HMS Active Crew List

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HMS Active Crew List
Please note that the 'Rank/Rate' and 'From and To' dates only reflect those held actually at the Battle of Jutland.
The individual could have joined or left the ship before or after these dates, with differing 'Rank/Rates'.
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Name Birth Loc1 Loc2 Loc3 Death Rank/Rate
At Jutland
From To ON The National Archives
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Abbott, Leonard George 12/02/1894 Bedford Bedfordshire ENG Wireman 2nd Class 29/04/1916 11/02/1919 M19932 ADM 188/1057/19932
Adams, Henry Alfred 13/01/1892 Plymouth Devon ENG Leading Stoker 06/04/1916 23/02/1917 K7091 ADM 188/881/7091
Adams, James Albert 21/01/1895 Bristol Gloucestershire ENG Stoker 1st Class 06/04/1916 21/06/1917 SS114329 ADM 188/1120/114329
Aitken, William 18/08/1885 Kirkcaldy Fifeshire SCO Able Seaman SS24 ADM 188/1094/24
Alabaster, James 06/06/1895 Shoreditch London ENG Wireman 2nd Class M19487 ADM 188/1056/19487
Albiston, Joseph 30/04/1895 Manchester Lancashire ENG Able Seaman J16420 ADM 188/679/16420
Allcock, Stephen 09/09/1890 Manchester Lancashire ENG Stoker 1st Class K27960 ADM 188/922/27960
Armstrong, George 14/02/1895 Edinburgh SCO Stoker 1st Class SS114987 ADM 188/1120/114987
Atfield, Gordon 07/08/1892 West Bromwich Staffordshire ENG Wireman 2nd Class M19120 ADM 188/1056/19120
Athay, Richard Howard 22/08/1898 Weston-Super-Mare Somerset ENG Ordinary Telegraphist J34441 ADM 188/715/34441
Auld, William 13/12/1899 Aberdeen Aberdeenshire SCO Signal Boy J41920 ADM 188/730/41920
Babbage, John Gilbert Cundy 07/07/1890 Tavistock Devon ENG 28/03/1966 Stoker Petty Officer K2286 ADM 188/871/2286
Bailey, Robert Tounley 26/05/1893 Scarbough Yorkshire ENG Tempory Surgeon 09/04/1916 20/05/1918 - ADM 104/170 Active Navy List
Baker, Ernest Folliott 23/03/1872 London ENG 08/04/1952 Engineer Commander 06/04/1916 27/06/1917 - ADM 196/130/59 Active Navy List
Baldwin, Alfred Ernest 12/10/1896 Bermondsey London ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29521 ADM 188/926/29521
Barnes, Albert 06/05/1892 Horsforth Yorkshire ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29661 ADM 188/926/29661
Bartlett, Alfred Frank 02/01/1898 Saint Aubyn Devonport ENG Ordinary Seaman SS6900 ADM 188/1100/6900
Bartlett, Edward Stanley 02/03/1896 Saint Austell Cornwall ENG Stoker 2nd Class K30836 ADM 188/928/30836
Becker, Sidney 01/07/1896 Plymouth Devon ENG M8260 ADM 188/1034/8260
Bell, Richard Douglas 25/11/1896 Manchester Lancashire ENG Ordinary Seaman J49456 ADM 188/745/49456
Bell, William 03/11/1884 Bridgwater Somerset ENG Stoker 1st Class 302007 ADM 188/491/302007
Bennett, Arthur William 24/04/1894 Poplar London ENG Able Seaman J6663 ADM 188/660/6663
Bews, Samuel Thomas 03/12/1880 Devonport Devon ENG 23/05/1926 Artificer Engineer 05/03/1916 07/04/1917 - ADM 196/134/139 Active Navy List
Bickford, Alfred George 05/09/1888 Brixham Devon ENG M7417 ADM 188/1032/7417
Billett, Charles 01/01/1887 Ballyeigue County Kerry IRL 12/09/1970 Leading Stoker K3470 ADM 188/873/3470
Bird, Arthur Robert 06/04/1895 Mere Wiltshire ENG Stoker 2nd Class K30265 ADM 188/927/30265
Bissell, John Henry 20/01/1897 Headington Oxfordshire ENG Stoker 2nd Class 08/04/1916 09/12/1916 K30278 ADM 188/927/30278
Black, Albert Thomas 19/10/1893 Mallow Cork IRL 26/07/1968 Stoker 2nd Class K30279 ADM 188/927/30279
Black, Francis G.H.R. 10/02/1883 Silchar Assam IND 05/05/1905 Surgeon 06/04/1916 - Active Navy List
Blackshaw, John Charles 23/02/1900 Kingston Surrey ENG 08/06/1940 Boy 1st Class J44373 ADM 188/735/44373
Blake, Richard Thomas 18/09/1872 Saltash Corwall ENG Stoker Petty Officer 06/04/1916 09/07/1916 171279 ADM 188/280/171279
Bornor, Charles Henry 30/07/1879 Crediton Devon ENG Engine Room Artificer 4th Class 343626 ADM 188/520/343626
Boyce, Reginald Ernest Bedminster Somerset ENG Able Seaman J17354 ADM 188/681/17354
Brady, James Henry 21/12/1891 Bristol Gloucestershire ENG Leading Stoker K7577 ADM 188/882/7577
