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Status Key
G Name confirmed at the battle
B Not a known survivor or casualty. Or difficult
to determine the ship (two possible destroyers)
O Included as a note. Not on ship at battle
Note Please note that the 'Rank/Rate' and 'From and To'
dates only reflect those held actually at the Battle of Jutland.

The individual could have joined or left the ship
before or after these dates, with differing 'Rank/Rates'.

HMS Active Crew List
Name Birth Death Rank/Rate
at Jutland
From To ON Additional
Abbott, Leonard George 12/02/1894 Wireman 2nd Class 29/04/1916 11/02/1919 M19932 G
Adams, Henry Alfred 13/01/1892 Leading Stoker 06/04/1916 23/02/1917 K7091 G
Adams, James Albert 21/01/1895 Stoker 1st Class SS114329 G
Aitken, William 18/08/1885 Able Seaman SS24 G
Alabaster, James 06/06/1895 Wireman 2nd Class M19487 G
Albiston, Joseph 30/04/1895 Able Seaman J16420 G
Allcock, Stephen 09/09/1890 Stoker 1st Class K27960 G
Armstrong, George 14/02/1895 Stoker 1st Class SS114987 G
Atfield, Gordon 07/08/1892 Wireman 2nd Class M19120 G
Athay, Richard Howard 22/08/1898 Ordinary Telegraphist J34441 G
Auld, William 13/12/1899 Signal Boy J41920 G
Babbage, John Gilbert Cundy 07/07/1890 Stoker Petty Officer K2286 G
Bailey, Robert T. Tempory Surgeon 09/04/1916 Navy List G
Baker, Ernest Folliott 23/03/1872 Engineer Commander 06/04/1916 27/06/1917 Navy List G
Baldwin, Alfred Ernest 12/10/1896 Stoker 2nd Class K29521 G
Barnes, Albert 06/05/1892 Stoker 2nd Class K29661 G
Bartlett, Alfred Frank 02/01/1898 Ordinary Seaman SS6900 G
Bartlett, Edward Stanley 02/03/1896 Stoker 2nd Class K30836 G
Becker, Sidney 01/07/1896 M8260 G
Bell, Richard Douglas 25/11/1896 Ordinary Seaman J49456 G
Bell, William 03/11/1884 Stoker 1st Class 302007 G
Bennett, Arthur William 24/04/1894 Able Seaman J6663 G
Bews, Samuel Thomas 03/12/1880 23/05/1926 Artificer Engineer 05/03/1916 07/04/1917 Navy List G
Bickford, Alfred George 05/09/1888 M7417 G
Billett, Charles 01/01/1887 Leading Stoker K3470 G
Bird, Arthur Robert 06/04/1895 Stoker 2nd Class K30265 G
Bissell, John Henry 20/01/1897 Stoker 2nd Class 08/04/1916 09/12/1916 K30278 G
Black, Albert Thomas 19/10/1893 Stoker 2nd Class K30279 G
Black, Francis G.H.R. Surgeon 06/04/1916 Navy List G
Blackshaw, John Charles 23/02/1900 08/06/1940 Boy 1st Class J44373 G
Bornor, Charles Henry 30/07/1879 Engine Room Artificer 4th Class 343626 G
Boyce, Reginald Ernest Able Seaman J17354 G
Brady, James Henry 21/12/1891 Leading Stoker K7577 G
Bridle, Percival George Redeclift 17/12/1891 Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class 272432 G
Briggs, Albert William Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M17157 G
Briggs, William 23/05/1886 Leading Seaman 219306 G
Broad, Ernest Percy 31/08/1889 Leading Stoker K2561 G
Brocklehurst, Harry 22/01/1891 Ordinary Seaman J49103 G
Brooks, Thomas 06/12/1879 Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 270675 G
Brown, Frank Henry 20/01/1897 Stoker 2nd Class SS117411 G
Burgess, Henry Charles 11/02/1895 Stoker 2nd Class K30644 G
Burgess, James Stanley 03/09/1896 Stoker 2nd Class K29275 G
Cameron, John Millen 20/09/1884 Stoker 1st Class K2377 G
Card, Walter Arthur Garrett 01/11/1880 Stoker Petty Officer 06/04/1916 28/02/1919 357327 G
Chambers, Willis 09/07/1893 Ordinary Seaman J49113 G
Champion, Alfred James 13/12/1891 Stoker 1st Class K6164 G
