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Battle of Jutland Crew Lists
The table below contains a full list of names that are currently being researched for HMS Cordelia.
The "Sta" column is the status of the entry that can be defined as follows:
G = Confirmed at the battle
B = Not a known survivor or casualty. Or difficult to determine the ship (two possible destroyers)
O = Included as a note. Not on ship at battle
For the most updated crew list it is recommended to visit: H.M.S. CORDELIA which is updated in real time.
Photo gallery: HMS Cordelia Crew List (Photographs)

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Tuesday, 29 December 2020, 10:58:40

HMS Cordelia Crew List at the Battle of Jutland
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Name Birth Death Rank/Rate
at Jutland
From To ON Comments Sta
Aggett, Frederick 25/06/1896 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 10/03/1919 16584 g
Aggett, William Henry 07/10/1886 Shipwright 2nd Class 06/01/1915 30/09/1918 M8077 g
Agnew, Hugh Ladas 06/06/1894 Sub-Lieutenant 28/03/1915 04/06/1916 Navy List g
Alexander, Harold Victor 04/06/1897 Wireman 2nd Class 21/12/1915 30/04/1917 M17590 g
Alway, William Thomas 28/09/1892 Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class 06/01/1915 06/07/1916 M10107 g
Anderson, William George 11/03/1889 Sick Berth Steward 21/09/1915 30/07/1917 351698 g
Ashley, Robert Charles 06/05/1882 22/05/1921 Stoker 1st Class 06/01/1915 07/11/1917 297291 g
Aston, Fredeick William 24/02/1899 Signal Boy 01/07/1915 23/02/1917 J33351 g
Badman, George William 27/02/1890 Leading Stoker K1803 g
Ballantyne, Alexander 25/09/1897 Officer's Steward 3rd Class 09/11/1915 13/02/1918 L7421 g
Barton, William Edward 11/10/1893 04/06/1919 Able Seaman 05/01/1915 31/03/1917 J7512 g
Beadle, Edward 05/01/1898 Ordinary Seaman J28464 g
Beamish, Tufton Percy Hamilton 26/07/1874 02/05/1951 Captain 11/03/1915 Navy List g
Bean, Oliver Leonard 05/03/1900 Able Seaman 15/02/1916 04/03/1918 J44321 g
Beavis, Thomas George 29/05/1894 Stoker 1st Class K14322 g
Bees, Albert Edward 12/06/1885 Stoker Petty Officer 304637 g
Belcher, John Leslie Charles 15/12/1896 Able Seaman 31/01/1916 25/03/1919 Z/6367 g
Bennett, John Percy 13/10/1891 Leading Seaman 27/10/1915 03/07/1916 239616 g
Bennett, William Charles James 09/03/1899 Boy Telegraphist 26/10/1916 08/03/1917 J31908 g
Binns, Henry Squire 20/09/1886 Leading Stoker K23075 g
Bishop, Frank Hallam 12/10/1886 Lieutenant 05/11/1914 13/02/1919 Navy List g
Bishop, Herbert Ernest 19/04/1890 Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class M10004 g
Bishop, John Frederick 23/12/1898 Boy 1st Class 22/09/1915 22/12/1916 J39173 g
Bishop, John Percy 28/05/1887 30/06/1959 Leading Signalman 05/01/1915 30/09/1918 224795 g
Bleach, George 28/12/1874 Stoker 1st Class 06/01/1914 19/05/1918 278526 g
Bliss, Henry Joseph 15/01/1898 10/11/1934 Ordinary Seaman 15/01/1916 03/06/1917 J28303 Photo g
Blundell, Charles Stephen 28/05/1897 Wireman 2nd Class M16678 g
Bolt, Frederick Ernest 30/11/1889 Stoker 1st Class K1749 g
Booth, Maurice 06/09/1895 Stoker 1st Class K24814 g
Briggs, George John Stoker 1st Class SS115942 g
Brisland, John Henry 04/12/1886 Petty Officer 229008 g