Bridle, Percival George Redeclift 17/12/1891 Devonport Devon ENG Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class 272432 ADM 188/437/272432
Briggs, Albert William Exeter Devon ENG Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M17157 ADM 188/1052/17157
Briggs, William 23/05/1886 Antrim IRL Leading Seaman 219306 ADM 188/385/219306
Broad, Ernest Percy 31/08/1889 Saltash Cornwall ENG Leading Stoker K2561 ADM 188/872/2561
Brocklehurst, Harry 22/01/1891 Blackburn Lancashire ENG Ordinary Seaman J49103 ADM 188/745/49103
Brooks, Thomas 06/12/1879 Plymouth Devon ENG Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 270675 ADM 188/434/270675
Brown, Frank Henry 20/01/1897 Gainsborough Lincolnshire ENG Stoker 2nd Class SS117411 ADM 188/1123/117411
Burgess, Henry Charles 11/02/1895 Pillgwenlly Monmouthshire WAL Stoker 2nd Class K30644 ADM 188/928/30644
Burgess, James Stanley 03/09/1896 Liverpool Lancashire ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29275 ADM 188/925/29275
Cameron, John Millen 20/09/1884 Belfast Antrim IRL Stoker 1st Class K2377 ADM 188/871/2377
Card, Walter Arthur Garrett 01/11/1880 Bermuda BER Stoker Petty Officer 06/04/1916 28/02/1919 357327 ADM 188/541/357327
Chambers, Willis 09/07/1893 Berkeley Yorkshire ENG Ordinary Seaman J49113 ADM 188/745/49113
Champion, Alfred James 13/12/1891 Plymouth Devon ENG Stoker 1st Class K6164 ADM 188/879/6164
Chancellor, Charles Harold 15/01/1897 Dudley Worcestershire ENG Able Seaman J25331 ADM 188/697/25331
Charles, William Redmond 26/12/1894 Liverpool Lancashire ENG K19484 ADM 188/905/19484
Chase, Ernest Victor Jubillee 06/06/1897 Chichester Sussex ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29861 ADM 188/926/29861
Cherry, John Joseph 24/01/1880 Nottingham ENG Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 271360 ADM 188/435/271360
Child, Frank 28/02/1882 Cheltenham Gloucestershire ENG Sergeant RMLI Plymouth 10458 ADM 159/78/10458
Chilton, Alfred 31/08/1890 Selby Yorkshire ENG Leading Stoker K1401 ADM 188/869/1401
Clare, Thomas Warrington Lancashire ENG Able Seaman SS2418 ADM 188/1096/2418
Clarke, Frank 09/09/1892 Manchester Lancashire ENG M6918 ADM 188/1031/6918
Clarke, William Henry 20/12/1872 South Hampstead Middlesex ENG Signal Boatswain c Feb 1915 01/08/1918 - ADM 196/35/650 Active Navy List
Coath, George Alfred Plymouth Devon ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29405 ADM 188/925/29405
Cock, James Albert Constantine Cornwall ENG Ordinary Seaman J49099 ADM 188/745/49099
Coleman, Sidney Edgar 31/10/1890 Clapham London ENG Stoker 1st Class K4205 ADM 188/875/4205
Colvile, Mansel Brabazon Fiennes 19/01/1887 Lighthorne Warwickshire ENG 14/01/1942 Lieutenant 28/03/1916 - ADM 196/143/828 Active Navy List
Cook, Albert 28/01/1897 Hull Yorkshire ENG Private RMLI Plymouth 17011 ADM 159/160/17011
Cottle, Thomas Albert Bath Somersetshire ENG Stoker 2nd Class K30273 ADM 188/927/30273
Cox, James Lewis Liverpool Lancashire ENG Stoker 1st Class SS114362 ADM 188/1120/114362
Coyte, William 30/09/1874 Devonport Devon ENG Stoker Petty Officer 06/04/1916 16/05/1917 276228 ADM 188/439/276228
Crabtree, Harold 28/07/1891 Halifax Yorkshire ENG Stoker 1st Class K7028 ADM 188/881/7028
Crayfourd, Sidney Plumstead London ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29067 ADM 188/925/29067
Crossman, Ernest James 18/08/1893 Tiverton Devon ENG Private RMLI Plymouth 15410 ADM 159/157/15410
Crowley, Edward 02/02/1877 Plymouth Devon ENG Petty Officer (NS) 06/04/1916 15/02/1919 174706 ADM 188/287/174706
Curlewis, Harry Ewart Islington London ENG Officer's Steward 3rd Class L7789 ADM 188/1003/7789
Dade, William Ilminster Somerset ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29035 ADM 188/925/29035
Dainty, Howard Norton Leicester ENG Leading Signalman 219732 ADM 188/386/219732
Davis, Alfred William Bedminster Somerset ENG Stoker 2nd Class K30329 ADM 188/927/30329
Davis, Henry 01/05/1872 Portsmouth Hampshire ENG Chief Artificer Engineer 12/01/1916 - Active Navy List
Dawson, John Thomas 04/03/1895 Sunderland Durham ENG K18353 ADM 188/903/18353
