Extract from Captain (S)'s Report

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Extract from Captain (S)'s Report

Enclosure Xo. 5 in H.F. letter Xo. 1396 0022, dated 18 June, 1916.

Extract from Captain (S.) report to The Chief of the War Staff, No. 0157 of 7 June 1916 re explosions on minefield laid by H.M.S. " ABDIEL," 31 May-1 June 1916.

Vide Narrative, page 22.

Submarines E. 55, E. 26 and D. 1 left Harwich at 7 p.m. (G.M.T.) on the 30th May, and spread on a line 270 from Vyl Light Vessel, E. 55 4 miles, E. 26 12 miles, and D. 1 20 miles from it.

2. E. 55 sighted Horn's reef at 0.5 a.m. on the 1st June. At 0.20 a.m., a Zeppelin, flying low, approached and E. 55 went to the bottom to the West of Horn's Reef. At 0.45 a.m. n noise was heard as of a sweep passing very close to the Submarine.

Between 2.15 and 5.30 a.m., 11 explosions of varying intensity were heard.

Nothing was seen throughout the day, except a destroyer at 8.25 a.m., steering N.W. It turned back to the S.E. before coming into range.