Fox, Ernest George

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We have no photograph as yet.

In 1963 Officer's Steward 1st Class Ernest Fox was one of ten survivors of Jutland who recorded their recollections for an episode of the BBC programme the Great War. Ernest is audio clip number 4 at .

There is also a 23 minute audio clip at .

Transcript: During the action, what time would it be, about 6 o'clock time I should think, there was a terrific explosion and it simply lifted that ship like a ball and just bounced her up and down just like a rubber ball would be in the water. My action station there was first aid and we were down in one of flats and you felt the ship gradually going further over and over and over. I think she fetched up about 10 degrees. Anyhow, we had a surgeon lieutenant commander there who was in charge of the first aid station and of course everybody’s faces turned pale. We wondered how far the ship was going over, whether she was going over altogether and we were going to be drowned in this little compartment. Anyhow, he said, ‘Look, there’ll be no VCs won on this station you've all remained where you are’ and I think that calmed everybody down. Everybody had got a very white face because it wasn’t a very good position to be in knowing that the ship was probably turning turtle! Because we didn't know what had hit her, whether it was gunfire or what it was.

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