Day, Alfred T. N/A Canteen Manager - ADM 171/133 Pg 518 Unconfirmed
Dearle, George Henry Wimbledon Surrey ENG Stoker 1st Class K15888 ADM 188/898/15888
Didcott, Sidney Victor 29/06/1896 Wallasey Cheshire ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29293 ADM 188/925/29293
Dillon, Edmond 11/04/1882 Cloyne Cork IRL Leading Seaman 01/04/1916 15/02/1917 199062 ADM 188/345/199062
Dobson, Richard Morrill Easingwold Yorkshire ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29673 ADM 188/926/29673
Donovan, John 05/07/1876 Bantry Cork IRL Stoker 1st Class 05/04/1916 02/07/1916 282112 ADM 188/451/282112
Driver, George Glasgow Lanarkshire SCO Stoker 1st Class SS113854 ADM 188/1119/113854
Drummond, William Martin 29/09/1878 South Leith, Leith SCO Private RMLI Plymouth 9614 ADM 159/76/9614
Dunn, Benjamin Edward 16/07/1891 London ENG Stoker RNR 05/04/1915 03/07/1917 S 3625 BT 377/7/80285
Earle, Thomas 03/05/1874 West Panson Devon ENG Chief Stoker 06/04/1916 25/08/1917 278288 ADM 188/443/278288
Entwistle, William 23/01/1898 Sheffield Yorkshire ENG Private RMLI Plymouth 18059 ADM 159/162/18059
Evans, Arthur Henry Smethwick Staffordshire ENG Able Seaman SS2328 ADM 188/1096/2328
Evans, John Henry Llawhaden Pembrokeshire WAL Stoker Petty Officer 309272 ADM 188/505/309272
Eyles, Herbert Frederick Henbury Gloucestershire ENG Petty Officer 237967 ADM 188/422/237967
Fairbank, Percy George Ernest Hackney London ENG Boy 1st Class J44371 ADM 188/735/44371
Fairbrother, John 10/02/1875 Liverpool Lancashire ENG Stoker RNR 05/04/1916 28/02/1919 V 771 BT 377/7/122681
Farrell, William Lancaster Lancashire ENG Stoker 1st Class SS110271 ADM 188/1116/110271
Fisher, Robert 03/01/1888 Whitehaven Cumberland ENG Ship's Corporal 2nd Class J673 ADM 188/648/673
Fleming, William Thomas 28/08/1891 Portadown Armagh IRL Able Seaman J4272 ADM 188/655/4272
Foran, Charles Henry Lawrence Canterbury Kent ENG Ordinary Seaman J30234 ADM 188/707/30234
Foster, Frederick Saint Andrews Devon ENG Leading Seaman 219244 ADM 188/385/219244
Furber, Reginald Bristol Gloucestershire ENG Stoker 2nd Class K30276 ADM 188/927/30276
Gale, Edward Ernest Ramsey Isle of Man IOM Officer's Steward 3rd Class L6036 ADM 188/1000/6036
Garcia, Philip 08/01/1888 Liverpool Lancashire ENG 232728 ADM 188/412/232728
Garner, Walter Vivian Kilburn London ENG Able Seaman J17190 ADM 188/681/17190
Gendall, Norman Victor Saint Austell Cornwall ENG Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M18518 ADM 188/1055/18518
Gifford, Percival John Pimlico London ENG Boy 1st Class J44377 ADM 188/735/44377
Gill, Richard Kingsbridge Devon ENG Stoker Petty Officer 302259 ADM 188/491/302259
Gill, William John 30/06/1871 Devonport Devon ENG Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 06/04/1916 13/07/1916 268494 ADM 188/429/268494
Glover, Robert Thomas Shoreditch London ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29433 ADM 188/925/29433
Gomm, William Canning Town London ENG Ordinary Telegraphist J33791 ADM 188/714/33791
Gorton, Herbert Arthur 26/01/1884 Stoke Newington London ENG M17010 ADM 188/1052/17010
Gould, William John Swanage Dorset ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29577 ADM 188/926/29577
Granville, Beville 11/12/1896 Finchley London ENG 01/12/1923 Acting Sub-Lieutenant 06/04/1916 - ADM 196/119/34 Active Navy List
Green, William Bristol Gloucestershire ENG Stoker 2nd Class K30274 ADM 188/927/30274
Greenall, Robert James Liverpool Lancashire ENG Stoker 1st Class SS114170 ADM 188/1120/114170
Greenslade, Thomas 03/06/1888 Saint Peters Port Guernsey CI Able Seaman 06/04/1916 25/07/1917 231433 ADM 188/409/231433
Griffiths, Thomas George Neyland Pembrokeshire WAL Stoker 1st Class K21640 ADM 188/910/21640
Grindrod, Percil Norden Lancashire ENG Ordinary Seaman J49105 ADM 188/745/49105
Grose, Joseph Raymond 13/08/1875 Gorren Cornwall ENG Chief Stoker 06/04/1916 05/08/1917 286157 ADM 188/459/286157
Guy, Ernest William East Sheen Surrey ENG Stoker 2nd Class K28866 ADM 188/924/28866