Brock, Arthur 01/06/1892 Leading Stoker K7037 g
Brooks, Henry Thomas 11/12/1893 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M12701 g
Brooks, John Dennis 08/10/1895 Stoker RNR 10/02/1916 19/06/1916 S 5140 BT 377/7/81799 g
Brown, Robert 29/04/1894 M8431 g
Bulmer, Victor Hiram 13/11/1883 Leading Stoker 308349 g
Bunclark, Charles Albert 01/10/1886 Acting Leading Stoker 232047 g
Bunfield, Albert Edward 16/12/1896 Ordinary Seaman 02/05/1916 28/11/1917 SS5473 g
Burchfield, George Alfred John 21/09/1896 Signalman J26157 g
Burns, George 31/12/1890 Stoker 1st Class K2251 g
Burt, Thomas 21/05/1896 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 10/03/1919 16590 g
Butcher, Arthur Henry 15/06/1891 Officer's Cook 2nd Class 17/02/1915 17/01/1917 L1872 g
Butcher, James Charles 20/09/1876 Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 31/07/1915 07/09/1916 269374 ADM 188/431/269374 g
Butler, Harold Herbert 22/05/1896 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 31/03/1918 16576 g
Callander, Thomas Galloway 25/01/1896 Able Seaman J22958 g
Campbell, Albert 12/06/1888 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 13/01/1919 13374 g
Campbell, Bartholomew 05/12/1876 Leading Stoker RNR 05/01/1915 23/08/1916 T 2216 BT 377/7/104064 g
Carthew, Alfred 14/09/1891 Stoker 1st Class SS110299 g
Challice, George 16/04/1873 Plumber 06/01/1915 14/06/1917 342047 g
Chambers, Edward Henry 02/01/1895 M2688 g
Chapman, Reginald Edgar Witheridge 02/06/1898 Boy 1st Class J28194 g
Chubb, Joshua Ernest George 28/11/1869 Chief Gunner 06/09/1914 Navy List g
Clarke, John Scott Stoker 1st Class SS110594 g
Clemett, Thomas 19/02/1893 08/08/1927 Shipwright 2nd Class 08/04/1915 10/03/1919 M8518 g
Coburn, Michael Stoker 1st Class SS110540 g
Coffey, James 20/08/1885 Able Seaman 04/03/1915 05/03/1919 J38682 g
Coles, Reginald George 26/07/1896 Stoker 1st Class K24364 g
Cook, Albert 21/11/1889 Stoker 1st Class 01/04/1916 04/04/1919 SS112492 g
Cooper, Stephen 03/03/1878 Able Seaman 05/06/1915 31/01/1919 177837 g
Couzens, William Edward 16/12/1888 Stoker Petty Officer K1747 g
Craig, James 12/05/1890 Z/6254 g
Crannis, Albion Edward 03/04/1896 Stoker 1st Class K23176 g
Crocker, Edmund Stentiford 02/10/1886 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 29/01/1919 14677 g
Crocker, William John 05/12/1892 Corporal RMLI 14/11/1915 07/12/1917 13779 g
Crooks, Fred 21/09/1897 Private RMLI 20/11/1915 25/01/1920 17805 g
Cunningham, Norman 29/06/1882 Paymaster 19/11/1915 01/07/1917 Navy List g
Daff, John Thomas 31/07/1887 17/03/1943 Acting Lieutenant RNR 23/11/1915 22/02/1917 Navy List g
Daniel, Thomas Emrys 10/06/1886 Assistant Paymaster, R.N.R 28/11/1914 Navy List g
Darley, Frederick Richard 20/07/1880 Acting Chief Electrician 2nd Class 06/06/1915 23/10/1916 345127 g
Deacon, Philip George 30/10/1874 Blacksmith 19/03/1916 30/08/1917 279409 g
Dennis, William Henry 01/08/1875 Stoker Petty Officer 06/01/1915 29/07/1917 284079 g
Dewar, George Alexander 18/02/1897 Private RMLI 06/08/1915 10/03/1919 17572 g
Dickens, Joseph 23/12/1895 Stoker 2nd Class K27600 g
Donovan, Jeremiah 12/12/1893 M4605 g
Doran, William 12/03/1885 Stoker 1st Class 307600 g
Dougan, William 10/01/1891 Leading Stoker K3889 g
