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Battle of Jutland Crew Lists
The table below contains a full list of names that are currently being researched for HMS Comus.
The "Sta" column is the status of the entry that can be defined as follows:
G = Confirmed at the battle
B = Not a known survivor or casualty. Or difficult to determine the ship (two possible destroyers)
O = Included as a note. Not on ship at battle
For the most updated crew list it is recommended to visit: H.M.S. COMUS which is updated in real time.
Photo gallery: HMS Comus Crew List (Photographs)

Last Updated:
Monday, 28 December 2020, 14:57:19

HMS Comus Crew List at the Battle of Jutland
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Name Birth Death Rank/Rate
at Jutland
From To ON Comments Sta
Alcock, Alfred 03/05/1894 Stoker 1st Class SS115915 g
Allen, Sidney Ernest 16/06/1897 Private RMLI 19632 g
Ames, Alfred Albert 03/02/1888 Wireman 2nd Class M12647 g
Anderson, Peter 05/01/1874 292179 g
Anderson, Rupert Roger 03/05/1896 Signalman Z/696 g
Andrews, Frederick Charles 30/01/1887 Private RMLI 14016 g
Arnett, Leonard George 06/01/1887 Stoker Petty Officer K1449 G
Atkins, Thomas Charles 05/06/1897 Ordinary Seaman J21813 g
Aukett, Thomas Henry 05/11/1897 Ordinary Seaman J23538 g
Baigent, Albert Walter Ordinary Seaman J31520 g
Bailey, Charles Edward 05/02/1897 Stoker 1st Class SS116957 g
Bailey, William John 28/11/1898 Boy Telegraphist J30295 g
Balchin, Leonard 25/10/1895 Able Seaman J13670 G
Barnes, Frederick Arthur 14/09/1895 Able Seaman J13612 G
Barnes, John 13/08/1886 Mechanician 307331 g
Barney, Thomas Stoker 1st Class SS112518 g
Bartram, John Leading Stoker SS104997 g
Beatt, George Russell 07/05/1872 Mechanician 18/05/1915 12/08/1919 282441 g
Beavis, George Alfred 08/07/1895 J13008 To service record is difficult to read
- at jutland but ? ship - looks
like it starts with C
Bide, Wilfred John Ordinary Telegraphist J31865 g
Bidmead, Walter Reginald Victor 02/04/1896 Signalman RNVR 03/06/2015 18/02/1919 London Z/791 g
Bilsby, Henry Able Seaman 238772 g
Bland, William Alfred 15/06/1890 Stoker 1st Class K26986 g
Blumfeld, Louis 28/05/1893 23/07/1918 Lieutenant 03/05/1916 27/04/1917 Navy List g
Bonnett, Horace Walter 22/06/1899 Boy Servant L7137 g
Borland, John 04/05/1898 Stoker 1st Class K27179 g
Bottomley, Robert Edward James 05/04/1892 J5343 g
Botwright, Samuel 28/10/1893 J5162 g
Boys, Frank Cooper 345064 g
Branford, Francis William 14/09/1884 Paymaster (Emergency) 27/05/1916 26/08/1918 Navy List g
Breeds, William George 07/05/1893 J5794 g
Brettell, George John 15/02/1893 Able Seaman J10806 G
Bridger, Henry Frederick Ordinary Seaman SS6261 g
Brinn, Frank William 31/07/1895 Able Seaman J13650 G
Brown, William Alfred Boy 1st Class J33820 g
Brown, William James Stoker 1st Class K23585 g
Brown, William Thomas Able Seaman 18/05/1915 30/06/1918 220133 g
Browne, Henry Robert Samuel Ordinary Seaman J33101 g
Burnett, William James 15/09/1875 Stoker Petty Officer 18/05/1915 26/07/1919 277858 g
