HMS Alarm or HMS Minion

From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project

A number of Royal Navy service records for ratings administered by the Depot ship
identified in the table below show two destroyer names across the
dates of the Battle of Jutland.

Destroyer Transfers
Depot Ship Tender Ship 1 Tender Ship 2 Menu
Blake Alarm Minion Destroyer Transfers
HMS Alarm was an Acorn class destroyer
Lieutenant-Commander Henry C. Rawlings, 1 April, 1912 – December, 1915 was captain of HMS Alarm but left the ship on transfer to Minion in December 1915
Ordinary Seaman William Parker SS4520 was drafted to HMS Alarm (17 January 1916 to 31 August 1917).
HMS Alarm was a tender to depot ship HMS Vivid (Devonport) during this period of time.
Lieutenant-Commander Henry C. Rawlings, December, 1915 – 25 August, 1917 (in command of HMS Minion at Battle of Jutland)
HMS Minion joins the 11th Destroyer Flotilla in December 1915
with HMS Blake at the depot ship being shared with 2nd Destroyer Flotilla
April 1916 HMS Blake is now exclusively the depot ship for the 11th Destroyer Flotilla
April 1916 HMS Alarm is under orders of Captain-in-Charge, Devonport