Gyllenship, Robert William 09/06/1891 Battersea London ENG Stoker Petty Officer K4799 ADM 188/876/4799
Hampton, Alfred Thomas Southampton Hampshire ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29858 ADM 188/926/29858
Hanson, Joseph Doncaster Yorkshirw ENG Stoker 1st Class SS114169 ADM 188/1120/114169
Harford, Benjamin 15/05/1897 Leeds Yorkshirw ENG Stoker 2nd Class SS117392 ADM 188/1123/117392
Harker, John 14/01/1891 Lancaster Lancashire ENG Stoker 1st Class 03/05/1916 10/11/1916 SS110270 ADM 188/1116/110270
Heath, John Deptford Devon ENG Acting Leading Stoker 311979 ADM 188/510/311979
Hemming, Edgar Redditch Worcestershire ENG Stoker 1st Class K12476 ADM 188/891/12476
Hemsworth, William 24/03/1892 Liverpool Lancashire ENG Leading Stoker K7044 ADM 188/881/7044
Higgins, Lawrence Raikes 05/03/1890 Herefored Herefordshire ENG 25/01/1930 Lieutenant 31/03/1916 15/07/1918 - ADM 196/52/244 Active Navy List
Hill, Albert H. N/A Canteen Assistant - Unconfirmed ADM 171/133 Pg 531
Hilton, George Lambeth London ENG Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M18727 ADM 188/1055/18727
Hobbs, Leonard George Cardiff Glamorgan WAL Officer's Steward 3rd Class L8298 ADM 188/1004/8298
Hobson, Charles Henry Derby ENG Stoker 1st Class K12448 ADM 188/891/12448
Hobson, Robert John 08/11/1883 Tidenham Gloucestershire ENG 204001 ADM 188/355/204001
Hodson, Arthur Richard Kings Lynn Norfolk ENG Chief Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 271149 ADM 188/435/271149
Holland, Albert Victor Weymouth Dorset ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29505 ADM 188/926/29505
Hollister, Albert Edward Haggerston London ENG Boy 1st Class J44376 ADM 188/735/44376
Hopping, Percy Gerald Portsmouth Hampshire ENG Ship's Steward 347420 ADM 188/527/347420
Howell, James William Islington London ENG Ordinary Seaman J37269 ADM 188/721/37269
Hulme, Colin 05/09/1894 Longton Staffordshire ENG M5798 ADM 188/1029/5798
Hutchings, John Edwin 28/02/1878 Padstow Cornwall ENG Petty Officer (NS) 06/04/1916 22/01/1917 175208 ADM 188/288/175208
Jackson, Tom Stockport Cheshire ENG Ordinary Seaman J49115 ADM 188/745/49115
Jackson, William Henry John 08/06/1896 Bristol ENG Private RMLI Plymouth 16233 ADM 159/158/16233
Jane, Albert George Bodmin Cornwall ENG Officer's Steward 1st Class 363672 ADM 188/554/363672
Jenkins, Alfred Chritopher Stonehouse Devon ENG Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M12727 ADM 188/1043/12727
Jessep, Alfred Ernest Plymouth Devon ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29539 ADM 188/926/29539
John, Arthur Saint Mary's Pembrokeshire WAL Able Seaman 206568 ADM 188/360/206568
Johns, William Thomas 22/07/1888 Plymouth Devon ENG 2nd Sick Berth Steward 06/04/1916 28/02/1919 351678 ADM 188/532/351678
Johnson, David Richards Near Cardigan Cardiganshire WAL Stoker 2nd Class K29540 ADM 188/926/29540
Jones, Robert Henry Birkenhead Cheshire ENG Officer's Steward 2nd Class L7964 ADM 188/1003/7964
Keane, John Bootle Lancashire ENG Able Seaman SS376 ADM 188/1094/376
Kearney, Thomas 26/09/1894 Douglas Cork IRL Stoker 2nd Class K30280 ADM 188/927/30280
Killeen, Nicholas 08/06/1888 Whitehaven Cumberland ENG Leading Stoker 06/04/1916 30/06/1917 234775 ADM 188/416/234775
Langford, Michael 21/01/1896 Middlesbrough Yorkshire ENG J22130 ADM 188/691/22130
Largan, James William 04/11/1881 South Bank Yorkshire ENG Stoker RNR 06/04/1916 21/10/1916 S 4803 BT 377/7/81462
Lavers, Thomas Henry 01/04/1867 Broadley near Roborough Devon ENG Chief Stoker 25/04/1916 28/08/1916 133134 ADM 188/181/133134
Lawrence, William Arthur 28/01/1894 Bridgewater Somerset ENG M5433 ADM 188/1028/5433
Le Grys, Richard Henry Kensington London ENG Able Seaman 217663 ADM 188/382/217663
Le Vack, Alexander 07/12/1890 Kings Cross London ENG Leading Stoker K2550 ADM 188/872/2550
Leahy, Daniel 24/05/1896 Fermoy Cork IRL Stoker 2nd Class K29122 ADM 188/925/29122
Lee, George 16/04/1876 Islington London ENG Gunner (T) Dec 1913 18/10/1916 - ADM 196/156/265 Active Navy List
Lee, William Henry 09/02/1894 Dartmouth Devon ENG Private RMLI Plymouth 15270 ADM 159/156/15270