Butler, Kimber Alexander Able Seaman 217962 g
Cambridge, James 28/10/1896 Stoker RNR 18/05/1915 27/11/1916 S 4524 BT 377/7/81183 g
Cameron, Donald Francis Ordinary Telegraphist J31627 g
Campin, William Henry John 15/05/1880 Yeoman of Signals 18/05/1915 14/07/1917 188438 g
Cantwell, Harold Lewis 11/11/1880 Artificer Engineer 04/10/1914 27/06/2017 Navy List g
Card, William 26/12/1873 Stoker Petty Officer 18/05/1915 22/06/1916 279764 g
Carpenter, Leopold Officer's Cook 1st Class 358909 g
Carr, Henry 28/07/1863 Stoker 1st Class 16/05/1916 29/08/1917 278396 g
Chadwick, Ernest Telegraphist J35193 g
Chapman, Harry Leading Signalman 231685 g
Charley, John 21/01/1890 Stoker 1st Class SS110642 g
Chesterton, Walter Robert Able Seaman SS3917 g
Clark, Herbert Douglas 28/08/1895 Leading Telegraphist J10693 G
Clifford, James Ronald 09/08/1895 Able Seaman J11340 G
Coady, Thomas Joseph Ordinary Seaman J34357 g
Cobb, Charles Wilfred Boy Telegraphist J32399 g
Cockerill, William Frank 14/01/1872 Stoker 1st Class 18/05/1915 18/06/1919 276416 g
Colbourne, Benjamin Percy Stoker 1st Class K23571 g
Connell, Leonard Ordinary Seaman SS5204 g
Cook, Stanley Green Ordinary Telegraphist J33475 g
Cooke, Thomas George 08/06/1888 M3762 g
Copperwheat, Alfred 15/11/1893 Able Seaman 10/10/1916 18/06/1917 ADM 337/68 g
Coulson, Alfred Ernest 16/12/1876 Petty Officer 18/05/1915 03/01/1917 169119 g
Cowham, Richard Private RMLI 13159 g
Cowland, Frank Able Seaman 237569 g
Cregeen, Herbert Stanley Ordinary Signalman J33390 g
Crouch, Joseph Richard Ordinary Seaman J34036 g
Crudgington, James Albert Able Seaman J33970 g
Curtis, John Ernest Augustus Stoker 1st Class 295202 g
Dand, William Beaty 11/03/1880 Acting Artificer Engineer 24/09/1915 25/09/1916 270648 Navy List g
Darwin, Arthur 29/01/1889 Able Seaman J16160 G
Davies, Thomas Henry 12/05/1874 Chief Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 01/08/1915 01/08/1919 269465 ADM 188/431/269465 g
Davis, Charles 06/05/1895 SS5209 g
Dawson, Albert Edward 20/08/1888 K22669 g
Denmead, Arthur Samuel Victor Ordinary Seaman J32124 g
Dilks, Joseph Leading Seaman 208600 g
Dillon, Arthur John 08/01/1878 Chief Stoker 18/05/1915 30/06/1919 284698 g
Dinsdale, Thomas Ordinary Seaman SS5206 g
Dowden, Walter Leonard 30/07/1893 Able Seaman J12746 G
Drake, Richard Edwin 16/10/1890 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M12246 g
Dye, Edward Henry 03/08/1892 M7789 g
Dyer, Roaf Leonard Ordinary Seaman J21753 g
Eames, Frederick Charles 04/02/1892 18/05/1915 03/05/1918 15696 g
Edwards, Walter Stoker 1st Class K23334 g
Elgie, Frederick Arthur Henry 16/06/1895 K19948 g
Ellis, Foster Alexander Boy 1st Class J33772 g
Elston, Tom Crouch Stoker 1st Class 228792 g
England, George William Ordinary Seaman J34351 g
Etchells, David 28/07/1883 Leading Stoker K2372 g
Eva, Benjamin Boy 1st Class J32009 g
Fagg, William James 07/08/1896 Wireman 2nd Class M12545 g
Fear, Reginald Lambert Leading Stoker SS105325 g
Field, George Mitchell Ordinary Seaman J28654 g