Chancellor, Charles Harold 15/01/1897 Able Seaman J25331 G
Charles, William Redmond 26/12/1894 K19484 G
Chase, Ernest Victor Jubillee 06/06/1897 Stoker 2nd Class K29861 G
Cherry, John Joseph 24/01/1880 Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 271360 G
Child, Frank Sergeant RMLI 10458 G
Chilton, Alfred 31/08/1890 Leading Stoker K1401 G
Clare, Thomas Able Seaman SS2418 G
Clarke, Frank 09/09/1892 M6918 G
Clarke, William Henry 20/12/1872 Signal Boatswain c Feb 1915 01/08/1918 Navy List G
Coath, George Alfred Stoker 2nd Class K29405 G
Cock, James Albert Ordinary Seaman J49099 G
Coleman, Sidney Edgar 31/10/1890 Stoker 1st Class K4205 G
Colvile, Mansel Brabazon Fiennes 19/01/1887 14/01/1942 Lieutenant 28/03/1916 Navy List G
Cook, Albert Private RMLI 17011 G
Cottle, Thomas Albert Stoker 2nd Class K30273 G
Cox, James Lewis Stoker 1st Class SS114362 G
Coyte, William 30/09/1874 Stoker Petty Officer 06/04/1916 16/05/1917 276228 G
Crabtree, Harold 28/07/1891 Stoker 1st Class K7028 G
Crayfourd, Sidney Stoker 2nd Class K29067 G
Crossman, Ernest James Private RMLI 15410 G
Crowley, Edward 02/02/1877 Petty Officer (NS) 06/04/1916 15/02/1919 174706 G
Curlewis, Harry Ewart Officer's Steward 3rd Class L7789 G
Dade, William Stoker 2nd Class K29035 G
Dainty, Howard Norton Leading Signalman 219732 G
Davis, Alfred William Stoker 2nd Class K30329 G
Davis, Henry Chief Artificer Engineer 12/01/1916 Navy List G
Dawson, John Thomas 04/03/1895 K18353 G
Dearle, George Henry Stoker 1st Class K15888 G
Didcott, Sidney Victor 29/06/1896 Stoker 2nd Class K29293 G
Dobson, Richard Morrill Stoker 2nd Class K29673 G
Donovan, John 05/07/1876 Stoker 1st Class 05/04/1916 02/07/1916 282112 G
Driver, George Stoker 1st Class SS113854 G
Drummond, William Martin 29/09/1878 Private RMLI 9614 G
Dunn, Benjamin Edward 16/07/1891 Stoker RNR 05/04/1915 03/07/1917 S 3625 G
Earle, Thomas 03/05/1874 Chief Stoker 06/04/1916 25/08/1917 278288 G
Entwistle, William Private RMLI 18059 G
Evans, Arthur Henry Able Seaman SS2328 G
Evans, John Henry Stoker Petty Officer 309272 G
Eyles, Herbert Frederick Petty Officer 237967 G
Fairbank, Percy George Ernest Boy 1st Class J44371 G
Fairbrother, John 10/02/1875 Stoker RNR 05/04/1916 28/02/1919 V 771 G
Farrell, William Stoker 1st Class SS110271 G
Fisher, Robert 03/01/1888 Ship's Corporal 2nd Class J673 G
Fleming, William Thomas 28/08/1891 Able Seaman J4272 G
Foran, Charles Henry Lawrence Ordinary Seaman J30234 G
Foster, Frederick Leading Seaman 219244 G
Furber, Reginald Stoker 2nd Class K30276 G
Gale, Edward Ernest Officer's Steward 3rd Class L6036 G
Garcia, Philip 08/01/1888 232728 G
Garner, Walter Vivian Able Seaman J17190 G
Gendall, Norman Victor Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M18518 G
Gifford, Percival John Boy 1st Class J44377 G
Gill, Richard Stoker Petty Officer 302259 G
Gill, William John 30/06/1871 Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 06/04/1916 13/07/1916 268494 G
Glover, Robert Thomas Stoker 2nd Class K29433 G
Gomm, William Ordinary Telegraphist J33791 G
Gorton, Herbert Arthur 26/01/1884 M17010 G
Gould, William John Stoker 2nd Class K29577 G
Granville, Beville 11/12/1896 01/12/1923 Acting Sub-Lieutenant 06/04/1916 Navy List G
Green, William Stoker 2nd Class K30274 G
Greenall, Robert James Stoker 1st Class SS114170 G
Greenslade, Thomas 03/06/1888 231433 G