Lees, Albert Ashton under Lyne Lancashire ENG Stoker Petty Officer 297304 ADM 188/481/297304
Leese, Joseph Percy 02/08/1890 Stoke on Trent Staffordshire ENG M8948 ADM 188/1035/8948
Lewis, Sidney John 27/07/1892 Taunton Somerset ENG Private RMLI Plymouth 14881 ADM 159/156/14881
Light, Stanley Lewis Plymouth ENG Stoker 2nd Class K28871 ADM 188/924/28871
Lloyd, Thomas 25/03/1876 Llanelli Carmarthenshire WAL Private RMLI Plymouth 06/04/1916 31/12/1918 6984 ADM 159/72/6984
Loughlin, John 21/06/1881 Antrim Co. Antrim IRL Leading Stoker 301275 ADM 188/489/301275
Lowman, Edmund Joseph John Clerkenwell London ENG Boy 1st Class J43589 ADM 188/734/43589
Lowry, Charles William 11/08/1893 Falmouth Cornwall ENG Leading Seaman J4858 ADM 188/656/4858
Lucas, Thomas 26/05/1874 Stonehouse Devon ENG Stoker Petty Officer 06/04/1916 08/02/1919 165374 ADM 188/268/165374
Maidment, Herbert John 31/12/1877 Cucklington Somerset ENG Able Seaman 06/04/1916 05/02/1919 180331 ADM 188/299/180331
Mann, William George 31/05/1895 Deal Kent ENG Corporal RMLI Plymouth 15734 ADM 159/157/15734
Martin, Edwin Albert Totnes Devon ENG Ship's Cook 358142 ADM 188/543/358142
Martin, Herbert 18/11/1891 Wrexham Denbighshire WAL Stoker 2nd Class SS117443 ADM 188/1123/117443
Mawson, Harry Wood Green London ENG Stoker 1st Class SS105205 ADM 188/1111/105205
May, George Atherton 25/06/1891 Devonport Devon ENG Private RMLI Plymouth 15008 ADM 159/156/15008
Mc Pherson, George 15/11/1895 Forfar SCO J19206 ADM 188/685/19206
Mcalley, William Liverpool ENG Stoker 1st Class SS114168 ADM 188/1120/114168
Mccarthy, Charles Edward Hendon London ENG Boy 1st Class J43582 ADM 188/734/43582
Mccleave, Thomas John Haggerston London ENG Boy 1st Class J44381 ADM 188/735/44381
Mckeown, Patrick Birkenhead Cheshire ENG Stoker 1st Class K22465 ADM 188/911/22465
Meek, William Henry 25/09/1873 Hull Yorkshire ENG Able Seaman 07/09/1915 01/07/1917 147187 ADM 188/209/147187
Melhuish, Reginald Alfred Teignmouth Devon ENG Signal Boy J33683 ADM 188/714/33683
Mercer, Frederick Herbert 02/04/1900 Tottenham London ENG Boy 1st Class J44378 ADM 188/735/44378
Micallef, Antonio 28/04/1879 Malta MAL Officer's Steward 1st Class 06/04/1916 31/01/1919 355666 ADM 188/538/355666
Miller, Frank George 06/08/1897 Bognor Sussex ENG Wireman 2nd Class 06/04/1916 31/05/1918 M19099 ADM 188/1056/19099
Milverton, Sidney Heath 17/06/1888 Teignmouth Devon ENG 229396 ADM 188/405/229396
Mitcham, Edward Ottery Saint Mary Devon ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29529 ADM 188/926/29529
Mitchell, John Devonport Devon ENG Engine Room Artificer 4th Class M16736 ADM 188/1051/16736
Moore, Francis John Monkleigh Devon ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29624 ADM 188/926/29624
Morgan, Horace Leslie 26/12/1888 ? Lieutenant - ADM 196/144/438 Active Navy List
Morris, Frank Pereira New Broghton Cheshire ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29508 ADM 188/926/29508
Morrish, William James Henry Chulmleigh Devon ENG 2nd Cook's Mate M15406 ADM 188/1048/15406
Morse, John Hywel Saint David's Pembrokeshire WAL Stoker 2nd Class K29544 ADM 188/926/29544
Mortimore, Albert Henry Calstock Cornwall ENG Stoker 2nd Class K30327 ADM 188/927/30327
Morton, Alfred 13/05/1876 Halifax ENG Acting Leading Stoker RNR 05/04/1916 05/09/1916 U 1023 BT 377/7/119757 (then rated Stoker and on
Active until 07/02/1919)
Moss, Fred 29/04/1881 Brooks Derbyshire ENG Leading Seaman 06/04/1916 01/06/1917 197346 ADM 188/341/197346
Moulds, George Liverpool Lancashire ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29125 ADM 188/925/29125
Mountford, Joseph Birmingham Warwickshire ENG Boy Telegraphist J34759 ADM 188/716/34759
Mullett, Albert Henry Southwark Londonq ENG Boy 1st Class J44374 ADM 188/735/44374
Murphy, John 28/07/1890 Skibbereen Cork IRL M5261 ADM 188/1028/5261
Newman, Oscar Gloucester ENG Stoker Petty Officer 305303 ADM 188/497/305303
Northcott, William Frederick 27/03/1879 Plymouth Devon ENG 343158 ADM 188/519/343158
