From Battle of Jutland Crew Lists Project
Died of Wounds (DoW) at the Battle of Jutland
Name Rank/Rate Official Number Ship DoW Date Comments
Dent, William Engine Room Artificer 1st Class 270528 Barham 1916-06-02
Carter, Harry Private RMLI 8224 Barham 1916-06-20
Collins, William Alfred Private RMLI 19073 Calliope 1916-06-01
Trish, Thomas Able Seaman 270528 Calliope 1916-06-01
Ellis, Sidney Thomas Able Seaman J19903 Calliope 1916-06-03
Williams, Alfred Tom Sick Berth Attendant M7462 Castor 1916-06-08
Lacey, James Fred Boy 1st Class J43496 Chester 1916-06-01
Cornwell, John Travers Boy 1st Class J42563 Chester 1916-06-02
Dinn, George Ernest Leading Signalman 214901 Chester 1916-06-11
Pearce, Edward Thomas Boy 1st Class J43571 Chester 1916-06-14
Blaydon, Charles Stoker 1st Class SS111854 Chester 1916-07-27 Contradictory sources
Muir, William Stoker RNR 2538S Lion 1916-06-03
Collingwood, Robert Private RMLI 15571 Lion 1916-06-04
Harris, Thomas James Stoker 1st Class K13263 Lion 1916-06-04
Lovett, George Henry Stoker 1st Class K13800 Lion 1916-06-07
Munday, James Able Seaman RNVR Clyde Z/5872 Lion 1916-06-23 Contradictory sources
White, Frederick Jeremiah Stoker 1st Class K18490 Lion 1916-07-03
Allen, Frank Cook's Mate 2nd Class M12562 Malaya 1916-06-01
Hainsworth, Albert Able Seaman J9213 Malaya 1916-06-01
Holloway, William Able Seaman J19141 Malaya 1916-06-01
Horwood, Francis Joseph Cook's Mate M4448 Malaya 1916-06-01
Le Cornu, Philip Renouf Armourer's Crew M16081 Malaya 1916-06-01
Liley, Ernest Armourer's Crew M11050 Malaya 1916-06-01
Mabbett, Frank Private RMLI 7273 Malaya 1916-06-01
Redmond, Michael Private RMLI 687 Malaya 1916-06-01
Stevenson, Ernest Ordinary Seaman J46359 Malaya 1916-06-01
Watts, Frederick William Cook's Mate M4633 Malaya 1916-06-01
Hubbard, John Private RMLI 18438 Malaya 1916-06-02
Law, Herbert Ordinary Seaman SS6836 Malaya 1916-06-02
Arda, Edward Ordinary Seaman J39295 Malaya 1916-06-03
Cooper, Alfred Officer's Steward 3rd Class L7460 Malaya 1916-06-03
Dore, Herbert Frank Private RMLI 18463 Malaya 1916-06-03
Mayden, Ernest George Canteen Server - Malaya 1916-06-03
Sketchley, Thomas Arthur Able Seaman RNVR Wales Z/2293 Malaya 1916-06-03
Haynes, William Gunner RMA 5863 Malaya 1916-06-04
Mcdonald, William Thomas Private RMLI 18416 Malaya 1916-06-06
Mowatt, John Seaman RNR A 8629 Malaya 1916-06-06
Wood, Charles Sergeant RMA 6034 Malaya 1916-06-07
Borg, Spiro Officer's Steward 3rd Class 362569 Malaya 1916-06-09
Rayner, Albert Robert Leading Seaman 233203 Malaya 1916-06-09
Gower, John Private RMLI 15138 Malaya 1916-06-10
Simmonds, William Thomas Able Seaman J8126 Malaya 1916-06-10
Jones, Henry Petty Officer 117215 Malaya 1916-06-11
Courtnell, Henry John Canteen Server - Malaya 1916-06-15
Mitchinson, Frederick Private RMLI 10882 Malaya 1916-06-23
Matthews, Albert Boy 1st Class J41876 Malaya 1916-06-24
Cox, Bernard Stoker 1st Class SS114260 Nestor 1916-07-10 Prisoner of war,
died in Germany
Payne, Richard William Leading Cook's Mate 366105 Onslow 1916-06-08
Ferry, George Henry Stoker 1st Class SS111108 Princess Royal 1916-06-02
Fuller, Harry Gustave Officer's Cook 3rd Class L4146 Princess Royal 1916-06-03
Clements, Albert Edward Able Seaman J18518 Princess Royal 1916-06-05
Durrant, Humphrey Mercer Lancelot Midshipman - Queen Mary 1916-06-06
- -- -- Southampton 1916-06-01
- -- -- Southampton 1916-06-01
Little, Joseph Able Seaman RNVR Tyneside Z/6633 Southampton 1916-06-02
Wainscoat, James Horace Leading Seaman J4716 Southampton 1916-06-07
Taylor, George Able Seaman 156082 Spitfire 1916-06-01
- - - Tiger 1916-06-01
- - - Tiger 1916-06-01
- - - Tiger 1916-06-01
Graham, Walter Stoker 1st Class K22555 Tiger 1916-06-05
Tullock, James Able Seaman 207186 Tiger 1916-06-20
Smith, William Leading Seaman 213014 Tiger 1916-07-04
Quin, James Leading Stoker K3927 Tiger 1916-07-05
Dymond, Edward Stoker 1st Class K29649 Tipperary 1916-06-02
Reid, Alexander John Norman Able Seaman J18099 Warrior 1916-06-01
Jenkins, William Henry Acting Mechanician 308004 Warrior 1916-06-03
Williams, Richard Stoker RNR S 8219 Warrior 1916-06-05
Quick, Richard Chief Stoker 287343 Warrior 1916-06-11
Avery, Sidney James Able Seaman J18396 Warspite 1916-06-01
Berghe, Charles Wireman 2nd Class M13338 Warspite 1916-06-02
Lees, Robert Able Seaman SS5250 Warspite 1916-06-02
Niven, James Dreghorn Abel Seaman Clyde Z/5436 Warspite 1916-06-02
Rennie, George Macdonald Boy 1st Class J35950 Warspite 1916-06-02
Bond, Arthur William Able Seaman J9105 Warspite 1916-06-04
Keane, John Joseph Able Seaman J13211 Warspite 1916-07-17