Griffiths, Thomas George Stoker 1st Class K21640 G
Grindrod, Percil Ordinary Seaman J49105 G
Grose, Joseph Raymond 13/08/1875 Chief Stoker 06/04/1916 05/08/1917 286157 G
Guy, Ernest William Stoker 2nd Class K28866 G
Gyllenship, Robert William 09/06/1891 Stoker Petty Officer K4799 G
Hampton, Alfred Thomas Stoker 2nd Class K29858 G
Hanson, Joseph Stoker 1st Class SS114169 G
Harford, Benjamin 15/05/1897 Stoker 2nd Class SS117392 G
Harker, John 14/01/1891 Stoker 1st Class 03/05/1916 10/11/1916 SS110270 G
Heath, John Acting Leading Stoker 311979 G
Hemming, Edgar Stoker 1st Class K12476 G
Hemsworth, William 24/03/1892 Leading Stoker K7044 G
Higgins, Lawrence Raikes 05/03/1890 25/01/1930 Lieutenant 31/03/1916 15/07/1918 Navy List G
Hilton, George Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M18727 G
Hobbs, Leonard George Officer's Steward 3rd Class L8298 G
Hobson, Charles Henry Stoker 1st Class K12448 G
Hobson, Robert John 08/11/1883 204001 G
Hodson, Arthur Richard Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 271149 G
Holland, Albert Victor Stoker 2nd Class K29505 G
Hollister, Albert Edward Boy 1st Class J44376 G
Hopping, Percy Gerald Ship's Steward 347420 G
Howell, James William Ordinary Seaman J37269 G
Hulme, Colin 05/09/1894 M5798 G
Hutchings, John Edwin 28/02/1878 Petty Officer (NS) 06/04/1916 22/01/1917 175208 G
Jackson, Tom Ordinary Seaman J49115 G
Jackson, William Henry John Private RMLI 16233 G
Jane, Albert George Officer's Steward 1st Class 363672 G
Jenkins, Alfred Chritopher Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M12727 G
Jessep, Alfred Ernest Stoker 2nd Class K29539 G
John, Arthur Able Seaman 206568 G
Johns, William Thomas 22/07/1888 2nd Sick Berth Steward 06/04/1916 28/02/1919 351678 G
Johnson, David Richards Stoker 2nd Class K29540 G
Jones, Robert Henry Officer's Steward 2nd Class L7964 G
Keane, John Able Seaman SS376 G
Kearney, Thomas 26/09/1894 Stoker 2nd Class K30280 G
Killeen, Nicholas 08/06/1888 Leading Stoker 06/04/1916 30/06/1917 234775 G
Langford, Michael 21/01/1896 J22130 G
Largan, James William 04/11/1881 Stoker RNR 06/04/1916 21/10/1916 S 4803 G
Lawrence, William Arthur 28/01/1894 M5433 G
Le Grys, Richard Henry Able Seaman 217663 G
Le Vack, Alexander 07/12/1890 Leading Stoker K2550 G
Leahy, Daniel 24/05/1896 Stoker 2nd Class K29122 G
Lee, George 16/04/1876 Gunner (T) 01/12/1913 18/10/1916 Navy List G
Lee, William Henry Private RMLI 15270 G
Lees, Albert Stoker Petty Officer 297304 G
Leese, Joseph Percy 02/08/1890 M8948 G
Lewis, Sidney John Private RMLI 14881 G
Light, Stanley Lewis Stoker 2nd Class K28871 G
Loughlin, John Leading Stoker 301275 G
Lowman, Edmund Joseph John Boy 1st Class J43589 G
Lowry, Charles William 11/08/1893 Leading Seaman J4858 G
Mann, William George Corporal RMLI 15734 G
Martin, Edwin Albert Ship's Cook 358142 G
Martin, Herbert 18/11/1891 Stoker 2nd Class SS117443 G
Mawson, Harry Stoker 1st Class SS105205 G
May, George Atherton Private RMLI 15008 G
Mc Pherson, George 15/11/1895 J19206 G
Mcalley, William Stoker 1st Class SS114168 G
Mccarthy, Charles Edward Boy 1st Class J43582 G
Mccleave, Thomas John Boy 1st Class J44381 G
Mckeown, Patrick Stoker 1st Class K22465 G
Melhuish, Reginald Alfred Signal Boy J33683 G
Mercer, Frederick Herbert Boy 1st Class J44378 G
Micallef, Antonio 28/04/1879 Officer's Steward 1st Class 06/04/1916 31/01/1919 355666 G
