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HMS Contest Crew List
Please note that the 'Rank/Rate' and 'From and To' dates only reflect those held actually at the Battle of Jutland.
The individual could have joined or left the ship before or after these dates, with differing 'Rank/Rates'.
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Name Birth Loc1 Loc2 Loc3 Death Rank/Rate
At Jutland
From To ON The National Archives
Citable Reference
Allen, Thomas Francis 06/02/1897 Drumshambo Leitrim IRL Ordinary Seaman 01/07/1915 30/06/1916 J37148 ADM 188/721/37148
Appleton, Joseph 10/12/1878 Portsea Hampshire ENG Leading Seaman 18/06/1914 30/06/1916 190753 ADM 188/325/190753 St. George's Medal
4th Class
Asmusson, William Miners 02/11/1894 Bristol Gloucestershire ENG Able Seaman J11351 ADM 188/669/11351
Atkins, John 05/10/1890 West Ham London ENG Leading Stoker K3832 ADM 188/874/3832
Austin, Henry Kirkdale, Liverpool ENG Stoker 1st Class K14967 ADM 188/896/14967
Barber, Albert 14/01/1881 Portsea Hampshire ENG 07/12/1936 Gunner (T) 08/07/1915 - ADM 196/156/1377 Contest Navy List
Beach, James John Alfred 25/04/1880 Landport Hampshire ENG Stoker Petty Officer 20/06/1914 07/07/1917 288468 ADM 188/463/288468
Beedle, Frederick Lawrence Birmingham Warwickshire ENG Stoker 2nd Class SS117208 ADM 188/1123/117208
Bennett, Leonard William 28/01/1894 Swaffham Norfolk ENG J9920 ADM 188/666/9920
Bloor, Thomas Lander Stoke Staffordshire ENG Stoker 1st Class SS112794 ADM 188/1118/112794
Bowen, Henry Birmingham Warwickshire ENG Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M17539 ADM 188/1053/17539
Bowman, Albert Edward 28/05/1894 Norwick Norfolk ENG J9794 ADM 188/666/9794
Branson, John William Thrapston Northamtonshire ENG Able Seaman SS3791 ADM 188/1097/3791
Brierley, Ben 14/02/1874 Oldham Lancashire ENG Stoker Petty Officer 18/06/1914 09/07/1917 287695 ADM 188/462/287695
Catt, Joseph John Alfred Kilburn London ENG Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 271461 ADM 188/435/271461
Chapman, Charles William Alverstoke Hampshire ENG Able Seaman 236737 ADM 188/420/236737
Chevalier, Ernest Watford Hertfordshire ENG Stoker 1st Class SS110100 ADM 188/1116/110100
Clarke, John Herbert Penge London ENG Leading Stoker SS109666 ADM 188/1115/109666
Coates, John Liverpool Lancashire ENG Ordinary Seaman J41036 ADM 188/729/41036
Cook, Charles Edward Exton Hampshire ENG Able Seaman 236373 ADM 188/419/236373
Court, George Henry Liverpool Lancashire ENG Stoker 1st Class K13954 ADM 188/894/13954
Dadswell, Percy 20/03/1894 N/A Able Seaman 14/05/1915 J6401 ADM 188/659/6401 Difficult to determine end
date and name of new ship
David, Frederick Augustus Port Talbot Glamorgan WAL Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 272383 ADM 188/437/272383
Dinnage, Albert Edward Horsham Sussex ENG Able Seaman 212812 ADM 188/372/212812
Donovan, Daniel ? Surgeon Probationer R.N.V.R. 13/11/1915 - Contest Navy List
Down, Harold Polden Southampton Hampshire ENG Able Seaman 216709 ADM 188/380/216709
Duval, Noel Charles 25/12/1893 Chelsea London ENG Able Seaman J14856 ADM 188/676/14856
Foley, Timothy Bolton Lancashire ENG Ordinary Signalman J33446 ADM 188/713/33446
Gale, Thomas Powerstock Dorset ENG Chief Stoker 01/03/1915 14/08/1917 281921 ADM 188/450/281921
Gausden, Arthur Eastbourne Sussex ENG Able Seaman 230123 ADM 188/407/230123
Goldsack, George Richard 02/12/1884 Dover Kent ENG J1218 ADM 188/649/1218
Gower, William George 15/09/1894 Limehouse London ENG Able Seaman J17776 ADM 188/682/17776
Greaves, Clifford Pawson Hebden Bridge Yorkshire ENG Able Seaman J25616 ADM 188/698/25616
Grice, Richard 19/10/1894 Malton Yorkshire ENG Ordinary Seaman J48311 ADM 188/743/48311
Guy, Leo Hartlepool Durham ENG Ordinary Telegraphist J30491 ADM 188/707/30491
Hackett, Thomas William Hull Yorkshire ENG Stoker 1st Class SS112259 ADM 188/1118/112259
Hallwood, William ? Midshipman R.N.R. 11/09/1915 - Contest Navy List
Hatton, William Edwin Francis Portsmouth Hampshire ENG Leading Seaman 235413 ADM 188/417/235413