Fielder, Harry Able Seaman 233077 g
Filby, John Robert 25/09/1894 Ordinary Seaman J49845 ADM 188/746/49845 g
Finch, Alfred Percy Leading Stoker SS109005 g
Fisher, Albert 20/04/1883 Private 18/05/1915 07/05/1919 11031 g
Fisher, George Ewart Boy 1st Class J32865 g
Fletcher, George Herbert 09/07/1873 Engineer Commander 23/05/1916 Navy List g
Frampton, Percy Boy 1st Class J30896 g
Frewen, Oswald Moreton 11/01/1887 Lieutenant (N) 15/03/1915 09/01/1917 Navy List g
Gaff, Arthur Samuel 19/06/1891 L1545 g
Gallagher, Ernest 30/03/1885 Officer's Steward 1st Class 365445 g
Gardner, Ernest 07/02/1887 Shipwright 2nd Class M10159 g
Garrard, George Edward 07/03/1875 Chief Stoker 18/05/1915 20/02/1919 278089 g
Gilbey, Percy William Ordinary Seaman J26500 g
Goodrich, Henry Edwin Leading Seaman 226393 g
Goodyear, Frederick Bert Ordinary Seaman J28901 g
Graham, Charles 15/04/1891 Able Seaman 02/09/1915 18/01/1917 Z4521 g
Greet, George 04/10/1888 Leading Stoker K3362 g
Griffin, George 11/09/1887 Officer's Cook 1st Class 362325 g
Griffin, Wilfred Able Seaman SS5207 g
Gunnell, Henry Augustus Able Seaman 229619 g
Hackett, Bertie Clifford 19/08/1895 Officer's Steward 3rd Class L4678 g
Haines, William Ernest Boy 1st Class J33677 g
Hamilton, Henry Lieutenant 29/03/1915 Navy List g
Hanson, George Edward Stoker 1st Class SS104698 g
Harman, John William Private RMLI 18560 g
Harriety, Richard Alfred 24/05/1883 203981 g
Hassell, Archibald George Boy 1st Class J33799 g
Hatton, George Private RMLI 18319 g
Hawtin, Frederick Percy Telegraphist J31452 g
Hibbert, Walter Ernest Ordinary Seaman J24555 g
Hill, Walter S. 02/09/1873 Engineer Commander 28/10/1914 Navy List g
Hockley, Robert Blacksmith 345448 g
Hodges, Frank Colston 12/04/1888 Acting Gunner (T) 09/01/1916 27/11/1918 Navy List g
Holmes, Leonard John 02/06/1885 351306 g
Horscroft, Gordon Henry Boy 1st Class J38549 g
Hotham, Allan Geoffrey 03/10/1876 10/07/1965 Captain 01/02/1915 Navy List g
Houchin, Richard Stoker 1st Class SS108320 g
Howlett, John William Boy 1st Class J30252 g
Hughes, William Stoker 1st Class 294271 g
Hunt, Richard 26/09/1882 private 18/05/1915 18/09/1916 10865 g
Hunt, Theodore Horace 23/09/1892 J7102 g
Hurdley, Alfred Petty Officer 230738 g
Hussey, James William George Able Seaman 216449 g
Hutchinson Alias Arthur Butler, Arthur Butler 23/02/1896 26/10/1915 12/03/1918 J15579 g
Hutchinson, Arthur Butler 23/02/1896 Able Seaman J15579 g
Hyde, Harry Alfred Boy 1st Class J33966 g
Jackson, Andrew Able Seaman SS5224 g
Jame, James Charles 25/02/1898 Able Seaman 18/05/1915 26/07/1917 J33789 last name recorded as
Tame on LIVES
James, Herbert Reginald Stoker Petty Officer 361420 g
Jarrett, Bernard 10/07/1896 Able Seaman J16299 g
Jarvis, Frank Stoker 1st Class K14256 g
Johnston, Edwin Ernest 03/01/1892 private 30/10/1915 01/08/1919 15577 g
Johnston, John Stoker 1st Class SS116261 g
Jones, Reginald Vernon Ronald Jeboult 05/03/1894 J8616 g
Keating, William Ophir 07/02/1897 Officer's Cook 3rd Class L6392 g