Miller, Frank George 06/08/1897 Wireman 2nd Class 06/04/1916 31/05/1918 M19099 G
Milverton, Sidney Heath 17/06/1888 229396 G
Mitcham, Edward Stoker 2nd Class K29529 G
Mitchell, John Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M16736 G
Moore, Francis John Stoker 2nd Class K29624 G
Morgan, Horace Leslie 26/12/1888 Lieutenant Navy List G
Morris, Frank Pereira Stoker 2nd Class K29508 G
Morrish, William James Henry 2nd Cook's Mate M15406 G
Morse, John Hywel Stoker 2nd Class K29544 G
Mortimore, Albert Henry Stoker 2nd Class K30327 G
Morton, Alfred 13/05/1876 Acting Leading Stoker RNR 05/04/1916 05/09/1916 U 1023 (then rated Stoker and on
Active until 07/02/1919)
Moulds, George Stoker 2nd Class K29125 G
Mountford, Joseph Boy Telegraphist J34759 G
Mullett, Albert Henry Boy 1st Class J44374 G
Murphy, John 28/07/1890 M5261 G
Newman, Oscar Stoker Petty Officer 305303 G
Northcott, William Frederick 27/03/1879 343158 G
Norwood, Solomon 04/10/1897 Ordinary Seaman SS6898 G
Noyce, Cyril Frank Able Seaman J12090 G
Nunn, Arthur Roberts Boy 1st Class J43577 G
Oldfield, Ernest Able Seaman J13948 G
Palmer, Albert Henry 15/04/1876 Mechanician 06/04/1916 28/04/1918 280208 G
Palmer, Frederick George 26/04/1891 Stoker 1st Class K4798 G
Palmer, James Leading Stoker 310249 G
Parker, William 26/06/1892 Able Seaman J6959 G
Parle, John 12/11/1896 Able Seaman J21058 G
Parrott, William Patrick Able Seaman 221863 G
Peacocke, James 17/04/1888 228857 G
Penfold, James William 16/12/1899 Boy 1st Class 06/04/1916 06/06/1917 J44369 G
Penhallurick, Edmund Treble 05/09/1878 29/05/1941 Gunner 11/03/1914 Navy List G
Pinder, Harry 22/02/1896 Ordinary Seaman J49911 G
Pirnie, Grahame Able Seaman J15313 G
Porter, Herbert Stanley 07/03/1893 M5083 G
Prescott, George Henry Ship's Cook 345581 G
Price, Frederick Stoker 1st Class SS114819 G
Price, Richard 06/10/1889 Petty Officer Telegraphist 01/04/1916 16/01/1919 234918 G
Priddle, Emanuel George Stoker 2nd Class SS117388 G
Purdy, William George Private RMLI 17634 G
Ratcliffe, George Ordinary Telegraphist J30982 G
Rawling, Walter alias Waldron 14/04/1873 Armourer 06/04/1916 28/02/1919 286479 G
Ray, Arthur Stoker 1st Class SS109942 G
Rayner, Martin Henry William Boy 1st Class J44372 G
Rayson, George 14/07/1891 K29679 G
Richardson, Anthony Boy 1st Class J44387 G
Riddle, John Horatio 16/10/1891 Able Seaman J1055 G
Rigby, Jesse Wilfred Leading Stoker K15629 G
Riley, John Leading Stoker SS110239 G
Rogers, Frederick George 07/02/1885 M1675 G
Rowan, William 01/11/1896 Ordinary Seaman SS6899 G
Rowntree, William Avery Able Seaman J29966 G
Royle, David 03/01/1893 K16400 G
Russell, William 31/05/1896 Stoker 2nd Class K30283 G
Ryan, William 20/08/1887 Leading Stoker K177 G
Sanders, William Arthur Leading Telegraphist J18024 G
Sargent, Francis Thomas 26/03/1886 Chief Shipwright 31/05/1915 01/06/1916 Navy List G
Saunders, Thomas John 08/02/1894 06/11/1916 Stoker 1st Class SS114195 G
Saville, Cyril Arthur 04/05/1890 Assistant Paymaster R.N.R. 03/04/1916 28/02/1919 Navy List G
Scotland, William Gillespie Signal Boy J41174 G
Scrivens, William George Signalman J13514 G
Seeley, Thomas 08/11/1879 Mechanician 06/04/1916 13/01/1919 287060 G
Sellick, William Walter Stoker 1st Class K12834 G
Shepheard, Charles Edward 03/09/1891 Leading Stoker K8964 G
Short, George Edwin Stoker 1st Class K13537 G
