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GODDARD, Midn. Denis Gerald Ambrose, R.N. H.M.S. "Queen Mary." Killed in action at Battle of Jutland 31st May, 1916. Age 18. Son of Lt. Col. Francis Ambrose D'Oyly Goddard (late Royal Munster Fusiliers), of 45, Warwick Rd., Earl's Court, London, and the late Evelyn Maud Goddard.
via Malcolm Goddard

HMS Queen Mary

Dearest Dad
Thanks very much for your
letter. This is a top rate ship, very
comfortable. There is plenty of
work but the officers here
are very decent & realize
that they were "snotties"
once & so they make it
as easy as possible. I
am not handicapped by
my enforced stay on shore
as the 3 other "Grey mids" [?]
who joined were in the
"Canopus" an old ship

like the "Ocean" & they are just
as much at sea in this
modern battle-cruiser as I am.
Everybody is very jealous
of us as we have been
in the Dardanelles etc. Also
there are about half-a-
-dozen very junior "warts"
or "wonks" who are
nearly 2 years junior to me
who perform odd jobs.
Also the privilege of being allowed to smoke makes
an awful lot of difference.
Our next leave (3 or 4 days)

is due somewhere in August
can you fix up yours
for the same time.
I will try and let you
know the exact date
later. I have not seen
the Doctor as he might
excuse me too much. I
turn up for physical
drill every morning &
all the exercises I know
I can't do. I try the
others & can do most
of them, (I used to be
jolly good at Dartmouth),
in a sort of way but
a bit better than some.

of the blighters here who
never even go near the
gym. I went to Edinburgh
yesterday & had quite
a decent time. I have
decided to take it acct [?]
as there are a lot of
expenses up here & I
found that it was
very expensive getting
the chest here. Also
on joining I had to
contribute to the
fund, cricket & games
fund & mess share
of wine-bill etc. I received half last

month's pay before I left
but with tips at no.
9 it didn't leave much
so I really must have
some cash soon. I
think it would be
best if you sent it
all up here. I can put
some of it in War Loan
which I can always
sell if i am hard
up & the rest I shall
keep on me as an
emergency fund.

I am in rather a hurry
(for once) so really
must switch off.
Best luck & buck up
with the cash.

Ever your devoted

PS I wrote to Mrs Hetherington
asking permission for
Bridie [?] & myself to
correspond. Havent heard
from her yet.

via Malcolm Goddard