Grant, Joseph Wilson

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On wednesday morning Mrs. Grant, 54 Lomax-street, Rochdale, received official intimation from the Admiralty that her son, Able-seaman Joseph Wilson Grant,went down with the Indefatigable. Seaman Grant was 31 years of age and had been in the Navy nearly fourteen years. For about three years he was in the Cambrian, and then for nearly that length of time he served on the Kinsha in China. During the last three years he was on the Indefatigable, and was home on short leave last March. Seaman Grant was formerly associated with St. Patrick's Catholic Church and Sunday school. He also attended the St. Patrick's day school. This is the second bereavement that Mr. and Mrs. Grant have sustained since the war broke out. On April 19th last year another son, Private William Wilson Grant, of the 2nd Manchesters, was killed in action.
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