Douglas, Hugh McKnight 29/04/1887 Leading Seaman 223947 g
Dove, Thomas Harold Sergeant RMLI 12228 g
Dowdell, David 10/11/1886 Able Seaman 230291 g
Downie, William 19/11/1894 Able Seaman J19445 g
Dublin, William John Ordinary Seaman SS6032 g
Duggan, Mortimor 06/07/1875 Chief Stoker 31/05/1916 01/03/1919 278211 g
Dumbell, George 27/04/1888 Able Seaman 231509 g
Dummigan, John James 22/12/1890 Stoker RNR 21/05/1916 18/10/1917 S 1667 BT 377/7/78333 g
Duross, John 25/08/1884 Private RMLI 05/03/1916 27/10/1916 12876 g
Durston, Arthur 24/07/1896 Ordinary Seaman 11/06/1915 27/11/1917 J38483 g
Eadie, James 29/12/1894 Ordinary Signalman 07/04/1915 13/10/1918 Z/1515 g
East, William John 22/05/1872 Chief Ship's 17/03/1915 30/09/1918 340038 g
Elliot, William John 19/08/1896 Able Seaman J23541 g
Elsbury, Alfred James 19/04/1886 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 11/01/1919 12881 g
Everson, Hartley Leonard Thomas 04/06/1895 Officer's Steward 2nd Class L2884 g
Every, Bertram James 27/01/1900 Bugler RMLI 06/01/1915 25/07/1918 16660 g
Fairbairn, Walter Wright 26/11/1882 Able Seaman 05/01/1915 24/02/1919 SS977 g
Fairfull, William Morgan 12/04/1897 Signalman 08/10/1915 11/07/1917 Z/4850 g
Findlay, John 20/05/1895 K20251 g
Firth, Francis 03/01/1886 Cooper 344155 g
Fish, Samuel 20/06/1892 Ordinary Seaman 15/01/1916 27/11/1918 J46295 g
Fisher, Evan Walter 06/02/1900 Boy 1st Class 15/02/1916 28/02/1917 J45301 g
Fitzsimmons, James 14/10/1884 Stoker 1st Class 302565 g
Flint, John Davy 23/09/1896 Stoker RNR 02/03/1916 24/02/1919 S 8303 BT 377/7/84959 g
Foxworthy, William Charles 23/01/1893 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 10/03/1919 15115 g
Friend, Charles William Henry 16/04/1896 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 14/06/1917 16573 g
Froud, Walter 05/01/1897 Officer's Steward 3rd Class 15/01/1916 08/06/1917 L7934 g
Gabriel, James 16/03/1893 Able Seaman 04/05/1915 08/10/1916 SS5343 In cells 24 May to 6 June 1916 g
Gadd, Ernest Arthur 13/06/1897 Ordinary Seaman J28043 g
Galbraith, Archibald 02/07/1892 Signalman 14/10/1915 25/06/1918 Z/1591 g
Geraghty, Patrick 10/07/1878 Stoker 1st Class 06/01/1914 04/04/1919 286510 g
Giles, Herbert Matthew 10/10/1875 Stoker Petty Officer 06/01/1915 03/03/1919 277917 g
Girling, Edward 14/12/1896 Able Seaman J31610 g
Glidle, Harry 06/04/1893 Stoker 1st Class K14312 g
Godfrey, Alfred George 11/02/1888 Yeoman of Signals 227474 g
Golding, Reuben Thomas 11/07/1882 Able Seaman 16/09/1915 07/03/1919 Z/261 g
Golightly, Matthew John 20/03/1891 Petty Officer Telegraphist 13/11/1915 11/06/1917 238982 g
Gotham, Walter Ernest 15/08/1896 Able Seaman J19138 g
Gowans, William 04/09/1889 Leading Seaman 234054 g
Gray, Bryon John 05/06/1892 Acting Leading Stoker 13/03/1916 14/09/1916 K18010 g
Green, Albert 07/11/1881 08/03/1956 Artificer Engineer 01/09/1915 28/03/1917 Navy List g
Green, David 08/10/1880 Stoker Petty Officer 302209 g
Greenall, James 23/06/1895 M2661 g
Greep, Alfred 14/03/1889 Leading Seaman 236261 g
Gregg, Charles 11/06/1894 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 17/01/1918 16600 g
Griffiths, Frank Howard 08/05/1896 Able Seaman J23615 g
Griffiths, Richard Gilbert 03/10/1896 Stoker 1st Class 21/10/1915 02/08/1916 SS116061 g