Norwood, Solomon 04/10/1897 Barnsley Yorkshire ENG Ordinary Seaman SS6898 ADM 188/1100/6898
Noyce, Cyril Frank Warminster Wiltshire ENG Able Seaman J12090 ADM 188/671/12090
Nunn, Arthur Roberts Hoddesdon Hertfordshire ENG Boy 1st Class J43577 ADM 188/734/43577
Oates, Thomas John 03/05/1879 Plymstock Devon ENG Able Seaman 06/04/1916 14/07/1917 187111 ADM 188/316/187111
Oldfield, Ernest Chesterfield Derbyshire ENG Able Seaman J13948 ADM 188/674/13948
Palmer, Albert Henry 15/04/1876 Swindon Wiltshire ENG Mechanician 06/04/1916 28/04/1918 280208 ADM 188/447/280208
Palmer, Frederick George 26/04/1891 Newton Abbot Devon ENG Stoker 1st Class K4798 ADM 188/876/4798
Palmer, James 17/04/1884 Ballyeasboro IRL Leading Stoker 310249 ADM 188/507/310249
Parker, William 26/06/1892 Otley Yorkshire ENG Able Seaman J6959 ADM 188/660/6959
Parle, John 12/11/1896 Liverpool Lancashire ENG Able Seaman J21058 ADM 188/689/21058
Parrott, William Patrick Dublin IRL Able Seaman 221863 ADM 188/390/221863
Peacocke, James 17/04/1888 Galway IRL Yeoman of Signals 06/04/1916 10/02/1919 228857 ADM 188/404/228857
Penfold, James William 16/12/1899 Fulham London ENG Boy 1st Class 06/04/1916 06/06/1917 J44369 ADM 188/735/44369
Penhallurick, Edmund Treble 05/09/1878 Budock Cornwall ENG 29/05/1941 Gunner 11/03/1914 - ADM 196/166/315 Active Navy List
Pinder, Harry 22/02/1896 Mytholmroyd Yorkshire ENG Ordinary Seaman J49911 ADM 188/746/49911
Pirnie, Grahame Sheffield Yorkshire ENG Able Seaman J15313 ADM 188/677/15313
Porter, Herbert Stanley 07/03/1893 Newport Monmouthshire WAL M5083 ADM 188/1028/5083
Prescott, George Henry Torpoint Cornwall ENG Ship's Cook 345581 ADM 188/524/345581
Price, Frederick Blackburn Lancashire ENG Stoker 1st Class SS114819 ADM 188/1120/114819
Price, Richard 06/10/1889 Hull Yorkshire ENG Petty Officer Telegraphist 01/04/1916 16/01/1919 234918 ADM 188/416/234918
Priddle, Emanuel George Taunton Somerset ENG Stoker 2nd Class SS117388 ADM 188/1123/117388
Purdy, William George 08/03/1897 Acomb York Yorkshire ENG Private RMLI Plymouth 17634 ADM 159/161/17634
Quinn, Arthur 25/02/1891 Middlesbrough Yorkshire ENG Stoker RNR 05/04/1916 03/03/1918 S 4844 BT 377/7/81503
Ratcliffe, George Dudley Staffordshire ENG Ordinary Telegraphist J30982 ADM 188/708/30982
Rawling, Walter alias Waldron 14/04/1873 Mawgan Cornwall ENG Armourer 06/04/1916 28/02/1919 286479 ADM 188/459/286479
Ray, Arthur Liverpool Lancashire ENG Stoker 1st Class SS109942 ADM 188/1115/109942
Rayner, Martin Henry William West Ham Essex ENG Boy 1st Class J44372 ADM 188/735/44372
Rayson, George 14/07/1891 Fulham London ENG K29679 ADM 188/926/29679
Rees, Walter 20/08/1872 Lambeth Surrey ENG Ship's Corporal 06/04/1916 24/09/1918 146131 ADM 188/207/146131
Rees, William 05/09/1891 Pwll, Llanelly WAL Stoker RNR 05/04/1916 07/02/1919 S 8950 BT 377/7/85606
Richardson, Anthony South Shields Durham ENG Boy 1st Class J44387 ADM 188/735/44387
Riddle, John Horatio 16/10/1891 Plymouth Devon ENG Able Seaman J1055 ADM 188/649/1055
Rigby, Jesse Wilfred Rochdale Lancashire ENG Leading Stoker K15629 ADM 188/898/15629
Riley, John Liverpool Lancashire ENG Leading Stoker SS110239 ADM 188/1116/110239
Roberts, Frank 14/01/1885 Wrexham Denbighshire WAL Leading Stoker RNR 05/04/1916 11/02/1919 S 4299 BT 377/7/80958
Robinson, William James 30/08/1887 Seaham Harbour Durham ENG Stoker RNR 06/04/1916 12/02/1919 S 5387 BT 377/7/82046
Roche, William 29/07/1881 Dover Kent ENG Stoker RNR 05/04/1916 24/09/1919 S 4962 BT 377/7/81621
Rogers, Frederick George 07/02/1885 Westminster London ENG M1675 ADM 188/1021/1675
Rowan, William 01/11/1896 St Marys Limerick IRL Ordinary Seaman SS6899 ADM 188/1100/6899
Rowntree, William Avery Swansea Glamorgan WAL Able Seaman J29966 ADM 188/706/29966
Royle, David 03/01/1893 Manchester Lancashire ENG K16400 ADM 188/899/16400
Russell, William 31/05/1896 Waterford Wexford IRL Stoker 2nd Class 08/04/1916 06/11/1916 K30283 ADM 188/927/30283
Ryan, William 20/08/1887 Farnfore Co. Kerry IRL Leading Stoker K177 ADM 188/867/177
Sanders, William Arthur Wellington Somerset ENG Leading Telegraphist J18024 ADM 188/683/18024
