Duggan, John Vincent

From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
Photo source: Philip Duggan

John Vincent DUGGAN joined the Royal Navy as a Boy 2nd Cl. 27th August 1905, on his 18th birthday signing up for 12 years. His occupation on enlistment states “Army”.

By 1905 he was rated as Ordinary Seaman, 1906 Able Seaman, and 1907, Telegraphist. On 10/10/1911 P.O. Telegraphist onboard H.M.S. MEDINA the Royal Yacht for the Royal visit to the Indian Durbar. He married Elizabeth Sarah JENNINGS (1889-1969) mid 1912 in Portsmouth. He was P.O. Telegraphist serving on H.M.S. Medina until 15/2/1912. Between 9/2/1915 & 31/12/1916, he was serving on H.M.S. PHAETON, as P.O. Telegraphist. Between February and March 1915, the ship was operating in the Dardanelles, in support of the Allied landings at Gallipoli. On return to Home Waters, she was assigned to the 1st Light Cruiser Squadron of the Grand Fleet, and by mid April 1915 was operating out of Scapa Flow. On 4/5/1916 with H.M.S. GALATEA she took part in the shooting of Zeppelin L7 at night in the North Sea 10 miles off the Denmark coast. . Between 31/5/1916 and 1/6/1916 the ship took part in the Battle of Jutland. He was confirmed as Warrant Telegraphist 1/1/1917 and was pensioned from 17/9/17 as medically unfit - Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

H.M.S.Medina which was used to convey their Majesties the King and Queen to India for the Coronation Durbar, on 4/2/12. It was this ships maiden voyage. In order to comply with Royal etiquette, an extra mast was fitted. For his service as the P.O. Telegraphist onboard he was awarded the Royal Victorian Order ( Medal in Silver).

For his war service he was also awarded the 1914/15 star, British War and Victory medals from the Officers Roll in 1924. He also received the Silver War badge, No. R.N. 20360. (Issued on 8/11/1917) for disability, due to his War Service. He received a pension, to support his family and 2 children..

In 1921, John and Elizabeth, were living with Elizabeth’s widowed father Thomas JENNINGS ( Beer retailer - also as Naval Pensioner victualer on 1911 census ), their two children, and a general domestic servant, at 65, Abercrombie Street, Landport, Hampshire. ( The Lion Pub ). John is shown as a Retired Warrant Officer Royal Navy.

On 12th July 1927 John Vincent DUGGAN died of acute Pulmonary Tuberculosis at 155, Laburnum Grove, Portsmouth. No post mortem was carried out. The death being reported by his brother Lionel. His wife subsequently received a widows pension.

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