Gully, Alfred William 05/06/1884 Gunner (T) 06/09/1914 10/08/1918 Navy List g
Gwynne, Graham Holford 21/04/1894 M8118 g
Hamlyn, George Ordinary Seaman SS6388 g
Hancox, Sidney Joseph 07/04/1891 Stoker 1st Class K4950 g
Handley, Harold Francis Beckham 19/07/1887 Lieutenant 06/09/1915 07/10/1917 Navy List g
Hatcher, Ernest 10/04/1882 Stoker 1st Class 296859 g
Hatcher, Hubert Harold 27/01/1889 M2538 g
Heagerty, William Able Seaman 05/06/1915 24/01/1917 215552 g
Heard, Arthur Frederick Ordinary Seaman J28115 g
Henderson, George Able Seaman SS1982 g
Heron, Thomas 18/01/1874 24/08/1923 Acting Artificer Engineer 24/09/1915 18/09/1916 Navy List g
Herrick, Alfred Ernest Ordinary Seaman J30567 g
Hillocks, William Ordinary Seaman SS5476 g
Hirst, Valentine Douglas 22/11/1890 Lieutenant 07/11/1914 12/07/1918 Navy List g
Hobbs, Edwin 23/02/1886 Stoker RNR 02/03/1916 05/06/1916 S 8160 BT 377/7/84817 g
Hockaday, Frederick Peen 18/09/1866 Enginer Room Artificer 2nd Class 06/01/1915 28/08/1918 176712 G
Hodges, Harold Henry Thomas Able Seaman J25339 g
Holman, Richard Vanstone J2011 g
Holmear, George Edward Stoker 2nd Class K23728 g
Holwill, Charles Leading Stoker K6014 g
Hoof, George Private RMLI 16485 g
Horler, Reginald Cecil 02/01/1884 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 25/02/1918 11377 g
Hourston, David M2807 g
Howard, Ernest g
Hughes, Albert Edward Stoker 1st Class K23321 g
Hughes, Fred 25/07/1894 Stoker 2nd Class K30158 g
Hurd, Francis Reuben Private RMLI 16942 g
Ingham, Charles James Able Seaman 228973 g
James, Lewis John M8942 g
James, Taliesin Stanley Leading Stoker SS112162 g
Jasper, Francis William Stanley Leading Seaman 233921 g
Jefferies, Edwin Victor Harold Private RMLI 17196 g
Jones, Charles Ellis 01/08/1897 Able Seaman 17/02/1916 01/05/1917 J28071 g
Jones, Claude Oakley 25/05/1893 Ordinary Seaman 30/11/1915 05/07/1916 J43994 g
Jones, George Albert 12/01/1888 Able Seaman 226301 g
Jones, James Charles 17/10/1885 Leading Seaman 225677 g
Jones, Thomas James 28/07/1896 Ordinary Seaman J28416 g
Jones, William Henry 27/07/1898 Signal Boy 12/04/1916 27/07/1916 J40815 g
Jukes, Albert Stoker 1st Class K23180 g
Jury, William Henry Leading Stoker 301696 g
Kelly, Alexander 20/04/1886 Able Seaman 03/08/1915 01/03/1919 218722 g
Kelly, Frederick 02/01/1877 Engineer Commander 05/01/1915 14/11/1916 Navy List g
Kennedy, James 270211 g
Kenyon, George Able Seaman SS3134 g
Kerr, Robert Able Seaman J14785 g
Kindersley, Charles E. Temporary Surgeon 13/03/1915 Navy List g
Kingshott, William 31/08/1885 Private RMLI 06/01/1915 04/01/1918 14785 g
Knight, Thomas 30/01/1889 Ordinary Seaman 15/01/1916 16/06/1916 J46296 g
Kyrke-Smith, Henry S. Lieutenant R.N.V.R. 23/03/1915 Navy List g
Lane, Herbert Arthur Carpenter's Crew M16999 g
Leach, Cecil Electrical Artificer 4th Class M10352 g
Liddicoat, William Henry Stoker Petty Officer 300289 g
Litter, Eli 18/11/1889 Stoker 1st Class 26/08/1915 07/11/1917 SS116059 g
Littledale, Bernard John 30/03/1891 16/01/1929 Lieutenant 23/05/1916 12/08/1916 Navy List g
Lockett, George Stoker 2nd Class K25713 g
Lumb, Frank 21/08/1885 Lieutenant-Commander 01/12/1915 01/11/1919 Navy List g
Lynch, William Stoker Petty Officer 309259 g