Simcock, William Molineaux Ship's Stores Assistant M19001 G
Skinner, William Signalman J51001 G
Sloan, Robert Gullon Able Seaman J22926 G
Smith, Arthur Albert Boy 1st Class J43587 G
Smith, Frederick Arthur Private RMLI 15694 G
Snoding, William George Boy 1st Class J43586 G
Sparksman, Wallace John 24/10/1889 Able Seaman 24/05/1916 31/10/1917 234978 G
Stevens, James Reginald 20/11/1894 Ordinary Seaman J49100 G
Steward, Kenneth Parland Poyntz 10/02/1893 Lieutenant Navy List G
Strowbridge, Thomas Henry 31/12/1889 Leading Stoker K884 G
Stuttard, Selwyn Ordinary Seaman J49112 G
Sumner, Gilbert Armourer's Crew M10687 G
Tall, Percy Hillson Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 271790 G
Terris, Thomas 21/10/1886 Acting Boatswain 14/05/1916 04/05/1917 Navy List G
Thomas, Charles Stoker 2nd Class K29945 G
Thomas, William John Stoker 2nd Class K30845 G
Thompson, Alfred Samuel Stoker 1st Class SS111626 G
Thompson, John Oliver 16/09/1886 Warrant Engineer R.N.R. 12/01/1916 20/06/1917 Navy List G
Tope, William Henry 09/02/1880 Leading Stoker 06/04/1916 25? Feb 1919 289305 G
Trace, John 17/08/1888 Shipwright 2nd Class M17125 G
Tuckerman, John Ash 03/04/1888 228325 G
Tucknott, Frank William Stoker 2nd Class K29509 G
Tye, Robert Henry Stoker 2nd Class K29104 G
Varley, John Robert Ordinary Seaman J49114 G
Vernon, Harry Boy 1st Class J40370 G
Vizor, Aaron Stoker 2nd Class K30332 G
Walker, Joseph 18/05/1890 Stoker 1st Class K4242 G
Walters, Frederick Harold Stoker 2nd Class K30284 G
Wardell, Charles Robert Officer's Steward 3rd Class L7945 G
Warren, James Charles 26/01/1890 Able Seaman 06/04/1916 14/06/1919 236238 G
Warren, Richard 2nd Cooper 342558 G
Washer, Albert Frederick Stoker 2nd Class K29857 G
Watters, Montague Stoker 1st Class K30270 G
Weaver, Richard Stoker 2nd Class K29277 G
Websell, Walter John Stoker 2nd Class K29291 G
Wells, Edgar Charles Stoker 2nd Class K32995 G
West, Charles Stoker 2nd Class K27839 G
Westcott, William Edward 23/03/1892 Leading Stoker K6691 G
Westlake, Arthur Ernest 12/07/1873 Blacksmith 06/04/1916 05/10/1917 340304 G
Whitburn, Joseph Charles Chief Shipwright 344955 G
Whitcombe, William Fredrick 25/08/1892 Leading Stoker K9838 G
Whiteley, Selwyn Ordinary Seaman J49102 G
Whitting, George Albert 05/12/1887 Paymaster 03/04/1916 Navy List G
Wilcox, Frederick John 16/07/1877 Master At Arms 06/04/1916 07/03/1917 176726 G
Willey, James Maxwell Stoker 1st Class K23030 G
Williams, David John Cook's Mate M11255 G
Williams, George Henry 12/08/1890 K1952 G
Williams, Robert Thomas Stoker 2nd Class K29236 G
Williams, Thomas 06/06/1892 Stoker 1st Class SS113341 G
Williams, William John 20/06/1883 203842 G
Willis, Arthur Philip 06/04/1878 Stoker Petty Officer 06/04/1916 01/01/1919 285637 G
Willis, William Henry 24/01/1889 M3566 G
Wilson, Frederick Stoker 1st Class SS110517 G
Wilson, James 03/06/1890 M447 G
Wilson, William 10/07/1895 Ordinary Seaman J49104 G
Withers, Percy 23/09/1875 02/02/1946 Captain 03/04/1916 05/07/1916 Navy List G
Wood, Charles William 2nd Cook's Mate M15397 G
Worsley, John William Able Seaman J24794 G
Wright, John William Boy 1st Class J43591 G
Wright, William Phinias 19/03/1897 Private 16919 G
Wright, Wm. A. Canteen Server ADM 171/133 Pg 565 B
Yearron, Henry Percy 31/05/1889 Leading Signalman 06/04/1916 30/06/1917 233425 G
Zarb, Joseph 25/01/1889 Officer's Cook 1st Class 06/04/1916 19/07/1918 L684 Photo G