Keeler, William Archie Leading Seaman 238093 g
Kempson, Walter Ordinary Signalman J26490 g
Keune, Alec Bernard Boy Telegraphist J30036 g
Kilpatrick, John Private RMLI 15367 g
Lambourne, Albert Edward 10/12/1894 J9741 g
Lambourne, William Henry 19/12/1882 Private RMLI 18/05/1915 31/12/1917 11809 g
Larner, William Edwy Boy 1st Class J30827 g
Latham, Richard Henry Stoker 1st Class SS116981 g
Lawrence, Sydney George Private RMLI 14550 g
Leach, Ralph 11/07/1895 Able Seaman J15516 g
Leech, William Duke Stoker 1st Class SS116236 g
Leechman, William Ordinary Seaman J34355 g
Leeves, Arthur Able Seaman 226153 g
Lewis, Hopkin Llewellyn 26/02/1883 Stoker RNR 18/05/1915 13/09/1916 S 4556 BT 377/7/81215 g
Lewis, William Ernest 24/04/1890 M2338 g
Linehan, Patrick 09/12/1881 Leading Stoker 16/05/1916 01/08/1920 296388 g
Loader, Henry Oscar 09/03/1892 Leading Stoker K8724 g
Lofthouse, Harry Jackson 16/05/1889 Stoker Petty Officer K11673 g
Macdonald, Alexander 13/08/1883 M1214 g
Mackness, Samuel Stoker 1st Class 295040 g
Mahoney, Leonard Boy 1st Class J32425 g
Manford, Edwin Armourer 346158 g
Manners, Errol 29/06/1883 23/10/1933 Lieutenant-Commander 09/03/1915 Navy List g
Mansey, Albert John 06/10/1896 Cook's Mate M14412 g
Markquick, Edward Stoker Petty Officer 305712 g
Massett, William Henry 19/02/1880 Stoker Petty Officer 18/05/1915 23/01/1919 289009 g
May, Ernest Walter Armourer's Crew 346708 g
May, Percy Able Seaman 216646 g
Mccarthy, Walter Alexander Master at Arms 210245 g
Mcquade, Henry Stoker Petty Officer K12953 g
Mears, George Henry Able Seaman SS5205 g
Miller, Edgar Sergeant RMLI 12443 g
Miller, John Hugh Leading Seaman 231576 g
Milman, Henry Augustus 02/10/1882 Paymaster 19/09/1915 Navy List g
Mitton, Charlie Ordinary Seaman J33949 g
Moore, John William 12/12/1893 J9055 g
Morgan, Albert Henry Stoker 1st Class SS116239 g
Moseley, Albert 18/02/1889 Private RMLI 18/05/1915 02/08/1917 15208 g
Moss, Arthur 14/12/1894 Officer's Steward 2nd Class L3510 g
Moss, Harold Boy 1st Class J33547 g
Muggeridge, Cecil 14/08/1896 Private RMLI 18/05/1915 11/??/1916 17133 month left Comus unclear b
Neill, Edward 06/12/1885 312119 g
Newman, Frederick Adolphus Ordinary Signalman J36531 g
Newman, William Leslie Ordinary Seaman J30088 g
Nike, Wallace Thomas Boy 1st Class J32422 g
Norman, Thomas Temporary Surgeon 01/05/1915 Navy List g
Norton, Ernest Joseph 23/07/1893 M7978 g
Ogden, Albert Edmund Ordinary Seaman J26389 g
Olley, Sydney William 15/11/1898 07/05/1916 31/03/1905 J35077 g
Osman, Thomas Henry Stoker 1st Class 302150 g
Owen, Alfred Hale Ordinary Seaman SS5299 g
Owen, George Frampton Boy 1st Class J39923 g
Palmer, Matthias Leading Seaman 213241 g
Parsons, James 16/05/1897 06/05/1916 02/05/1918 Z2710 g
Pearson, Benjamin Charles Stoker 2nd Class K28122 g
Pearson, Clifford 16/12/1893 M6364 g
Pickover, Jack Boy 1st Class J37420 g
Pocock, Henry Charles Stoker 1st Class SS104807 g
Pollard, Thomas Stoker 1st Class SS102013 g
Porter, Edward William 01/02/1879 Private RMLI 18/05/1915 11/09/1919 9916 g