Maby, George Andrew J6612 g
Mackay, Robert Charles Stoker 2nd Class K28520 g
Maguire, Thomas Francis Able Seaman SS5477 g
Mansfield, George 01/01/1895 Able Seaman 16/09/1915 31/03/1917 Z/2171 g
Martin, George Herbert Leading Stoker K10983 g
McCarthy, John Thomas 30/09/1894 Able Seaman 20/08/1915 12/11/1916 Z/4220 g
Mcdonald, George Robert Walter Ordinary Seaman J14830 g
McKevitt, Henry 01/02/1879 Stoker RNR 05/01/1915 07/03/1919 U 2244 BT 377/7/120975 g
Mckibbin, Edward Private RMLI 14923 g
McNaughton, William Able Seaman 16/09/1915 21/03/1919 Z/5194 g
Meeten, Jack Cade Ordinary Seaman J32808 g
Meneely, John Private RMLI 16566 g
Mewhort, William George Private RMLI 16598 g
Milburn, Thomas Richard Able Seaman J29698 g
Minett, Percy F. Staff Surgeon 28/03/1916 Navy List g
Mohan, James Able Seaman 16/09/1915 21/11/1918 Z/4846 g
Molloy, John Harloe Trumble Able Seaman J28898 g
Moody, Frederick g
Moore, John Mitchell M8420 g
Moore, Robert Henry 20/01/1892 Officer's Steward 1st Class L5920 g
Mowbray, Samuel John 20/09/1895 Able Seaman 18/11/1915 17/11/1916 Z/1770 g
Mudge, Albert John Stoker 1st Class SS116060 g
Mullery, Harry 12/04/1878 Stoker Petty Officer 06/01/1915 01/01/1919 285706 g
Newell, Leonard 15/11/1899 Boy 1st Class J45746 g
Newton, Graham Charles Sailmaker 01/04/0115 29/08/1917 211950 g
Nix, James Francis Stoker 1st Class K24359 g
Notley, Edward George Ordinary Seaman J28642 g
O'Rourke, Francis Hugh Guy Able Seaman J13675 g
Oates, John 12/03/1891 Stoker RNR 05/01/1915 21/03/1919 S 3827 BT 377/7/80486 g
Osborne, Leo James Ordinary Telegraphist J36380 g
Palmer, Edward Boy Telegraphist J33380 g
Palmer, William Boy 1st Class J28062 g
Passmore, Walter Henry M4883 g
Payton, Frank Henry Able Seaman J16859 g
Pearson, Leslie Archibald Ordinary Seaman J27182 g
Pearson, Robert William Stoker Petty Officer 301706 g
Perkins, Arthur William Ordinary Seaman J26571 g
Perryman, Frederick Charles 03/05/1880 Mechanician 06/01/1915 27/02/1918 289868 g
Petter, Cecil James Telegraphist J26803 g
Phillips, Alfred Henry Boy Telegraphist J35873 g
Plumley, Richard Stoker Petty Officer 296270 g
Porter, Robert John Ordinary Seaman J25740 g
Preddy, William John Stoker 1st Class K23051 g
Priest, William James Ordinary Seaman J35620 g
Purdy, Charles Thomas Stoker 1st Class K20462 g
Quance alias Squance, George Thomas 11/04/1875 Master at Arms 02/09/1915 10/08/1918 277693 g
Read, Edward Electrical Artificer 4th Class M10712 g
Reade, Richard Ordinary Telegraphist J29279 g
Retallick, Clarence M8592 g
Richards, David Stanley 14/01/1896 Able Seaman 16/09/1915 27/02/1917 Z/1287 g
Richinson, Ernest Able Seaman SS448 g
Riddle, John Charles Officer's Steward 2nd Class L3710 g
Roach, Alfred Ernest 13/10/1882 Officer's Cook 1st Class 12/01/1915 08/04/1917 362438 g
Roberts, Albert Edward Leading Stoker SS110015 g
Roberts, Edward Stoker Petty Officer 303165 g
Roberts, John Richard Leading Seaman 05/01/1915 01/03/1919 214997 g
Robinson, Edward Henry Able Seaman J28906 g
Robinson, Robert Ordinary Seaman J39179 g
Rollitt, Walter Frederick Stoker 1st Class K10426 g
Rookes, Charles Herbert Stoker 1st Class K24339 g
Rowe, Joseph William Painter 2nd Class M11869 g
Rowles, Bertie Able Seaman 18/11/1915 25/07/1918 Z/1812 g
