman 18/11/1915 17/08/1916 Z/1825 G
Vanstone, Felix Owen 24/11/1897 Officer's Steward 3rd Class L5249 G
Vincent, Hugh Thomas Able Seaman J27657 G
Vollor, Henry George Able Seaman J28332 G
Vout, Samuel Peeke Able Seaman 17/02/1915 01/11/1917 237421 G
Wain, Arthur 02/05/1897 Officer's Steward 2nd Class L7662 G
Wallace, Joseph Ship's Steward 344789 G
Warner, Arthur Alfred Ordinary Seaman J28334 G
Waterfield, Henry James M521 G
Waters, Harry Able Seaman SS3003 G
Watts, Albert Charles M1594 G
Welsman, Henry Hubert Private RMLI 16597 G
Whittington, Harry William Arthur Boy 1st Class J33954 G
Wilkes, Horace 23/06/1893 Able Seaman RNVR 27/04/1916 14/03/1919 London Z/4461 G
Wilkinson, Edgar S. Staff Surgeon 01/12/1914 Navy List G
Wilkinson, Ernest Rodney Leading Stoker K10779 G
Williams, John Stoker 1st Class SS114593 G
Wills, Charles Edward Ship's Steward's Assistant M12103 G
Wilsman, Henry Hubert Private RMLI 06/01/1915 28/02/1918 16597 G
Wilson, Samuel Stoker 1st Class 303299 G
Winter, Ernest Stoker 1st Class K23175 G
Woodmason, George Chief Ship's Cook 344665 G
Woodruff, Percy Leading Stoker 300284 G
Woolland, Harold William Marshall J20172 G
Wright, James Reginald 03/03/1889 Able Seaman 05/01/1915 21/06/1916 237213 G
Yabsley, Cyril Alan M8591 G
Yarwood, Harry Private RMLI 17102 G