Sargent, Francis Thomas 26/03/1886 Plymouth Devon ENG Chief Shipwright 31/05/1915 01/06/1916 - ADM 196/156/741 Active Navy List
Saunders, Thomas John 08/02/1894 Swansea Glamorgan WAL 06/11/1916 Stoker 1st Class SS114195 ADM 188/1120/114195
Saville, Cyril Arthur 04/05/1890 Dublin IRL Assistant Paymaster R.N.R. 03/04/1916 28/02/1919 - ADM 240/76/389 Active Navy List
Scotland, William Gillespie Portebello Edinburgh SCO Signal Boy J41174 ADM 188/729/41174
Scrivens, William George Birmingham Warwickshire ENG Signalman J13514 ADM 188/674/13514
Seeley, Thomas 08/11/1879 Battersea London ENG Mechanician 06/04/1916 13/01/1919 287060 ADM 188/461/287060
Sellick, William Walter Exeter Devon ENG Stoker 1st Class K12834 ADM 188/892/12834
Shepheard, Charles Edward 03/09/1891 Revelstoke Devon ENG Leading Stoker K8964 ADM 188/884/8964
Shipp, Geo. S. 21/04/1880 Portsmouth Hampshire N/A 26/04/1956 Canteen Assistant - Unconfirmed ADM 171/133 Pg 554
Shipp, Philip 09/11/1895 Garforth Lancashire ENG Stoker RNR 05/04/1916 11/02/1919 S 4961 BT 377/7/81620
Short, George Edwin Plymouth Devon ENG Stoker 1st Class K13537 ADM 188/894/13537
Silverwright, John Porteous 05/04/1881 Leith SCO Private RMLI Plymouth 06/04/1916 24/04/1920 9615 ADM 159/76/9615
Simcock, William Molineaux Salford Lancashire ENG Ship's Stores Assistant M19001 ADM 188/1056/19001
Simpson, George 27/11/1883 Worksop ENG Private RMLI Plymouth 06/04/1916 26/12/1922 11355 ADM 159/79/11355
Skinner, William West Derby Lancashire ENG Signalman J51001 ADM 188/749/51001
Sloan, Robert Gullon Newcastle Northumberland ENG Able Seaman J22926 ADM 188/692/22926
Smith, Arthur Albert West Ham Essex ENG Boy 1st Class J43587 ADM 188/734/43587
Smith, Frederick Arthur 02/02/1894 Plymouth ENG Private RMLI Plymouth 15694 ADM 159/157/15694
Snoding, William George Holborn London ENG Boy 1st Class J43586 ADM 188/734/43586
Sparksman, Wallace John 24/10/1889 Hammersmith London ENG Able Seaman 24/05/1916 31/10/1917 234978 ADM 188/416/234978
Stephens, Thomas William 10/03/1879 Portsmouth Hampshire ENG Petty Officer 06/04/1916 01/02/1917 180992 ADM 188/301/180992
Stevens, James Reginald 20/11/1894 Bristol Gloucestershire ENG Ordinary Seaman J49100 ADM 188/745/49100
Steward, Kenneth Parland Poyntz 10/02/1893 London ENG 26/05/1936 Lieutenant - ADM 196/145/384 Active Navy List
Stobbs, Daniel Edward 23/02/1888 Middlesbrough Yorkshire ENG Stoker RNR 05/04/1916 10/07/1917 S 4165 BT 377/7/80824
Strowbridge, Thomas Henry 31/12/1889 Newton Abbott Devon ENG Leading Stoker K884 ADM 188/868/884
Stuttard, Selwyn Hebden Bridge Yorkshire ENG Ordinary Seaman J49112 ADM 188/745/49112
Sumner, Gilbert Manchester Lancashire ENG Armourer's Crew M10687 ADM 188/1039/10687
Tall, Percy Hillson Stonehouse Devon ENG Engine Room Artificer 2nd Class 271790 ADM 188/436/271790
Terris, Thomas 21/10/1886 ? Acting Boatswain 14/05/1916 04/05/1917 - ADM 196/157/318 Active Navy List
Thomas, Charles Castle Martin near Pembroke WAL Stoker 2nd Class K29945 ADM 188/926/29945
Thomas, George Gawthorne 14/02/1896 Stockton Durham ENG Stoker RNR 05/04/1916 31/03/1918 S 4251 BT 377/7/80910
Thomas, William John Saint Austell Cornwall ENG Stoker 2nd Class K30845 ADM 188/928/30845
Thomas, William John 05/11/1884 Swansea Glamorganshire WAL Stoker RNR 05/04/1916 06/08/1916 S 3461 BT 377/7/80121
Thompson, Alfred Samuel Islington London ENG Stoker 1st Class SS111626 ADM 188/1117/111626
Thompson, John Oliver 16/09/1886 Newcastle ENG Warrant Engineer R.N.R. 12/01/1916 20/06/1917 - ADM 340/135/13 Active Navy List
Tope, William Henry 09/02/1880 Totnes Devon ENG Leading Stoker 06/04/1916 25? Feb 1919 289305 ADM 188/465/289305
Trace, John 17/08/1888 IRL Shipwright 2nd Class M17125 ADM 188/1052/17125
Trick, Charles 18/09/1880 Stratton Cornwall ENG Able Seaman 06/04/1916 28/02/1919 198992 ADM 188/344/198992
Tuckerman, John Ash 03/04/1888 Dartmouth Devon ENG 228325 ADM 188/403/228325
Tucknott, Frank William Brighton Sussex ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29509 ADM 188/926/29509