Porter, Frederick John Montague 19/09/1897 J22257 g
Porter, Thomas 07/03/1905 02/09/1915 18/01/1917 Z5028 g
Potter, David Winslet 06/11/1894 Able Seaman J10859 g
Pratt, Frank William Private RMLI 16481 g
Press, William Stoker Petty Officer 303862 g
Presslee, Frederick 11/01/1882 Private RMLI 18/05/1915 01/08/1919 11416 ADM 159/181/11416 g
Pullin, William Plumber 345313 g
Ranalow, William Hubert 8TH APRIL 1915 Assistant Paymaster R.N.R. 08/04/1915 03/01/1918 Navy List g
Rawlins, George Henry Bugler RMLI 16987 g
Rayner, William Colenso Boy 1st Class J33776 g
Redfern, Joseph Stoker 1st Class SS111244 g
Reid, Alexander 13/02/1888 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class 23/05/1916 06/02/1918 M19781 g
Reid, William Stoker 1st Class SS116408 g
Reynolds, Daniel Bertram 02/11/1886 M1203 g
Rooker, John Edward 06/11/1896 PO/18145 g
Rooker, William Walter Private RMLI 17245 g
Roome, Lewis SS109006 Appropriate section of service record covered b
Rouse, Thomas Richard Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class 272031 g
Russell, Frank Henry James 31/10/1896 Able Seaman J18281 g
Sadler, Frank 06/07/1896 M7847 g
Sage, Henry Thomas 17/11/1894 Able Seaman J10827 g
Sargeant, George 08/05/1879 292183 g
Sayer, George Electrical Artificer 1st Class 345845 g
Scott, Edward Stoker 1st Class SS114937 g
Seal, Frederick 27/07/1892 M3642 g
Searle, Albert Able Seaman SS5312 g
Servaes, Reginald Maxwell 25/07/1893 Lieutenant 26/04/1915 Navy List g
Shatwell, Joseph 21/12/1883 12/03/1960 Corporal RMLI 21/10/1915 16/08/1917 13167 g
Shaw, Frederick John 30/06/1895 Wireman 2nd Class M12544 g
Shaw, George Roy 18/05/1892 Stoker 1st Class K10438 g
Shearsby, Leslie Ordinary Signalman J36533 g
Shepherd, Arthur George Chief Shipwright 342864 g
Shepherd, Francis Thomas 14/06/1887 Stoker 1st Class 18/05/1915 29/08/1919 SS108328 g
Shoebottom, Thomas Knight Ordinary Seaman J34859 g
Shute, Edward John Frederick Stoker 1st Class K13186 g
Shuttleworth, Sidney George Ordinary Seaman SS5350 g
Sinclair, John Ordinary Seaman SS6248 g
Skinner, Albert Leslie Ordinary Seaman J33969 g
Skinner, Harold Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M16904 g
Smith, Arthur 06/03/1893 Petty Officer 24/05/1916 12/07/1917 J3490 g
Smith, Robert Victor 25/11/1888 Stoker 1st Class K711 g
Smith, Victor Robert Able Seaman J25107 g
Smith, William C.B. Staff Surgeon 31/07/1915 Navy List g
Smith, William Ewart Ordinary Seaman J34123 g
Southard, Sydney Herbert 02/09/1881 Carpenter 19/09/1914 25/03/1917 Navy List g
Spearing, John 01/02/1894 J6262 g
Spicer, Alexander Andrew James 28/06/1878 Gunner 06/11/1914 25/07/1918 Navy List g
Spink, John 14/06/1881 Seaman 17/05/1915 28/01/1917 A 7129 g
Stainer, Henry Herbert Private RMLI 17222 g
Stassen, Francis George Stoker 1st Class SS112966 g
Steel, John Percival 03/03/1892 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M11162 g
Steers, Joseph Painter 2nd Class 232493 g
Stephenson, Joseph Stoker 1st Class K28962 g
