HMS Brisk or HMS Mounsey

From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project

A number of Royal Navy service records for ratings administered by the Depot ship
identified in the table below show two destroyer names across the
the timescales of the Battle of Jutland.

Destroyer Transfers
Depot Ship Tender Ship 1 Tender Ship 2 Menu
Blake Brisk Mounsey Destroyer Transfers

From October 1915 HMS Brisk is a tender to HMS Vivid (Devonport).
Lieutenant-Commander Ralph V. Eyre, 31 December, 1911 – October, 1915 Captain of HMS Brisk who transferred to Mounsey in October 1915.
HMS Mounsey was launched 11 September 1915 and completed in October 1915.
November 1915 HMS Mounsey joins the 11th Destroyer Flotilla with the depot ship of HMS Blake