Tye, Robert Henry Sunderland Durham ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29104 ADM 188/925/29104
Varley, John Robert Heptonstall Yorkshire ENG Ordinary Seaman J49114 ADM 188/745/49114
Vernon, Harry Bristol Gloucestershire ENG Boy 1st Class J40370 ADM 188/727/40370
Vizor, Aaron Shipton Morpel Gloucestershire ENG Stoker 2nd Class K30332 ADM 188/927/30332
Walker, Joseph 18/05/1890 Salford Lancashire ENG Stoker 1st Class K4242 ADM 188/875/4242
Walters, Frederick Harold Neyland Pembrokeshire WAL Stoker 2nd Class K30284 ADM 188/927/30284
Walton, Thomas 16/07/1883 Stockton Durham ENG Stoker RNR 05/04/1916 07/02/1919 T 2625 BT 377/7/104474
Wardell, Charles Robert Beverley Yorkshire ENG Officer's Steward 3rd Class L7945 ADM 188/1003/7945
Warren, James Charles 26/01/1890 Dartmouth Devon ENG Able Seaman 06/04/1916 14/06/1919 236238 ADM 188/419/236238
Warren, Richard 15/06/1875 Ballinasloe Co Galway IRL 2nd Cooper 342558 ADM 188/518/342558
Washer, Albert Frederick Lewis Sussex ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29857 ADM 188/926/29857
Watters, Montague Saint Austell Cornwallq ENG Stoker 1st Class K30270 ADM 188/927/30270
Weaver, Richard Wrexham Denbighshire WAL Stoker 2nd Class K29277 ADM 188/925/29277
Websell, Walter John Aldershot Hampshire ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29291 ADM 188/925/29291
Wells, Edgar Charles Woodstock Capetown SA Stoker 2nd Class K32995 ADM 188/932/32995
West, Charles Paignton Devon ENG Stoker 2nd Class K27839 ADM 188/922/27839
Westcott, William Edward 23/03/1892 Devonport Devon ENG Leading Stoker K6691 ADM 188/880/6691
Westlake, Arthur Ernest 12/07/1873 Devonport Devon ENG Blacksmith 06/04/1916 05/10/1917 340304 ADM 188/513/340304
Whitburn, Joseph Charles Falmouth Cornwall ENG Chief Shipwright 344955 ADM 188/522/344955
Whitcombe, William Fredrick 25/08/1892 Devonport Devon ENG Leading Stoker K9838 ADM 363/17/128
Whiteley, Selwyn Halifax Yorkshire ENG Ordinary Seaman J49102 ADM 188/745/49102
Whitting, George Albert 05/12/1887 Portsea Island Hampshire ENG Paymaster 03/04/1916 - ADM 196/175/42 Active Navy List
Wilcox, Frederick John 16/07/1877 Bristol Gloucestershire ENG Master At Arms 06/04/1916 07/03/1917 176726 ADM 188/291/176726
Willey, James Maxwell Plymouth Devon ENG Stoker 1st Class K23030 ADM 188/913/23030
Williams, David John Pontardawe Glamorganshire WAL Cook's Mate M11255 ADM 188/1040/11255
Williams, George Henry 12/08/1890 Gloucester ENG K1952 ADM 188/870/1952
Williams, Robert Thomas Liverpool Lancashire ENG Stoker 2nd Class K29236 ADM 188/925/29236
Williams, Thomas 06/06/1892 Barnsley Yorkshire ENG Stoker 1st Class SS113341 ADM 188/1119/113341
Williams, William John 20/06/1883 Achill Co. Mayo IRL Able Seaman 06/04/1916 31/08/1916 203842 ADM 188/354/203842
Willis, Arthur Philip 06/04/1878 Burnley Lancashire ENG Stoker Petty Officer 06/04/1916 01/01/1919 285637 ADM 188/458/285637
Willis, William Henry 24/01/1889 Plymouth Devon ENG M3566 ADM 188/1025/3566
Wilson, Albert 19/06/1894 Blyth Nottinghamshire ENG Stoker RNR 06/04/1916 11/12/1916 S 4311 BT 377/7/80970
Wilson, Frederick Kendal Westmoreland ENG Stoker 1st Class SS110517 ADM 188/1116/110517
Wilson, James 03/06/1890 Plymouth Devon ENG M447 ADM 188/1018/447
Wilson, William 10/07/1895 Morville Donegal IRL Ordinary Seaman J49104 ADM 188/745/49104
Wilton, James Henry 17/03/1888 Stockton ENG Stoker RNR 05/04/1916 15/06/1917 S 7008 BT 377/7/83667
Withers, Percy 23/09/1875 ? 02/02/1946 Captain 03/04/1916 05/07/1916 - ADM 196/44/138 Active Navy List
Wood, Charles William Plympton Devon ENG 2nd Cook's Mate M15397 ADM 188/1048/15397
Worsley, John William Bradford Yorkshire ENG Able Seaman J24794 ADM 188/696/24794
Wright, John William Bethnal Green London ENG Boy 1st Class J43591 ADM 188/734/43591
Wright, William Phinias 19/03/1897 St Brides Newport Monmouthshire WAL Private RMLI Plymouth 16919 ADM 159/160/16919
Wright, Wm. A. N/A Canteen Server - ADM 171/133 Pg 565
Yearron, Henry Percy 31/05/1889 Greenwich London ENG Leading Signalman 06/04/1916 30/06/1917 233425 ADM 188/413/233425