Homer, Louis 10/05/1890 Cradley Staffordshire ENG Leading Stoker K5417 ADM 188/877/5417
House, Charles Sidney Southampton Hampshire ENG Stoker Petty Officer 305011 ADM 188/497/305011
Howe, Arthur George Chalfont-Saint-Peter Buckinghamshire ENG Petty Officer 209255 ADM 188/365/209255
Johnson, George William 10/12/1894 Aberford Yorkshire ENG J9752 ADM 188/666/9752
Judd, Cyril 02/02/1890 Birmingham ENG J43 ADM 188/647/43
Knapp, George Arthur Chelsea London ENG Able Seaman SS3877 ADM 188/1097/3877
Knight, Charles John Portsea Hampshire ENG Stoker Petty Officer 308931 ADM 188/504/308931
Lane, Robert Henry Douglas 15/02/1896 ? 27/04/1941 Sub-Lieutenant 16/02/1916 - ADM 196/146/150 Contest Navy List
Langford, John Ralph 29/02/1884 Alverstoke Hampshire ENG Officer's Steward 2nd Class 362177 ADM 188/551/362177
Leal, Walter 01/06/1891 Ryde Isle of Wight ENG M1237 ADM 188/1020/1237
Lunn, James Frederick 16/10/1892 Sheffield Yorkshire ENG Leading Stoker K10634 ADM 188/888/10634
Master, Ernald Gilbert Hoskins 01/04/1887 ? 21/07/1929 Lieutenant-Commander 21/04/1916 Jun 1916 - ADM 196/143/865 Contest Navy List
McCarthy, John 05/12/1874 Fulham ENG Chief Petty Officer 14/04/1916 30/06/1916 156919 ADM 188/228/156919
Mccullock, Ronald 28/05/1893 Nottingham Nottinghamshire ENG Able Seaman J10511 ADM 188/668/10511
Mead, Charles Walter Harry 24/09/1890 West Ham Essex ENG Stoker 1st Class K1573 ADM 188/870/1573
Mercer, Frederick Worthing Sussex ENG Able Seaman 229933 ADM 188/406/229933
Moore, Walter Albert Paddington London ENG Leading Seaman 216858 ADM 188/380/216858
Murray, Daniel Carlisle Cambridgeshire ENG Stoker 1st Class K26576 ADM 188/920/26576
Napier, George Levack Mackay 22/06/1881 ? 09/01/1918 Lieutenant 02/01/1916 - ADM 196/152/49 Contest Navy List
New, William Alfred 23/12/1886 Portsea Hampshire ENG 310379 ADM 188/507/310379
Newson, Walter James Chelsea London ENG Able Seaman 216030 ADM 188/379/216030
Newton, Christopher Latimer Lancaster ENG Able Seaman SS3969 ADM 188/1097/3969
Norgate, George Charles Albert 28/03/1893 Southampton Hampshire ENG J5067 ADM 188/657/5067
Parsons, William Edward Stratford London ENG Stoker Petty Officer 299123 ADM 188/485/299123
Philpott, Cyril Arthur 30/04/1895 Acton Middlesex ENG Able Seaman J17333 ADM 188/681/17333
Pope, William Herbert Winchester Hampshire ENG Stoker Petty Officer 296990 ADM 188/480/296990
Pounds, George Stanley 19/03/1894 Plaistow Essex ENG J6267 ADM 188/659/6267
Robbins, Harry Albert Alverstoke Hampshire ENG Stoker Petty Officer 297922 ADM 188/482/297922
Rumbold, William 11/03/1895 Southampton Hampshire ENG Able Seaman J13852 ADM 188/674/13852
Sallabank, Harry Plaistow London ENG Stoker Petty Officer 311385 ADM 188/509/311385
Sanders, Walter Arthur 09/10/1893 Peckham London ENG J4851 ADM 188/656/4851
Saunders, George Manchester Lancashire ENG Stoker 1st Class K25649 ADM 188/918/25649
Saunders, Richard 26/08/1892 Portsmouth Hampshire ENG Leading Stoker K10710 ADM 188/888/10710
Smith, Frank Godshill Isle of Wight ENG Yeoman of Signals 212818 ADM 188/372/212818
Spry, Stanley 04/03/1893 Wells Somerset ENG Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M12625 ADM 188/1043/12625
Steele, William John Southampton Hampshire ENG Able Seaman SS3876 ADM 188/1097/3876
Strange, Frank Arthur 11/03/1893 Newhaven Sussex ENG J7385 ADM 188/661/7385
Sutton, Walter 28/07/1894 Hinckley Leicestershire ENG J8901 ADM 188/664/8901
Tarrant, John 10/10/1894 Shadwell London ENG Stoker 1st Class SS113400 ADM 188/1119/113400
Thomson, Benjamin Hawick Roxburgshire SCO Stoker 1st Class K26193 ADM 188/919/26193
Tucker, Frederick George Battersea London ENG Able Seaman 209235 ADM 188/365/209235
Walsh, Thomas 24/09/1875 Standish Lancashire ENG Stoker 1st Class 02/07/1915 30/06/1916 282695 ADM 188/452/282695
Webb, George Thomas 27/05/1892 Southampton Hampshire ENG J1223 ADM 188/649/1223
White, George Heanley Newbury Berkshire ENG Engineer Lieutenant 08/04/1915 29/12/1916 - ADM 196/130/218 Contest Navy List
Wilkinson, Albert William Hackney London ENG Stoker 1st Class K26580 ADM 188/920/26580