Edwards, Albert

From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project

Stoker Royal Naval Reserve T 2924

Birth 23 March 1885, Stockton on Tees, County Durham

Timeline after the Battle of Jutland

From To Narrative Source of information
2 June 1916 2 January 1917 HMS Pembroke for hospital. Invalided Chatham Service Record
3 June 1916 - 22571 AGN Reporting Edwards wounded & in RN Sick Qts.
South Queensferry (HMS Queen Mary) Notice to W.Hpool
3/6/16 to advise next of kin
Service Record
10 January 1917 - Reported by Commander in Chief The Nore. Under Art 125
VIII RNR Reglns (Men) As from 3rd January 1917 by order
of ACR dated 9th January 1917 NR 1171/13.
Service Record
10 January 1917 - RG 1380/10 10.1.17 Edwards [unreadable word] RN Hospital
Chatham with Neurasthenia (after being blown up in HMS
Queen Mary)
Service Record
12 January 1917 - Min WHartlepool 12.1.17 notifying removal from Strength Service Record
1950 - Died (possible) FreeBMD death entry March 1950 quarter

Stories and Other Information

(The following was posted on the Lives of The First World War project)
My mother, Anne Edwards, was the sister of Albert Edwards. She was born in 1896, West Hartlepool, County Durham. She lived until she was 96 and was able to tell me all about Albert. They lived as a family in 18 Uppingham Street, West Hartlepool. Albert was nicknamed Nab by the family and I also remember him as Uncle Nab.
Albert served on the Queen Mary as a stoker and miraculously survived the sinking of the ship at the Battle of Jutland. At the time of the explosion, Albert was in the engine room and both my mother and other relatives have always maintained that he was blown out of the funnel and into the water.
He was left in the water for a long time and was picked up eventually by a German Uboat and taken to Germany for the remainder of the war.
When he returned home, he suffered so badly with the effects of being in the water for so long, that he suffered shell shock and never fully recovered. This took the form of fits and whenever he saw tram lines in the rain, he would be reminded of the sea waves and thinking that he was back in the water, would lie on the floor and move his arms and legs as if swimming.
As a result of his experience, Albert lived with his mother until she died and then with his Aunt Cilla who continued to look after him for the rest of his life.
Unfortunately, Albert never recovered from his experience on the Queen Mary and was unable to lead a normal life again.
According to the knowledge of his relatives, Albert was the last living survivor.

Told by Priscilla Schulze, daughter of Anne Cornish nee Edwards.

It should be noted that the story above is not totally confirmed by Albert Edwards' service record.

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