Stevens, Charles Leading Seaman 211967 g
Stewart, George Victor Shipwright 2nd Class M17190 g
Stoddart, Walter Ordinary Seaman J34816 g
Strath, Harold Ernest 11/09/1891 Electrical Artificer 4th Class M10050 g
Sunley, William Herbert 25/05/1895 M6977 g
Swannell, Frederick Arthur Officer's Steward 3rd Class L5713 g
Sweetland, Albert Edward 08/10/1893 Officer's Steward 2nd Class 08/09/1915 01/05/1917 L5173 ADM 188/998/5173 g
Symes, Charles Henry Private RMLI 17201 g
Tame, James Charles Ordinary Seaman J33789 g
Tappenden, Frederick Charles Arthur 04/02/1895 Able Seaman J10394 g
Taylor, Frank 08/10/1888 Stoker 1st Class K4335 g
Taylor, Joseph 30/03/1890 J44158 g
Taylor, Raymond Boy 1st Class J32420 g
Taylor, William 01/06/1893 Private RMLI 18/05/1915 20/04/1918 17135 g
Taysom, William Frederick Able Seaman 233594 g
Thake, Alexander William Boy 1st Class J33829 g
Thatcher, William James 14/10/1892 J7349 g
Thomas, Eli Stephen 09/03/1880 Stoker Petty Officer 06/05/1916 13/02/1919 289750 g
Thomas, Ernest Charles Signalman J25060 g
Thomas, William Arthur Boy 1st Class J33731 g
Thompson, Edgar C.J. Mate (E) 18/03/1916 Navy List g
Thompson, Percy 10/05/1891 Stoker 1st Class K7871 g
Thorne, Francis Thomas 13/03/1883 Stoker 1st Class 18/05/1915 18/12/1916 295631 g
Thorpe, Cyril Ordinary Telegraphist J35944 g
Travers, Dan 16/01/1876 Stoker Petty Officer 18/05/1915 04/06/1919 280430 g
Treagust, Walter George Leading Stoker 309114 g
Trott, Sydney Herbert Ordinary Signalman J30076 g
Troubridge, Thomas Hope 01/02/1895 29/09/1949 Sub-Lieutenant 20/04/1915 Navy List g
Trowbridge, Reuben Stoker 1st Class SS111077 g
Urch, Percival Frank Private RMLI 17197 g
Veacock, George John Stoker 1st Class K14711 g
Vick, James William Lieutenant R.N.R. 24/04/1915 06/10/1918 Navy List g
Walker, Ernest Robert 23/09/1893 J5497 g
Walker, Frederick William 27/07/1896 SS5300 g
Ward, Joseph Harrison Ordinary Seaman J34356 g
Ward, William 09/08/1878 Stoker 1st Class 18/05/1915 12/04/1919 289685 g
Warren, Charles William Stoker Petty Officer 293532 g
Waterson, Ernest Alfred 27/07/1893 M798 g
Watson, James Henry Shipwright 2nd Class 346693 g
Weir, James Acting Lieutenant R.N.V.R. 01/04/1915 Navy List g
Wesson, Charles Edwin Stoker Petty Officer 305992 g
Wheeler, Wilfrid Leonard 01/03/1896 Able Seaman J14236 g
Wilkins, Herbert Alan Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 270775 g
Wilkins, John Carthew 23/07/1879 292285 g
Wilkinson, William Able Seaman 234541 g
Williams, David Fraser Engine Room Artificer 4th Class 271341 g
Willis, Alfred 07/07/1893 Carpenter's Crew M12097 g
Wilmshurst, Clifford Arthur Gais Ordinary Seaman J28989 g
Wittcomb, Charles Henry Stoker Petty Officer 311129 g
Woolven, Peter Ordinary Seaman J34359 g
Wotton, Edgar James Parsons Shipwright 1st Class 345735 g
Wyatt, John James 01/09/1888 J5934 g
Wylie, Henry Bell Ordinary Seaman J25760 g
Yeoman, Arthur Norman Ordinary Seaman J31309 g
Young, Charles Joseph 09/05/1881 Chief Ship's Cook 04/11/1915 16/05/1919 357352 g