Roynon, Clarence Sidney Private RMLI 16276 g
Rubidge, Charlie George Stoker 1st Class K7152 g
Rutherford, Charles Thomas Boy Telegraphist J33379 g
Rutherford, John Able Seaman SS591 g
Ryan, John 17/09/1897 Able Seaman J25069 g
Sampson, Harry 19/12/1872 Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 06/01/1915 29/05/1918 268036 g
Saunderson, John Charles Able Seaman 04/11/1915 07/01/1919 Z/2647 g
Setter, Eli Stoker 1st Class SS116059 g
Seymour, John James Ordinary Seaman J35508 g
Sharpe, Ernest Richard Signal Boy J33381 g
Shepherd, Alfred Ernest Armourer 344469 g
Simpkin, Arthur Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M17047 g
Skidmore, Alfred Signal Boy J31167 g
Slimmons, Robert Denard Able Seaman J29912 g
Smith, Harold Private RMLI 17135 g
Snell, Percy Charles Egginton M5929 g
Snell, Redvers William 2nd Cook's Mate M13134 g
Spear, George Sydney Stoker 1st Class K12819 g
Spurr, David Ordinary Seaman SS4971 g
Stace, Frank J9199 g
Stephens, Ernest Alfred Signalman J14817 g
Stickings, Harold James Ordinary Seaman J28203 g
Stidson, Edwin Mechanician 306459 g
Stokes, Abjohn Sydney 30/09/1894 Officer's Steward 1st Class L5872 g
Strong, William Hale M5882 g
Summers, Horace Vernor Ship's Cook 05/01/1915 26/06/1916 346273 g
Taylor, Percy Vivian Ordinary Seaman J27227 g
Thatcher, Gordon Ewart Mechanician 311201 g
Thomas, Charles Felix Signalman J25045 g
Thomas, William Able Seaman 225650 g
Thompson, Charles Boy 1st Class J37043 g
Thompson, James Alexander Stoker 1st Class SS110501 g
Thornber, Tom Albert J8987 g
Tickner, Harry Boy 1st Class J32809 g
Tijou, Alfred James Boy 1st Class J35506 g
Tilley, Archibald George Able Seaman 05/01/1915 04/03/1919 205947 g
Towl, John Stoker 1st Class 301983 g
Trasey, Edward George Mechanician 300237 g
Tree, Herbert James J21051 g
Trounce, William John 22/08/1882 Acting Carpenter 17/12/1915 24/11/1919 Navy List g
Tucker, Byron Able Seaman 18/11/1915 17/08/1916 Z/1825 g
Vanstone, Felix Owen 24/11/1897 Officer's Steward 3rd Class L5249 g
Vincent, Hugh Thomas Able Seaman J27657 g
Vollor, Henry George Able Seaman J28332 g
Vout, Samuel Peeke Able Seaman 17/02/1915 01/11/1917 237421 g
Wain, Arthur 02/05/1897 Officer's Steward 2nd Class L7662 g
Wallace, Joseph Ship's Steward 344789 g
Warner, Arthur Alfred Ordinary Seaman J28334 g
Waterfield, Henry James M521 g
Waters, Harry Able Seaman SS3003 g
Watts, Albert Charles M1594 g
Welsman, Henry Hubert Private RMLI 16597 g
Whittington, Harry William Arthur Boy 1st Class J33954 g
Wilkes, Horace 23/06/1893 Able Seaman RNVR 27/04/1916 14/03/1919 London Z/4461 g
Wilkinson, Edgar S. Staff Surgeon 01/12/1914 Navy List g
Wilkinson, Ernest Rodney Leading Stoker K10779 g
Williams, John Stoker 1st Class SS114593 g
Wills, Charles Edward Ship's Steward's Assistant M12103 g
Wilsman, Henry Hubert Private RMLI 06/01/1915 28/02/1918 16597 g
Wilson, Samuel Stoker 1st Class 303299 g
Winter, Ernest Stoker 1st Class K23175 g
Woodmason, George Chief Ship's Cook 344665 g
Woodruff, Percy Leading Stoker 300284 g
Woolland, Harold William Marshall J20172 g
Wright, James Reginald 03/03/1889 Able Seaman 05/01/1915 21/06/1916 237213 g
Yabsley, Cyril Alan M8591 g
Yarwood, Harry Private RMLI 17102 g